How Long Do You Cook Chicken In The Instant Pot

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How To Achieve Crispy Skin

How to Cook a Whole Chicken in the Instant Pot – The Right Way!

When cooking whole chickens in the pressure cooker, the chicken skin will not have a chance to crisp up. For me, that is not a problem because I remove the skin before eating the chicken or use it in recipes that call for pre-cooked chicken. BUT if you would like crispy skin on this chicken, you can either opt to broil your chicken or use an air fryer lid to crisp up the skin.

  • Broiling Option: Cook the chicken as directed in your pressure cooker. After removing the chicken from your instant pot, transfer it to a baking sheet. Brush with oil and place under broiler for 2-4 minutes, watching closely as to not burn the chicken.
  • Air Fryer Lid Option: After pressure cooking, use an air fryer lid on your pressure cooker to crisp up the skin. Set to 400 degrees and air fry for 3-4 minutes or until the skin is crispy.

Does Cook Time Change If I Have A Smaller Or Larger Instant Pot

  • No matter which size model Instant Pot you have, the number of minutes you select on the Instant Pot remains the same.

The capacity of each Instant Pot and the amount of time the differently sized pots take to come to pressure will vary, but youll always set it for the same number of minutes, regardless of its size.

If you have a different brand other than Instant Pot and are wondering how long to cook chicken in a pressure cooker, the times listed above should still be accurate for other electric pressure cooker models.

How To Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts In The Instant Pot

This is the BEST way to cook frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot! It is so easy and they turn out so well, I almost never take the time to thaw chicken before cooking it. Add seasonings, sauces, broth, or just water, salt and pepper and the result is always amazing.

If youre wondering how to cook frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot or pressure cooker, youre in luck. Because youll never be stuck at 5:00 with nothing to make for dinner again!

Cooking frozen chicken has never been quicker, easier, or more delicious! The Instant Pot has definitely saved my butt a time or two

We are back on the Instant Pot bandwagon today with one of my favourites, although, again, Im not sure this actually qualifies as a recipe considering there are two ingredients and one is water or broth. But I promise you, if you learn how to cook frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot you may never go back!

I will be totally honest and say that I am not utterly obsessed with the Instant Pot like millions of other people. I havent moved on to cheesecake and egg bites and other things that make more sense to bake in the oven .

But there are a few things that I actually prefer to do in the Instant Pot, and chicken breasts is one of those things

And if youre looking for more Instant Pot chicken recipes, try this Instant Pot Whole Chicken from fresh or frozen!).

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Can You Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts In The Instant Pot

While this tutorial focuses on cooking fresh chicken breasts in the Instant Pot, you can easily achieve the same results with frozen chicken breasts using this technique. Just make sure to add 5 additional minutes of cooking time when using frozen chicken breasts. And be sure the breasts are separated before cooking. For more details, learn step-by-step how to cook frozen chicken in the Instant Pot.

Can Raw Chicken Keep In The Fridge For 5 Days

How to Cook a Whole Chicken in an Instant Pot

Raw chicken will keep for 1 to 2 days in the refrigerator, cooked chicken 3 to 4 days. To determine if the chicken has gone bad, check the best before date and look for signs of spoilage, such as changes in smell, texture and color. Avoid eating rotten chicken as it can cause food poisoning even if cooked properly.

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Love Chicken And Dumplings But Dont Have A Lot Of Time These Pressure Cooker Chicken And Dumplings Are Quick Easy And Delicious

These Instant Pot pressure cooker chicken and dumplings are home-cooked comfort food at its finest!

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I have a lot of memories of eating at Cracker Barrel. When I was growing up, my grandma would often take my sister and I to the beach for a few days. Cracker Barrel was one of our old standby restaurants.

The one where we were guaranteed to like the food. And also one where we could be easily occupied by perusing the store full of fun toys and gifts.

One of my favorite meals to order at Cracker Barrel is their chicken and dumplings. In my opinion, the best recipes for chicken and dumplings are the ones that are easy to make yet remind you of simple, pleasant times!

There seem to be a couple of different camps when it comes to dumplings.

Some folks like their dumplings more biscuit-like , some like to make Instant Pot chicken and dumplings with canned biscuits, and others prefer the flat almost-noodle type.

Honestly, I like both, but I prefer the flat noodle type that Cracker Barrel sells. I mean, really tender dumplings and chicken wrapped in a savory creamy brothdoes it get much better than that?

Several years ago, when I was a newlywed looking for new meals to prepare, I started making this chicken and dumplings meal.

When I First Started Using My Instant Pot This Was One Of The First Things I Made Chicken In The Instant Pot Comes Out So Juicy And Tender Say Goodbye To The Days Of Running Through Mcdonalds Or Picking Up A Rotisserie Chicken From Costco

Every single week I try to cook at least 1 chicken in my Instant Pot. It has become a weekly ritual that saves me so much time in the long run. I love to use this chicken for salads and my kids love to eat it with carrot sticks and celery for a quick and easy lunch! If were eating it for dinner I usually roast some potatoes and carrots to go along with it.

