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How To Make Yogurt Without A Yogurt Button

Yogurt (curd/dahi) in Instant Pot

It is a bit harder to make yogurt without a yogurt button on a pressure cooker, but it is possible.

  • It is a bit harder, but it is possible.
  • Pour milk into the inner pot of pressure cooker.
  • Turn on the Sear/Saute function.
  • Heat milk to 180°F. Use a thermometer to check the temp often and be sure to stir very often so the milk does not scorch.
  • Once the milk reaches 180°F, turn off your pressure cooker.
  • Remove the inner pot and cool it to 108 degrees.
  • Once your milk has reached 108 stir starter yogurt and whisk until incorporated.
  • Put inner pot back in instant pot and place lid on the pressure cooker.
  • Wrap in a large towel, or two regular towels and incubate for at least 8 hours or 10 hours.

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Homemade Yogurt

You only need two ingredients:

  • A yogurt starter
  • The pasteurized dairy milk of your choice. Some sources say ultra-pasteurized milk wont work, but where I live, thats all I can get, and it works just fine for me. Reduced-fat milk makes a thinner yogurt than whole milk, but you can certainly use it. You can even make yogurt with half-and-half!
  • Some recipes call for adding nonfat dry milk to the regular milk before adding the starter. I used to do this, but Ive not found it to make a difference in the final product, so now I dont bother.

    You can technically make an entire gallon at a time in the Instant Pot, but for your first few attempts, its good to keep it manageable, minimizing any failures. Also, even in your trusty Instant Pot, the larger the volume of milk, the harder it is to keep the incubation temperature steady.

    • Can you use raw milk? You can use raw milk, but because it has its own microbial life already happening, your results might be inconsistent .
    • Can you use non-dairy yogurt? Yes, but the process isnt quite the same. Heres a rundown on using soy milk, and one on coconut milk. People report having the most success with those.
    • What about goat or sheeps milk? Those will work just as well as cows milk, though the texture and flavor won’t quite the same as cows milk yogurt. Goat milk yogurt is tangy and goaty, with a looser body sheeps milk is rich and intense.

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    How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt Without The Yogurt Function

    I get asked often how to make yogurt without the Instant Pot yogurt function. First might I suggest, GET AN INSTANT POT WITH A YOGURT FUNCTION! With all the money you save making your own yogurt, you’ll pay for that new pot. If that’s not an option for you, check out this post, How to Make Pressure Cooker Yogurt When You Don’t Have a Yogurt Button.

    How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt In 5 Steps:

    Instant Pot Lemon Curd
  • Heat Milk to 180°F 200°F
  • Cool Milk to 105°F 114°F
  • Add Yogurt Starter to Milk
  • Wait for Yogurt to set
  • Plain Yogurt is done refrigerate and strain if desired
  • Sounds easy right?

    Yogurt starters can make or break your yogurt making game.

    So beware that not all yogurt works as yogurt starters!

    Its critical for you to check the ingredients list of the store-bought yogurt when youre shopping for a yogurt starter. It must have active bacterial cultures for it to work as the yogurt starter.

    A live culture usually contains at least 2 types of bacteria .

    *Pro Tip: The homemade yogurts consistency and taste will change depending on the type of bacteria cultures in the yogurt starter. Sometimes, it does make a big difference! So, choose the brand you like best for the most consistent result.

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    Will Lemon Curd Thicken As It Cools

    Yes definitely. In fact, that is one of the major and important points to note which is to chill it in the refrigerator which thickens it further.

    When you are making the stove-top version, you need to whisk it continuously, keep a tab on your gas flame, do the finger test and also keep counting to get that perfect lemon curd which sometimes does not behave like you want to..

    Lol.. I meant even after utmost care sometimes you will end up with scrambled eggs or sometimes the curd just won’t thicken.

    What Can Go Wrong When Making Yogurt

    1. The yogurt does not set and is runny.

    • You perhaps added too much starter, which crowds the bacteria. In the case of starter, more is not better. Two tablespoons is enough to culture half a gallon of milk.
    • You may not have incubated the yogurt long enough. Keep at it, checking every hour or so.

    You may have added the starter before allowing the just-boiled milk to correctly cool. Very hot milk can kill the cultures youre depending on. Let it come down to under 120°F and above 116°F.

    2. The finished yogurt is gritty or chunky.

    This can happen when you incubate the yogurt too long. Next time, check your yogurt every hour or so after the first 4 hours of incubation.

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    Why Lemon Curd Wont Thicken And How To Fix It

    This issue arises when the liquid measurement is off in the recipe.

    To avoid this or to fix the issue all you need to do is add an extra egg yolk to your mixture and follow the remaining steps.

    Yes by any reason if your lemon curd does not thicken then simply try adding an additional yolk to it. I have tried it personally.

    Well, some of you might be thinking that is too much technical stuff going on there.. Not really once you understand the basic diametric you would never go wrong in creating and trying recipes that you like.

