How To Cook Pork Chops In An Instant Pot

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Why Are My Instant Pot Pork Chops Tough

Instant Pot Simple: Pork Chops
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The secret to perfect Instant Pot pork chops is to choose the right chops in the first place. Pork chops are normally very lean and will get tough if they are overcooked.

Pick chops that are bone-in as the bone adds more flavor plus shields the meat around it from overcooking. Ask your butcher to cut the chops thick. Thin chops overcook very fast. Also, look for chops that are well marbled with fat, as this will help keep the meat tender and moist.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes that cause Instant Pot pork chops to become tough:

1. Overcooking

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Pork chops are lean cuts, which means they dont need hours of steaming and cooking. However, if you leave them in the Instant Pot for more than the prescribed time, the chops will turn tough, signaling that they are overcooked.

The pork chops can become tough even with just a few minutes of overcooking. This problem isnt just seen with an Instant Pot overcooked pork chops become tough on the grill or stovetop as well.

With overcooking, the chops will turn dry, chewy, and tough. This is certainly not something your family will find delicious or appealing!

Make sure there is no carry-over cooking time. Remember that even when you take them out of the oven or pot, the chops will continue cooking in the residual heat for a few minutes. This is also why it is best to serve them straight away, rather than keeping them warm.

2. Choosing the Wrong Cuts

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3. Buying Chops That are Too Thin

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Add Veggies And Make It A One Pot Meal

You can add in any veggies to this recipe and you dont even have to increase the cooking time. I have thrown in frozen green beans, potatoes, and carrots in there and they all came out packed with flavor and perfectly soft. I would put the pork chops on the bottom and then the veggies on top. Try it and come back and leave a comment and let us know what you loved.

Pressure Cooker Pork Chops

The instant pot is a lifesaver when Im short of time. I can set it to pressure cook and get the delicious and healthy dinners on the table in minutes!

I love both slow cooker and pressure cooker for different reasons. For this recipe, I like the flavor of pork chops better when its made in an instant pot as they are perfectly cooked every time and hold their shape for slicing!

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How Much Meat Can Fit In A 6

Snapshots and Instructions for Whole Chicken in the Instant Pot: Add Chicken or Turkey to the Pot A 3-4 kilogram chicken should fit in a 6 liter pan, either fresh or frozen, but be aware of the lack of flexibility when frozen cooking and cooking Meal planning. If necessary, you can cut the bird into quarters.

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Recipe Tips And Modifications

Instant Pot Pork Chops in Apple Cider Recipe [VIDEO ...
  • Using Instant Pot Frozen Pork Chops: You can prepare this recipe using frozen pork, chops but you MUST skip the step of searing the pork chops and increase the cooking time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes on high pressure.
  • Using Bone-In Pork Chops: You can use bone-in pork chops but I would suggest increasing the cooking time by 1 minute.
  • Searing Optional: While searing the pork chops and sauteeing the mushrooms and onions does add flavor to the recipe, feel free to skip these steps to save time. Instead layer the pork chops, chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, beef stock, and seasonings in the inner pot and cook for 6 minutes on high pressure instead of 5 minutes.
  • To keep this pork chop recipe Dairy-Free, simply omit the butter and replace it with additional olive oil.
  • Storage: Leftover pork chops will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days and can be frozen for up to 2 months.
  • Pro Tip for Cutting Pork Chops: A huge money saving tip is to ask your butcher to cut a boneless pork loin into 1-inch pork chops for you at your local grocery store. This is typically a free service offered and pork loin roast is usually less expensive, not to mention then you have the perfectly sized pork chops.

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  • Season pork chops with garlic powder, salt and pepper.
  • Turn Instant Pot on to SAUTEE. Add oil.
  • Brown pork chops in batches, about 2 minutes per side. Remove from Instant Pot and set aside.
  • Add 1 cup broth to the Instant Pot and scrape any brown bits from the bottom of the pot. .
  • In order, add sliced mushrooms, chopped onion, browned pork chops. Top with mushroom soup and parsley.
  • Seal the lid and turn the Instant Pot to HIGH pressure for 15 minutes .
  • Once done, allow the Instant Pot to naturally release for 10 minutes. Release any remaining pressure.
  • Remove pork chops from the gravy and set aside.
  • Combine remaining broth and cornstarch in a small bowl. Turn the Instant Pot on to SAUTEE to bring gravy to a boil. Add cornstarch mixture a little bit at a time to reach desired consistency.
  • Serve pork chops over mashed potatoes with gravy.

Recipe Notes

Nutrition Information

How To Make Instant Pot Pork Chops

  • Season the pork chops with Sea Salt Flakes and pepper on both sides.
  • Select the sauté setting of the Instant Pot, add in the oil and when hot brown the pork chops on both sides .
  • Using tongs, remove the pork chops from the Instant Pot, and set aside on a plate.
  • Add the liquid into the Instant Pot, and scrape any bits stuck to the bottom of the pot from frying with a silicon or wooden spoon.
  • Place the trivet inside the bottom of the Instant Pot insert before placing the pork chops on top of the trivet.
  • Then add your favorite paste/sauce/dressing to the top of your pork chops.
  • Cover your Instant Pot, set the vent to SEALING position, press the manual / pressure cook button, select high pressure and set the timer to 5 mins.
  • Cook till done and allow for a 10-minute natural pressure, then perform a quick pressure release to let out any remaining steam. Open the lid and remove your Instant Pot Pork Chops.
  • Chefs Tip: Remove the trivet with your mitts and keep your pork chops warming in the Instant Pot until ready to serve. No need to dirty an extra dish, am I right?!?!

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    Why Are My Instant Pot Pork Chops Tough & Dry

    The main reason you ended up with dry or tough meat would be because you have overcooked them. Also, remember that pork chops are usually lean, and does not require a lot of cooking time.

    Therefore, for the best result, I would recommend using thicker cuts, and also bone-in chops that are well-marbled.

    How Long Should I Cook Frozen Pork Chops In The Pot Instantly

    Pork chops Instant Pot recipe | best pork chop and fast!

    Make Instant Pot Frozen Pork Chop Cover your Instant Pot, turn vent to SEAL position, press pressure cooker / manual button, select high pressure and set timer to 8 minutes. Cook until the end, leaving a natural pressure of 10 minutes. Then do a quick depressurization to release the remaining steam.

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    Tender Juicy Instant Pot Pork Chops With Gravy

    Pork chops are one of my favorite meals! Somehow they combine a down-home comfort food flavor with the appeal of a good steak, you know? And, if you add a creamy mushroom sauce? Oh. My. Goodness. Serious grub.

    If you avoid cooking pork chops, though, I get it! For a lot of cooks, pork chops are one of those protein options that are just frustrating. Weve all had nice, juicy pork chops, and probably most of us have cooked disappointingly tough, dry pork chops. After one failed attempt, it seems easier to just cook something you know, especially on busy nights.

    But, these pork chops always come out super tender and juicy, because theyre made in the Instant Pot! The pressurized cooking in the Instant Pot practically guarantees a delicious result every time, as long as you have the right thickness of the pork chops and the correct amount of liquid.

    What Are Smothered Instant Pot Pork Chops

    A universal truth of cooking any type of meat in the electric pressure cooker is that you cant get crispy but you can get saucy. No searing or broiling after cooking in the electric pressure cooker will give your pork chops the crisp exterior of oven or stovetop pork chops, but it does create the opportunity for flavorful sauce.

    Smothered pork chops are most often associated with Southern cuisine and can come with mushrooms, onions, or even thick black pepper gravy depending on the recipe. This gravy is full of caramelized onions and garlic, and balanced with a swoop of sour cream just before serving.

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    Tips For The Perfect Dish

    • You can use bone-in or boneless pork chops in this recipe. I prefer bone-in meat because its less likely to dry out and has more flavor. Look for chops that are about 3/4 to 1 inch thick.
    • Any variety of mushrooms will work. I typically use button or cremini mushrooms, but you can also use other types such as oyster, shiitake, chanterelle or portobello.
    • This dish will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
    • Serve your pork over mashed potatoes, rice or quinoa. If youre watching your carbs, try cauliflower rice instead.

    What Is The Secret To Make Juicy Instant Pot Pork Chops

    Instant Pot Pork Chops

    We have made this delicious recipe multiple times, and in our view, the secret starts with the meat. We recommend:


    • Using thin cut pork chops can result in dry meat. Since the chops will be cooked under pressure, the meat tends to dry out if it is thin cut. Also, it might not have the best look to it.
    • The best alternative to cooking the thin cut pork chops would be cooking them on the stovetop.


    • If you prefer eating boneless pork chops, make sure to use thicker size cuts. Also, it will result in a tender and juicier meat.
    • Its important to note, that the meat is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees F.


    • This is what we usually use, and is what makes this dish so special and juicy.
    • Try to use bone-in pork chops, this results in a flavorful and tasty meal.
    • Similarly, the bone-in helps insulate the meat and keep the chops tender, juicy and very moist.

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    How To Thicken The Gravy

    Make A Slurry

    Make a slurry using COLD heavy cream and flour. The typical steps for making a slurry are as follows:

  • