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Homemade Chicken Stock But Make It Quick

How to Make Chicken Broth in an Instant Pot

Everyones always telling you to use homemade chicken stock in recipes, and store-bought in a pinch right? And maybe youve even made your own chicken stock from scratch before, because youre ambitious like that! But many of us just simply dont have the time to spend eight hours watching a pot simmer on the stove, and those of us who do have the time might prefer not to smell boiling chicken carcass for eight hours straight. Well, not only does this super quick Instant Pot chicken stock recipe solve both of those problems, it also produces a homemade chicken stock thats every bit as rich and flavorful as one that takes six times as long. Yep, that old Instant Pot magic strikes again!

Can I Make Chicken Broth Without An Instant Pot

You can absolutely make chicken stock or broth on the stove top or in a regular slow cooker. Ive made tutorials for both in the past: How to Make Chicken Broth and How to Make Slow Cooker Chicken Broth. With both of those methods, just keep in mind that the longer the cook, the better.

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Stove Top Beef Bone Broth

Once the bones are roasted, add the remaining ingredients. Cover the pot and bring to a gentle boil. Reduce heat to a very low simmer and cook with lid slightly ajar for at least 8 to 12 hours, ideally 24 hours. DO NOT LEAVE THE STOVE RUNNING OVERNIGHTcool and store in the refrigerator and continue to simmer the next day. Add more water if needed to make sure bones and vegetable are fully submerged.

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Do I Need To Roast The Bones

If you are using a cooked chicken carcass, or cooked chicken pieces, you do not need to roast the bones ahead of time.

If you are using a raw chicken that you have broken down for the bones you should roast them before placing them in the Instant Pot. To do this lay the bones and chicken parts on a baking sheet and roast for 20 minutes in a 400 degrees F oven. Once they are done roasting you can add them, and all of the juices, to your Instant Pot.

Best Bones For Bone Broth

How to make Bone Broth in the Instant Pot
  • The best beef bones to use are knuckles, joints, feet, and marrow bones.
  • For added flavor incorporate meaty bones like oxtail, shank, and short ribs.
  • Chicken feet contain loads of gelatin and are less expensive than other gelatin-rich bones.
  • The bones of younger animals contain a lot of cartilage, as it is this cartilage that will eventually turn to bone as the animal ages. For this reason, veal bones are particularly prized for making stock.
  • If you cant get your hands on any marrow bones, 1-2 whole roasted chicken carcasses will also work. Keep in mind, however, that your broth will contain less collagen.

What bones did I use in this recipe? For this Instant Pot Bone Broth recipe, I added a mix of collagen-rich beef bones as well as chicken feet. If youre unsure at all, ask your local butcher for the best broth bones and then request that he or she cut them in half.

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How To Make Bone Broth: Photo Tutorial

If youve just made the Instant Pot Whole Chicken recipe, then place the bones, skin, cartilage, and other bits from the chicken along with any innards that may have come with your chicken into the Instant Pot. You should still have a few cups of cooking liquid and herbs left in the pot from cooking the chicken.

If you havent made the Instant Pot Whole Chicken and youre just starting with bones , place those in the bottom of the Instant Pot. No need to thaw them, just put them in there.

To the pot, add the vegetables, aromatics , bay leaf, any herbs you want to use we use sage, rosemary, thyme, and parsley if we have it on hand then a glug of apple cider vinegar and a few peppercorns.

Dont worry, theres a full recipe coming so youll know exactly how much we add of each thing. Though you can totally wing it and use what you have and it will still be fabulous.

Then cover everything with water , lock the lid in place, and cook for 120 minutes on high pressure.

Once the timer sounds, allow 20-30 minutes for the pressure inside the pot to naturally release before flipping the vent valve to Venting to release any residual pressure.

Is Beef Broth And Stock The Same

While beef broth and beef stock are made the same way, there is a slight difference. Beef broth can be made with either beef bones and meat or just the meat. Beef broth also includes vegetables and seasonings. When the beef broth is done, it is strained through cheesecloth to create a clear broth that doesnt gel together when cooled. Beef stock is made with the beef bones and vegetables as well but it doesnt usually include seasoning. It is also not usually strained when it is done.

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How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Broth

While chicken broth in the Instant Pot is much faster and easier to make than a long slow cook on the stovetop, it still takes a bit of time. You should set aside an hour or so to cook the broth, and at least an equal amount of time to cool it and transfer to containers.

