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You have been cooking the yummiest dish in the pressure cooker for your precious guests and suddenly noticed the pressure cooker is not that well? It started to make weird sounds and you started to get worried about it? Want you or not you feel awkward and a little worried when we see our pressure cooker hissing while cooking something in it. I will hurry to calm you down, as you have nothing to worry about.

The hissing your pressure cooker might produce is because of the process that goes in it. When there is heat inside the pressure cooker and it gradually gets higher and higher the water inside starts to boil at extreme temperatures. The pressure is extremely high and any possible leak or an escape of steam makes you scared when the top start to pop. Depending on the price and quality of the pressure cooker the hissing can be less or more. There are many types of pressure cookers available that make no sound of hissing.

This hissing sound is very similar to that of a tea kettle we used to have. The steam coming out of the pan gets so hot that its force lifts the lid on the kettle and the whistle happens because of this. This way you can realize that the water is ready in the cooker.

The reason of the hassle for both the cooker and the kettle is the same but this does not indicate that the food in the cooker is well prepared and it is ready.

Not Adding Any Liquid To The Instant Pot

Unlike your slow cooker or stovetop or oven cooking, your Instant Pot requires at least a little bit of liquid to function. Its necessary for steam to build up, ultimately creating a high-pressure environment used for faster cooking. Without sufficient liquid, pressure wont build and youll likely get the dreaded burn error.

Follow this tip: Unless otherwise specified in the recipe, use just enough liquid to bring the cooker to pressure. Amounts will vary between recipes, but in general, 1/2 to 1 cup of liquid is needed to get cooking.

Can An Instant Pot Explode What You Need To Know

October 8, 2020 by Kane Dalin

Instant pots are multifunctional pressure cookers that can be used to prepare foods and meals quickly. If you want to quickly prepare something and do not want to use a microwave then you can use an instant pot.

They can easily cook anything from roast chicken to desserts in a very little time compared to other appliances.

If youve recently bought an instant pot and are concerned about the safety issues then you are at the very right place. If you are reading this article then probably youve heard about an instant pot explosion or something related.

If you have got the question that does an instant pot explode? then there isnt any particular or clear cut answer to this question. I will today attempt to answer your doubts in the best way possible.

In comparison with pressure cookers from a decade past the instant pots do not explode. They come with 10 safety features that keep them safe from such instances. These features are designed to prevent the instant pot to function in an unsafe way. If such things happen then the pot will automatically stop working or reduce any internal pressure.

Even after such features, there are issues of explosions that have been reported and today in this post I will do my best to explain to you why this happens.

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Using The Wrong Pressure Release

There are two ways to release the pressure after cooking in your Instant Pot: natural release and quick release. And yes, it does matter which one you use. Release the pressure too quickly when cooking foods with a lot of liquid and youll likely have a mess on your hands. On the other hand, there are some foods that benefit from quick pressure release so they dont overcook.

Follow this tip: Always keep a look-out for pressure release instructions in Instant Pot recipes, as this is a step that should be clearly indicated. Plan to use natural release when cooking meat, dried beans and legumes, rice, soup, and other foods that are mostly liquid, and opt for quick release for things like eggs, vegetables, delicate foods, or ingredients that dont benefit from additional cook time.

Is It Safe If Instant Pot Is Hissing

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Yes, if your instant pot is hissing, its totally safe. nevertheless, there might be an issue if the hissing sound goes on for a long period. There might be a possibility that you may not have seated your instant pot properly or something may have gotten damaged. The written manual sent along with the instant pot might help you with detecting as well as troubleshooting the issue.

The instant pots, ideally, should not hiss, make noise, or rattle for lengthy durations. It should be incredibly quiet and practically imperceptible, even if it hisses. This is attributed to the computer chips it contains that maintain a food-acceptable temperature and pressure inside the instant pot. The instant pot should hiss a bit after youve completed cooking because it is programmed to release the pressure at a quick pace.

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Is An Electric Pressure Cooker Hissing Normal

Electric pressure cookers are in a different class. They are virtually silent save for the pressure release that happens at the end of the cooking cycle.

Electric units dont hiss, rattle, or whistle throughout the process because the heat and pressure inside the cooker are well regulated by computer chips that can maintain temperature and press at very stable levels. At the end of cooking electric pressure cookers will hiss a little as they are programmed to release pressure at a rate faster than a natural release. The sound is not much and shouldnt cause alarm. It is normal.

There is no doubt that cooking with a pressure cooker requires that a cook learn a few additional skills, but the rewards are undeniable. So are pressure cookers supposed to hiss? Yes, this alerts the cook that there is too much pressure in the pot and that it is releasing the excess pressure.

