How To Cook Corned Beef In The Instant Pot

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How to Make Corned Beef in an Instant Pot

If you dont have an instant pot there are other ways you can cook this corned beef.

  • SLOW COOKER INSTRUCTIONS Cook the corned beef in a slow cooker on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4-6 hours.
  • STOVE TOP INSTRUCTIONS Bring mixture to a low simmer on the stove top and cook for 50 minutes per pound.

What To Serve With Corned Beef:

  • Cabbage and Potatoes: are a classic side dish and you can cook them in the remaining cooking liquid in your Instant Pot right after your beef is finished or on the stovetop.;

Cook Time: Additional Time: Total Time:

How to Cook Corned Beef in the Instant Pot in just over 2 hours! Delicious, fast and fall-apart tender.

  • 3 pound Trader Joe’s Uncured Corned Beef Brisket
  • 1 large yellow onion

Let’s Make Corned Beef

The results of my Instant Pot cooked corned beef were perfect. I was able to cook the beef in less time than I normally would in a pot or slow cooker and I was still able to achieve tender beef that I could slice. I do believe that corned beef is Instant Pot worthy and you should give it a try this year.

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Do You Put Corned Beef Fat Side Up Or Down

Corned beef brisket is not a delicate meat, so almost any method of cooking will give you a tender and juicy result. The best way to decide how to cook yours is to go by the cooking method. Briskets cooked in liquid should be fat side up and those cooked directly on the heat source should be fat side down.

Pressure Cooker Corned Beef

Instant Pot Corned Beef

I am not Irish, but as a trained chef I can cook a good recipe from Ireland, too and fast!

Personally, I found that Corned Beef and Cabbage in the Instant Pot is my preferred way to cook the classic without messing up the flavors.

This process is not only quicker but the meat comes out tender and more flavorful than when boiled on the stovetop or in the slow cooker, which are two popular cooking methods.

Although I used an electric pressure cooker, you may use a manual one if you want. Just cook the recipe over high heat and time it.;

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How To Cook Corned Beef In The Instant Pot

Corned beef is always a staple in our house for St. Patricks Day! One of our favorite ways to make it is in the instant pot. It comes out so juicy and perfect every time!

The vegetables will be cooked second, not in the same one as the meat.

Make sure to dip your corned beef into horseradish cream sauce on the side!

This deliciously seasoned roast is made in the Instant Pot for a quick meal. Seasoned with spices, beer, ginger ale and Worcestershire sauce and served with vegetables.;;

What do I need to get started?

How do I store leftovers?

  • Place leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
  • Leftovers may also be frozen for up to 2 months.

Should I Put Beer In My Corned Beef

Using a Guinness or Irish stout instead o water drastically increases both the taste and the texture of this corning beef dish. This recipe will cook in less than an hour, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor and complexity of corried beef while it cooks. You can also enjoy this recipe using a traditional corncob recipe, which is much easier to make. If you are looking for something easy to follow, try this simple, yet delicious cornced beef recipes. Serve this dish with mashed potatoes or rice, or even a side salad.

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What You Need To Make Corned Beef

Now is the time to buy corned beef! I like to buy more than one and stick one in my freezer for later in the year when I get the craving. Corned beef is a favorite.

  • Onion: Roughly chopped
  • Water: Needed to create the pressure.
  • Pickling Spice: Many corned beef come with the spices in a packet included.
  • Carrots: Use regular carrots and not baby carrots for best flavor.
  • Baby Potatoes: Red or yellow potatoes work well.
  • Cabbage: Roughly; chopped.

The Best Corned Beef Recipe

How to Make the Best Corned Beef and Cabbage in the Instant Pot

So I came up with this recipe on the fly as an attempt to use up stuff in my freezer and fridge! I happened to have a cabbage that I needed to do something with before it went bad.

Whenever I think of cabbage I think of corned beef!; I also happened to have a corned beef brisket from Spring in the freezer, as well as a bag of frozen pearl onions that I really needed to cook! Voila!

From there a recipe was createdI LOVE trying to make up recipes from things that need to be eaten up or theyll be wasted! Its like a game.

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Faqs For Corned Beef In The Instant Pot

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for my Corned Beef and Cabbage Instant Pot Recipe.

How many people does this corned beef recipe feed?