    But if you wish it were simpler and you get perfect results each time, then my friend you need an INSTANT POT in your life.

    Instant Pot Lemon Curd

    How to make Lemon Curd in the Instant Pot.

    You are going to want to put this lemon curd on everything!

    Its so sweet and tangy and bright! I can feel spring approaching, and its making me think about all things lemon! I know lemons are a winter fruit but doesnt everyone mostly enjoy them during the warmer months? I mean, lemonade and summer basically go together, right?

    I have a stovetop lemon curd recipe already on the blog BUT if you have an Instant Pot, THIS is how youre going to want to make lemon curd from now on. It honestly couldnt be easier.

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    How To Make Greek Yogurt And Vanilla Yogurt

    Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

    • Prep: Line large mesh strainer with cheesecloth folded 4 times or single layer of coffee filters. Place on top of a bowl making sure there is enough space for draining the whey.
    • Strain for 4 hours: Add desired amount of yogurt, place in the fridge and strain for 4 hours.
    • Stir and enjoy: Greek style yogurt will be thicker along the walls. Just stir after adding to a jar. We love-love making my moms strawberry yogurt with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a healthier alternative.

    What Is Instant Pot Lime Curd

    If you know what lemon curd is, then this recipe will be very familiar to you as well.

    Fruit curd is a dessert spread and topping usually made with citrus fruit, such as lemon, lime, orange, or tangerine.

    Other flavor variations include passion fruit, mango, and berries such as raspberries, cranberries or blackberries.

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    Instant Pot Yogurt Starter

    I use fresh yogurt as starter . For your first batch of Instant Pot yogurt youll need to buy some natural, unsweetened yogurt from the store.

    You need to make sure the ingredient list includes active cultures. Sometimes they are listed with their actual names: lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus.

    Go with one you like the flavor of. I recommend thicker, full-fat Greek yogurt.

    After you have made your first batch of homemade yogurt, you can use that as starter for the next batch. Be sure to use it within 7 days though for the strongest most active cultures.

    I freeze a little bit of the fresh yogurt in ice cube trays to preserve the cultures for longer. According to Cultures for Health you can store starter yogurt frozen for 3-4 weeks, but it may lose some potency. So you may need to double the amount of starter to culture your batch of milk into yogurt.

    How To Make Greek Yogurt At Home

    How to make Lemon Curd in the Instant Pot

    If you prefer really thick Greek-style yogurt you need to strain some of the whey out of your homemade yogurt.

    You can use a Greek Yogurt Strainer made specifically for this purpose. But if you have a cheesecloth and strainer you are good to go. Thats the setup I use.

    Ladle the chilled homemade yogurt into a strainer that is lined with a cheesecloth and suspended over a large bowl. Take care not to scrape too much from the bottom of the inner pot. That way you may loosen bits of milk solids that have set down there during the scalding stage.

    Let the yogurt sit in this setup to strain until it reaches desired thickness in the fridge or on the counter is fine. I like mine best after about 2 of hours of straining.

    Now you are ready to transfer the Instant Pot Greek yogurt into storage containers to keep in the fridge until ready to use. Or move on to flavoring the yogurt.

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    How To Make Yogurt In The Instant Pot With 2 Ingredients

    • One of the nice things about making yogurt in the Instant Pot at home is that you dont need to worry about temperature regulation as it is made. And the steps are super simple to follow. Heres what you need to do.
    • Start by pouring the ultra pasteurized milk into the inner pot. Next, add in the starter, live culture, or fresh yogurt to the milk and whisk to combine.
    • Once it is combined, seal the lid on top and push the yogurt button. Next, set the time to 8 hours on Normal.
    • When the yogurt cycle is finished, carefully open the lid. The inside will have condensation, so be careful to not let much of it drip into the inner pot.
    • Next, place paper towels on the top of the inner pot. Remove the inner pot from the Instant Pot and place a lid or plate on top. Finally, place the inner pot in the fridge to chill for about 1 to 2 hours.
    • Remove from the fridge and scoop into bowls to serve, transfer to another container for storage, or use in your favorite recipe.

    What To Do With Leftover Lemon Curd And Cake Scraps

    Haha.. Definitely make lemon and blueberry Trifle.. This tasted so heavenly.

    Pretty basic recipe – Layers of soft and spongy eggless vanilla cake, softly whipped cream followed by instant pot lemon curd and blueberry compote is an explosion of flavours. The tart lemon curd and sweet blueberries are a perfect party or potluck dessert idea.

    Check the video in the recipe card for a detailed step by step recipe on how to layer these.

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    What Can You Use For Pot In Pot Cooking Method

    Pot in Pot cooking method is when you use another pot to put inside your Instant Pot. So, what materials can you use in Instant Pot?

    Technically, you can use any oven-safe material form inside Instant Pot. However, there are many discussions all over the internet where people say its unsafe.

