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Before You Use An Instant Pot For Canning Consider This Canning Experts Take On Whether Or Not You Should Incorporate An Instant Pot Good For Canning

Instant Pot Steam Canning: Part One

Instant pots are very popular for good reason. They are a modern, digitized iteration of the pressure cooker that can save a cook lots of time and can prepare anything from rice to roast to hard boiled eggs to chicken chow mein and everything in between. But can you use them for canning? Its a question I get a lot and I wanted to address it.

Water bath canning and steam canning works in part because the inside of the jar reaches over 212 degrees fahrenheit. The USDA tests recipes to ensure that the inside of your applesauce, salsa, or strawberry jam gets to this temperature, which is hot enough to kill spoilers in a high acid environment.

Instant pots are not tested for canning. We have no idea how hot, for how long it is inside your jar of tomato sauce if you tried to can it in an instant pot. Therefore, wed have no idea for how long to process any particular recipe to kill spoilers. We cannot rely on the rather amateurish test of if the jar is sealed or not to determine a safe canning process. A jar can be sealed by simply sitting in a hot grocery store shelf, completely empty, and we know thats not a safe canning process, right? The seal is only ONE part of the very important trifecta of elements that works to ensure water bath canning is safe.

You can read more about acid and canning in this post theres even a free pH chart of all the foods you may can that you can download for free!

The Dilemma: Instant Pot Vs Microwave To Reheat Food

Ive written before about how our journey to get out of debt, which has obviously impacted the decisions we make about how we spend money. Recently, the microwave we received as a wedding gift nearly ten years ago gave out. It would not work at all.

No big deal, I thoughtwe can just buy a new one. Ummm.have any of you priced microwaves lately?

I was absolutely floored at the cost of a new microwave. Even used and refurbished microwaves were way more expensive than I expected.

Because I really didnt want to shell out the money for an appliance I only occasionally used, I decided not to replace it. After all, I figured anything you can do in a microwave can be done on a stove, in an oven, or in the toaster oven.

Really, I surprised myself by not missing the microwave at all.

It did take a little bit of getting used to, though. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was true in my case as well.

I learned how to make my oatmeal in the Instant Pot, began steaming food on the stove top for homemade baby food, and started boiling water on the stove top for my morning tea. That took care of the things I had most commonly used the microwave for.

The one thing that was a little inconvenient though was reheating leftovers.

Without the microwave, I would typically remove the leftovers from the refrigerator, take them out of their storage container and put them in a pan or pot on the stove to reheat.

Recommended Equipment For Reheating Leftovers In The Instant Pot:

Reheating leftovers in the Instant Pot is such an easy way to warm food without using a microwave. Who knew there could be so many uses for an electric pressure cooker? I continue to find more and more reasons to love this versatile appliance!

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Instructions For Instant Pot Smoked Turkey Legs

  • Open the Instant Pot lid and pour the water, salt, and vinegar into the stainless-steel inner pot.
  • Add the turkey legs to the salt brine inside the inner pot.
  • Turn on the Instant Pot sauté setting for 30 minutes. youll need to add 10 minutes immediately when the first 30 minutes finishes for a total of 40 minutes on sauté.
  • With the Instant Pot lid off, allow the turkey legs to come to a boil on the sauté setting.
  • When the cooking time is finished , drain the water by gently sliding the turkey legs from the inner pot into a colander.
  • Buying An Instant Pot Here’s What You Need To Know

    What Can You Do with an Instant Pot?

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    Over the past few years, Instant Pots have become a staple in small kitchen appliances. Busy parents use them to get dinner on the table in minutes, while batch cookers use them to simplify midweek meals. Some people prefer them for their ability to cook just about everything from pot roast to yogurt. Staying home has become the new norm to help prevent coronavirus from spreading, so you’re probably using your time indoors to cook more and try out new recipes. Alongside summer cooking staples like grills, an Instant Pot is a relatively quick, easy and affordable way to whip up home-cooked meals while under quarantine. Here’s everything you should know about an Instant pot, including how it works, best Instant Pots to buy and more.

    A few years ago the idea that people would be cooking in pressure cookers en masse was unthinkable, says Elizabeth Barbone, a cookbook author and the creator of the pressure-cooker blog Cook Fast, Eat Well. Its been really fun to see folks not only embrace it, but to embrace it in different ways.

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    Can You Leave The Instant Pot In Keep Warm Mode Overnight

    Youre probably wondering, So how long can I keep my Instant Pot on the Keep Warm setting?

    Theoretically, you could leave the Instant Pot in Keep Warm mode all night, but I wouldnt recommend it.

