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Choose Similar Ingredients To Another Pot

How to Cook Ground Beef in the Instant Pot – Perfect for Beginners!

One of the easiest ways to adjust a pot-in-pot recipe is to choose a recipe that uses similar ingredients and base your cook time off of that. For example, if you want to make a Snickers Cheesecake, I recommend starting with my Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake recipe and adapting it to your candy of choice.

What Kind Of Instant Pot Do I Need

I have both a 6 quart and an 8 quart Instant Pot. For most of my Instant Pot Recipes, I only need a 6 quart, but Im always glad that my 8 quart is around for those times when Im planning to cook a large slab of meat or when I am feeding a crowd. If youre only 1-2 people, consider the 3 quart Instant Pot, but only if you dont plan to cook any larger batches or for company.

Cooking The Pork Roast

There will be some browned bits on the bottom of the pot from searing the pork. You need to get that up by adding liquid to the pot. Dont do this while saute mode is still on. Its very hot and the liquid will steam up immediately. It can be dangerous to stand over the IP when its that hot.

Add the broth and use a whisk to scrape the bits up. This adds great flavor to the broth, which will be used later to make the gravy.

Then put the trivet in the pot. Place the roast on top of the trivet. This is to keep the roast whole and to steam it rather than boil it. If you want, you can leave out the trivet. I just think the roast looks nicer when cooked on the trivet.

Close the Instant Pot and set it to pressure cook . The length of time you need to cook the pork for will vary depending on the size of your roast.

It is recommended that you cook a boneless pork roast for 15 minutes per pound in the Instant Pot. For a 3 lb roast, that would be 45 minutes. Cooking it this long will lead to a sliceable roast, not a fork tender roast.


If you want to slice the roast, dont cook for longer than 45 minutes or it can become dry. If youd rather have a fork tender roast that falls apart like shredded pork, you need to cook it for much longer, like 60 to 70 minutes. If shredded pork is what youre after, Id also recommend placing the roast directly into the pot, not on top of the trivet.

If its under, you can turn it back on for 5 or 10 minutes.

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How Does A Pressure Cooker Work

The magic of pressure cookers is in the namepressure. The pressure cooker is completely sealed. When the liquid turns to steam, the pressure increases inside the pot, allowing the temperature of the liquid inside the pot to rise above the maximum boiling point. Because of that higher temperature, food cooks faster.

Main Instant Pot Tips And Tricks

What Can I Make In An Instant Pot

I have Instant Pot guide with 15 mind blowing Instant Pot tips and tricks. Below are 5 the most important ones, but be sure to check the guide and I promise you your mind will be blown. There is also a free printable there. Also, be sure to check out these beginner Instant Pot recipes they will help you become more confident in using your new modern day pressure cooker.

Still dont have an Instant Pot? See which Instant we recommend Pot to buy and how it is different than a slow cooker.

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Your Instant Pot Can Do So Much More Than A Regular Pressure Cooker Which Might Be A Little Overwhelming At First No Fear Here Are Seven Dishes You Can Easily Whip Up In It

Your Instant Pot is packed with possibilities, so it can be overwhelming to choose what to whip up first! This multi-cooker combines the functions of a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice maker and more so you can make comforting dishes without the hassle. Dont know where to start with buying an Instant Pot? Check out our guide and then get cooking these dishes below!

Instant Pot Pork Loin With Carrots And Onions

Pork Loin is so lean that it’s often overcooked and turns out dry –but not with the Instant Pot. After just thirty minutes, you have tender and juicy pork in a rich, savory sauce. Serve with mashed potatoes for a quick and easy comfort meal.

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Pork Loin with Carrots and Onions

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Instant Pot Whole Chicken Time Vs Oven Whole Chicken

I am sure you want to know how much faster the instant pot is for cooking a whole chicken compared to baked in the oven.

Is it worth the effort and is it a time saver?

These are the instant pot chicken cook times with the natural pressure release:

  • Small = 19 Minutes + 15 Minutes NPR = 34 Minutes
  • Medium = 20 Minutes + 15 Minutes NPR = 35 Minutes
  • Large = 23 Minutes + 15 Minutes NPR = 38 Minutes
  • Extra Large = 29 Minutes + 15 Minutes NPR = 44 Minutes

Then these are the instant pot chicken cook times vs what it says on the packaging for oven baked:

  • Small = 34 Minutes IP vs 1hr31 = 57 Minutes FASTER
  • Medium = 35 Minutes IP Vs 1hr29 = 54 Minutes FASTER
  • Large = 38 Minutes IP Vs 1hr40 = 62 Minutes FASTER
  • Extra Large = 44 Minutes IP Vs 1hr56 = 72 Minutes FASTER

LOL its seriously not a typo, Morrisons packaging really does say a medium is quicker to cook than a small.

