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Shaping The Instant Pot Bread

Pot in Pot Cooking 101 || Instant Pot

Now, this is very crucial. I made two types of bread in terms of shape one as a boule and the other as separate rolls. Although both baked well, the rolls were better. Baking the whole boule takes longer and sometimes can remain undone from the center, and then, you have to put it back in the instant pot.

Though, that should not happen if you follow this instant pot bread recipe as such.

Still, I like to shape my instant bread as separate rolls. If you are a first-timer, I suggest you do the same.

So, I divide the dough into seven equal parts. Then, I roll each ball into a roll by smoothing the surface and tucking the edges underneath.

How Much Time Does It Take To Bake A Cake In Cooker

How to make cake in cooker Place the cake tray inside the cooker on top of the ring or stand. Cover the cooker with the lid. Bake for 50 to 60 mins on a low flame. When the cake is completely baked, a tester inserted comes out clean. The cake top will be fairly dry when you touch it. Cool it for 10 to 15 mins over a wire rack.

What Can You Do With Cooked Beets

  • eat them on their own
  • drizzle with balsamic and olive oil
  • add them to a salad!
  • stir chopped beets into yogurt along some spices to make beet raita
  • make this beet thoran
  • blend it into hummus
  • stir-fry them with their greens

Beets come in all sizes and while its true that cooking time can vary, Ive found that my method results in perfectly cooked beets no matter what the size.* That said, if your beets are HUGE, then you can always add an extra few minutes if you find they arent as tender as youd like. I think the secret to cooking them perfectly is the two cups of water I add to the bottom of the pot it takes longer to reach pressure and that extra time seems to help cook larger beets as well.

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How Do You Bake A Cake In The Instant Pot

It might seem strange to steam a cake, but the results are amazingly moist and rich. In many places around the world, an oven isn’t a standard appliance in the kitchen.

Quit thinking about how you can make bread in an Instant Pot and take a deep dive into this cooking wonder with this tasty Instant Pot bread recipe.

Rather than baking a cake in a Western-style oven, use a steaming method to “bake” all cakes and bread types. This is the same method we use for our applesauce cake and all of our cheesecake recipes.

To “bake” a cake in an Instant Pot, you need to do a little prep work. First, you need to have a baking dish that fits inside your pot.

The size will depend on your Instant Pot model, but we recommend a 2 to 3-quart soufflé dish or mold for this recipe. And, just as you do in traditional baking, make sure you thoroughly grease the dish.

Next, prep a steam bath by placing warm water and a trivet in the bottom of the pot. Once the cake mixture is ready, pour it into your dish and place it on top of the trivet inside the Instant Pot.

How Long Do I Cook Baked Potatoes In The Instant Pot

Best Instant Pot Holiday Recipes

I tested this recipe starting at 12 minutes. The potatoes were cooked but too firm for my liking. When cooked for 14 minutes, they were soft and fluffy inside. I used medium size potatoes. If using small ones, 12 minutes should be enough. If using large potatoes, add 2 more minutes of cooking time.

My Instant Pot took about 8 minutes to come to pressure.

To learn how to cook sweet potatoes, check out my Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes recipe with a bonus shortcut!

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How To Know Your Yeast Is Proofed

Your yeast when mixed with the water and other ingredients will begin to foam. Generally, this happens within three to five minutes. If you dont see your yeast is getting bubbly it could mean that your yeast has gone bad or expired.

If your yeast doesnt bubble up it will not rise and cook properly.

Share Some Bottles Of Homemade Limoncello

In theory, you could drink the vanilla extract, but it wouldnt be nearly as delicious as you might imagine. What is seriously good for sipping, however, is limoncello, a sugary lemon liqueur thats great as an aperitif or after-dinner dessert beverage.

How to do it: Youll need the same equipment for limoncello as you did for vanilla extract: your Instant Pot, trivet, and mason jars. For ingredients, youll need lemon peels, vodka, water, and sugar.

For the first step of this process, you need to infuse the vodka with lemon. Pour one cup of water in the Instant Pot, and place the metal trivet in the bottom. In each pint-sized mason jar, add vodka and lemon peels, leaving about an inch between the top of the liquid and the jar lid. Place two big strips of lemon peel in each jar, and seal the lid tightly but not firmly. Use the Instant Pots manual function to cook on high 30 minutes. Then let the machine release the pressure naturally. Remove the jars, and set them aside to cool overnight.

The next day, strain the lemon peel out of the vodka, and combine the lemon-infused liquor in a larger jar. Add simple syrup to the vodka mix to taste. Cool, then pour into bottles, and enjoy.

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Quick Tips On The Effective Use Of Instant Pots


  • Check your valve regularly before cooking to make sure that the pressure release is in the sealing position. If in slow cooking mode, set the valve to the venting position.
  • Ignore the initial steam release when the instant pot first begins to pressurize. It is normal and should stop once the lid has wholly sealed.
  • Get an extra stainless inner pot if you intend to use your instant pot regularly. This will come in handy when you want to cook multiple dishes in succession.

