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Movie nights are becoming a more popular thing in our home. Especially hubby being back from his deployment, movie nights are a lot more enjoyable since he always know the exact movie to pick that fits the mood at the time.

Although this recipe is fun and easy to make, brace yourself because the ingredient list is super long. Kidding!

Youll need the following ingredients:

Popcorn kernels

Salt and butter or other seasoning see below.

Easy Popcorn In The Instant Pot

  • This method is so easy just as easy as a popcorn maker or a microwave bag.
  • You only need corn kernels, coconut oil, and salt plus your pressure cooker.
  • Its so easy you can make a batch whenever you get a craving!

Theres nothing like curling up with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie. This popcorn is naked and can be topped any way you want it. Or turn it into Caramel Corn, a delicious sweet Snack Mix, or top a bowl of Beer Cheese Soup with it!

Learn how to pop popcorn in your IP and youll want to make it all the time!

So Which Oil Is Best For Making Instant Pot Popcorn

I personally prefer and recommend using extra virgin coconut oil. While it does have more saturated fats per gram than other oils, it is still a healthier option than corn or peanut oil which are highly processed.

Extra virgin coconut oil also has a very high smoke point ensuring that it wont burn, and as a bonus all the kernels will pop much more evenly! Melissa and Danielle did extensive testing to find out which oil produces the best results, and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil took first place!

If you have a hard time finding coconut oil locally, I have found Amazon to be a reliable and cheap place to order it!

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Instant Pot Popcorn Not Popping

Popcorn kernels pop up for one reason. There is trapped moisture inside the skin of the kernel. When kernels are cooked at high temperatures and pressure becomes too much to bear then they pop up.

If popcorn kernels are old and this moisture is dried out, in this case, kernels will not pop out and burn easily at the bottom. Make sure you are buying good kernels and keeping in an airtight container after use.

Popcorn will not pop up if they are stored from a longer time, or very old packages date or stored in open. TRIED & TESTED

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What You Will Need

Instant Pot Popcorn

Popcorn kernels, make sure it is fresh

Extra virgin Coconut oil


Salt and sugar

Glass lid: you would either use instant pot glass lid. This isan additional accessory you purchase separately when you buy your IP or use a fittingglass lid you have at home. I used one of the glass lid from my pots.

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Can I Cook Popcorn In My Instant Pot

4/5can make popcorn in your Instant Potthe Instant Potthetheyour Instant Potthe potthethe popcorn

Likewise, how do I make popcorn in my instant pot?

  • Turn Instant Pot on to the Saute setting.
  • Add coconut oil and let it melt.
  • Add popcorn kernels and use a spatula to coat the popcorn well.
  • It will take about 2 minutes for the popcorn to start popping.
  • Remove the lid and then take out the inner pot.
  • Add butter and salt to taste.
  • Similarly, can you pop popcorn in a slow cooker? Spray 6-quart slow cooker with cooking spray. Add popcorn stir well to coat popcorn, making sure to reach bottom and all around inside of slow cooker. Continue to cook, uncovered, on Low heat setting 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, stirring every 15 to 20 minutes, until popcorn looks dry and caramel is cooked on.

    Keeping this in view, can I cook popcorn in a pressure cooker?

    Add 2 or 3 individual kernels of corn in the pot and cover them with a lid. Once they are popped you know the oil is hot and ready to go. Add the rest of the popcorn kernels and recover the pot. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes or until the popping slows down.

    Can I cook popcorn in rice cooker?

    Simply pour a tablespoon or so of oil into the rice cooker along with a few kernels of unpopped popcorn. When you hear the kernels you put in pop, CAREFULLY open the lid and pour in a few more â about enough to cover half the bottom of the rice cooker to a depth of one kernel.

    How To Make It

    Select the saute feature and set it to high heat. After a couple of minutes, the display should say hot, and then you can add the coconut oil.

    Once it melts, add the popcorn and the salt. Stir them together and then spread the kernels into an even layer in the bottom of the pot.

    Cover the IP with a glass lid. The kernels will start to pop and once there are only three to five seconds between popping, remove the pot, and its ready to serve!

    Add some melted butter or serve it plain for a healthy snack!

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    How To Make Caramel Popcorn

    Its so easy to make caramel popcorn! Pop the corn in your instant pot per the recipe, and then drizzle either make homemade caramel or your favorite store bought caramel sauce over the popcorn once you remove it from your instant pot, and then serve!

    The best thing about making your own Instant Pot popcorn is that you can control the ingredients to make it gluten free.

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    How To Flavour Popcorn

    Can You Make Popcorn in The Instant Pot?

    There are many ways to skin a cat here, you can either gosweet or savoury. I am more of a sweet popcorn kind of girl. I will share moreof this in another post but let me just leave you with a few options

    I love toffee, caramel, honey and cinnamon, sugar flavouredpopcorn or just a drizzle of melted butter

    Savoury flavouring Includes cumin, paprika, spicy, salty and many more to explore.