Regardless of this, can you believe how much quicker it is in the instant pot. Of course, this doesnt take into account time to pressure which is about 15 minutes. But even with this time to pressure they are still a good 45 minutes quicker in the instant pot.

Instant Pot Whole Chicken Cooking Time Experiment

Pot in Pot Cooking 101 || Instant Pot

Before we dive into this instant pot roasted whole chicken recipe, I wanted to explain to you the experiment we did and why we did it.

We had seen time and time again that the recommended cooking time for a whole chicken in any electric pressure cooker is 6 minutes per pound. Therefore, if you have a 2 pound chicken you would cook it for 12 minutes, or a 4lb chicken would be 24 minutes and so on.

Our whole chickens in Portugal was always small.

We never had a chance to compare notes and see if this statement was true and we had many readers asking us to confirm or deny if this is really the case.

Therefore, we bought four whole chickens from Morrisons.

  • Small
  • Large
  • Extra Large

The plan was then to cook each of them, using the six minute golden rule. We would convert them from kilos to pounds and then times the pounds by six for a cook time.

Today, we are sharing with you in full the experiment as well as how we recommend you cook your whole chicken in the instant pot.

We will be starting with the whole chicken ingredients, how to cook a whole chicken in the instant pot and then will be going into more detail about our experiment.

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Why Instant Pot Recipes

  • The number one reason why I love to cook with an Instant Pot is FLAVOR. Something magical happens with pressure cooking: the best flavors develop and meats become incredibly tender. If you need more convincing, try my recipes for Instant Pot chili or cook a rotisserie chicken in your Instant Pot. Both are unbelievably tasty.
  • Another huge benefit of Instant Pot cooking is that most of the cook time is hands-off. Once you get your ingredients in the pot and set it to pressure cook, you wont have to do anything else until the cook time has finished. Theres no stirring a pot on the stove or checking on food in the oven.
  • One of the best things about Instant Pot recipes is that they help to take the guesswork out of cooking. When you follow a good recipe, with tested cook times and methods, it should produce foolproof results. My advice is to experiment with different recipes until you find your favorites. With pressure cooking, your meals can turn out perfect every time.

Now, the recipes! Whether youre new to using an Instant Pot or are looking for new ideas, theres something for everyone in the list below.

Cooking Dairy In An Instant Pot

Dairy products like milk, soft cheese and sour cream will curdle in an Instant Pot®, just like in the slow cooker, so you have to be extra careful or youll end up with a lumpy sauce.

To prevent any splitting, make sure you add your dairy products right at the end, when its finished cooking and off the heat!

Recipes like our Creamy Garlic Chicken will always be best cooked on the hob to prevent curdling and allow enough time for the sauce to reduce.

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These Tips Make A Difference

First, make sure you have a pumpkin that fits into your Instant Pot. Sounds obvious, but youll want to pay attention to shape as well as size and weight. The Food Network Kitchen recommends avoiding anything too squat or upright. This is especially important because while you can trim slightly you will want to keep the stem intact. We also recommend either a sugar or pie pumpkin.

What Should I Serve With Pork Roast

What Can I Cook in an Instant Pot®?

Instant Pot Gravy is a great idea! You use the liquid that is left in the Instant Pot after you take out the roast. And you cook the gravy using the sauté function of the Instant Pot after the roast is finished cooking. That way, you dont dirty an extra pot!

What else to serve with the roast pork? If your oven is free, go ahead and make a batch of these amazing roasted potatoes too. Such a perfect dinner!

  • Yield:46 servings 1x
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    5 secrets to the Juiciest grilled meats!

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    How To Make Instant Pot Beef Tips

  • Place beef sirloin tips, sliced mushrooms, chopped onions, and sherry into your instant pot or pressure cooker.
  • In a small mixing bowl, whisk broth and tapioca starch. Add to instant pot.
  • Add seasonings.
  • Stir it all together.
  • Place lid on the instant pot and turn it until its locked into place. Set the timer to manual for 15 minutes.
  • Once done, release the pressure valve. Stir before serving.
  • Thats it. Easy-peasy Instant Pot Beef Tips.

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    Choose Your Pressure Based On Your Recipe

    Instant Pots generally have both a low and high-pressure setting you can choose from, but the exact amounts and temperatures vary depending on the model you own. High pressure is used most often when cooking things quickly , but according to Zuccarello, “low pressure produces slightly better results when cooking foods that need a gentler hand.” Desserts almost always require the lower setting to come out restaurant-worthy, too. Like this Quick & Easy Instant Pot Lemon Cake.

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    How To Cook A Pumpkin An Instant Pot

    We were shocked to discover that hacking this pumpkin pie ingredient in the Instant Pot not only worked, but was incredibly easy. After testing with a 3- to 4-pound pumpkin, the Food Network Kitchen chefs found that cooking the pumpkin on high pressure for just 15 minutes resulted in a perfectly cooked pumpkin.