A 2.5 pound corned beef will feed roughly 4 adults. If you would like leftovers double the amount of corned beef as it tends to shrink when you cook it!

Should corned beef be rinsed off before cooking?

No you dont need to rinse the corned beef off before cooking. In fact, I pour the pickling juices right into the pot to give it additional flavor.

Do you put corned beef fat side up or down?

Whenever you cook a corned beef brisket in liquid you want to cook it fat side up. This will help keep the meat moist and full of flavor.

How long do you steam cabbage in an instant pot?

I like to cook the meat first, then the vegetables. I have found that all you need is 2-3 minutes on high pressure to steam the cabbage, potatoes, and carrots! Thats it.

What vegetables do you cook with corned beef

For this recipe in the Instant Pot I used baby potatoes and baby carrots. I found by not using larger potatoes and carrots it cut down on the prep time .Its all a preference and to me a big time saver to use the smaller no-prep version. I just had to rinse and place them in the Instant Pot. I didnt need to peel and chop. It cut down about 10 minutes of time, and with two little ones to run after Im all about quick prep!Here are the vegetables I like to cook with my corned beef.-CarrotsGarlic

How To Make It

So how do you actually make this? Well I looked at other recipes online and people are cooking it for 75 minutes to up to 90 minutes in the pressure cooker. I said to myself this cant be right. Surely it can cook faster than that.

Well, let me tell you. It can. First time I cooked it at 70 minutes and it was definitely falling apart as I was taking it out of my instant pot.

The second time I made it I cooked it at 65 minutes. It wasnt falling apart but it did shred pretty easily, which is what I wanted.

Could you cook it at 60 minutes? Absolutely because it was already way above the recommended cooking temperature at 65 minutes.;

If you want it falling to pieces then definitely cook it long, there is no harm in that!

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Can This Recipe Be Made In A Slow Cooker

UPDATE: Ive gotten an few questions about making this recipe in a slow cooker and Im happy to say that it is absolutely possible and very easy.;

To make this corned beef brisket in a slow cooker, spread cut onion and garlic cloves in the bottom of a Crock Pot .

Place flat cut brisket on top of the onions, fat cap up, and add seasoning mix.;

Pour in beef stock and make sure that it just covers the brisket. ;

Close the lid and let it slow cook on low for 6-8 hours. Note: brisket is a tougher cut of meat to its best if its cooked on low for longer period of time.

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Instant Pot Corned Beef

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Happy St Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day just isnt the same without some good old Corned Beef & Cabbage.

But what exactly is Corned Beef? Beef with corns?

Corned Beef is essentially brine-cured beef.

Since the original salt used to cure the beef was so large that it resembles a kernel of corn, hence the name Corned Beef.

Corned Beef was;popular back in the Times of World Wars, when preserving meat was essential.

Though Corned Beef has Irish roots, its popularity was mostly brought about;by Irish expats in America as they consume it to remember their homeland.

What You Need To Know About Making Instant Pot Corned Beef

For this post I want to address those that are buying prepackaged corned beef. For those that aren’t going trough the process of brining their own, which is probably most people.

If you are interested in that I do have a technique to Quickly Brine Corned Beef using an unseasoned flat cut beef brisket.

When it comes to making corned beef in the Instant Pot one of the key thing is that I don’t want to cook the beef to the point where it falls to pieces. Normally meat falling to pieces is the goal. When you want to do pork for pulled pork you want to be able to shred it. Bit with corned beef I want to slice it and have it maintain it’s integrity, especially for sandwich making! Let’s be honest most people make corned beef for the leftover sandwiches or for corned beef hash.

You want to find that perfect cook time that will make the meat tender enough without falling apart. I used about a 4 pound flat cut corned beef brisket that I got from Costco. 1 Hour and 25 minutes was the perfect amount of time to cook it so that both my goals – tender and slice-able were achieved.

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Instant Pot Corned Beef And Cabbage Easy Corned Beef And Cabbage Instant Pot Recipe

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What Is Corned Beef Made Of

Instant Pot Corned Beef Brisket Recipes | DADS THAT COOK

This cut of meat is a beef brisket that soaks in brine and then cures with salt and seasonings. Corned beef gets its distinctive pink color from sodium nitrate which is an ingredient in the curing process. This is a tough cut of meat, so its always best to cook corned beef for a long period of time so that it becomes tender. Typical cooking methods include boiling, slow cooking or oven roasting the meat, as well as using an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker.