    Most foods would not hold up well at a hot temperature for that long. They could dry out, lose their texture, or be otherwise less appetizing over time.

    Usually the only time I leave my Instant Pot on overnight is if Im making Instant Pot yogurt.

    In general, Id recommend only keeping it in the Keep Warm mode for a few hours, if needed.

    For instance, if you make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner and want to keep them warm for a few hours while the turkey cooks, thats a great use of the Keep Warm function!

    Why Use The Instant Pot For Smoked Turkey Legs

    Juicy smoked turkey legs with lots of soul food flavor are faster and easier to cook in the Instant Pot.

    So how do you cook smoked turkey legs in a pressure cooker?

    Although pressure cooking is often quicker, this recipe still delivers by using the sauté setting for turkey meat thats tender on the inside and air-fried into crispy goodness on the outside.

    Its like having your holiday feast without all the fuss of the whole bird! Your family will never tire of eating this Thanksgiving favorite.

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    Doesnt Work So Well: Bread

    While you can make bread in an Instant Pot, due to the way the appliance cooks, you wont get that nice, crispy crust on the outsideand isnt that one of the best parts? So skip the Instant Pot on this one and give this easy no-knead bread a try instead. Soak it up with these saucy Instant Pot recipes.

    Whip Up Hot Pepper Jelly

    6 Surprising Foods You Can Make In An Instant Pot

    Youre missing out if youve never tried a spicy jam. Homemade hot pepper jelly is the perfect complement to meat dishes and tastes great on toast with cream cheese as well. Make your own in the Instant Pot to eat fresh or to can soon after for enjoyment all year round.

    Heres some inspiration for a red-hued spicy jam from Zesty South Indian Kitchen.

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    Next Put Your Trivet In Place In The Insert Pot

    Depending on what kind of container you use for reheating, you may need to use a foil sling. If the container will not be easy to remove with potholders or tongs, definitely use a foil sling, as that will make it easier to lift the container out of the insert pot. Which brings me to the next point.

    But Theres A Canning Setting On My Pot

    Right. Thats probably because the manufacturer assumes that 15psi is sufficient for safe canning. But the important factor in this process is the temperature.

    Clostridium botulinum bacteria can make a person gravely ill. Low acid foods must reach and maintain a temperature of 240ºF for an extended period of time in order to kill the bacteria. Its a simple matter of safety.

    The National Center for Home Food Preservation does not recommend canning in an electric pressure cooker, nor do I. As technology improves and testing is done, this may change of course. But for now, for the safety of your loved ones, please do not use this canning method.

    Canning Safety

    Canning is an excellent way to preserve food for the pantry, but there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind.

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    Can You Use The Keep Warm Setting With A Dish Of Food

    If you have a dish of food youd like to keep warm, you can use the Keep Warm setting to do that!

    Simply put the food in a heatproof dish that will fit into the Instant Pot. Place the trivet into the insert pot and lower the dish onto the trivet.

    The Keep Warm button will maintain a warm temperature in the pot! If the food is something that could dry out over time, you may want to add a small amount of water in the bottom of the insert pot, which will create more of a steamy environment and keep food moist.

    Before You Jump In Do A Hot Water Test

    Can you use instant pot recipes in crock pot express ...

    This recommendation comes straight from the Instant Pot manufacturers themselves and is as simple and filling the pot with water and running a cycle under pressure. Not only will this suss out any defects before you need dinner done in 30 and the pot wont seal, but it also gives the pot a gentle clean too.

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    Put Meat On The Bottom

    Its not just pasta that should be on top order matters with the instant pot. In general, it works out best if you put meat on the bottom. Heres why anything that has sugars in it can burn if cooked too long. For example, if you are cooking a chuck roast that will require an hour of cooking, any ingredients with sugar might caramelize on the bottom. And tomato based sauces can definitely burn on the bottom too.

    If youre cooking chicken and only need it to cook for 30 minutes, then you probably wont run into that problem.

    Is Instant Pot Canning Safe

    First, lets cover a couple important basics of canning at home. Its important that you understand these things if youre delving into home canning. Really important!

    Water bath canning is safe for jams, jellies, and high acid foods like most tomato products and pickles. The required minimum temperature for this process is 212ºF.

    Pressure canning is the only safe method for preserving low acid foods like vegetables, meat, and fish. The required minimum temperature for this process is 240ºF. That temperature must be maintained throughout the processing time in order to prevent botulism.

    If the temp drops below 240ºF? You must return the canner to the necessary temperature and pressure and begin the timing again.

    5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Pantry!

