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An In-depth Look at Instant Pot Sealing Ring

No list of Instant Pot Accessories Canada would be complete without replacement sealing rings. Sure, it’s more of a replacement part than an accessory, but it’s just as important!

BPA and dishwasher safe, these genuine silicon sealing rings are a great replacement when yours is worn out.

Or, if you cook a wide variety of foods , you may want to use one ring for salty foods and one for sweet. In that case, consider the red/blue sealing rings instead of just the clear rings to help you keep them apart.

The sealing ring is an important part of the Instant Pot safety mechanisms, so steer clear of third-party options and look for the genuine ones from Instant Brands.

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This Is How To Clean Your Stinky Instant Pot Sealing Ring

My absolute favorite recipe to cook in my Instant Pot is Indian butter chicken. I spoon up the saucy, spicy mixture over rice and serve garlic naan on the side for a delicious dinner.

But after the plates are wiped clean, my Instant Pot sealing ring still bears the distinct aroma of all the spices that went into the butter chicken. Here’s how to freshen up Instant Pot sealing rings!

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How To Remove Lingering Smells From The Instant Pot Silicone Ring

Sometimes, if your meal is incredibly pungent, the smell will linger in the silicone ring of the Instant Pot. Here are some ways to get rid of the smell:

  • Store the lid upside down with the silicone ring when not in use. Airing it out will help get rid of the smell.
  • Leave it outside in the sun for a while. You can also coat it with some baking soda. This seems to work for some people. Just make sure that wildlife or pets can’t get to it.
  • Soak the ring in white vinegar diluted with water for about an hour.
  • Run a steam cycle in the Instant Pot for a few minutes with some white vinegar, water, and lemon rinds.

That’s all there is to it! It’s recommended to take the silicone ring out each time when you wash the lid, especially if the food you cooked is pretty strong. If you have the colored rings, you should use one strictly for savory foods, and the other for desserts, so that you don’t transfer over any unwanted savory smells to your sweet desserts.

The silicone ring won’t last forever , but it’s the most crucial part of the Instant Pot. The silicone ring is what seals in the steam to cook under pressure. If it’s not sealing properly, you must replace it. Otherwise, nothing will come to pressure, no matter how much liquid you put in there .

Use Different Colors For Your Silicone Rings

Instant Pot Terminology &  Acronyms

You may have noticed that genuine Instant Pot silicone rings only come in the white color. However, those made by other manufacturers come in a variety of colors.

If you buy your new silicone ring in a different color, then it will be easier to distinguish between the two.

Personally, both of my Instant Pot silicone rings are white and I have never had trouble telling the two apart. All I need to do is take a whiff and I know right away which is which.

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Use An Over The Cabinet Towel Hook To Store Your Instant Pot Silicone Rings

Storing your Instant Pot silicone rings can be a bit of a challenge.

They are kind of kind of unweildy.

I have found that hanging them on a over the cabinet towel hook like this one with the hook side on the inside of the cabinet is a good solution.

The silicone rings are always within reach and they don’t take up too much space.

Just remember,

How To Clean Instant Pot Ring With Vinegar

1. Prepare Cleaning Solution

Fill a large bowl or dish or bucket with 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar, adding more vinegar if needed to cover ring .

2. Remove Ring from Lidand Soak

Carefully remove the sealing ring from the Instant Pot and place into the vinegar cleaning solution.

3. Let sit for 15-60 minutes

4. Let air dry.

Once its soaked for some time, pull it out and let it air dry before securing it back into the Instant Pot and storing it away.

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Instant Pot Stainless Steel Inner Pot

If you find yourself wanting to leave leftovers in the Instant Pot for easy reheating, you’ve probably encountered a time when you wished you had a second inner pot to make a new dish.

Or, if you’re the type to cook large batches of food and freeze them for later, you might want to make 2 pot fulls of your favorite recipe at once.

Now you can buy a second inner pot made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel with no coatings. Available in 6-quart, 8-quart, and even mini 3-quart sizes.

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Other Tips To Deal With Your Smelly Instant Pot Ring

Instant pot sealing ring

1. Buy a new sealing ringInstant Pot says you should be replacing your sealing ring every 6-12 months. Maybe its time to replace yours? You can easily .