For baking:

  • Try getting a pan that will actually fit in the instant pot and keep it out of water.
  • You can use a trivet to create a makeshift oven in the instant pot by adding the trivet to the bottom of the instant pot, where it acts as an oven rack.
  • Remember to line the inside of your baking pan with foil or parchment paper to prevent the barter from sticking inside the instant pot.

How Long Do You Cook Baked Potatoes In An Instant Pot

Instant Pot 101 – make biscuits from a can in your instant pot so easy in your cake pan.

The pressure cooking time depends on the size of your potatoes. I have tested out lots of different potatoes of varying sizes to determine these cook times. It is important to cook potatoes that are roughly the same size so that they will cook in the same amount of time.

Small Potatoes : 12 minutes at high pressure plus 10 minutes natural pressure release

Medium Potatoes : 16 minutes at high pressure plus 10 minutes natural pressure release

Large Potatoes : 20 minutes at high pressure plus 10 minutes natural pressure release

When Im not sure about the cook time for my exact size of potatoes, I always err on the side of adding an extra minute or two to the cook time. Id rather end up with softer potatoes than under-cooked potatoes and have to do a second pressure cooking cycle.

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Safety Measures While Baking With The Instant Pot

It is worthwhile to note some general safety measures while using the instant pot. These measures should be adhered to, to ensure safety and prolong the lifespan of your multi-purpose kitchen accessory. They are as follows:

  • Do not leave your house or forget the instant pot when it is in use and going up in pressure. Most people risk forgetting that the instant pot is in use. They get distracted or carried away because the instant pot is an electronic device with timers and all, and no steam comes out from anywhere to indicate usage. However, you should monitor your instant pot at all times whenever it is in use.
  • Do not place your instant pot on the stovetop or oven to avoid melting, especially if the stovetop is still hot.
  • Note other safety mechanisms, as stated in the instant pot manual.
  • Most importantly, if you notice anybody misusing the instant pot, do not hesitate to say something.
  • Instant Pot Baked Potatoes Recipe

    We like to serve these potatoes with Easy Grilled Chicken or Parmesan Tilapia.

    Before I got the Instant Pot digital pressure cooker, I used my slow cooker to make baked potatoes. Its a great way to cook them if you dont have a pressure cooker. However, this method is much faster and I can have baked potatoes ready in 20 minutes, perfectly fluffy and ready for our favorite toppings.

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    Converting Recipes From Regular Pot To The Instant Pot

    The instant pot comes with much excitement on its uniqueness in preparation of meals. However, there are usually some lingering confusion and concerns about how to measure the ingredients or convert your usual pot recipe into the instant pot recipe. This is because the instant pot cooks at different temperatures and pressure, and the steam does not escape while cooking. This, therefore, means that the measurement for the ingredients you use when cooking or baking with the normal pot and stove might not necessarily give the same results in an instant pot. You should, therefore, take specific measures to adapt your recipe to the new environment of the instant pot.

  • Make sure that your recipe works for the instant pot:

  • This is usually the first problem that most people encounter when using the instant pot. While the instant pot is ideal for most recipes, it is not suitable for every recipe. As earlier pointed out, the possibilities are seemingly endless with an instant pot. There are enough recipes contained herein to keep your fridge stocked with yummy bakes and dishes of different varieties.

  • Endeavor to Add Liquid as Needed:

  • Note, however, that you dont have to drown your recipe in water to achieve the instant pressure cooking. You only need to alter the liquid content of your regular pot recipe, depending on how long you are cooking.

    For pressure cooking, cut the liquid by at least half or even three-quarters, while for slow cooking, decrease the liquid by a third.

    Why Make Banana Bread In Instant Pot

    Slow Cooked Balsamic Pot Roast (Slow Cooker, Instant Pot ...
    • This Nanas Banana Bread turns out ultra moist, rich, flavorful, fluffy yet dense, and satisfyingly delicious!
    • You can enjoy homemade banana bread without an oven
    • The Instant Pot wont heat up the house!
    • Its super easy to make banana bread in Instant Pot

    I simply couldnt stop eating this deliciously moist Instant Pot banana bread packed with tons of banana flavor & tasty aroma!

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    Tips For Instant Pot Potatoes

    • Poke to Prevent Explosions piercing the potato skins all over with a fork allows steam to escape so your potatoes dont burst.
    • Use a rack keep the potatoes on the rack without touching the water.
    • Add cold water for consistent cooking results, add 1 cup of cold water.
    • Even-sized potatoes to ensure the potatoes are done on time, use potatoes that are even thickness and size.

