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Baby Potatoes In Instant Pot

Instant Pot Boiled Potatoes Recipe | How to Cook Potatoes in the Instant Pot | Cooking with Anadi
  • Wash baby potatoes and remove any sprouts. It is not necessary to pierce with a fork since the potatoes are so small.
  • Add the potatoes and 1 cup water in the Instant Pot , along with 1 teaspoon salt . Salt is optional, but it does season these potatoes well. Close the lid, vent set to sealing position. Set pressure cook or manual for 5 minutes at HIGH pressure.
  • Once cooking time is up, release pressure carefully by turning the knob to ‘venting’ position in the Duo model, or pushing down on in the Ultra model. If not in a rush, you can wait 5-10 minutes to allow the steam to release naturally.
  • Open the lid when the pin drops and check for doneness by inserting a knife in the center of one of the larger potatoes . Remove potatoes to prevent overcooking, and set aside to cool.

How To Season Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

I know how much you guys love my mashed potato recipe made with cream cheese, so of course there is cream cheese in this recipe. You will need an 8 ounce package of cream cheese, 4 tablespoons of butter, 1/4 cup sour cream, 1/4 cup milk along with salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.

In place of garlic powder, you could also toss in 1-3+ cloves of garlic to cook right along with the potatoes in the Instant Pot then mash them up when the potatoes are done cooking.

While many of you many not be accustomed to mashed potatoes made with chicken broth, and cream cheese, I can tell you that these two small changes result in an incredible end result.

My favorite way to mash the potatoes is to use a hand mixer on medium- low speed. You can also use a hand masher which will give you more control over how chunky or smooth your mashed potatoes are.

Mashed Potatoes made right in the Instant Pot are so easy, and so delicious, and so perfect for Thanksgiving or any night of the week. I love to make Chicken Bowls with Air Fryer Chicken Bites and use these mashed potatoes as the base. They are SO GOOD!

Top with my recipe for Perfect Turkey Gravy and you are in heaven. I hope you enjoy this recipe for Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes!

How To Boil Potatoes

Perfect boiled potatoes recipe! Boiled Potatoes is probably the simplest side dish to make and it also forms the basis for recipes like roast potatoes, potato salad, mashed potatoes, Parmentier potatoes, and some other potato dishes. Today I will show you how to boil potatoes on the stove to get a perfect outcome. I normally boil potatoes with the skin peeled off except in the case of baby potatoes where I cook it skin on. How to boil potatoes in MicrowaveUse a soft sponge to wash the potatoes or peel the skin off.

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Storage Reheating And Freezing Instructions

  • Store leftover Instant Pot potatoes in an airtight container in your fridge for up to 4 days.
  • Reheat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, air fryer for 1-2 minutes, or oven at 425 degrees for 5-10 minutes.
  • I did not test freezing them, but you should be able to store them in an airtight, freezer-safe container in your freezer for up to 3 months. Allow thawing completely, then reheat in the air fryer or oven. If you try this, let us know how it works in the comments!

What Are Some Recipes For Instant Pot

How to Cook Potatoes in Instant Pot (Boil Potatoes in IP)

Instructions Add rice to inner potof InstantPotor other pressure cooker. Add water to rice,and stir. For white rice set timer for 3 minutes at high pressure. When the cooking time is elapsed,turn off the InstantPotand all the pressure to release naturally. Fluff rice and serve immediately,or store in fridge or freezer for future meals.

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How Long Does It Take To Cook Potatoes And Carrots In The Instant Pot

Usually, carrots tend to cook at a faster time when cooking in the instant pot. However, when cooking potatoes and carrots in the instant pot, you will need to adjust the time based on the potatoes.

Potatoes usually take a minimum of 4 minutes in the instant pot, maybe less when the potatoes are diced. The carrots will not become mushy and fall apart. Carrots usually hold their shape when cooked, unless they are cooked for a mighty long time.