2. Keep two sealing ringsTo avoid any possible transfer of smell, I keep two Instant Pot sealing rings, one for savory dishes and another for sweets. You can buy color-coded rings so you dont mix them up.

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Why Your Instant Pot Silicone Ring Smells Bad

When used for cooking, silicone has a tendency to absorb odors especially when you are cooking with pungent foods and spices.

In the Instant Pot, odors from foods like onions, garlic, cumin, or curry powder will linger long after your meal are gone.

This becomes problematic when you make a flavorful chicken tikka masala or beef stew one night and then decide to make something more mild like steel cut oatmeal in the Instant Pot the next morning.

Your oatmeal will end up tasting a bit like your dinner and that is not so much fun.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to figure out how to clean the Instant Pot silicone ring of all odors.

Instant Pot Sealing Rings

If you know youll be making both sweet and savory dishes with your Instant Pot, this might be your new favorite accessory for the pressure cooker. The rings tend to take on the aroma of whats being cooked, so its easy with the different colors to mark one for recipes like soup and one for recipes like cakes.

To buy: $6-13, .

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Cook Anything In No Time

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker

The pot that does it all

The Instant Pot DUO60 is the most popular Instant Pot for many people It’s a great size at 6-quarts and is big enough for families up to four people with plenty of leftovers. The functions it includes should be enough for most people, and it also comes in 3 and 8-quart sizes if needed.

The Instant Pot is a hot kitchen appliance that has taken the world by storm. It replaces several different kitchen appliances and makes cooking fun, even for those who don’t like to cook. The 6-quart size is pretty standard for most families, but there are 3 and 8-quart options available for most Instant Pot models, including the Duo. It’s important to wash and clean the silicone ring on a regular basis so that it seals properly and also doesn’t transfer strong smells.

How To Clean Your Sealing Ring On An Everyday Basis

ANPHSIN 6 Pack Instant Pot Sealing Ring Fits 5 qt or 6 ...

The easiest way to keep odors at bay is to pop out the ring and clean it regularly. We recommend cleaning the ring and the lid after every use, said Tracy Fadden, vice president of marketing of Instant Brands . Be sure to dry it, too! Let it air dry before storing it, Fadden added.

We checked with New York-based chef , who regularly uses her Instant Pot when preparing meals at home. Theres not much I do except pull it out and wash it with soap and water. I dry it with a clean cloth and return it to the lid, Shah said.

Drying the ring is of the utmost importance, since dampness is the perfect medium for bacteria to grow. How can you make sure its dry? Placing it in the freezer or under the sun for thorough drying helps to kill the bacteria, Fadden said.

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How To Use Your Instant Pot Silicone Rings

Once you buy your second silicone ring for the Instant Pot, you need to follow a few guidelines to keep it odor free for as long as possible.

  • Only use your original, smelly silicone ring to make pungent foods stews, soups, curries, dinners, etc.
  • Only use your new, fresh silicone ring to make mild dishes like Instant Pot yogurt, oatmeal, desserts, etc.
  • To minimize the transfer of odors, store both silicone rings separate from each other AND away from your Instant Pot.
  • Set It In The Sunshine

    Its also been said that sticking it out in the sun can help it remove the odor and even some of the Instant Pot ring discoloration that happens overtime, too! UV rays kill bacteria afterall.

    I hope that this helps you clean Instant Pot rings and remove odors from them too! Happy cooking!

    For more great kitchen cleaning tips, check out the following posts:

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    The Solution That Works

    The bad news is, the only solution is to buy an extra sealing ring.

    The good news is that this extra part is not expensive, and changing out the rings is very quick and easy.

    See it on Amazon

    The sealing ring set pictured at right is the Instant Pot brand. Be aware that using any other brand of sealing rings may void your warranty. Anyway in this case theres no reason not to buy name brand because these rings are very inexpensive. Exact price depends on which size you need, but you can usually find the most expensive set selling for no more than $13. Click on the image at right to check todays exact price on Amazon. Be sure to select the correct size for your Instant Pot model.

