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Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 Overview & Opinion (IP-Duo Plus60)

The Instant Pot Duo is proud to proclaim its a 7-in-1 appliance, featuring the following functions: Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer. The device has its temperature and pressure sensors dialed in, resulting in precise results when cooking. We tested the yogurt function on several occasions, and the pot always stopped its initial heating phase when the milk temperature reached exactly 180 degrees. We never had to click on the sauté button to get it to reach the optimal temperature.

We also tested its ability to slow cook, making chili with dried pinto beans and beef chuck, and soup with a ham hock and dried cannellini beans. It always produced tender beans and meat in four hours on high.

The steamer function on most multi-cookers isnt really steaming as much as pressure-cooking. The Instant Pot website says the program is designed so that the heating intensity is fast and steep, likely so that the contents of the pot get under pressure as quickly as possible so they dont overcook while the pot preheats.

This Instant Pot has its temperature and pressure sensors dialed in, resulting in precise results when cooking.

When sautéing, we loved how the Instant Pot had three temperatures to choose from: less, normal, and more.

Which Is The Best Instant Pot Mini

Possibly the best Instant Pot Mini is the Duo. Why? Because it offers good features for a great price. But if you want all the bells and whistles, go for the Ultra 3 Qt Instant Pot. If youre comparing Instant Pot Duo vs Ultra youll need to think about the specific features as to how you will personally use it .

Single Best Appliance In The 40yrs Of Cooking

Makes quick and favour filled meals. Soups, stews, oats , pasta, vegetables in way less time than usual. Great for bread proving and yogurt. Have stopped using almost all my pots.Does take a little time to get use to cooking this way but there are plenty of you tube videos out there. Rice is the only thing that I still cook with a normal pot.We find we make double the amount of food, but works well also for 1 serving for 2ppl.


I bought this several months ago and at the time i declined to purchase the extended warranty from walmart because it comes with a manufacturer warranty for the first year. Anyway, now the instant pot stopped working and has a C6 error which means a faulty pressure sensor. I contacted instant pot customer service and lady immediately declined to repair because its not the manufactures defect and she accused i somehow caused the issue. We emailed forth and back several times requesting her is she could connect me to her supervisor or manager a…


I just got mine and used it for the first time this evening, making a jambalaya. The result was good, although I honestly can’t say that it was any quicker, overall, than if I’d done it stovetop, and it was certainly a lot more complicated. But, like any cooking technique, it just means getting used to a new approach.

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Where Do I Find Recipes For The Instant Pot

The instruction manual and recipe booklet in the box are a great place to start. The recipes there are limited, but we found the cooking time tables to be pretty helpful in the beginning. Hip Pressure Cooking lists recommended times and pressure levels for many foods. You can also try a recipe from NYT Cookings Instant Pot editors collection, or check out the super-simple recipes that Wirecutter staff members cook in their Instant Pots.

There are hundreds of Instant Pot cookbooks out there, including many tailored to specific dietary concerns . Melissa Clark, food reporter for The New York Times and an Instant Pot enthusiast, has written her own cookbook, Dinner in an Instant. She told us that two of her favorites are Urvashi Pitres Indian Instant Pot Cookbook and Coco Morantes The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook.

Love It Even More Than I Was Expecting

Instant Pot Review

Bought it from Amazon UK. It took ages for them to actually send it during which time I debated whether I really needed it. I’m so glad I decided to wait! It really is as good as everyone says. I had another pressure cooker which was ok, but just had a dial to select and was a bit hit and miss. This one is perfect, so many settings and different ways to cook things. Everything I’ve cooked in it so far has come out perfect. I haven’t used the official recipe book but am getting recipes from users online. I would 100% recommend…

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Can I Make My Favorite Standby Recipes In The Instant Pot

Yes, you can make your favorites in an Instant Pot, but it takes some tinkering. And you wont find a single formula that will flawlessly convert a standard recipe to the Instant Pot on the first try. We asked Melissa Clark for some tips. Since pressure cookers are sealed, Clark advised, you should reduce the amount of liquid if its a soup or a stew because youre not getting any evaporation. She added, Youre going to want to cut down on the salt. Since youre using less liquid in the beginning, hold back on the salt at the start, and adjust the seasoning at the end. If you use too much water and end up with a thin stew, dont panicto thicken, just simmer the sauce with the lid off.

Trial and error is how anyone becomes a betterand more confidentcook. Clark also reminds cooks to be kind to themselves: If youre adapting recipes for the Instant Pot, you just have to assume its not going to be perfect the first time around. And forgive yourself thats okay. Youll do things better the next time.

How To Turn Off The Sound On The Duo Gourmet Instant Pot

Right after you turn on the Duo Gourmet, press and hold the minus button until the display indicates SOFF and the icon displays a little X next to the sound icon.