This is a fool-proof way to make sure you have a deliciously moist chicken cooked perfectly to 165F every time.

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Pressure Cook At High Pressure 0 Minute

Yes! You can pressure cook at 0 minute!

Were setting the pressure cooking time to 0 minute because were using the heat generated during the up to pressure AND depressurizing stages to cook the chicken breast.

Every time, make sure you measure the chickens internal temperature with an accurate Food Thermometer, and the thickest part needs to reach at least 165°F after resting.

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Instant Pot Parts And Accessories

How to Cook a Whole Chicken in the Instant Pot
  • Base unit the actual appliance with the heating element. Dont submerge in water!
  • Inner pot Stainless steel pot that fits into the base unit. Can also be used for reheating leftovers on the stove.
  • Lid Contains silicone ring, steam release valve and float valve.

Silicone ring does wear out with use and time causing Instant Pot not to pressurize. You can buy a replacement. To give you an idea, I use my Instant Pot 2-3 times/week and replace silicone ring about once a year.

  • Steam release valve Fits on top of the lid and can be removed.
  • Condensation collector Duo models have it but not Lux. Attach it to the back to collect condensation dripping when you open the lid.

If your condensation collector is broken or missing, you can buy replacement online.

  • Trivet Used to keep foods like meats and eggs being submerged in water.
  • Measuring cups and utensils These come with Instant Pot, they do not have the same measurements as regular ones so I dont use these.

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Can You Cook A Whole Chicken In An Instant Pot

Yes, you sure can. Its one of those genius things that an instant pot pressure cooker can do and also what many other brands of electric pressure cookers can do also.

I have cooked a whole chicken for years in the instant pot and also do so regularly via the Ninja with my Ninja Foodi whole chicken recipe.

How Do I Cook A Whole Chicken In The Instant Pot

Here is an overview of the steps needed to cook the chicken. Find the full recipe below!

And the best part is, its so easy to do!

  • Season the chicken
  • Add onion and remaining seasoning to chicken
  • Place trivet inside of the Instant Pot with chicken broth
  • Cook on manual pressure for 24 minutes
  • Natural release for 15 minutes and then release remaining pressure
  • And then your chicken is READY!
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    Instant Pot Whole Chicken From Frozen

    • You can safely cook a whole frozen chicken in your Instant Pot. I have included full instructions for cooking a frozen chicken in the recipe below. I prefer to cook my chicken from fresh, but in a pinch this method works well.
    • You will need to skip the step of browning the chicken, since you cant sear frozen meat.
    • You will only need half of the amount of spice rub called for in the recipe.
    • Pressure cook a frozen chicken for 13 minutes per pound at high pressure, plus 15 minutes natural release.
    • A 4 pound frozen chicken will take 52 minutes, a 4.5 pound frozen chicken will take 59 minutes and a 5 pound frozen chicken will take 65 minutes.
    • Check that the chicken has reached a safe internal temperature of at least 165 degrees F in the thickest part of the leg, not touching the bone.

    What Size Of Instant Pot Can I Use


    Any 3 quart, 5 quart, 6 quart or 8 quart.

    Same recipe. Same cooking time. Same water amount.

    Just make sure chicken breasts fit in a single layer. If your Instant Pot is small and you want to cook large amount of breasts, do so in a few batches. Piling up chicken in a few layers will result in undercooked chicken.

    Also note that larger pressure cooker take longer to come to pressure about 8-10 minutes.

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    Can I Stack Chicken In An Instant Pot

    Ideally, no. Butyes.

    Placing chicken in the pressure cooker in a single layer will give you the best results to make sure its evenly-cooked. However, this limits how many pieces of chicken you can cook at once.

    If were going by total amount, you can certainly fit more chicken with stacking . Just be aware that you may need to increase cooking time if you do this, and be sure to check internal temp.

    If you are using frozen chicken, keep it to a single layer, no stacking.

    How To Cook Chicken In The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot chicken breastanother reason to love the Instant Pot! Heres how to make it:

  • Put the trivet insert in the Instant Pot and pour in some chicken stock.
  • Season chicken breasts with all of the spices and herbs.
  • Put the chicken into the pot! Close the lid and put the vent in the closed position.
  • Pressure cook on high for 10 minutes or 15 minutes .
  • Next, you can wait for the pressure to release naturally or *carefully* move the vent a little at a time for a quick release.
  • To confirm doneness, use an instant-read thermometer to check the chicken breast internal temperature. If it reads 165°, youre done!
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    Chicken Breast Instant Pot Cook Times


    Fresh Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

    • 8 minutes, vent immediately to release any remaining pressure
    • Based on 10-ounce boneless chicken breasts

    Frozen Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

    • 12 minutes, vent immediately to release any remaining pressure
    • Based on 10-ounce boneless chicken breasts


    Fresh Bone-In Chicken Breasts

    • 10 minutes, natural release for 5 minutes
    • Based on 12-ounce bone-in chicken breasts

    Frozen Bone-In Chicken Breasts

    • 25 minutes, vent immediately to release any remaining pressure
    • Based on 12-ounce bone-in chicken breasts

    Cooking Frozen Chicken In Instant Pot Tips

    How to Cook Chicken in the Instant Pot (LESS THAN 20 min from frozen to cooked)
    • You can fit as many chicken breasts as you can in a single layer. Do not double stack them. Usually it is 2-3 lbs depending on your pots size.