    Test : Rich Bread Vs Lean Bread

    Rich loaves of bread have tenderizing agents such as butter, oil, or milk that give them a soft and tender texture. Most of our sandwich bread is rich bread.

    Bread made with only flour, salt, and water is called lean bread. There are chewy interiors and crispy exteriors. They usually require 400-500 0 F to bake.

    Type of bread

    So, the lean bread surprised me with the texture, but the rich bread saddened me with the dense texture. All the bread I have seen on the internet is quite similar to that. Denser and doughy!

    So, I decided that I do not want to go the rich bread route with my instant pot bread.

    Which types of bread can or should I make in Instant Pot ?

    Based on test 1, I concluded that: Though, you can make rich or lean either type of bread with satisfactory results in an instant pot. But the rich bread tends to stay a bit denser. So I recommend going for lean bread.

    Or anywhere in between. Like not a super-rich bread, but adding just about 2 tbsp of butter. And no other tenderizer. Hmmm, that sounds like another project!

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    Instant Pot Crme Brle

    The Instant Pot creates a perfect steam environment, making it ideal for making custards like creme brulee. Make these ahead of time so that they have time to set up and chill in the fridge. Sprinkle with sugar and toast just before serving.

  • 15 of 19 Ministry of Curry

    Got a few apples lying around? Give them a quick chop and make a sweet and cinnamon-y cake. Cook it in a springform pan if you have one since the cake looks lovely presented on a plate or cake stand. Pair it with vanilla ice cream for dessert or yogurt for a special breakfast.

    Apple Cake from Ministry of Curry

  • 16 of 19 The Lean Green Bean

    Transform stale bread into a sweet and spiced treat with the help of eggs, milk, spices, and the Instant Pot. Leave out the pecans if that’s not your thing, and add chocolate chips if that is your thing. Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate or your choice of sauce.

    Instant Pot Gingerbread Bread Pudding from The Lean Green Bean

    Continue to 17 of 19 below.

  • 17 of 19 Pressure Cooking Today

    Rice pudding is incredibly easy when made in the Instant Pot. You add the rice and liquid to the pot, let it cook, and stir in the eggs and some more liquid at the end until the mixture is creamy and delicious. The sky is the limit here in terms of flavors: try rosewater and pistachio, or simply chocolate chip and walnut.

    The Best Pressure Cooker Rice Pudding from Pressure Cooking Today

  • 18 of 19
  • Which Instant Pot Models Have The Instant Pot Cake Setting

    Can You Cook Sweet Potatoes In The Instant Pot?

    Be aware that not all models within a series have all the feature buttons associated with the series. Specifically, the Instant Pot Mini 3 quart model may not have all the features the 6 quart and 8 quart within the series have.

    And before you make a purchase, make sure you double check the Instant Pot Cake function is available on that particular model. In the case of the Lux 6 quart, it was an addition to the Version 3. If you happen to find an Lux 6 quart that was manufactured before the switch, it might not have the button.

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    What To Serve With Homemade French Bread

    Soups and grilled cheese recipes are my personal favorite to pair with homemade bread recipes like this Instant Pot bread! I also love to enjoy it with a beef dinner like our Best Instant Pot Lasagna Recipe or Best Steak Pizzaiola Recipe.

    • Mushroom Grilled Cheese and French Onion Soup
    • Leftover Ham Soup in the Instant Pot
    • Chick-fil-A Chicken Noodle Soup

    Homemade bread recipes are perfect for pairing with your favorite breakfast or brunch! My favorite is Eggs Benedict with perfect poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce.

    You cant go wrong simply toasting the bread and adding a little bit of butter, too. Or serve with Baked Brie with Crescent Rolls!

    How To Make Baked Potatoes In The Instant Pot

    • To cook your potatoes in the Instant Pot digital pressure cooker, use the wire trivet that came with the IP. Add one cup of water to the stainless steel insert and arrange potatoes on the trivet.
    • Close lid and turn the valve to sealing position. Set timer to 14 minutes for medium potatoes. Make sure the IP is set to cook on high pressure.
    • When the time is up and the Instant Pot beeps, press cancel/off button and let it release the pressure naturally for about 4 minutes. The switch the valve to venting position and do a quick pressure release.
    • Use kitchen tongs to remove the potatoes from the pressure cooker and set on a platter. Done! Your potatoes are ready!

    Its important to poke the potatoes with a fork. It allows the steam from the potatoes to escape during cooking.

    No foil is needed to cook the potatoes in your pressure cooker.

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    Instapot Vs Instant Pot

    Instapot and instant pot is one of the same. Instapot is like the nickname given to the Instant Pot, or many people call it the lazy way to say instant pot.

    A bit like the way you have donut vs doughnut.

    I notice that often when I am interviewed by Americans and we are talking about the instant pot, that they will always call it an Instapot, yet I dont know anyone in Britain that shortens it.

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