How To Cook Quinoa In Instant Pot

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Cooking Basic Quinoa In The Instant Pot

  • Use 1 ½ cups of water for every cup of quinoa.
  • Rinse your quinoa first and strain well.
  • Spray the Instant Pot with oil to prevent sticking.
  • Add a little salt to season the quinoa
  • Cook for 1 minute on High Pressure using Manual/Pressure setting.
  • Natural Release for 10 minutes followed by a quick release.
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    Instant Pot Quinoa Sweet Potato Chili

    This quinoa chili has the perfect combo of flavors, it is a little sweet from the sweet potatoes, and balanced with savory onions, garlic, and peppers, then the chili powder adds a nice warmth that you expect from chili. All-in-all the flavors are completely balanced, no one flavor overpowers the other. Recipe from Moms Dinner.

    Ways To Use Cooked Quinoa

    Need more inspiration? Check out 30 quinoa recipes because there is sure to be something for everyone!

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    How To Make Quinoa In A 3qt Instant Pot

    Step 1: Rinse The Seeds

    Quinoa seeds have a natural outer coating called saponin thats bitter tasting . Removing the coating is easy, you just need to rinse it off.

    Pour the quinoa into a mesh strainer and rinse under cool water until the water runs clear. You dont need to stress about getting it dry or anything just give the strainer a good shake to remove most of the excess water.

    Step 2: Fill Your Instant Pot Mini

    To keep the quinoa from sticking to the pot, spray the bottom of the inner cooking pot with a little cooking oil. I usually forget to do this and have to scrub a few stuck-on pieces off.

    Next, add 3/4 cup water and the rinsed quinoa to your 3 Quart Instant Pots inner cooking pot. If you prefer softer quinoa, increase the liquids to 1 cup total.

    Because we use our cooked quinoa for all kinds of things, sweet and savory, I prefer to not add any salt or spices. If youll be serving the quinoa plain you might want to add 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt.

    Step 3: Pressure Cook

    Step 4: Get Fluffy

    Carefully open the lid and let any steam clear. The seeds should be translucent now and have little tail-like spirals.

    Use a fork to fluff the quinoa, season, and enjoy.

    How To Cook Quinoa In Instant Pot

    How to Cook Instant Pot Quinoa

    Ingredients: Were keeping it as simple yet tasty as possible. So were only using 4 simple pantry ingredients White Quinoa, Unsalted Chicken Stock, Fine Salt, and Olive Oil.

    Flavor & Texture: Savory, nutty, earthy flavors fluffy with a slightly satisfying chewy texture.

    Cooking Time: From start to finish, the whole process takes less than 20 minutes.

    Equipment: Youll need your Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker.

    Ease Level Super Easy: Its super easy to cook with minimal preparation and minimal pantry ingredients, basic cooking skills & cooking equipment. Yet its still tasty!

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    Should I Rinse Quinoa Before Cooking

    Quinoa has a natural, bitter coating called saponin. Check the instructions on the package, as packaged quinoa is usually pre-washed. But if the instructions call for a rinse, just place the quinoa in a fine mesh strainer and rinse until the water runs clear.

    I love this rice rinser basket and it would work great for quinoa too.

    What Are Other Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

    When Alex and I first learned about the Instant Pot, we thought it all about cooking meat. But since then, weve amassed a big collection of vegan Instant Pot recipes. You can make so many basics in your pressure cooker: rice, dried beans, dried chickpeas, mashed potatoes, and even soups. Here are some of our favorite pressure cooker recipes:

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    Cooking Time For Other Types Of Quinoa :

    You might ask, what if I want to cook tri-color quinoa in an instant pot?

    I am glad you asked because I find that red, black, and tricolor quinoa takes just a bit longer to cook.

    As a preparation for this post, I have cooked all three kinds of quinoa and found that the best cook time for them is 3 minutes. Therefore, if you are cooking any other quinoa than the white quinoa, be sure to adjust the actual cooking time accordingly.

    Why Should I Make Quinoa In The Instant Pot

    How to Cook Quinoa in the Instant Pot

    Its definitely not a secret that we are a obsessed with quinoa! For good reason 🙂 We cant seem to get enough of the stuff and crave the stuff more and more each day. This superfood/grain-like seed cooks up super fast, is protein and fiber packed and can be flavored in just about any way possible.

    The electric pressure cooker is perfect for making quinoa dishes It takes Just 1 Minute of the time than it takes to make QUINOA on the stovetop. Most importantly the Instant Pot makes cooking this healthy quinoa easy and reliable.

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    Can You Freeze Quinoa

    Yes, Instant Pot quinoa is incredibly easy to freeze so make a big batch of it and save for later! To freeze quinoa, do the following:

    • Let the quinoa cool to room temperature.
    • Transfer it to a freezer bag or freezer-safe container.
    • When youre ready to eat the frozen quinoa, place it in the fridge or on your counter to thaw and then reheat in a skillet with a little water.