    Ready to switch from store bought to homemade? Let me help you make some changes! Grab my FREE five-part guide to getting started.

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    Black Folks Instant Pot Smoked Turkey Legs

    Black folks Instant Pot smoked turkey legs The perfect Thanksgiving dinner doesnt have to be complicated or expensive.

    Turkey legs are a popular entrée to make for a Southern soul food Thanksgiving menu. And smoked turkey legs have an extra level of flavor that you just cant get with a traditional roast turkey!

    Now Lets See How To Can In An Instant Pot

    Pot in Pot Cooking 101 || Instant Pot

    Before using the jar, you have to make sure there are no cracks in the jar. So it will save you from beforehand while you are canning. The next step is you can sterilize the jar in the instant pot.

    Place your jar in the stand after adding the needed amount of water and vinegar. Now close the jar and seal the vent. Begin the steam cycle for 1 minute.

    You can add the food in the hot jar leaving 1/4 inch headspace.

    Clean the borders of the jar and it makes sure to give you a tight seal each time. Place the lid on tightly then set venting after placing them in the instant pot.

    After setting into the stream, wait for the float valve to come up. Once it comes up, start your processing time.

    When it finishes off the processing time, switch off the Instant pot so the pressure can come down.

    After the float valve comes down, open the instant pot and take the jar out but be careful you might burn your hands. So let it cool down and leave them for 12 hours, now your stream can is done.

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    Canning In Instant Pot

    And those are 7 Instant Pot canning recipes!

    If you would like to find more recipes for preserving food then be sure to check out 47 Food Dehydrator Recipes, 140 Home Canning Recipes, 75 Fermented Foods Recipes, 11 Ways to Preserve Tomatoes, 15 Must Try Jam Recipes, 21 Pickled Foods Recipes, and 13 Foods You Can Freeze!

    For freezer inventory sheets, canning & dehydrating cheat sheets, other preservation method temperatures and cook times for fruits and vegetables, as well as canning instructions, and awesome charts to help keep your preserved foods organized, you NEED to use the Food Preservation Planner!

    Do you get overwhelmed at harvest? Do you find yourself having to research and look up dehydrating temperatures, canning times and info every fall to preserve foods?

    The Food Preservation Planner contains cheat sheets, inventory lists, meal planning, additional recipes, and more! You definitely need this for your sanity!

    How Pressure Canning Works

    Pressure canning is a type of canning that you use for low-acid foods. When you have a food thats higher on the pH scale than a 4.6, it is possible that bacteria can survive in it. This is why we have to sterilize the food inside the jar, known as processing, in order to make it safe and shelf-stable.

    I want you to always remember that I firmly believe that home-canned food is safe, as long as its safely canned.

    In order to reliably kill off any bacteria that could be in your jar, you have to bring the contents of the jar all the way up to 240-250 degrees F.

    The only way to do this in a home setting is to do it under pressure. This is where the pressure canner comes in. Adding pressure and pressurizing the chamber of the pressure canner allows the temperature to come all the way up to that safe canning range.

    This is something you just cant do with a pot of boiling water.

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    Can You Use Your Instant Pot As A Slow Cooker

    Can Instant Pot be used as a slow cooker? Yes but it is not as simple because Instant Pot slow cooker setting temperatures are running about about 30-50 degrees F lower than on actual CrockPot. Therefore, food takes longer to cook and times have to be adjusted. But you can still use your electric pressure cooker as a slow cooker, if you wish. Here is how.

    How Do I Reheat Food In The Instant Pot #askwardee 047

    What Types Of Food Can You Cook With An Instant Pot ...

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    Could your Instant Pot finally help you kick your microwave out of the house for good?

    Ann A. is wondering the same thing! She asks, How do I reheat food in an Instant Pot? Can it possibly replace my microwave so I can finally get rid of that unhealthy appliance?

    The answer is you bet you can!

    While everyone talks about what an amazing pressure cooker or slow cooker the Instant Pot is

    one of the things I do the most with my Instant Pot is to reheat foods!

    We haven’t had a microwave for years. I adjusted pretty easily to reheating leftovers on the stovetop or oven.

    Yet now that I have an Instant Pot and use it for reheating foods, I feel like I have a microwave again! I can benefit from all the good things like that it’s fast and easy and that I can reheat multiple dishes at the same time without mixing them

    with none of the downsides! However, rather than get into all of the downsides today, instead I’m going to show you how to use your Instant Pot to reheat foods. It’s fast and so easy!


    Below, you can watch the video replay of today’s #AskWardee where I show you how to do it with leftovers from my fridge or listen to the episode or just read the quick notes. Whatever works best for you.

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