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How Do You Defrost Corned Beef Quickly

Melting it in the microwave. The microwave is not only a way to thaw beef quickly, it is THE quickest way. Its so quick that it needs to be watched carefully so that it doesnt do more than thaw your beef. Microwave thawing is notorious for yielding partially cooked exteriors with still frozen interior.

How To Serve Instant Pot Corned Beef

Once the corned beef is out of the Instant Pot, I prefer to put it in a plate with a little bit of the saved cooking juices and cover with foil to help keep the meat juicy and hot.;After youre ready to serve, slice the brisket against the grain to slices that are 1/4-inch to 1/8. ;;

If you have a substantial fat cap on your corned beef, you should trim it off or eliminate it totally before slicing it. Of course, this is totally according to your personal preference. I prefer to serve the brisket with just a bit of fat on my beef. While serving, spoon a bit of the strained cooked juices on the sliced corned beef on the plate. And serve your visitors with mustard on the side. Also, you can sprinkle the veggies with the fresh parsley for a bit of freshness and color, and occasionally, treat them with a light drizzle of melted butter.

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Instant Pot Corned Beef

Corned beef is a traditional Irish recipe slow cooked until the meat is tender. Corned beef is normally a salt cured piece of inexpensive brisket meat.

The spices on the beef consist of course salt which helped coin the name corned beef since the resembled corns. It is served with cabbage, potatoes and carrots.

This version takes the cook time and cuts it down to 90 minutes and some change. All the other regular aspects of this Instant Pot corned beef recipe are the same.

Tips For Serving Your Crock Pot Corned Beef Or Instant Pot Corned Beef

Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe
  • Add your baby or chopped carrots, potatoes and onion to the bottom of the Crock Pot
  • Pour your broth and water over the vegetables
  • Place the corned beef right on top of the vegetables
  • Pour your beer over the corned beef and vegetables
  • Spread the included spices evently over the corned beef
  • Put the lid on and cook high for 7 hours
  • After your Crock Pot corned beef has cooked 7 hours youll add your cabbage and cook for another 30 60 minutes, depending on how tender you want your cabbage
  • Remove the beef and let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing so it will remain tender.
  • Serve your sliced Crock Pot corned beef with a spoonful or more of the vegetables. Consider having a grainy mustard as a condiment.
  • I like to offer a tradional Irish Soda Bread as well.
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    Do You Cook Corned Beef Fat Side Up Or Fat Side Down

    The best method to determine how much time it will take to remove a piece of cobs is by using the measuring tool. Measure the distance between the tip of your measuring stick and the end of my corndog. If I am going to put the corn in my mouth, I want to make sure I have enough room to swallow. I dont want the cobb to be too far away from me when Im eating it. So I need to measure the length of this piece. Then I can calculate how far it needs to move before I start chewing. This is called the distance of course. To do this, you need a measuring tape. You can get one at any hardware store. But youll need something that measures the size of pieces. A ruler works well.

    Ingredients For Cooking Corned Beef:

    You can use a corned beef brisket with dry seasoning packet for this recipe or you can use Trader Joe’s Uncured Corned Beef Brisket which comes packaged in a seasoning brine in the refrigerated meat section. I kid you not, this is the best corned beef and it’s super flavorful. Here’s what you need…

    • Corned Beef Brisket – either in seasoning brine or with a dry seasoning packet.
    • Onion– because the more flavor the better!
    • Water – simple enough.

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    Corned Beef And Cabbage

    This Irish holiday is a favorite at our house. Along with everything being turned green , we get to eat this delectable dish! Corned Beef and cabbage is a must for St. Patricks Day festivities. Cooking it in the instant pot guarantees tender moist beef and perfectly cooked cabbage and potatoes.Adding the carrots gives it texture, color and flavor. It is the easiest and most delicious way to eat this Irish traditional meal.

    Cooking the corned beef and cabbage in the instant pot is a hands off approach that will save you time and stress. If this is your first time cooking it, then the instant pot is the way to go. It will come out perfect and tender! Cook the vegetables separate from the beef so that they dont get over cooked. This will be a meal that will wow your family! It is so good you may want to make it more than just once a year, which you probably should anyway!

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