How To Clean Instant Pot With Vinegar

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Cleaning The Lid And Its Parts


Oils, aromatic seasonings, fats and liquids tend to settle into the Instant Pot’s seals and gaskets. Here’s a checklist for keeping it clean:

  • Check the steam release valve and red float valve. You’ll want to make sure they’re both free and clear of any food deposits or debris.
  • Remove the anti-block shield, a silicone nub that covers the float valve from the inside. With the shield off, you can get a better look at the float valve to confirm any blocks or clogs. It’s a small part, so take care not to misplace or lose it.
  • Remove the silicone sealing ring. This part easily picks up strong odors. One method to rid it of any unwanted smells is to wash it separately in the dishwasher. Make sure to select a high-temperature cycle such as sanitize. The combination of high heat and detergent should remove most of the unpleasant odors present.

The silicone ring found in the Instant Pot’s lid tends to attract odors quickly.

Why Would You Want One

With an Instant Pot, you dont have to remember to defrost meat before making dinner. Thats right: you can put frozen chicken, roasts, or chops straight into the pot, add some liquids, turn it on and go do something else. Within 30-40 minutes youre sitting down to dinner!

Meat isnt the only thing it cooks, though. Add pasta, sauce, and a bit of water and go do something else. After 5-8 minutes at full pressure, your dinner is ready and perfectly cooked: all you need to do is stir.

Its brilliant at making tender, perfectly cooked rice, beans, and legumes, too.

Its so versatile that I use mine every single day. But, because it gets so much use, Id only had it for a few days before starting to wonder how to clean an Instant Pot. Well, heres how.

Thoroughly Clean All Lid Components

There are a number of lid components that require cleaning. When everything is clean and dry, reassemble the lid.

  • Remove the silicone sealing ring and wash it in hot, soapy water, if needed. Inspect it carefully for cracks and replace it if necessary.
  • Remove the anti-block shield on the inside of the lid by pushing one side toward the outer edge of the pot lid firmly with your thumb. It should pop right out. Wash the shield with hot, soapy water, then rinse and dry it thoroughly.
  • Remove the steam release valve and check it for any food particles clogging the vents. Wash with hot, soapy water and use a nylon-bristled brush to remove any stubborn food. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  • If your model has a condensation cup, pop it off, and wash it in hot, soapy water.
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    Deep Clean Instant Pot

    Every few weeks, or sooner depending on usage, the Instant Pot will need a deeper clean than the every day method.

    Lets start with this extremely dirty lid of mine. I cooked pasta in the Instant Pot and upon quick release, a bunch of starchy water started spitting out of the venting knob. It definitely needed a deep clean after this happened.

    Ew, so gross and dirty!

    And filthy on the bottom of the lid too.

    How To Clean An Instant Pot Exterior

    How to Clean Instant Pot 101

    Cleaning the exterior of your Instant Pot is easy if you do it after each use. Because the housing includes the cord, the control panel, and the heating element, you should never submerge the unit in water.

    Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the exterior, then dry it to a shine with a soft cloth . If you notice food residue around the outside rim, use a soft toothbrush to loosen it before wiping the exterior.

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    Using Vinegar On Flowerpots

    Ceramic and plastic pots are relatively easy to clean with dish soap, hot water, and a scrubber or old toothbrush, but terracotta pots with layers of crusty residue can be a challenge. Unfortunately, its common for terracotta containers to develop a very noticeable layer of unsightly mineral and salt deposits.

    Although you can probably remove the crud with strong cleaning products and elbow grease, using vinegar to clean pots is an effective, environmentally friendly alternative to toxic chemicals. Your pots will look better and cleaning with vinegar will remove bacteria hiding on surfaces.

    Instant Pot Cleaning Guide Summary

    Dishwasher Safe Parts: Instant Pot Liner , Instant Pot Sealing Ring, Trivet

    • Exterior: Never immerse the exterior housing in water or any other liquid
    • Rim: Clean the rim with a foam brush
    • Inner Pot: Remove the rainbow stains with White Vinegar or Bar Keepers Friend
    • Lid: Wash lid with warm soapy water
    • Instant Pot Parts: Periodically rinse the Anti-Block Shield, Steam Release Valve, Condensation Collector if necessary
    • Silicone Sealing Ring: Remove odors with White Vinegar or get an extra pair of Silicone Sealing Ring

    Instant Pot Cleaning was easy, wasnt it?

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    What About Baking Soda In My Instant Pot

    As with dish soap, baking soda is best avoided when cleaning your Instant Pot under pressureespecially if you mix the baking soda with vinegar! Just like with the dish soap, baking soda creates a foamy mixture under pressure, that upon quick release, may only serve to clog your sealing valve, rather than clean it.

    Other Instant Pot Parts To Clean:

    How To Clean The Instant Pot Liner

    The condensation keeper hangs on the back of your pot and should be emptied and hand washed from time to time if you notice it filling with liquid.

