How To Cook Jasmine Rice In The Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

Instant Pot Jasmine Rice – Easy and Quick!

This Instant Pot Jasmine Rice recipe is a fool-proof, hands-off way to cook rice in under 30 minutes!It results in perfectly soft and fluffy rice that creates the perfect base for a number of different recipes!

  • Instant Pot Jasmine Rice Recipe
  • I love any and all instant pot recipes. Theyre so easy to throw together, quick to cook , and make for easy cleanup since theyre usually one-pot recipes!

    Well, Ive decided that one of the best things to cook in the instant pot to make your life easier is rice. Ive already made brown rice in the instant pot, so I wanted to come up with a white rice option as well. Enter this instant pot jasmine rice. Trust me youll never go back to stovetop rice!

    Toss rice, salt, and water into the pot, set the timer, walk away, and come back to perfectly cooked rice!

    No waiting for the water to boil, no stirring, no watching the potmaking rice in the instant pot is a totally hands-off way to getting perfectly cooked rice. Plus, while its cooking, you can prep the rest of your meal!

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    What Is The Ratio Of Rice To Water To Cook In The Instant Pot

    Normally, when I cook rice, I dont measure the water. I just use my hand and finger to feel for it. This is the way Asians were taught to do it.

    However, a friend asked me how much water she should put in an instant pot to cook jasmine rice. And, I find out the best is to use a 1:1 ratio which means 1 cup of rice uses 1 cup of water. Then, the rice will come out perfectly.

    Can I Make Jasmine Rice In A Rice Cooker

    Yes, you most certainly can make it in a rice cooker.

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    Tips For Making The Best Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

    Don’t skip the washing step! The rice must be clear before cooking.

    You can use the oil of your choice in this recipe. Extra virgin olive oil is always a great option, but toasted sesame or coconut adds a lovely subtle flavor to the rice. Alternatively, use butter or ghee.

    To make more flavorful rice, use broth or stock instead of water.

    Need to make less rice? Whatever amount of rice you want to make, just remember the ratio of water to rice is always 1:1, so 2 cups of rice call for 2 cups of water, 4 cups of rice needs 4 cups of water, and so on.

    When making Instant Pot jasmine rice, use the High setting to cook the rice this will give you the best results.

    The Key To Perfect Instant Pot Rice

    instant pot jasmine rice in 2020

    The key to making perfect rice in the Instant Pot is matching the type of rice with the appropriate amount of water and cooking time. Sounds simple right? Heres the catch: because pressure cooking releases less steam than conventional stove-top or electric rice cookers, you actually need less water. To make perfect Instant Pot jasmine white rice, use a rice to water ratio of 1:1 That means for every 1 cup jasmine white rice, use 1 cup water. This amount is about 25% less water than you typically use when making rice in a rice cooker. When I made my first Instant Pot rice, I used the same water ratio as for my rice cooker. The results: mushy rice. Doh!

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    Can I Double This Rice Recipe

    So, in short, yes, you can double it, BUT, I have found that if I make more than 3 cups at a time, the rice tends to come out a bit mushier. It still tastes great and is eaten just the same, but I have found 3 cups to be perfect for me. You can also make only 1 cup if thats all you need.

    You will always use a 1 to 1 ratio of liquid to rice. So if you want to make 3 cups of rice, you will use 3 cups of water or broth. If you want to make only 1 cup of rice, then youll use 1 cup of water. You do not need to adjust the time when doubling or halving the recipe. The cooking time will still be 3 minutes high pressure with a 10-minute natural release.

    Why Would Cooking Jasmine Rice In Instant Pot Take So Long

    Cooking jasmine rice in an instant pot may take longer than usual because the weight of the rice increases significantly post-cooking. This is due to the absorption of water used for cooking into the starches that make up the rice.

    The issue is that jasmine rice takes a long time to cook. There are several reasons for this, but it all boils down to the rice needs more water and longer cooking times than plain white or brown Aroma Rice .

    Jasmine rice is called fragrant not because it smells good when cooked but because of its delicate flavor. Nowadays, not many people have the patience to wait 25 minutes while their pot valve goes off trying to release pressure trying all that whole 2-3 cup fuzzy logic.

    The time may vary depending on the capabilities of their electric cooker, but cooking Jasmine Rice from Instant Pot takes a long time. In this case, one has to consider that all of the liquid is absorbed by the rice. Cooking the rice from Instant Pot is not any different from other methods when considered in terms of desired results.

    To make it work for an instant pot- heres a great way to do it: However, if one wants their instant pot to make the jasmine rice quickly, we recommend setting it at 25 minutes for 3 cups of uncooked rice. Shut the lid firmly for 10 seconds to combine ingredients before shutting off the pot at the end.