  • Add the Ingredients to the Instant Pot. In the bottom of the Instant Pots inner pot, place the chicken, carrots, celery, onion, bay leaves, thyme, salt, and pepper. Gently pour in the water, until the chicken is submerged. Be careful not to go over the max fill line on the IP. You may have to adjust the amount of water, depending on how big the chicken is.
  • Pressure Cook on High. With all of the ingredients in place,cover the Instant Pot and lock the lid in place. Set the valve to sealed, and pressure cook on high for about 45 minutes. Once the time is up, do a quick release of the pressure. When the pressure is fully released, take the lid off the pot and allow the chicken broth to cool. You may want to place a tea towel over the pot to keep the broth covered while it cools.
  • Strain the Broth. When the broth is cool, take a large spoon and skim any fat off the top. Remove the chicken , any large bones, and any large vegetable pieces. Then place a large bowl on the counter, with a strainer or cheesecloth over the bowl. Gently pour the broth into the strainer, to remove any remaining bones or vegetables.
  • Canned Vs Homemade Chicken Stock

    How to Make Bone Broth in Instant Pot (FAST BONE BROTH)

    We love canned stock for convenience and quick meals. But whenever were making a dish in which the broth really shines, like chicken noodle or another clear soup, the stock you use is so important. Thats when we always choose homemade chicken stock.

    And if youre looking for an even faster shortcut than pressure cooker chicken stock, our Electric Pressure Cooking Cookbook features a superfast recipe that starts with rotisserie chicken.

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    The Best Instant Pot Bone Broth Recipe

    Instant Pot bone broth! You guys, finally. Finally! Its here. After so many comments and requests wondering how to make this stove-top bone broth recipe in the Instant Pot, its here!

    Just like my stovetop version, this Instant Pot bone broth recipe is wiggly giggly gelatin gold cooked and ready to enjoy in less than 4 hours!

    Some things you should know before diving headfirst into making this recipe:

  • First, and most importantly, read this post. Or, at the very least, the key points. Ive spent many hours testing and researching bone broth so that I may share all that I learn with all of you.
  • Youll need an Instant Pot . After all, we are pressure cooking bone broth, right? Anyway, I made this recipe in my 6-quart Instant Pot, but use your 8-quart pot if you have one. Better yet, have two Instant Pots? Double the recipe .
  • Blanching and browning the bones is completely optionalthough highly recommended. Read more about why I always blanch and brown my bones below.
  • Keto Bone Broth For Breakfast

    Maybe this is something, you have never heard, but it is more and more popular to have a lovely cup of bone broth first thing in the morning. This helps you to start your day healthy and gives you so much needed nutrition throughout the day.

    I love my cup of broth in a coffee cup for example. Worth trying.

    Not to forget, I love my soup spicy, so every time I warm up the broth in my cup, I always add a few dry pieces of Capsicum paprika. Thats all I need to freshen up in the morning. And as we all know anything spicy helps with your metabolism to work faster and brings us to our goal of losing weight much closer than expected.

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    What Is The Difference Between Chicken Stock And Chicken Broth

    Both chicken stock and chicken broth are made by simmering chicken parts in water with other flavorful ingredients. Chicken stock tends to be richer, which comes from cooking the broth with more bones and connective tissues . Since the bones and connective tissue have a lot more collagen than chicken broth, chicken stock will sometimes be a gel when chilled instead of liquid. They can usually be used interchangeably in recipes, but chicken stock will give you a lot more flavor.

    The Best Instant Pot Bone Broth + Video

    How to Make Bone Broth in an Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Better Than Botox Bone Broth is full of natural collagen! Make chicken, pork or beef stock using kitchen scraps and your electric pressure cooker.

    I talked in this post about how youll almost always find a mysterious bag of bones in my freezer. Theres also probably some onion peels, carrot nubs, parsley ends and celery leaves in there its my bag of bone broth making goodies.

    All that stuff that youd typically throw away in the garbage is perfect for making bone broth, or stock as its otherwise known.

    I also use this technique for my homemade seafood stock recipe.

    So, whenever Im chopping up some veggies for dinner, Ill pull out that ziploc freezer bag and just load those peels, ends and leaves in there. And, when Im making something like this Easy Roasted Chicken or these Short Ribs, those bones will find their way in there too.

    When the bag is full, I just empty it into my Instant Pot, add a good glug of apple cider vinegar and add water to 1-inch below the fill line. Then, I just set it to cook on high pressure for 120 minutes.

    Once the 2 hours is up, I let the pressure release naturally and voila! Strain the broth and discard the bones and veggies and youre left with the most beautiful, golden broth!

    I also love to doctor it up with a bit of white miso paste and a squeeze of ginger from those little tubes that you find in the refrigerated sections at stores like Trader Joes.

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    What Are The Health Benefits

    Simmering the bones helps release the dense nutrients from the marrow and the bones themselves, which are rich in vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.

    If you use the right bones, they can be filled with collagen, the main component of connective tissue, that helps keep many parts of your body healthy, including bones, skin and organs. Its this coveted property that has made bone broth a bit of a phenomenon as of late.