    Once youve finished cooking for 15 minutes, do a natural steam release. Once the steam is fully released, transfer the pumpkin to a baking sheet to cool slightly.

    This is the receipe for Whole Pumpkin Cooked In Instat Pot

    Kate Mathis

    Instant Pot Pumpkin Pie

    How to Use an Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 – Beginner? Start HERE!

    Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving favorite those familiar warm spices of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg just say fall. But the holiday is also a busy time for the oven, so a pumpkin pie recipe in the Instant Pot can be a lifesaver. The homemade vanilla whipped cream is the perfect finishing touch, and since it is made in a springform pan, the pie can show off its beautiful orange hue.

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    Heed The Maximum Water Line

    There’s a water line on the inside for a reason. Liquid is required for almost every Instant Pot recipe, and it’s important to follow directions for your own safety, says Zuccarello. Every food is different and requires a specific amount of water. Foaming or expanding foods need less than most recipes. It may be easy to overlook the mark, but exact amounts are key if you want your food to be at its best.

    What Should You Not Cook In An Instant Pot

    Here are some of the food you shouldnt cook in an Instant Pot:

    • Deep-fried food such as fried chicken, french fries
    • Delicate food that requires quick & high heat
    • Milk-based or cream-based sauces shouldnt be pressure cooked directly in the inner pot
    • Food that uses puff pastry
    • Breaded meat, breaded vegetables
    • Pressure canning

    Which of the 50 Easy Instant Pot Recipes from this list are you going to try first?

    What are some of your favorite Pressure Cooker Recipes? Let us know in the comments.

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    Instant Pot Bread Pudding With Bourbon Sauce

    Using the pot-in-pot method, the Instant Pot makes moist and delicious bread pudding. Studded with raisins and flavored with warm spices, it’s especially good top with a bourbon cream sauce.

  • 12 of 19 Carve Your Craving

    Dairy-free and egg-free, this vegan chocolate cake only takes a few simple ingredients to create a decadent dessert. Cooked in the Instant Pot, the cake is never dry and doesn’t even need a blanket of frosting . It’s especially good with fresh raspberries.

    Best Ever Instant Pot Vegan Chocolate Cake from Carve Your Craving

    Continue to 13 of 19 below.

  • 13 of 19 Recipes for Instant Pot

    Flan is an egg custard that cooks on top of a caramel sauce. Once the dish cools completely in the fridge, you turn it out and the caramel sauce blankets the sweet, smooth dessert. It’s a thing of beauty that you can make ahead and whip out at the end of a meal to a chorus of oo’s and ah’s.

    Instant Pot Whole Egg Leche Flan from Recipes for Instant Pot

  • Instant Pot Coconut Chicken

    Can I Make Pasta In An Instant Pot

    Spice up your weeknight dinner game with boneless, skinless chicken thighs cooked with soy sauce and vinegar in the Instant Pot a little bit of unsweetened coconut milk added in at the end makes for a super creamy sauce that you’ll want all over a side of jasmine rice.

    Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Coconut Chicken

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    Can You Use A Pressure Cooker For Canning

    Although you can use pressure canners for regular pressure cooking, standard pressure cookers can’t be used for pressure canning. If you’re serious about canning meats, broth, or other low-acid foods, a pressure canner is what you need there are currently no electric pressure cookers rated for canning.

    What Are The Best Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners

    Its best to start simple, with 1-4 ingredient recipes when youre first starting out. Dont try cooking something that cooks both meat and vegetables until you have a little more experience. Some of the first things that I cooked in my Instant Pot was Mac and Cheese, Rice and Baked Potatoes. They all turned out perfectly, so then I moved on from there. The best recipes from this list that you should start out with if youre a beginner to using the Instant Pot, I put at the top of the list, from 1-9.

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    Can You Use Instant Pot Recipes In A Pressure Cooker

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    If you don’t have much time to cook but still want to put homemade food on the table, a pressure cooker will be your go-to kitchen appliance. Pressure cookers cook food under pressure created by trapped steam, significantly reducing traditional cooking times for soups, stews, roasts, side dishes, and even desserts.

    You can choose from an electric pressure cooker or one for the stovetop. Many electric pressure cookers available today are also multi-cookers and programmed to handle slow cooking, steaming, and sautéing. Aside from pressure cooking, you can make everything from a big pot of chili and homemade yogurt to perfectly cooked rice. Some even come with additional settings and special features.

    If you’re nervous about bringing a pressure cooker home, don’t be. Most of today’s models are equipped with safety features to make the process easy enough for beginning home cooks to master, whether you’re cooking a meal for one or a big batch for the whole family.

    Here are the best pressure cookers.

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