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    Instant Pot Setting & Cooking Time

    Rice is primarily cooked in the instant pot at a preset LOW pressure for 12 minutes. But jasmine rice is softer, and though you can use this preset for it as well, it may come out gooey than needed. So, its best to use the Manual/Pressure Cook settings for jasmine rice at about three to four minutes. After this time, an additional ten minutes is allowed for the instant pot to release pressure naturally. Also, whether releasing the valve or removing the lid of the pressure cooker, be sure to protect yourself from the steam. Try using a long wooden spoon to adjust the pressure valve.

    What Is The Difference Between Jasmine Rice And White Rice

    Instant Pot Jasmine Rice – Easy and Tasty Recipe

    Both are white because the outer hull and bran are removed. This means both types are less nutritious than their brown counterparts. Each type is more popular in different geographical locations, this is eaten most in Thailand.

    To rinse or not to rinse. I do not rinse my rice, really ever. Some swear by it and wont eat it unless they do, that is okay, we are all different. Ill tell you the biggest difference between the two methods. If you do pour it into a strainer and rinse it, the grains will separate more when done. Not rinsing will create a sort of sticky rice we like.

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    What Is The Ratio Of Water To Rice For Jasmine

    It is a bit more than 1:1 I like. I add about 1/8 of a cup more than that per cup used. We always cook 2 cups of rice at a time for the 4-5 of us and add 2 1/4 cups of liquid. Water is what we use but some prefer chicken broth instead. Either way works just fine to create perfectly cooked rice.

    How long do you cook Jasmine rice in Ninja Foodi?

    6 minutes with some time for natural release. This post here explains the difference between cooking this variety vs. long grain, there is a difference. Do not use the rice button for this type, our timing here will be more successful.

    How Long To Cook Jasmine Rice In An Instant Pot

    The Instant Pot really shines when it comes to staples like rice. According to Instant Pot, jasmine rice should be cooked on high pressure for 3 to 5 minutes. But keep in mind to factor in the time it takes for the Instant Pot to build pressure, and to naturally release the pressure once the timer is up. If you’re using another brand of electric pressure cooker, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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    Cooking Times Of Rice

    One of the best things about Instant Pots is how fast they are able to cook food. In the case of Jasmine rice, you can save 30 minutes compared to a traditional rice cooker! In fact, it only takes 4-5 minutes of cooking for the rice to be ready to be released. This is where you have two options.

    The first option is to quick release. This type of release means that you are immediately cutting off the cooking. If you decide to do this method, you will need to add 10 more minutes to the cooking time for the rice.

    The second option is a natural release. With this method, you slowly release the built-up steam for a 10 minute period. It is recommended for the best texture of rice.

    How To Make Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

    How to Cook Jasmine Rice Three Ways: Stovetop, Instant Pot ...

    This recipe is a fool-proof, hands-off way to cook jasmine rice in under 30 minutes!

  • Rinse the rice: Place dry Jasmine rice into a large mesh strainer, then rinse thoroughly under cold water for a couple of minutes, stirring to make sure you get all the rice.
  • Combine all ingredients: place the rinsed rice into your instant pot, then add in the water or broth and salt. Spread the rice into an even layer on the bottom of the pot.
  • Cook the rice: Place the lid on the instant pot, select Manual or Pressure Cook, and cook on high pressure for 3 minutes. After the cook time is up, let the pressure naturally release, then serve as desired.
    • Rinse rice well in a strainer
    • Add rice and water to Instant Pot
    • Open up the lid to perfectly cooked rice!

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    How To Make Jasmine Rice In The Instant Pot

    Making rice in the Instant Pot is super easy– no stirring or watching the pot needed. I definitely recommend rinsing it well before you add it to the pot, though. I bought a big fine mesh strainer, which really helps, and the rice won’t fall through.

    Just measure the rice in a dry measuring cup, dump it in the strainer, and rinse it well. My daughter is now in charge of this part — She loves swirling the rice around under the water!

    Next, I add the rice and a little salt to the pressure cooker. I also like to add some olive oil, too.

    Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

    Choose the “Pressure Cook” and high pressure – manual setting and cook the rice for 5 minutes and a 10 minutes natural release of pressure and you should be done – take the rice paddle and stir and fluff up the rice and put it in a bowl.

    Depending on the rice grain you may need to adjust the cooking time slightly.

    Also, other sorts of rice will be different

    • Basmati rice: 5-8 minutes
    • Brown rice much longer rice setting of 20-25 minutes

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    How To Make Jasmine Rice In An Instant Pot In 2021

    One of the best benefits of a pressure cooker like an instant pot, ninja foodie or other brands is that cooked rice is easy to make – perfectly every time. You can also use a pressure cooker to make yellow turmeric rice.

    Cooking rice can be hard if you have not developed your own system and many cultures have slightly different ways and preferences.

    You also need to take into account some other facts like

    • your height above sea level your location
    • local water and its hardness
    • rice age and dryness

    Want to reheat cooked rice – see our methods here.

    Can I Make Jasmine Rice In A Slow Cooker

    Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

    Yes, you can. However, it can tend to be slightly over cooked, so you will need to watch it carefully. Here’s how to do it.

    • Spray a nonstick spray on the inner dish of your slow cooker.
    • Add equal parts rice and water .
    • Let cook for on LOW for an hour and a half.
    • Check for doneness.
    • If that was not quite enough cook time, give it another 15-20 minutes.
    • Serve.

    Looking for how to cook more kinds of rice? Check out my Perfect Pressure Cooker Rice post! It covers how to cook just about every type of Instant Pot rice.

    So no matter how you plan on enjoying this Instant Pot Jasmine Rice, whether it be part of a side dish or a main course, you can feel confident that you will be cooking it perfectly every time. Make sure to share this recipe with your friends on Pinterest and Facebook so they can enjoy it as well!

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    Jasmine Rice Cooking Time

    Put your rice in a pot and add 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil per dry cups of rice. Then add the cold water according to the ratio above. Add salt if needed.

    Cover your pot and bring it to a gentle boil over high heat. That takes about 4-5 minutes depending on your burner. Once it starts to simmer, turn down the heat to the lowest possible setting. The cooking time for jasmine rice is 10 minutes. Make sure you cook it covered, dont remove the lid and dont stir the rice.

    After 10 minutes you can turn down the heat and let the rice stay covered for another 5 minutes. Fluff it up with a fork, and your perfect jasmine rice is ready to serve!

    Tips For Cooking Jasmine Rice In Instant Pot

    To me, how you handle the rice before and more importantly after its done cooking is really important. Everyone will tell you about the cook times and water ratio but there is more to it than that:

    • Jasmine Rice does not need soaking
    • Once you open the Instant Pot lid, transfer the inner pot to a trivet on your counter. This stops the rice from cooking further and helps prevent the rice from overcooking
    • If the rice looks uncooked, simply put the inside insert back in, close the Instant Pot and allow the rice to sit for 5 minutes. The remnant heat will further cook the rice.
    • Do not mix the rice when its steaming hot, this will start breaking the grains. Allow the rice to cool a bit and then gently fluff up using a silicone spatula
    • As the excess steam evaporates from the rice and the rice cools, it will get drier
    • Gently run a soft silicone spatula on the sides of the pot and serve
    • If you are making rice ahead for meal preps, simply allow the rice to cool. You can even take it out in a large tray, cool it down, feel free to use your hands to separate the grains gently. If the grain seems sticky simply wet your hands with cold water and it will allow separating the grains. Reheat in the microwave, oven, or chaffing dish when ready to serve

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    Does Jasmine Rice Cook The Same As Other Rice

    Depending on the type and variety of rice you are cooking, each variety will cook differently from jasmine rice. White short grain rice will cook longer in the Instant Pot than jasmine rice, but in the microwave they cook in the same timeframe . You can cook any rice in different methods and still get plump and tasty rice: jasmine rice on the stovetop and rice cooker, white rice in a rice cooker, short grain rice in an Instant Pot, white rice in the microwave, brown rice in the microwave, and brown rice in an Instant Pot.

    Minimum Amounts Of Rice

    How To Cook Jasmine Rice In Instant Pot? » Best Kitchen Buy

    One last rule of thumb to keep in mind is that youll need to cook at least 1 1/2 cups of rice in a 6-quart pressure cooker to get nice, even results. This is because the bottom of the pot isnt perfectly flat, but slightly concave. If you use less rice, the grains in the middle of the pot will not cook as evenly, since they wont be submerged in the water as much as the rice on the sides of the pot.

    On the flip side, dont overfill your pressure cooker with too much rice, either! It should be half full or less when youre cooking any grains, beans, pastas, or other foods that can tend to foam up. I find that I get the best results when I cook between 1 1/2 and 3 cups of rice at a time.

    • TIP! By the way, you can always make extra rice and freeze the extra. Here’s how to do that.

    Those are my best tips for cooking rice! Of course, you can also just follow the basic recipe below. Either way, enjoy!

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