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    Quinoa Corn & Crispy Bacon Salad

    You get the sweetness, saltiness, and crunch in one dish plus, this salad is hearty and satiating while being light and healthy at the same time. Featuring crunchy peppers, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, feta, and delicious lemon honey mustard dressing, this is a meal you will want to cook over and over again. Recipe from Instant Pot Eats.

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    How To Make Instant Pot Quinoa Pot In Pot:

    The most important thing when making this recipe pot in pot is to make sure you have a dish that is large enough to fit cooked quinoa, as it expands while cooking.

    This recipe makes 3 cups of cooked quinoa, which means that the size of the quinoa triples when cooked. This recipe will fit perfectly in a dish that fits at least 3 cups of food.

  • Rinse and drain the dry quinoa.
  • Spray an Instant Pot safe dish with nonstick cooking spray to avoid sticking. Add quinoa and water to the dish .
  • Add 1 cup of water to the inner steel liner of your Instant Pot.
  • Cover your dish with foil.
  • Using your trivet, lower the covered dish into the Instant Pot.
  • Cook on high pressure for 1 minute, and allow for a 5 minute natural release after the cook time is finished.
  • After 5 minutes, quick release the steam by turning your valve to Venting.
  • Enjoy!
  • Can I Make A Double Batch Of Quinoa In The Instant Pot

    How to Cook Perfect Quinoa in the Instant Pot + VIDEO ...

    Yes! You totally can. My quick disclaimer is that I never actually have done this, but Im certain it would work as long as you follow the 1 : 1.25 quinoa to liquid ratio. Be careful not to overfill your Instant Pot if youre going for a triple batch.

    More volume in the Instant Pot may need more time to heat up and reach pressure, but cooking time would remain the same.

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    Quinoa Vegetable Tabbouleh Salad

    This Instant Pot quinoa salad is fluffy, full of chewy texture, and pairs well with vegetables and bright flavors of fresh lemon juice and herbs for a great grab-and-go meal prep lunch. This recipe is gluten-free, twice the protein content of rice or barley, and contains sufficient amounts of all nine essential amino acids. Recipe from Instant Pot Eats.

    How To Cook Quinoa In The Instant Pot:

    Time needed: 6 minutes.

    Not counting the time your pot will take to come to pressure, this Instant Pot quinoa recipe only takes 6 minutes!

  • Prepare your pot

    Spray your Instant Pot insert thoroughly with cooking spray .

  • Rinse your quinoa

    Rinse and drain your cup of quinoa for a few seconds before adding it to the Instant Pot. *Dont skip this step, it removes the coating that causes bitterness and will make you quinoa light and fluffy.

  • Add water to your pot

    Add 1 1/2 cups of water to your Instant Pot.

  • Pressure Cook

    Close the lid of your pot and turn your pressure release valve to Sealing. Select Pressure Cook or Manual and cook on high pressure for 1 minute. Turn off the keep warm function by pressing the button. This will help the quinoa to release from the pot.

  • Natural/Quick Release

    After the cooking time is complete, allow your pot to naturally release for 5 minutes. This means dont touch the sealing valve yet. After 5 minutes, flip the valve to venting and release the remaining pressure.

  • Remove the lid

    Fluff and stir your quinoa and add salt to taste. You can eat the quinoa immediately or allow it to cool and then freeze it for meal prep.

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    Do I Need To Rinse Quinoa Before I Cook It

    Short answer: No. Its not a requirement. In fact, I used to advocate not rinsing if you couldnt tell a difference in the taste or if the bitterness didnt bother you.

    Long answer: Butttttt now Im sort of changing my tune. It wasnt so much for the taste, but for the actual stuff that comes off the quinoa when I rinse it. I know its not bad for me, but looking at the rinsed quinoa water kind of grosses me out. So now I say, RINSE.

    Grab a fine mesh strainer, a bowl of water, and your quinoa. Soak it, swish it, stir it up, until the water goes from clear to uhhm, not clear. Dirty quinoa water cloudy color. See below.

    Tips For No Fail Pressure Cooker Quinoa

    Instant Pot Quinoa Recipe – How To Cook Quinoa In The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker – So Fluffy!
    • I tried 1 cup quinoa : 1.5 cups water total mush. Using less water makes sense because the Instant Pot captures more of the steam which makes for more condensation and less evaporation.
    • Quinoa on its own has an earthy slightly nutty taste, but overall can be pretty bland. Therefore, adding a bit of salt will give it a little depth of flavor. If you will be adding it to a recipe that already requires salt, you may want to hold off on adding it in.
    • Pre-packaged quinoa usually comes already rinsed, but there is no harm in running it underwater again. There is something called saponin that coats the quinoa, and to eat it is extremely bitter , so you want to get that off!
    • The cook time remains the same, no matter how much you make!