    The result of this recipe is a flavorful, nutritious broth that is a great addition to soups and stews, or a tasty warm drink, all on its own.

    How To Store And Freeze Chicken Stock

    I like to funnel my cooled stock into jars and store it in the refrigerator for up to a week. The stock is often good for another week after that, but if thats the case, I recommend boiling it before using it. That tends to give it a fresher taste.

    To always have stock on hand, freeze it for up to one year.

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    How To Achieve The Jelly Texture In Bone Broth

    To get the most collagen from the bones itself and to achieve the best gelatinous texture and rich taste, it is great if you saute your bones before switching it into a soup mode. Also, less water you add, more gelatine you will get from the bones.

    So in general more bones and cover it with water just so the bones are covered. Plus do not forget to sautee them beforehand.

    Chicken Bone Broth Vs Chicken Stock

    How to Make Chicken Broth in an Instant Pot

    In this recipe I give you the cook times needed to make chicken bone broth or chicken stock. If youre wondering what the difference is between bone broth, chicken stock and chicken broth, the main difference is in how long they cook. Bone broth has the longest cook time, which extracts the most nutrients from the bones.

    • Bone broth is made with bones and sometimes meat, vegetables and aromatics. It is cooked for a long time to extract more nutrients from the bones, and has the highest gelatin content. Bone broth is often thicker than stock.
    • Chicken stock is made with bones, vegetables and aromatics. The cook time is shorter than the cook time for bone broth. Chicken stock has a richer flavor than chicken broth.
    • Chicken broth is made from meat, vegetables and aromatics. It has a shorter cook time than both stock and bone broth.

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    How To Make Bone Broth In An Instant Pot

    Learn how to make bone broth in an Instant Pot for the best bone broth ever! Its easier, faster, and tastier than any other way Ive made it.

    Ive written two posts about the Benefits of bone broth and here are the links to those posts. They explain why I drink bone broth and what the health benefits are.

    Instant Pot Chicken Stock Tips

    1. Issues with Freezing in Glass Jars

    Weve used different mason jars in the past to freeze our stock. Its heartbreaking to see many of them cracked in the freezer. As the water in the stock expands when it freezes, itll crack the glass.

    People have tried different methods to prevent cracking such as avoid overfill, pre-cool in the fridge before freezing, cap loosely, and use wide-mouth straight jars. Were just gonna stick to our silicone molds.

    2. Tips for Richer, Thicker, and Darker Stock:

    • Use a minimum of 1 pound to 1 quart/liter ratio of chicken and water. Weve tested using 1½ pound of chicken carcasses with 10 cups of water before and there was a huge difference in taste.
    • Add chicken feet for extra gelatin!
    • Dice your veggies instead of roughly chopping them will make a difference in taste
    • Roast your vegetables and chicken carcasses for richer taste and color
    • You dont need to add salt to your stock

    3. Make Jello-like Gelatinous Stock

    The easiest way to make jello-like stock is to use bones with lots of collagen-like drumsticks, wings, and feet.

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    Instant Pot Turkey Bone Broth

    Published: by Mike Vrobel · This post may contain affiliate links ·

    Instant Pot Turkey Bone Broth . What do I do with this leftover turkey carcass? Stock up! Its time to make a big batch of turkey broth.

    Here’s another basic technique recipe, leftover from Thanksgiving. Which is appropriate, because I’m using up Thanksgiving leftovers.

    Years ago, food writer Michael Ruhlman told me Thanksgiving is THE best time to make stock. Hes absolutely right. When else am I going to have a turkey’s worth of leftover roasted bones? Broth is culinary magic – liquid gold from nothing but scraps – and it freezes beautifully. I dont feel like Im ready for the holidays unless I have a freezer full of 2-cup containers of frozen broth.

    Turkey broth works in a 6-quart Instant Pot, but the carcass has to be broken up a lot to make it fit. An 8-Quart Instant Pot makes it easier to fit the carcass, and has extra room below the max fill line, so I can make more broth. And – last minute update – my new top pot for broth is the massive 10-Quart Instant Pot. It is wide enough that I can drop the whole turkey carcass in the pot – no breaking of backbones necessary.

    Why Is Homemade Better

    How to Make Bone Broth in an Instant Pot®
    • More Flavorful. The instant pot really develops the flavors in stock, making it much richer than store-bought stock.
    • Economical. Using my frugal tip for using vegetable scraps to make this stock, it can be made essentially for free! Quality stock, it is at least $2.50 for 4 cups. Considering I use stock several times a week if I purchased stock from solely from the store, I would quickly spend a small fortune.
    • Quality Control. By making stock or bone broth at home, you know exactly what goes into your stock! No yeast extract, no msg, no caramel color, no gluten. Plus you can control the amount of sodium.

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