    The anti-block shield on the lid next to the pressure float valve needs to be cleaned often. I clean this every month or so, but if you have a meal that spurts out of your sealing valve like pasta or soup, this should be cleaned after.

    To remove the anti block shield, push the shield towards the lid edge and lift it up. It should pop right out or you can use a butterknife to gently pry it up.

    Wash it with warm water, rinse, and wipe dry. Put it back into place once everything is dry and give it a little push to pop it back into place.

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    Cleaning The Sealing Ring Of The Instant Pot

    You might have heard of or experienced first hand about the food smell lingering in the sealing ring. The good news is that it can be cleaned. The sealing ring is dishwasher safe . However I usually prefer to wash it by hand.

    Getting the odor out of the sealing ring of the Instant Pot

    White Vinegar works like a charm here too. Just soak the sealing ring in a vinegar + water mixture overnight and rinse it in the morning.

    Another thing I have done is to have two sealing rings, one for sweet and other for savory foods. Instant Pot sells a set of red and blue sealing rings, so you can easily distinguish the one you use for sweet v/s savory dishes.

    Another option to clean the sealing ring is to add 2 cups of white vinegar and some lemon juice to the instant pot liner, and running the Steam function for 2 minutes. Then remove the vinegar and rinse the liner and sealing ring. Let the sealing ring air dry. Some people have liked to show some sunlight to their sealing ring, which also helps to remove the odor.

    A recommendation from me is to keep the lid open when you are not cooking, by attaching it to the side of the instant pot handles. See picture. This helps to reduce the odors in the ring as it is not closed and can get some air. Of course, this only applies if you have the space to keep the instant pot on the counter.

    Have A Closer Look At The Sealing Ring

    The sealing ring is of crucial importance to any Instant Pot, so make sure it is clean and in perfect shape. This means inspecting it for cracks, deformations, or checking if it fits just right back in its place.

    If you find any problems, its best to replace it as soon as possible. Replacement rings are not expensive and they are easily available.

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    Deodorizing The Sealing Ring

    If your sealing ring has taken on any funky food smells, you can deodorize it by doing a vinegar steam clean right in your Instant Pot. Fill the inner pot with 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar, and a few lemon peels. Run the Instant Pot on the Steam setting for 2 minutes, then let the pressure release naturally. When the Instant Pot unlocks, remove the sealing ring from the lid and let it air dry.

    The vinegar and lemon oils will help steam away the odors that get trapped in the silicone ring. This helps to keep odors from transferring to other foods you cook in the future!

    By following these cleaning tips, you can help ensure that your Instant Pot lives a long and productive life! 🙂 If youre interested in learning more about the Instant Pot, be sure to check out my eBook Everything Instant Pot! You can buy it in my shop, or download it for free if youre an OGT Plus member!

    I may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. I always offer my own genuine recommendation.

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    Putting Together The Effort:

    Clean instant pot with vinegar

    Now, you can breathe for a while. Your task is almost done. All of the parts of your instant pot are cleaned, dried, and all ready for getting assembled.

    Use a manual or a YouTube tutorial video if you have not done this part before. But If you have been through this, then it is probably the easiest part. Just make sure you put in the sealing ring properly, check that you have all of the parts you unassembled. Put all of them together in the same orientation as before check if your instant pot is still working by boiling some water in it and rechecking for the electric wire and plug to avoid any future electric shocks.

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    How To Clean An Instant Pot Multicooker

    Watch our video to see a step-by-step guide or follow the tips below.

    How to Clean an Instant Pot Inner Pot

    Taste of Home

    The inner pot is made of stainless steel, so you can wash it in warm, soapy water or throw it in the dishwasher. Since the food touches the pot directly, youll definitely need to wash it every single time. Here are 7 must-make recipes for your Instant Pot.

    How to Clean an Instant Pot Steam Rack

    Since the steam rack sits in the inner pot and makes direct contact with the food, youll need to wash this after every use, too. If you have room in the dishwasher, you can put it in there. Otherwise, handwash and dry completely.

    How to Clean an Instant Pot Steam Release Valve and Float Valve

    Instapot Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

    Its important to wipe off food particles that get on these valves. You dont want anything blocking themthat would only hinder your future Instant Pot endeavors. Check out these new Instant Pot accessories youll definitely want to use!

    How to Clean an Instant Pot Anti-block Shield

    Taste of Home

    After every use, remove the shield from the lid. After handwashing it, wipe it with a soft cloth and dry completely. Make sure to secure it in place on the lid before using it again. Make sure you dont use your Instant Pot to make these 5 dishes.

    How to Clean an Instant Pot Sealing Ring

    Taste of Home

    How to Clean an Instant Pots Exterior

    Taste of Home

    How to Clean an Instant Pot Lid

    Taste of Home

    Tips For Keeping Your Instant Pot Clean

    If your Instant Pot gets a lot of use, try these tips to keep your Instant Pot clean and working at its best.