    With two sealing rings on hand, you can use one when cooking chicken, fish, and any spicy dishes like gumbos or marinated meats. Save the other ring for blander foods like oatmeal that do not produce strong or distinct aromas while cooking.

    Switching rings is simple and only takes a minute. The sealing ring is reversible, so theres no way to get it in backwards. You just insert it into the track and push it into place. Heres a real short video that demonstrates how easy it is:

    The Problem: Instant Pot Sealing Ring Absorbs Odors

    Replacing an instant pot sealing ring

    Youll find this complaint in some online customer reviews, and I can now confirm from personal experience that its true. The sealing ring that goes inside the Instant Pot lid tends to absorb odors when cooking certain foods.

    See the Instant Pot on Amazon

    Dont worry, it doesnt have any effect on the taste of what you cook. Those odors are not transferred to the food inside the pot. The smell is just in the air.

    At least one person disagrees with me, which you can see in the . Jerry says the lingering odor did affect taste, but unfortunately we dont know what foods were involved. I do have to wonder about highly seasoned Indian curry dishes that have such a powerful aroma, which might be absorbed by delicate foods.

    In fact, some people may not even think thats a big deal, but heres an example to help you decide whether it matters to you.

    Lets say you cook a chicken for dinner, and then the next morning you use your Instant Pot again to make quick work of some steel cut oats for breakfast. Your oatmeal is going to taste great, but while its cooking, youre going to smell the aroma of last nights chicken.

    Maybe you wont mind that. I do. Im one of those people who does well handling the major crises in life. Its the little things that send me over the edge. Personally, no matter how good that chicken was last night, the leftover aroma of it does not go well with my morning coffee.

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    Dont Forget To Change The Valve To Sealing

    Dont forget to turn the valve to sealing! If you leave the valve in the venting position, the instant pot cannot come to pressure.

    I hope these tips of what NOT to do with your instant pot come in handy! As you can see, Ive made a few of these instant pot fails! Im hoping that you can avoid these mistakes with your own pot!

    Once you are feeling confident with your instant pot, and you are ready to venture out be sure to check out all the cool accessories you can get!

    How To Replace The Sealing Ring On Your Instant Pot

    You have that fancy schmancy Instant Pot that everyone’s talking about nowadays right? That kitchen appliance that pressure cooks food and can reduce the time it takes to cook tasty meals like pot roasts by several hours, and even lets you walk away and not babysit the food? It’s a life saver for many, including myself. But as you cook meals with it, you’ll notice that the silicone ring may hold smells from your dinner, and you don’t want that cheesecake to smell like last night’s chili. Or maybe it’s old and just worn out enough that it doesn’t properly seal under pressure anymore. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

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    Tips For Cleaning Instant Pot Sealing Ring

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    If you want to raise great kids and enjoy a cleaner home, then join more than 15,000 others who receive helpful home and family tips straight to their inbox each week. As a thank you for joining you’ll receive several FREE household printables and other great perks too!

    If youre dealing with some Instant Pot ring smells, youll be so thankful for the information inside on how to clean Instant Pot rings and remove any odors from the sealing ring.

    Instant Pot pressure cookers are so easy and quick to use to make an assortment of dishes, so its no wonder they are extremely popular right now!

    We bought ours on a Black Friday deal about three years ago, but I will admit that we dont use ours as we should, but thats mostly due to my lack of desire for cooking in the first place.

    Hate cleaning but love a clean house? Pick up this printable Spring Cleaning Bundle and you’ll be able to clean it all without feeling overwhelmed!

    One aspect that needs special cleaning care is the silicone ring.

    How To Deodorize Smelly Instant Pot Sealing Ring

    Instant Pot Replacement Silicone Sealing Ring (6L, 3pcs ...

    If youve had your Instant Pot for even a short amount of time, youve probably noticed the sealing ring on the inside of the lid has a tendency to retain the smell of what youve cooked, especially if it was something particularly potent.

    This post contains affiliate links . See our disclosure for more information.

    Over and over again, I see people asking how to get rid of the smell on their Instant Pot sealing ring. Im going to share a few different ways you can do this.

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    How Do You Handle A Smelly Sealing Ring On Your Instant Pot

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