To turn the sound on again, simply press the plus button button until the display shows S On.

Note that you can not turn off the sound while a cooking function is enabled.

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So Which One Should You Get

All in all, the DUO Plus is the more versatile and the slightly more convenient model. Its 3 additional programs could really make a difference for some people, especially those who have kids and need to sterilize their baby bottles.

If you dont really need the Egg, Cake, and Sterilizer programs, then the regular DUO60 cooker would be more than enough. It still is an excellent pressure cooker, even though it doesnt boast as many features as the Plus model.

A thing to keep in mind before choosing one of the cookers though: if you have the majority of the devices these cookers are designed to replace, you probably wont need to get a multi-cooker.

However, if you want the versatility and time-saving features of a pressure multi-cooker, then the Instant Pot DUO models will serve you well.

Amazing Most Used Appliance In Our Home

How to Use the Instant Pot Duo Plus

This is the best cooking machine we have ever purchased. Slow cooks casserole perfectly, soup is done to perfection in 15 mins on high pressure, we also do the chicken stock just prior. Does rice pudding on the porridge function on low setting wonderfully. We use this machine at least once a week if not more since buying at Costco in April. Just wish they had the 8L available which we found out online you could buy but never mind it is a really great choice. Takes the hard work out of cooking casserole on the stove for 2 hours with carrots…


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How We Test Instant Pots

We lined up the Instant Pot Lux, Duo, Duo Plus and Ultra for a side-by-side comparison in which we evaluated cooking capabilities, time, temperature, controls and the final cooked results. Although each model is available in multiple sizes, we purchased the 6-quart model of each to eliminate any variables related to volume.

We purposely selected these five cooking methods and their corresponding ingredients, as they represent the most common uses for Instant Pots.

  • Soft-boiled eggs: to use the Egg program or Low Pressure setting
  • Long-grain rice: to test the Rice program on each pot
  • Diced onions: to test the Sauté setting
  • Chicken thighs: to evaluate how the High Pressure setting worked
  • Whole pork shoulder: to see how each Instant Pot would sear and braise on the Saute and then Slow Cook settings

Unboxing The Instant Pot Duo Plus 60

Everyone loves unboxing things, me especially, even if I already know whats inside LOL. This is my third Instant Pot but the idea of opening a brand-new one was still thrilling. I have the Instant Pot Duo in both the 6 quart and 8 quart sizes. The Duo 60 is the most popular Instant Pot with 7-in-1 multi-cooker functions.

I purchased the Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 from during a day when it was on sale for $79.99 from its typical price of $99.99. You probably already know this but tries to match competitor prices and so the price of the Instant Pots goes up and down weekly. If youre not in a rush, wait until it goes on sale. Also check local stores like Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Williams Sonoma. They often match Amazons price.

Nowonto the unboxing pics!

The kit comes with the following items: cooker base, power cord, pressure cooking lid, stainless steel inner pot, trivet/steamer rack, measuring cup, condensation cup, paddle spoon and ladle. The booklets included are: User Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Recipe Booklet and a Cooking Time Tables.

I really like the stainless steel pot. Its solid and weighty. From my experience with prior Instant Pots, its easy to keep clean.

After unpacking the new Instant Pot DUO Plus 60, I wiped down the interior and exterior of the cooking base with a damp cloth. I washed the lid, inner pot and accessories with soap and hot water.

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Three New Cooking Programs

They have made some changes to Instant Pot DUO60s current cooking programs and introduced 3 new cooking programs.

*The following details & descriptions are straight from the manual.

1. Egg Program

  • Less Mode Soft Boiled Eggs
  • Normal Mode Medium Boiled Eggs
  • More Mode Hard Boiled Eggs

*We still think Low Pressure is still the best way to cook Pressure Cooker Eggs in the Instant Pot.

2. Cake Program

3. Sterilize Program

  • Less Mode Pasteurization of dairy products
  • Normal Mode Sterilization of utensils and canning of acidic fruits and vegetables. Not intended for meat canning.
  • More Mode Sterilization of utensils and canning of acidic fruits and vegetables. Not intended for meat canning.

*This program can open a can of worms if users try to use it to replace a pressure canner. I would recommend using this program to sterilize utensils only.

Why Arent The Other Instant Pot Models Wirecutter Picks

Instant Pot DUO60 V2 Plus 6 Qt 9 in 1 Multi Use Programmable Pressure ...

The Duo Plus is an upgraded version of the Duo series . But the differences are so minor that we dont think the price hike is warranted . The only real changes in the Duo Plus are a sous vide setting and the display . But compared with the Duos design, the Duo Pluss screen is smaller, and the control panel isnt nearly as streamlined. Also, the Duo Plus lacks features that make the Pro special, namely the improved inner pot, the additional temperature-control options, and a quieter steam-release valve.