    Do you have a favourite popcorn you love and not already mentioned, do leave a comment as I am curious?

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    This Is How To Make Instant Pot Popcorn That Tastes Great And Is Ready In Just 5 Minutes Easy To Do In A Ninja Foodi Too And Tastes Way Better Than Microwave Popcorn Its A Fun Pressure Cooker Snack Your Whole Family Will Surely Love

    If you havent caught the bug yet to try Instant Pot popcorn Im telling you that you MUST! I am working to create lots of new Instant Pot recipes and this is the latest one I tried. Watch our video so you can make it too!

    • We have made it on the stovetop, in an air popper, and Ninja Foodi popcorn but our IP wanted a try too!

    I think its a bit quicker than the old fashioned version too. You can use any brand you have at home.

    Pork Shoulder Recipes Instant Pot : Instant Pot Pulled Pork

    Pork Shoulder Recipes Instant Pot Whip out your instant pot, and follow these easy recipes so you can eat well any night of the week. Whip up your favorite treats in a snap with the help of this magical kitchen appliance. Unsalted butter, whole milk, he. Days like those call for the. Browse the best instant pot recipes for pork, chicken, beef, stews, and more.

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    Can You Make Popcorn In The Instant Pot

    Im a popcorn snob and love homemade popcorn. Microwave popcorn leaves a yucky film at the top of my mouth. I decided to experiment to making Instant Pot popcorn. I tried out each of my 4 Instant Pot models to see which ones worked the best. Surprisingly, the popcorn yield varied a lot between the different models.

    Recipe for all models as a control:

  • Push saute mode, adjust temperature until its set to MORE.
  • Wait until the screen reads HOT.
  • After Instant Pot says HOT, add oil.
  • Stir in 1/2 cup popcorn kernels to coat in oil. Cover with lid .
  • Popcorn will start popping about 2 minutes later. When popping slows down to about 1 pop every 5 seconds, turn off heat and remove pot from Instant Pot.
  • Transfer popcorn to a bowl and season with salt to taste. Can also toss with melted butter.
  • What Is The Best Oil For Making Popcorn

    Instant Pot Popcorn

    When making popcorn you want to use an oil that not only has a high smoke point but also is a clean/allergy friendly, trans fat free oil.

    You want to go for a high quality oil. I personally like to use coconut oil or avocado oil. These oils are superb in taste, non GMO, good quality and can withstand a high cooking temperature without leasing toxins.

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    Seasoning For Air Fried Popcorn

    Some things remain unchanged like the classic butter seasoning that people still use for popcorn. But as people want variety there are a number of other seasonings that have been introduced and that will go well with the air fried popcorn.

    Caramelized popcorn is quite popular and can be easily prepared once the corn has been popped. This seasoning can be prepared while the popcorn is in the fryer and once it has been poured out, this seasoning can be added. If shaken well the popcorn will have the caramel taste which will intoxicate your taste buds.

    For a salty taste, you can add some salt to the oil you will add to the corn prior to putting it in the air fryer. The best way to do this is to add salt in oil and add the corn, shake everything till you think the salty oil has thickly coated the kernels. When they pop they will have a nice salty taste.

    If you are a cheese lover, you may have finely grated parmesan cheese ready in a bowl so when you put in the hot popcorn in and shake them, the cheese gets on each of them for the best taste.

    There are numerous other seasoning recipes available online for you to explore. You may use any but just remember the popcorn has to ben freshly out of the fryer to catch the taste of the seasonings.

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    How Do You Make Instant Pot Popcorn

    Turn on your pressure cooker, press the Sauté button and then the Adjust button to the “More” setting.

    Once the the display reads “HOT”, add the oil.

    Heat the oil until it is HOT, shimmering, and starting to sizzle, two to three minutes. Add the popcorn kernels and toss to coat in the oil.

    Cover the pressure cooker with a glass lid or silicone splatter guard.

    Once most of the kernels have popped, turn off the Instant Pot and allow the remaining kernels to pop with the lid on. Once the kernels stop popping remove the lid, season as desired and serve.

    How easy was that??

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    Which Oil Is The Best For Making Popcorn In Instant Pot

    Honestly no oil, except for coconut oil will give the popcorn it’s flavors and aroma as it has a high smoking point. The best part is that you can’t even taste the coconut oil once the kernels are popped. Butter, olive oil, corn oil have a lower smoking point, thus we don t prefer them.

    Hope you try popping some popcorn in your Instant Pots and enjoy them as much as we do. Don’t forget to come back and leave us a comment. If you know of someone who loves to pop corn, share this with recipe with them on your social media.