    Jenie from Jenuine Home has an absolutely wonderfulCan Pyrex Go in Instant Pot article about safety of using Pyrex dishes in Instant Pot. I highly suggest you give it a read if you are worried about using glass inside Instant Pot.

    Here are the various dishes that I used in my Instant Pot with no issues over the past many months:

    Please use at your own discretion.

    A Eggs To Egg Yolks Ratio Test

    How to make Lemon Curd in the Instant Pot

    We tested the Lemon Curd Recipe using different Eggs & Egg Yolks Ratios to see the differences.

    Test #1 : 4 Large Eggs + 2 Large Egg Yolks

    Results: more creamy smooth, lighter texture and color

    Test #2 : 2 Large Eggs + 4 Large Egg Yolks

    Results: thicker texture, more intense yellow color

    This experiment showed us egg yolks are the key to control the lemon curds thickness. We personally prefer Test #1s creamy smooth lemon curd more. But if you prefer a thicker lemon curd, replace one large egg with one egg yolk.

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    Traditional Vs Instant Pot Method For Making Yogurt

    If you are wondering which method is better Instant Pot or Stovetop+Oven, I would say it is a matter of personal preference. For both methods, the setting time is the same and there is no difference in taste or texture of the yogurt to make us choose one over the other.

    I prefer making yogurt using the Instant Pot because I know when it gets really cold here in Chicago, it will still yield consistent results every time.

    How To Make Instant Pot In Jar Pot

    Another great way to make Instant Pot yogurt is right inside little portion sized jars. Its really super convenient.

    That way your Instant Pot isnt out of commission during the chilling period. And my daughter loves taking these little yogurt jars to her preschool even.

    I am using the glass jars that one of the good brands of yogurt here in Mexico came in. You can find something very similar here.

    You also can use little mason jars. To make sure they wont break in the process check that they are suitable for canning.

    There are also sets of plastic containers for sale just for the purpose of making yogurt in the Instant Pot. But I am not a fan of heating any kind of food in plastic heating plastic makes it leach into the food.

    The steps of making Instant Pot yogurt in jars are essentially the same, just a little differently executed.

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    How To Cook Lime Curd In The Instant Pot

    What I love about this method is the fact that you just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl then simply pour into your 1/2 pint glass Mason jars.

    Its super easy and theres no standing over the stove to stir!

    After you mix all the ingredients in a bowl, pour evenly into two half-pint jars.

    Next, you put the jar lids on as usualjust use the finger tight concept. That means you tighten the lid without holding on to the jar with your other hand.

    Pour one cup of water in the inner liner stainless steel pot and set trivet at the bottom of pot.

    Set your 2 little jars on top of trivet and close the lid.

    Make sure the pressure valve is set on sealing, not venting!

    Set timer manually to cook for 10 minutes.

    Let your Instant Pot naturally release pressure for 10 minutes then do a quick release .

    Places Where Curd Or Dahi Can Set Well

    Instant Pot Lemon Curd
    • Place the bowl of milk in the casserole or a thermocol box.
    • Wrap a warm cloth or woolen scarf to the bowl and keep inside the shelf.
    • Can place inside a big rice storage container.
    • You can also place in oven with the light bulb on. If you have a oven with settings to make yogurt. Turn it on and place it until set.

    UPDATE: Many readers have been asking on

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    How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt In 5 Simple Steps

    Over all the process of making yogurt at home is simple and straightforward, its just not quick.

  • Scald the milk . This kills harmful bacteria, destroys enzymes and denatures the proteins
  • Let cool
  • Add starter yogurt and
  • Chill the yogurt for at least 4 hours before using.
  • Enjoy!
  • Now lets get down into the more detailed instructions they are quite important to yogurt success:

    Stovetop Method To Make Yogurt

  • Clean the saucepan thoroughly to make sure there is no food residue.
  • Remove the yogurt starter and set it on the countertop so that it is not cold when you are adding it to the milk.
  • Boil milk In a saucepan, add whole milk and let it come to boil. Check the temperature to make sure it is close to 180°F. Turn off the gas and set the saucepan aside.
  • Cool milk Let the milk cool to below 115°F or 46°C. You can use a thermometer or a clean finger to get a feel for the temperature. When using your finger, the milk should be lukewarm to touch and not scorching hot.
  • Optional step Discard the thin film of milk floating on the top.
  • Add starter Take about ¼ cup of milk and add yogurt to it. Mix till it is well-combined. Add this mixture to the boiled milk and mix well.
  • Set yogurt Cover the saucepan and keep it in a warm place to set. In winter months, keep it in the oven with the light on. The yogurt should be ready in about 8 hours. You can also, boil the milk over the stovetop and set it using an Instant Pot.
  • Refrigerate the yogurt for at least a couple of hours or overnight. This will help set and solidify the yogurt.
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