How Long To Cook Baked Potatoes In Instant Pot:

From our experiments using 1 cup cold water with potatoes on a trivet in Instant Pot, here are the best cooking times for cooking baked potatoes in Instant Pot:

  • 7.5 Potatoes High Pressure for 28 minutes + Natural Release for 10 minutes
  • 8 Potatoes High Pressure for 31 minutes + Natural Release for 10 minutes
  • 8.5 Potatoes High Pressure for 34 minutes + Natural Release for 10 minutes
  • 9 Potatoes High Pressure for 37 minutes + Natural Release for 10 minutes
  • 10 Potatoes High Pressure for 43 minutes + Natural Release for 10 minutes
  • 10.5 Potatoes High Pressure for 46 minutes + Natural Release for 10 minutes
  • 11 Potatoes High Pressure for 49 minutes + Natural Release for 10 minutes

*Note: If youre cooking a big batch or pot full of potatoes in Instant Pot, itll take a longer time to Get Up to Pressure, so youll need to reduce the pressure cooking time accordingly.

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The Best Boiled Potatoes Are Made In The Instant Pot

These Instant Pot Potatoes are the easiest, most hassle-free way to boil potatoes and get them perfect every time! Im talking about waxy, bite-sized potatoes like reds, new, or fingerlings not larger starchy potatoes, like russets. Take it up a notch by tossing them in your favorite seasonings and baking them in the oven at a high temperature for a few minutes to get them crispy on the outside. Or use them as-is for meal prepping, potato salad, soup, or chili!

This pressure cooker method is much faster than the traditional way of baking them in the oven or even boiling on the stove. And because its a controlled environment, you can have perfect potatoes ready in a matter of minutes!

How Long Do Potatoes Need To Boil

How to Make CREAMY Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Waxy or all-purpose potatoes are the best candidates for boiling. They hold their shape when boiled and have a nice creamy texture once cooked.

They are also usually smaller usually no bigger than your fist and thin-skinned, so they cook more quickly. Waxy and all-purpose potatoes might be red or golden or purple take a look at this guide for Sixteen Kinds of Potatoes to see what kind youre dealing with. .

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A Basic Cooking Technique That Is Easy To Master

There is just something about potatoes that sings comfort and joy, whether it’s the starchy goodness of Russet, the creaminess of Yukon gold or the butteriness of baby potato.

I used to boil potatoes using a stove-top pressure cooker. Even though it was mostly hands-free, it needed some monitoring and heat adjustments during the process.

And when I boiled potatoes in a pot on the stovetop, I would have to monitor it, wondering when was the right moment to remove them from the heat so that they were cooked to my desired tenderness.

Well, all that is taken care of with the use of an Instant Pot, or any comparable electric pressure cooker. This boiled potato recipe is a set-it-and-forget it kind. All you have to do is push a button and you are on your way to boiled potato bliss.

How To Make Baked Potatoes In An Instant Pot

The only equipment you’ll need when making baked potatoes in your electric pressure cooker is the trivet that comes with the Instant Pot. Alternatively, you can use your own metal steamer basket.

  • Clean the potatoes. Scrub the potatoes under cool running water and pat them dry.
  • Prick with a fork. Working your way around each potato, poke each one a few times with the tines of a fork to make small, shallow holes. This will help a little steam escape and keep the potatoes from bursting while cooking.
  • Prepare the Instant Pot. Add 1 to 1 1/2 cups of water to the inner pot of the cooker. Top with the metal trivet that comes with your Instant Pot or your own steamer basket. The water should come close to the bottom of the trivet without touching the potatoes.
  • Add the potatoes. Place one to four small cleaned and pricked potatoes on the trivet in a single layer.
  • Cook the potatoes. Lock the lid, turn the valve to sealing, and program the Instant Pot to cook at high pressure for 12 minutes. For medium potatoes and large potatoes , Manning recommends 15 minutes and 18 minutes, respectively.
  • Use a natural release. Let the pressure release naturally before opening the lid. Open the lid away from you to deflect any steam.
  • Test for doneness. Use a sharp paring knife or fork to poke each potato and make sure they are done. If not, return them to pressure for up to five minutes.
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    Starchy Vegetables In Instant Pot