The Instant Pot Max offers a higher pressure setting than other Instant Pot models have, as well as stirring and sous vide features. In theory, such features should increase the overall functionality of the cooker and speed up cooking times. Unfortunately, during testing, we found that the Max took longer to come up to pressure, the sous vide feature never reached its target temperature, and the stirring function left much to be desired. Ostensibly, the Maxs higher pressure setting makes it a better option for those whod like to use their Instant Pot for canning. But we havent tested it for that use specifically, so we cant address those claims.

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How Instant Pots Work

Instant Pots and other pressure cookers have unique lids that create an airtight seal. Once the lid is locked in place and the cooker is set, steam gets produced in the pot and can’t escape.

The trapped steam increases the atmospheric pressure inside the cooker, increasing the boiling point of liquids and speeding up the time it takes to boil, braise or steam foods.

An Instant Pot should not be confused with an air fryer. Check out our guide on Instant Pot vs air fryer for more details.

Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart

This smart Instant Pot Pro Plus is the latest addition to the companys lineup, allowing you to control your multicooker at just a touch of a button. Simply connect via the Instant Brands Connect app on your smartphone or device to operate, program and monitor your cooking progress. If you didnt want to use the app however, the touch-screen, LED display is straightforward, and you can set times with the handy dial. In addition, it has 11 safety features such as overheat protection, and heat-proof handles so you can safely lift out your inner pot after cooking.

It comes with 16 smart programs, which is fewer than other models, but it has advanced features such as NutriBoost to infuse flavors and enhance texture quality, aswell as the choice of three venting methods.

With a powerful 1500 watts, the Instant Pot Pro Plus heats up much quicker than other models we tested. This was evident while sauteing ingredients and searing meat: the beef was evenly browned before the pre-warming stage had even completed. Pressure cooking was impressive, producing tender, delicious stews in 45 minutes. We were also impressed with the fluffy texture and aromatic quality when cooking basmati rice, which was just as good as a conventional rice cooker.

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Instant Pot Models With Cake Button

To cook a moist cake in your Instant Pot youll need the Lux60 V3, the Duo Plusor the Ultra. These are the Instant Pot models which include the Cake Button.

There are extra accessories sold to make cake baking easy in an Instant Pot.

Silicone round cake pans are popular. There are also silicone loaf pans.

Instant Pot round cake pan is good for cheesecakes.

The Instant Pot round silicone springform cake pan has a tempered glass bottom and silicone sides.

The pan is great for making cheesecakes in the Instant Pot.

It fits nicely into the 6 Quart pot.

Its heat resistant to 450 degrees F.

To use it, you place about 1 cup of water in the bottom of the Instant Pot and then place the steamer in the pot with the cake pan on top.

Its all quite easy to do.

Instant Pot silicone loaf pan can be used to make bread or meatloaf.

The loaf pan by Instant Pot is also springform. Its ideal for making loaf cakes or bread.

This pan also sits on the steamer rack and is easily removed from your Instant Pot after cooking. The loaf pan has a tempered glass base so you can prepare, cut and serve on the same base.

As well as cakes and breads, the Instant Pot loaf pan can be used to make a meatloaf or lasagne. But just one word of warning, its small, so youll probably only feed one or two people if youre making a meatloaf.

One problem with the cake pans

Back To School And Instant Pots For Students

Instant Pot Duo Plus vs. Instant Pot Duo

Summer will be over before you know it so its time to start thinking about back to school sales. The best Instant Pots for students are always in high demand in the lead to schools returning, so it pays to start shopping as early as possible. For those heading off to college, youll want a convenient, multi-cooker that is suitable for your cooking needs. Right now many of our favorite picks are currently on sale making now the ideal time to buy one of the best microwaves. Be sure to follow our back to school guide for all of your shopping needs this season.

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Initial Test Run The Essential Water Test

The initial test run is important and tests the Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 to make sure everything is working properly. Its exciting to get a new appliance and want to jump right in and start cooking, but its a really good idea to do this test before making the first meal. The initial test run, also called the Water Test, is really simple, takes about 12 minutes and tests the following: 1) Makes sure the lid is sealing properly 2) Makes sure the cooker can come up to pressure 3) Makes sure the timer is working.

What Does Duo Mean On Instant Pot

The DUO is a product line in the InstantPot series. The DUO series means that the cooker has two pressure cooking modes:

  • High Pressure
  • Low Pressure

Keep in mind that the Lux series has only one pressure cooking mode , but on the other hand, the DUO models have two pressure modes.

Currently the DUO series include the following models:

  • DUO 7-in-1

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