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How To Store Your Instant Pot

How to Steam Broccoli in Instant Pot – 0 min & tips!

Store your cooker like this, with the lid upside down and the gasket loose. Condensation builds up in the gasket, which can become moldy if you lock a damp lid on the cooker.

This method allows for lots of air circulation. Its not so pretty on a countertop, I know. If nothing else, make sure you at least never store your cooker with a damp lid.

What About Other Instant Pot Models

  • Duo Plus: Like the Duo, but with a blue LCD display and few more settings . You can toggle to sound off or on.
  • Smart WiFi: Generally like the Duo, but you can pair it with an app and use your smartphone to control some of its functions.
  • Lux: No yogurt making setting. Does not need a drip catcher. Each setting will remember the cook time you programmed most recently.
  • Ultra: Has a central control knob, not as many buttons, and a few more special settings. Has a feature to automatically adjust for pressure cooking at altitude. Quick release button keeps fingers away from the steam release valve. Each setting will remember the cook time you programmed most recently.
  • Max: This has a touch screen, a sous-vide function, heats faster, can be programmed to automatically release steam, and offers an altitude adjustment option.

Why Does My Instant Pot Release Steam While Cooking

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Instant Pots are great by virtually all standards. They are versatile and incredibly useful at the same time, which is why theyre starting to become more popular than regular pressure cookers across the globe.

Despite the high price tag they carry, most people dont mind buying the Instant Pot mainly because of its durable construction and the fact that it is a lot more than just a pressure cooker.

The Instant Pot is essentially a multicooker that was released just over a decade ago and has quickly become an incredibly popular choice for people who like to make their own food.

However, their convenient and easy use doesnt mean that Instant Pots are perfect. There are many problems that one could face while using their Pot.

For example, one of the most common problems associated with Instant Pots is the leakage of steam.

As it is a pressure cooker by design, steam plays an important role in maintaining the temperature within the cooker itself. If the steam is leaking, it could prevent the pressure cooker from working properly.

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Using Saute Function After Cooking

The Sauté function is also useful for finishing the dish after pressure cooking is done. Once the pressure has been completely released, open the lid and then press Sauté button again. Press the button again to cycle through Less or More for lower or higher temperature.

Use it for:

  • Simmering the sauce or broth in the dish that needs to evaporate and reduce or thicken.
  • Adding more fragile or no-cooking-required ingredients like baby spinach, fresh tomatoes, fruit, cheese, milk or cream.
  • Thickening sauce with butter, cream or flour.

Common Questions For Instant Pot Carrots

How to Cook Easy Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

How long does it take to steam carrots in the Instant Pot?

Set the timer for 2 minutes for fork-tender carrots. Keep in mind that the Instant Pot will take about 10 minutes to come to pressure, so actual cooking time is about 12 minutes.

How do you steam carrots in an Instant Pot without a steamer basket?

Add the carrots to the pressure cooker first, then add the water and any seasonings.

Can you steam food in a pressure cooker?

Yes! The cook time depends on the food or vegetable.

Is pressure cooker bad for health?

Not at all. In fact, studies have shown that pressure cooking can help preserve heat-sensitive nutrients better than other cooking methods.

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Whats The Best Instant Pot Steamer

Most Instant Pot pressure cookers come with a trivet, but dont come with a steamer basket in their kit of accessories, so you need to buy one separately.

Over the years, Ive tried several steamer baskets, of all shapes and sizes. So, I gathered all my experiences and created a Best Steamer Basket for Instant Pot guide. I talk about how to choose such a device, why its important to have one, and I review some of the products I love the best.

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How To Cook Asparagus In The Instant Pot

STEP. 1 Make sure your asparagus fit in the pot. Trim the ends to make them fit.

STEP. 2 Place a steam basket or the trivet. Add the cup of water, place the asparagus in the steam basket.

STEP. 3 Place the lid on the pot and lock it in place. Turn the steam release knob to the Sealing position . Press STEAM and the + or – button to choose 0 minutes. The pot will take a few minutes to build up the pressure before the timer starts.

STEP. 4 When the cooking cycle has finished, then do a Quick Release of the pressure by turning the knob towards the Venting position . When the metal pin in the lid drops down, you can open the lid facing away from you.

STEP. 5 Lift the steamer basket out of the Instant Pot and place asparagus in a serving bowl.

Have you ever wonder how to buy the best-looking asparagus and how to keep them fresh longer well, here are some helpful tips.

How Long To Cook Beets In Electric Pressure Cooker

How to steam broccoli in the Instant Pot

Cook on MANUAL or PRESSURE COOK Mode. The size of the beets will determine how many minutes you need to cook whole beets.