    First, lets talk about starchy vegetables. These are the veggies that will be the most forgiving as they often need a longer time to cook: potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, squash, beets, sweet potatoes. But, not all starches are created equal. Whether you love your meat and potatoes or youre cooking your way through the hardy veg during the fall season, heres how to do it .

    Jamaican Curry Chicken Foot

    instant pot boiled potatoes

    Jamaican Curry Chicken Foot is a rich, delicious, and heart-warming curry made with chicken feet and authentic Jamaican curry powder. Thanks to the instant pot, this curry is very easy to make. It is jam-packed with Jamaican flavors and is a very healthy way to enjoy a curry. Jamaican Curry Chicken Foot Ingredient breakdown Chicken…

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    How To Steam Potatoes In The Instant Pot

    It is as easy as it gets. Just place the potatoes on a trivet. Add some water to the pot. Hit the Steam button. Adjust the time based on the size of the potatoes. It usually takes between 8 to 15 minutes depending on size of potatoes. For potatoes about 7 oz in weight, I steamed for 10 minutes. If potatoes are about 9 oz, then steam for 12 minutes. You get the idea!

    Pressure Cooker Mashed Potatoes: Mashing

    How do you like your mashed potatoes? Dense and creamy or light and fluffy? Im firmly in the light and creamy camp. This means that I whip my potatoes with a handheld mixer instead of mashing them with the traditional potato masher.

    Here are the tools you can use for mashing potatoes


    Results: Dense, thick mashed potatoes often dotted with small lumps.

    Pros: Easy-to-use. Kid-friendly.

    link: the potato masher that I use and love.

    Ricer/ Food Mill

    Results: Creamy, dense mashed potatoes

    Pros: Makes mashed potatoes with a silky texture. No lumps here.

    Cons: Pain to clean

    link: the food mill that I have. Nothing fancy for me.

    Note: You dont have to peel potatoes before putting them through a ricer. Ive found this to be somewhat true. Some of the peel always gets through and the holes tend to clog on me. Id rather spend a few minutes peeling the potatoes than futzing with a clogged ricer.

    Handheld/Stand Mixer

    Pros: Whips a batch of potatoes very quickly.

    Cons: Dirties a second bowl.

    Food processor

    Pros: None

    Cons: Turns potatoes into a dense, gluey puree. Avoid the food processor when youre making mashed potatoes.

    So which should you use? Whichever one you like. Seriously. They all make great mashed potatoes.

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    How To Store Leftover Boiled Potatoes

    If you do not use the boiled potatoes the same day within few hours, it is a good idea to store the potatoes in refrigerator for longer storage so they stay fresh for few more days.

    If you make a large batch of boiled potatoes, transfer the leftover boiled potatoes to air tight containers and you can store them in the refrigerator.

    Boiled potatoes stay fresh in the refrigerator for another 3 to 4 days if stored properly.

    You may also freeze the boiled potatoes for even longer staorage if necessary, however there could be changes in texture if they are stored frozen.

    How To Make Potatoes In Instant Pot

    How to Cook Sweet Potatoes in an Instant Pot
    • Clean potatoes and remove any sprouts growing on their skin. Pierce each potato 5-6 times with a fork.
    • Place trivet in the inner pot of Instant Pot. Add 1 cup water in the Instant Pot .
    • Place potatoes on top of the trivet. Close the lid, vent set to sealing position. Set pressure cook or manual for 6 minutes at HIGH pressure. .
    • Once cooking time is up, release pressure carefully by turning the knob to ‘venting’ position in the Duo model, or pushing down on in the Ultra model. If you’re not in a rush, you can wait 5-10 minutes to allow the steam to release naturally.
    • Open the lid when the pin drops. Check for doneness. Remove potatoes to prevent overcooking, and set aside to cool.