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    How To Make Popcorn In An Instant Pot

    How to Make Instant Pot Popcorn

    December 31, 2017 by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated May 3, 2021

    Its time to get that Instant Pot out of the box to make some popcorn in it! You should try Instant Pot Popcorn.

    This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Have you tried making Instant Pot popcorn? It is so easy to do. The Instant Pot is such a versatile cooking gadget. You can make just about anything you want in one. I have made instant macaroni and cheese, Instant Pot roast beef, best ever beef stew, and much more.

    For this recipe, you really only need a few simple ingredients. I use coconut oil, but you can use vegetable oil. You will also need popcorn, and I use popcorn seasoned salt. It costs so much less when you make it like this instead of those expensive microwavable packages.

    There is one thing I like to do. I like to add my seasoned salt in the popcorn while it pops. This way the salt coats all of the popcorn. In movie theaters, they add the salt to the popcorn. I like to use the Flavacol brand, it is what is used in most commercial popcorn machines.

    If you dont have the glass lid for the Instant Pot, dig around in your cabinet, I bet you have another lid that you can use. You will need to use a lid to keep the popcorn from going all over the place.

    I hope you try making popcorn in your Instant Pot. Youll enjoy how easy it is to make a light and healthy snack.

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    Pressure Cooker Popcorn Is The Best Seriously It Is Easy To Do And You Get The Fluffiest Crunchy Popcorn

    Take some fresh corn kernels and your Instant Pot. You will never have to eat those burned kernels or chewy microwave popcorn. So are you ready to learn how to make Instant Pot popcorn? Join me in the bistro kitchen!

    So after today, you can put another go-to recipe on your list of things you can make with your pressure cooker.

    No, you do not need a cast-iron skillet for this one or a paper bag. All you have to do is get your Instant Pot out and turn it to Sauté.

    If you can perform that step you are halfway there. It is important to use fresh corn kernels as these will pop easier.

    My Popcorn Isn’t Popping

    Trust me it happened to me thrice before I was successful the fourth time.

    • First time only 20% kernels popped
    • Second time, soaked kernels for 10 minutes, 40% popped.
    • Third time soaked kernels for 20 minutes, 60% popped.
    • Fourth time, successful results. I changed the store and brand of the kernels.

    Observation – If the kernels aren’t popping it could be because the quality of the kernels isn’t good.

    When kernels don’t have enough moisture, they don’t pop. Sometimes if a batch it too old or dry the kernels won’t pop. Kernels pop when the water vapor inside them increases pressure enough to rupture the hull. The kernels need the right amount of moisture in them to pop, which is about 14%. How do you know how good the kernels are? You can either give it a couple attempts and you will know of you can calculate the moisture of your kernels, using this experiment by Mother Earth News.

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    Reasons To Love This Instant Pot Popcorn

    • Made with 3 real ingredients
    • Healthier than any pre-made popcorn bags
    • Costs less compared to microwavable packs
    • Customize flavors for the family
    • Vegan. Gluten-Free.
    • Perfect mid-day snack and great for game nights and movie nights
    • It’s so much fun to pop some with the kids.
    • Easy recipe for beginners. You can find more beginner recipes here.

    Recommendation Seasoning For Instant Pot Popcorn / Homemade Popcorn


    Melted butter: This is always a safe and delicious option. Choose the butter of your choice, melt, and pour it over the popcorn. Toss to combine.

    Flavored butter Sweet flavored butter like apple butter or similar is a great option.

    Spice: Hot spices are incredible with popcorn. Try spices like cayenne pepper, black pepper, or red pepper flakes to enhance the popcorn.

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    How To Make Instant Pot Popcorn

    Again, it takes under 10 minutes to make this Instant Pot popcorn from start to finish.

    Honestly, that’s less time than it takes to choose what to watch on Netflix!

    Now, this recipe will make about 10 cups of popcorn, so if you’re planning on a long Netflix binge session, or are watching a movie with some friends or family, just double, or triple the recipe! However, since it’s so quick and easy to make, you can always make more popcorn as soon as you run out.

    Anyway, let’s not waste any more time and dive into this recipe.


    First, set your Instant Pot to saute mode and add the coconut oil.

    Let it melt completely in the pot, then add the corn kernels and mix until each kernel is coated in the oil.

    Next, set your Instant Pot to the highest possible temperature and cover it with a glass lid. Or you can use the Instant Pot lid, but use it without the sealing ring.

    The point here is to prevent the popcorn from escaping the pot and also to keep any steam from building up in the pressure cooker as well. With that said, let the popcorn cook for around 6 minutes or until all the kernels have popped.


    Once all the popcorn is popped, transfer it to a bowl, drizzle with the melted butter, and sprinkle with a generous amount of salt.

    Then, toss the popcorn in the bowl to evenly coat it in the butter and salt.

    Finally, start your movie or show, and enjoy!

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