  • small size cook for 10-12 minutes
  • medium size beets choose between 15-18 minutes and
  • larger beets cook for 20-25 minutes.
  • If you cut the beets in half or into quarters, you can reduce cooking time to 10 minutes across the board.

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By Step Instructions For Steamed Carrots In Instant Pot

  • Prep the carrots: Peel carrots and cut them in 2-inch long pieces, about ½-inch thick. Alternatively use baby carrots.
  • Add water: Add 1 cup water to the steel insert of the Instant Pot. Increase water to 2 cups if using an 8qt cooker.
  • Add the carrots: Add carrots in a steamer basket, or stack them on any trivet that has a 1-inch or more clearance from the bottom of the pot. This ensures even cooking. Lower the basket or trivet into the Instant Pot.
  • Close the lid and cook: Close the lid. Select ‘pressure cook’ or manual and cook for 2 minutes at high pressure, on sealing mode. Once cooking time is up, hit cancel and release the pressure manually by following your model’s quick release instructions. Carefully remove the steamer basket and let it cool.

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Instant Pot Steam Setting

The Steam setting on the Instant Pot is perfect for cooking vegetables, fish and seafood, tofu and any other food that is suitable to steaming. This function uses Low pressure, which helps to avoid overcooking the food and means that the Instant Pot will come to pressure quicker. You need to use the trivet/steam rack provided to elevate food from cooking liquid. Always use QR to prevent food from overcooking. Below is how to use the Steam setting on Instant Pot.

  • Turn the Instant Pot on, it will say OFF to indicate the Stand-By mode. Add a cup of water to the inner pot and place the trivet on top. You can place the vegetables or a piece of fish or thinly sliced chicken on top of the trivet OR you can use an additional steam basket or a round pan with holes that fits inside the pot. A steamer basket might be useful for smaller-sized vegetables or cut-up vegetables to prevent them from falling into the water.
  • Secure and lock the lid. Press the Steam button. The default setting is pre-programmed to set the pot to cook at Low pressure for 10 minutes. If you press the Steam button again, you can adjust the mode from Normal to Less or More.

How To Serve Instant Pot Steamed Vegetables

Instapot or Instant Pot? Your Guide to the Most Useful ...

For a healthy and light lunch or dinner, serve these Instant Pot Steamed Vegetables with this Pan Fried Rainbow Trout, these Yogurt Marinated Chicken Kebabs, or this Chicken and Green Lentils Casserole.

Steamed vegetables also taste great as a part of veggie and grain bowls together with barley or black rice.

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Health Benefits Of Carrots

Carrots have a variety of health benefits, including:

  • Carrots are low on the glycemic index , which is a measure of how quickly foods raise blood sugar after a meal. Their GI ranges from 16 to 60, with the lowest for raw carrots, a little higher for cooked ones, and highest for puréed. Eating low-glycemic foods has many health benefits and is particularly important for people monitoring their blood sugar, especially in diabetes.
  • Carrots are mostly water and carbs, which are starch and sugars. While they do have about 7 grams net carbs per carrot, they are still lower in carbs than many other root or underground vegetables .
  • They are a good source of fiber, with one carrot containing about 2 grams. The main form of soluble fiber in carrots is pectin, which can lower blood sugar levels and help digestion.
  • Carrots are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, such biotin, potassium, and vitamin A.

You might also like this delicious recipe for Honey Glazed Instant Pot Carrots.

Ready Lets Cook Some Water

The first time you use your Instant Pot, make waternot food. This way, you can familiarize yourself with simply operating itno anxiety over ruining dinner. Ive been pressure cooking for over a decade, and I still do the water test every time I try out a new cooker.

Here’s what to do:

First, check the gasket. Make sure its snugly in the ring in the lid 99 percent of the time, if your Instant Pot isnt coming to pressure, its a simple issue of the gasket not sitting in the ring quite right.

Next, put 3 cups of water in the insert. When following recipes, you should still measure liquids, but note that the insert has hash marks to give you a rough idea of the volume.

Now, lock on the lid. Use the arrows on the lid and the cooker to guide you.

Check the steam release valve to see its in Sealing position. If the valve is in Venting position, the cooker wont come to pressure.

Press Manual” on the Duo or select “Pressure Cook” on the Ultra. The display will say to 30:00. Its programming initially defaults to 30 minutes cook time of high pressure, which we can toggle up or down depending on how much time the recipe calls for. For our water test, well leave it at 30 minutes.

Now…do nothing. In a few seconds, the cooker will beep three times, and the display will read On. That means its heating, but not at pressure yet.