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    Instant Pot Baby Potatoes

    Turn the Instant Pot onto saute and bring the meat and gravy to a simmer. Create a paste with the remaining butter and the flour. When the gravy is simmering, melt the butter & flour paste into the gravy to thicken it. Season with salt and pepper. Serve the meat and gravy over the mashed potatoes.

    Instructions Peel and chop the potatoes into roughly 1-inch pieces. Peel and mince garlic cloves. Set aside. Pat dry the beef roast and place on a clean plate. Season generously with salt, pepper, and onion powder on both sides. Drizzle one tablespoon of olive oil into the bottom of the Instant Pot. Set the Instant Pot to Saute.

    1/2 tablespoon dried parsley. Instructions. Wash and dry potatoes. Using a small knife, poke a couple holes in each potato. Coat bottom of instant pot with sunflower oil. Lay potatoes in the bottom of the pot and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add chicken broth to the pot.

    How To Make Instant Pot Crispy Potatoes. Scrub and dry potatoes. If not using baby potatoes, cut them in half. Turn Saute function on the instant pot. Allow to heat up and add in 1 tablespoon oil. Add in potatoes, salt and garlic and saute for 34 minutes, until a golden-brown crust is formed on potatoes.

    Storing And Reheating Steamed Sweet Potatoes

    Cooking a big batch of sweet potatoes at once is a great way to get ahead on meal prep for the week.

    • To Store. Leftover sweet potatoes can be stored in an airtight storage container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.
    • To Reheat. Rewarm potatoes in the oven at 350 degrees F until hot. You can also reheat them gently in the microwave.
    • To Freeze. Individually wrap leftover potatoes, and freeze them for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating.

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    Different Types Of Carrots

    It may be a bit tricky to find two identical carrots from the same carrot family, however, there are a wide variety of carrots. The three main carrots used in household today are:

  • Orange Carrots
  • Usually white and closely resembling parsnips, orange carrots have developed its known color over the years. This sweet vegetable can be enjoyed raw, steamed, roasted, boiled, juiced or even grilled. Needless to say, carrots are versatile and can be added to any dish.

  • Purple Carrots
  • Purple carrots are especially appealing to the eyes and provide necessary health benefits pertaining to purple fruits and vegetables. Carrots, in general, are highly nutritious, however purple carrots are especially rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to fight inflammation and are beneficial to certain health conditions. Purple carrots are perfect for roasting.

    Instant Pot Pickled Cucumbers

    Instant Pot Baked Potatoes are done in a fraction of the ...

    Dill pickles and bread and butter pickles are very popular, whether in a sandwich or just by themselves. This Instant Pot Pickled Cucumbers recipe has the same great taste of bread and butter pickles with less preservatives and less pickling time. STAR WARS DARTH VADER THEMED, 6 QUART INSTANT POT ON SALE NOW! ONLY $59.98…

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    Recommended Tools For This Recipe

    These are the tools that Ive used to make these roasted butter and garlic potatoes:

    • Vegetable brush to clean the baby potatoes
    • A bowl I have this gorgeous mixing bowl that I use all the time!
    • Garlic press the only garlic press that I will ever use. Ive had this for over 5 years now and love it. Reliable, easy to use and wash, and never breaks.

    What Can I Make With Boiled Potatoes

    Boiled potatoes are like a blank canvas for a number of different recipes.

    And trust me when I say, my girls and I use a lot of potatoes in Indian cooking. Some of our potato must-haves include Samosa Chaat Cups, a twist on the classic Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, and crowd pleasing Samosa Pinwheels.

    A few more of our favorite recipes featuring boiled potatoes include Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes, Indian Spicy Bombay Potatoes, and these Parmesan Roasted Potatoes.

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