    Make sure to place meat on a trivet. It just comes out better this way.

    • Make sure pressure release valve is turned to sealing.
    • It is OK to see a bit of steam coming out from pressure valve in the beginning. It might have moved from Sealing a bit. Move it slightly back with a long spoon.
    • If you are going to make shredded chicken after, then add a bit of cooking liquid to rehydrate when shredding.
    • I think it is OK to freeze cooked chicken breasts in portions for easy meals again.
    • Do not discard broth. Use it to make soup.

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    How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Breast

    • Place chicken breasts in the inner pot of the instant pot and season with salt and pepper.
    • Add in 1 cup pineapple juice or chicken stock and season with minced garlic or garlic powder.
    • Place lid on instant pot and be sure vent knob is pointed towards sealed.
    • Set pressure cooker to the cooking time based on the size of chicken breasts. NOT how many chicken breasts you are cooking.
    • Once the cooking time has elapsed, let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before doing a quick release of pressure. This is key to keeping your chicken breasts tenderâdonât be tempted to do a quick release of pressure.
    • Remove the chicken breasts from the liquid and let rest for 5-10 minutes before serving or shredding.

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    Lessons Learnt From Our Instant Pot Chicken Experiment

    There were a few things that we noticed when cooking whole chicken in the instant pot.

    The first was how silly it looked. We cooked it breast side down and the trivet left a big mark on it where it had rested.

    Next was not tying up the legs of the whole chicken. If you dont not only will the chicken not be compact during the cooking process, but the meat is likely to fall off the chicken more.

    The most tender whole chicken is achieved with a 15 minute natural pressure release. I cant believe the difference with or without it.

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    How To Make Shredded Chicken In A Pressure Cooker

    If youre on the fence about pressure cooking chicken, now is the time to try it. This Instant Pot chicken breast recipe is probably the easiest and most versatile one to start with. It requires just three ingredients, plus salt and pepper to your liking. It doesnt get any easier than that! Its the fastest, best way to make shredded chicken.

    Place all the ingredients in your pressure cooker, push a couple buttons, and youre all set. Ten minutes later, youll have perfectly juicy chicken breast. Shred it with two forks, or one of the other methods below. Voila!

    Quick and easy pressure cooker chicken breast.

    Feel free to customize the spices in this Instant Pot shredded chicken recipe to your liking. There are really two main ingredients chicken and chicken broth. But, I find that adding Italian seasoning as the third ingredient makes it so much better.

    You can get as creative as you like with the spices. I like to keep it simple, so that the chicken can be used in a variety of recipes later. Italian seasoning works with pretty much anything.

    One thing I do recommend is to make sure you use chicken broth and not water. Some people make shredded chicken with water, but you get a lot more flavor using chicken broth. This makes the biggest difference when the chicken itself is white meat, like chicken breast.

    This is also the reason that this pressure cooker chicken breast recipe doesnt call for much salt. The chicken broth already adds most of the sodium needed.

    Instant Pot Duo Crisp Whole Chicken Recipe

    How to Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts in the Instant Pot ...

    Start by trussing the chicken. Tie its legs and also tie up the wings and thighs. This makes it more compact and helps it hold together. Need a step-by-step tutorial in trussing a chicken? Check here for how to truss a Chicken.

    Mix up a seasoning blend or grab your favorite rub and rub a bit on the chicken. Reserve most of it for later though. My mix here is a mix of Italian Seasoning and various spices.

    Give it a good amount of salt and pepper too. I actually used Montreal Steak seasoning in this recipe because it is extra salty. That helps make the skin crispy.

    Put the whole chicken in the air fry basket. It might be a bit of a tight fit.

    Add a cup and a half of chicken broth to the pot, then put the air fryer basket on its base inside.

    Pressure cook for 25 minutes on high pressure followed by 15 minutes of natural release. Then, if needed, drain the liquid. I drained mine, but probably did not have to do so because it was not touching my chicken.

    Next, spray the chicken with some oil. I like to use an avocado oil spray, and then give it a good rub with the seasonings. Put on the air fryer lid and air fry at 400 for about ten minutes. Take the chicken out, flip it over, and repeat for the other side. I had to use oven mitts to pull my chicken out. Next time, I might make a foil sling for it.

    Then, remove it from the pot, carve it, and serve!

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