Emma Christensen

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Steaming Veggies With The Saute Function

  • 1Find a clear pot lid that fits your instant pot. Dont use your Instant Pot lid when youre using the saute function, since youre not pressure cooking. Instead, use a regular pot lid to trap in steam. This way, youll be able to check your food while it cooks so you can turn off the Instant Pot when your meal is done.XResearch source
  • Normally, you dont need to use a lid at all when youre using the saute function. However, youll need a lid to steam your veggies.
  • 2Press the saute function. Look for the button on the lower-left side of the control panel. This allows you to heat the water up to create steam. However, the Instant Pot wont pressure cook your veggies.XResearch source
  • Normally, youd use this function to heat sauces, toss veggies or meat in oil, or season cooked food.
  • 3Push + or – to adjust the time if necessary. Check the recommended steam time for the veggies youre cooking. Then, set the timer on the Instant Pot. You can set the time for up to 30 minutes while in the saute function.XResearch source
  • If youre using a recipe, use the recommended steam time listed on the recipe. Otherwise, check the recommended steam time for the type of veggie youre cooking.
  • Its okay to set the time high as long as you stay with the Instant Pot. When youre happy with the texture of your veggies, hit cancel to turn off the Instant Pot.
  • The preheating time wont count toward your cooking time, so dont worry about that.
  • How To Cook With The Instant Pot

    How to use Instant Pot as a Pressure Steamer

    How you use your Instant Pot depends on what you’re cooking. But, many recipes — especially those involving meat — tend to follow this formula:

  • Set the Insant Pot to Saute mode. Add oil and brown your protein, like beef or chicken. Aromatics, like garlic and onion, are browned in this step, too.
  • Hit the Cancel button. Now tap Manual, followed by Pressure. Tap it again to go into High Pressure mode Use the plus and minus buttons to set the cook time.
  • Place the lid on the Instant Pot and lock it into place. You should hear a lovely little sound letting you know it’s locked.
  • Make sure the valve built into the lid is in the Sealing position.
  • When the Instant Pot builds enough pressure, the red button will pop up. Now the cook time will officially begin.
  • The above steps can vary quite a bit, depending on the recipe, but most of what I cook in my Instant Pot follows that sequence.

    Here, the Instant Pot’s valve is in Sealing position.

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    What Is An Instant Pot

    An Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker. It is a multi-use appliance that can cook foods quickly at high pressure. Steam pressure builds up inside the pot, which creates a higher temperature environment that cooks foods faster. Unlike old fashioned pressure cookers, the Instant Pot has many safety features that make it safe and easy to use.

    An Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, sauté pot, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker and warmer all in one. Ive been amazed at the versatility of my Instant Pot and the flavor and texture of the foods that I am able to cook in it. The high pressure inside the Instant Pot can tenderize even tough cuts of meat. It creates rich, complex flavors seriously, Ive never had better chili than Instant Pot chili!

    If you are not sure which Instant Pot to buy, check out my guide to the Best Instant Pots. Ive also tested out many Instant Pot accessories so that I can share my favorites with you.

    What Is The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot is a pressure cooker — and then some. It also sautés, slow cooks, makes rice and steams veggies and poultry. It’s an all-in-one device, so you can, for instance, brown a chicken and cook it all in the same pot. In most cases, Instant Pot meals are ready to serve in less than an hour.

    Its quick cook times are thanks to its pressure-cooking function, which locks steam created by liquid , building pressure and pushing steam back into the food.

    But don’t confuse it with a stovetop pressure cooker. Unlike your grandparents’ pressure cooker, this Instant Pot eliminates safety concerns with a lid that locks, and stays locked, until the pressure is released.

    Yes, you can cook a whole chicken in the Instant Pot.

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    How To Cook Beets In Instant Pot

    Try to buy beets that are same size. It helps with even cooking.

    Wash and trim the beets leaves .

    Pour a cup of water into the Instant Pot. Place a steamer basket / trivet inside the Instant Pot and arrange the beets on top.

    You can also use a steamer basket. Close the Instant Pot lid, with vent on SEALING. Choose the timing based on the size of the raw beets below.

    Once InstantPot finishes cooking, wait on keep on timer for at least 10 minutes. You can release leftover pressure after that my moving the valve from SEALING to VENTING.

    Open the lid and check if beets are cooked by inserting a clean knife or fork. If it goes through easily, the beets are cooked.

    Remove the beets from the Instant Pot and on to a plate. Once beets are cool, peel off the skin.

    Slice or cut into desired pieces. Garnish them with your choice of toppings and enjoy!


    Beets can be eaten raw if they are tender and super fresh. You can also make them boiled, steamed or roasted.

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