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    A Few Ways To Flavor:

    While the simple water, quinoa, and pinch of salt combination deliver good results, you can easily take this pressure cooker quinoa recipe up a notch. Here are a few easy adjustments you can make to this Instant pot 1-minute quinoa recipe to make it taste better:

  • Toast quinoa with oil: Toasting quinoa with coconut oil using the sautee function for 2-3 minutes helps with bringing out its nutty and earthy flavors. I would recommend using 1-2 teaspoons of oil for every cup of quinoa you cook. Also, be sure to stir constantly to prevent it from burning.
  • Swap water with broth: Depending on where you are planning to use your cooked quinoa, you can switch up the cooking liquid. Simply use the same ratio and use vegetable, beef or chicken broth as the cooking liquid.
  • If you are in need of more ideas to flavor quinoa, be sure to check out the detailed post I wrote on how to make quinoa taste good.

    Tips For Making Perfect Instant Pot Quinoa

    • Rinse your quinoa before cooking. We know, youve heard this before. Just dont skip this step. Rinsing before you cook helps get rid of the natural chemical compounds called saponins than can make quinoa taste bitter.
    • Use a little less liquid than youre used to using on the stove. All the moisture stays locked inside the IP during cooking, so youll need only 1.5 cups of liquid per cup of raw quinoa.
    • Consider using broth instead of water for an instant flavor boost. Because why not?
    • Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pot. This cuts down on foamy bubbles and prevents sticking.
    • Cook on high pressure for one minute, then let the pressure come down naturally for 10 minutes before you flip the valve. The grains will continue to cook during the natural release time.
    • Batch cook it to have healthy whole grains on hand all week. Store cooked and cooled quinoa in a big bowl in the fridge to eat hot or cold. Or freeze single-serve portions in zip-top bags to use later.

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    How Long To Make Quinoa In Instant Pot

    My fluffy Instant Pot quinoa recipe takes just twelve minutes to cook! Two minutes manual pressure cook and a ten-minute natural pressure release.

    Add the time it takes the Instant Pot to pressurize before it starts cooking, and you have an easy quinoa side dish or base for grain bowls and salads in about twenty minutes!

    Why Should You Wash Quinoa

    How To Make Perfect Quinoa in the Instant Pot

    Quinoa has a naturally occurring coating called saponin. Saponin has a bitter taste and if not rinsed off of uncooked quinoa, your entire batch will taste a bit soapy. While most grocery stores sell pre-rinsed quinoa, this simple step is well worth avoiding that unwanted flavor on your prepared quinoa.

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    Quinoa To Water Ratio

    Ive tested 1 ½ cups and 1 ¾ cups water to 1 cup of dried quinoa, both with great results. You can safely use anywhere in between, and it will turn out perfectly. Less water yields an al dente quinoa, and the higher amount is softer but not mushy. I found them to be equally good in texture and fluffiness.

    How To Make Quinoa In An Instant Pot

    Jump To RecipeThis post may contain affiliate links.

    Heres how to make perfectly fluffy quinoa in your Instant Pot in just minutes! This foolproof method will give you delicious quinoa every time.

    I typically cook quinoa in a rice cooker, but I know many of you dont have a rice cooker at home. Luckily, its easy to make quinoa in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker! I like using my Instant Pot because I get perfectly fluffy quinoa every single time. I dont have to worry about standing over the stove or keeping an eye on a simmering pot.

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    The Easiest Instant Pot Quinoa

    Dont forget to share it!

    Instant pot quinoa is one of the easiest things you can cook in the pressure cooker and always come out perfect.

    Cooking quinoa in the instant pot is easy and it is a pretty quick side dish. The texture is even better than cook on the stove, different than rice that not everyone has master rice in the instant pot . But once you try this instant pot quinoa recipe, you wont look back.

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    Is Instant Pot Quinoa Black Bean Salad Healthy

    Instant Pot Quinoa | READY in 10 Minutes Vegan Quinoa Burger Recipe!

    There are two reasons that this salad is really good for you: quinoa and black beans.

    Quinoa seeds are gluten-free and are rich in protein, fiber, B vitamins and other important nutrients such as manganese, phosphorus folate, iron, zinc, and magnesium

    Black beans, like other legumes , are high in protein and fiber and low in fat. Theyre a great choice when you are trying to eat healthy. Beans of all types can help you maintain your ideal weight. The fiber helps to keep you feeling full for longer periods of time while helping to keep blood sugar levels stable.

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    Adding Flavor To Instant Pot Quinoa

    If youd like to add even more flavor and nutrition to your Instant Pot Quinoa, you could cook it in bone broth instead of water. I love to make bone broth in either my slow cooker or instant pot. All you need is some leftover meat bones and veggie scraps.

    The result is Instant Pot perfect quinoa thats never mushy, and always flavorful.

    You can make as little or as much Instant Pot quinoa as youd like. Ill often double or triple the recipe. There is no need to adjust the cook time. Once its finished, I like to portion the quinoa into freezer bags to have on hand for when Im needing some cooked quinoa especially handy when I get a craving for these Blueberry & White Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Cookies. Just thaw the quinoa in the fridge overnight, or reheat it in the microwave or on the stovetop, adding a tablespoon of water and covering the bowl or pan. It will take about a minute in the microwave. On the stove, heat on low until heated through.

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