Is There A Silent Pressure Cooker

In fact almost every electric pressure cooker is virtually silent. They all make only the smallest bit of noise when they vent steam and the very end of a cooking cycle. The absolute quietest pressure cooker that will be the best value to the most amount of people will probably be the Instant Pot IP-LUX 60 V3.

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To Finish Why Do Pressure Cookers Make Noise

The modern pressure cooker does make noise and even the electric version does. However, they make less noise in comparison to pressure cookers from the 1940s and 1950s with safety features that make explosions less common.

You cant eliminate the noise because the steam needs to release. In the past, this also served as a warning that the pressure had reached fullness for cooking. Electric pressure cookers, however, make less noise and dont rattle like the conventional ones. I would advise beginners to start with an electric pressure cooker. Better safety features make them feel less intimidating.

How Do I Know If My Instant Pot Is Sealed

Instant Pot Lesson 8: Weird Noises: The Moment the Pot Seals

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Check the Sealing Ring

Open up your instant pot and push the sealing ring through the ring rack until it is seated properly. To confirm if it is in position, try turning the ring rack. If it rotates or moves around the ring rack, then you know it is sealed.

Moreover, What is the meat stew setting on instant pot duo crisp?

What does the Instant Pot Meat/Stew setting do? The meat button sets an initial cooking time and you can adjust as needed. By default, the button cooks at high pressure for different lengths of time.

Secondly, Why is my Instant Pot steaming when sealed?

If theres steam coming out after the pot has come to pressure, or if the pot just wont come to pressure at all and youre sure the pressure valve is set to Sealingthen it probably means your seal is either missing or not seated correctly.

Beside above Can Instant Pot explode? Instant pots are multifunctional pressure cookers that can be used to prepare foods and meals quickly. In comparison with pressure cookers from a decade past the instant pots do not explode. They come with 10 safety features that keep them safe from such instances.

In this way, What do you do when your Instant Pot wont seal?

Sealing Ring has Expanded Too Much and Wont Seal Properly

SOLUTION: Try placing the Instant Pot sealing ring in the freezer or run it under cold water to contract it. You can also try and turn the sealing ring over and replace it.


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Water Or Moisture Is Found On The Exterior Of The Inner Pot

If your instant pot seems to be clicking, odds are its wet from the outside. This may be a result of cleaning or condensation dripping from the outer pot part, or it may be caused by a leak within the pot. Condensation will stop as the inner pot heats up, but if its coming from a leak, you may have to replace the inner pot.

To stop this from happening, ensure the Instant Pot internal pot is dry before placing it in the Instant Pot unit.

Did I Cover Everything You Wanted To Know About Whether Pressure Cookers Are Supposed To Make Noise

In this article, we took a look at pressure cookers and whether or not they are supposed to make noise.

In truth, pressure cookers and Instant Pots do make some noise while cooking. They can also sometimes release steam. If you dont know what to expect sometimes those things seem concerning.

So we reviewed everything there is to know about whether pressure cookers are supposed to make noise. And that included knowing what noises to actually be concerned about and be on the lookout for.

What brand of pressure cooker do you have and does it make noise?

Also, make sure and check out my Best Fast and Slow Cookers Buyers Guide.

I take all the guesswork and leg work out of it for you by only listing the best of the best, conveniently broken down by category, including pressure cookers.

These are items I either own, have used, or in some cases just researched thoroughly so I know they are the highest-rated and will get you exactly what you need. Just click that link to see it on my site.

2020 Update: According to the personal injury lawyers at Johnson // Becker, some pressure cookers are exploding and injuring consumers. Through my research, I found that the firm has filled close to 200 pressure cooker explosion lawsuits against the makers of Instant Pot, Power Pressure Cooker, and others.

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What Is A Water Test

An Instant Pot Water Test is a great way to get comfortable with your Instant Pot and to make sure that its working efficiently. Its a test run if you will and allows you to pressure up the Instant Pot or Electronic Pressure Cooker and learn how to release the pressure.

These steps seem simple enough but truly do have purpose. Its not a step that should be forgotten, even by the knowledgeable owner.

Using an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker is fun and has saved me many times over when I havent prepared or thought in advance on what I should cook for dinner. Can anyone relate? You would think choosing and making something for dinner should become fairuly routine and yet I still find myself asking the age old question, Whats for Dinner? and feeling like take out Pizza is my only option.

Fortunately a pressure cooker can help you speed up the cook time or better yet, allow you to multi-task while dinner is cooking so you have time to set the table, or clean up the kitchen and set the table.

Whats The Big Deal With Instant Pots Anyway

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Instant Pots are multifunction, programmable electric pressure cookers. Think of them as little cooking robots.

If youre not familiar with pressure cooking, the entire point of an Instant Pot can be confusing.