    • Dry the inner liner, the lid, and the smaller parts after every use.
    • Dry all parts thoroughly after cleaning to avoid rust and water stains.
    • Wipe down the exterior after each use, making sure to give the rim a good wipe-down.
    • Lightly coat the Instant Pot liner with vegetable oil before each use to keep food from sticking.
    • Always unplug your Instant Pot after each use, leaving it unplugged until youre ready to use it again. Keep the cord clean and dry.

    How often do you use your Instant Pot? Whats your favorite dish to make using it? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Clean Sanitize And Deodorize Your Instant Pot

    You will need:

    • Add water + vinegar + lemon to the pot.Lock on lid and turn pressure valve to SEALING.Choose STEAM function and set timer for 3 minutes.
    • When done allow natural release for 10 min, release remaining pressure if any is left, and open lid.Remove seal ring, rinse both lid and ring with water and let them dry completely.Remove the inner pot, rinse it and let it dry.Your pot is now deodorized and much fresher smelling, ready for your next cooking adventure!

    Did you know

    You can also wash the sealing ring on the top rack of your dishwasher, along with the inner pot which can go on the bottom rack.

    Also, that little condensation cup that you snapped on the back of your pot when you first got itit needs a wash once in a while, even if it seems empty and clean.

    And it goes without sayingbut Im saying it anyways

    The actual Instant Pot should never be submerged in water, just wipe the surfaces with a wet sponge or spot clean where necessary.

    For stuck or burnt food replace the vinegar and lemon with a tablespoon of baking soda and a small squirt of dish soap, then follow the method for deodorizing .

    Cleaning Burnt Pressure Cooker Pot

    Cleaning The Instant Pot Liner
    • Step 1: Add water, baking soda, and soap to the pot
    • Step 2: Pressure cook for 3 minutes let the pressure naturally release
    • Step 3: Give it a quick rinse you’re done!

    Now go burn something! Then you too can discover the utter joy of disgusting brown floaties in your pot! Good times are ahead!

    P.S. Don’t actually burn something on purpose cuz I don’t wanna be liable for that. I was just being my typical, dramatic, sarcastic self there okay? Okay! But if you happen to burn something, send me a before and after picture when you use this trick! It just never gets old!


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    Instant Pot Cleaning Takeaways

    All parts of the Instant Pot except the cooker base and the exterior housing are dishwasher safe. This includes the stainless steel inner pot, lid, sealing ring and steam rack. The cooker base must be kept dry, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth when necessary. The anti-block shield and condenser collector should be washed after each use and reinstalled.

    Follow these cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your Instant Pot looking great and working at peak efficiency for years. If you need more help around the house, whether its spring cleaning or kitchen scrubbing, The Maids is ready to clean.

    How Instant Pot Makes Life Easier

    The Instant Pot is so popular right now because its more than a pressure cooker. Its also a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker and warmer for about $70.

    The manufacturer claims the appliance prepares meals up to 70% faster than other methods.

    Ive been cooking with an Instant Pot for the last few months and it never leaves my counter. I use my oven, stove and microwave about 75% less than before this kitchen gadget came into my life.

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    Cleaning Inner Pot By Hand

    Cleaning the inner pot is just like cleaning any other dish in your home. A bit of Dawn dish soap and water is all you need.

  • Put the inner pot and rack in hot soapy water.

  • Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

  • Wipe it out with a cloth.

  • For hard water stains in the bottom of the pot, pour white vinegar in the bottom of the pot.

  • Allow it to sit for 5 minutes.

  • Wipeout with a cloth.

  • Rinse and dry.

  • Every Day Cleaning Instant Pot

    Produce Better Dishes with a Clean Instant Pot in 2020 ...

    Its recommended to clean the Instant Pot after each use.

    • Unplug the Instant Pot.
    • Wash the inner pot by hand with hot water and soap, or wash in the dishwasher.
    • Remove the silicone ring and either wash by hand using hot water and soap or place on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean.
    • Wash the under side of the Instant Pot lid and drain/shake any excess water.
    • Dry all parts.

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    How To Clean An Instant Pot Sealing Ring

    The sealing ring on the lid of your Instant Pot can collect food spatters, absorb odors, and hold moisture, leading to mold. To clean the Instant Pot silicone sealing ring, do the following:

    Step 1:Remove the Sealing Ring

    Remove the silicone ring around the underside of your Instant Pot lid.

    Step 2: Mix Soapy Water

    Plug your sink drain and fill it with enough warm, soapy water to fully cover the ring. Use mild dish soap to help keep the sealing ring from being exposed to harsh chemicals, which can cause it to crack or discolor.

    Step 3: Clean the Instant Pot Sealing Ring

    After letting the Instant Pot sealing ring soak for five minutes, lightly wipe it down with a soft sponge. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    Step 4: Dry the Silicone Ring

    Pat dry with a clean towel and place it back into the lid.

    Once a month, after regular cleaning of the sealing ring, wipe the ring with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Doing this will remove any lingering odors.

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