The big sell here is pressure cooking is up to 70 percent faster than other ways of cooking. Pressure cookers reach higher temperatures because their lids lock into place without steam escaping, which creates a pressurized environment inside the pot. In this environment, the cooker reaches 250°F .

With pressure cooking on a stove, you have to keep a close eye on the cooker because you regulate the heat source. If you let the burner get too hot, the pressure builds up too much and the cooker spews out angry jets of steam .

But with an electric Instant Pot, the cooker regulates its own heat via sensors. Thats the other win. No need to carefully monitor it as your food cooks. Program the Instant Pot and once its going, youre free to go for a walk, vacuum the living room, check your emailyou get the idea.

Instant Pots can do other things besides pressure cook, too. With the lid off, you can sauté ingredients before pressure cooking. You can also use it as a slow cooker or make yogurt in your Instant Pot. Were not going to worry about doing those things here, though. This guide is all about pressure cooking.

Coco Morante

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Is An Instant Pot Safe

Instant Pots are very safe and have multiple safety features built-in to prevent misuse, injury, or cooking issues. But unlike slow cookers, do not leave the house for extended periods of time while using an Instant Pot.

After all, the way an Instant Pot works is by building up pressure inside the vessel which effectively cooks your food in a shorter amount of time.

Its the pressure inside your Instant Pot that makes people fear it could explode.

But unlike your Grandmas pressure cooker that was built in the 1950s todays modern Instant Pots have a number of cool safety features built in to ensure they arent dangerous and dont explode.

hands down the best part of using an instant pot is that feeling of cheating death each and every time it doesnt explode on you

Kerry Barger

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Add More Liquid To Your Instant Pot

Some dishes and recipes would need more liquid than normal in your instant pot. Consider adding more brothy or water to the instant pot, so it performs optimally.

If your result after cooking is a dish that is too liquid or thin, a great solution is to use the Saute function so that the liquid will reduce and the food thickens. Alternatively, you can use items that act as thickeners, such as flour, potato flakes, and cornstarch.

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Why Pressure Cookers Hiss And Release Steam Through The Lid

Most people who hear a hissing sound in the kitchen usually associate this sound with a tea kettle. The idea is that the steam gets so hot that it lifts the lid on the kettle that causes it to whistle, which is an easy way to find out that the water is ready.

It is only natural for some to assume that this principle can be applied to a pressure cooker, especially one that is hissing. If steam is releasing or even a little water is coming out of the pressure cooker steam release valve then the pot has come to full pressure and is releasing a small amount of excess pressure. The truth is that the cooker is hissing for the same reason as the tea kettle, but this does not mean that the food in the cooker is done cooking.

A pressure cooker traps steam in the pot to build up heat, which heats up the food quickly. It also controls and minimizes the amount of time the food needs to cook.

The pressure cooker raises the boiling point of water beyond the regular 212 degrees. The spike could go up as high as 250 degrees. The moisture within a pressure cooker also helps some foods like tough meat absorb moisture a lot faster, making the meat tender in a short amount of time. It should be noted that a pressure cooker can also caramelize foods, like vegetables, in no time.

Naturally, the pressure cooker can withstand high pressure cooking without making the cooker hiss, but that does not mean it will not happen.

Why Is My Pot Leaking Steam

Why is steam coming out of the sides of my instant pot?

In most cases, this is normal. There is a valve in the back that helps let off steam . So you may hear it sputter a bit when coming to pressure or at other times. But as long as its not spewing all the time, its normal.

If it is, you should be checking to see if your sealing ring is in place correctly, if the valve is set to sealing, and other troubleshooting measures.

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Are Pressure Cookers Loud

No. Pressure cookers are not loud. When the pressure release valve opens or if you do a quick release on an Instant Pot at the end of cooking, the steam whistle is a little loud. But that noise is far less loud than a coffee grinder, blender, or food processor.

So in short, the answer is not really.

The Instant Pot doesnt move, bounce around, or make any noise really other than when it occasionally releases steam from the release valve.

Even if your pressure cooker never releases steam during the cooking, it will at the end when you are done. There are 2 ways to release the pressure when youre done cooking, and 1 makes a lot more noise than the other.

Here is a breakdown of the 2 release methods and why you might want to do one or the other:


  • Why To quickly stop the cooking process to avoid overcooking the food. Dont do this with foods that sputter like soups. This only takes a couple of minutes, but will loudly release all the pressure and steam inside the pressure cooker
  • How Just turn the pressure release valve from center to the left or right


  • Why This is a gradual release of the pressure inside your pressure cooker. If you arent in a hurry or are cooking something delicate, this is the way to go.
  • How You leave it alone. The pressure naturally goes down until its neutral. You know its done when the float valve drops down. This takes about 30 minutes to complete

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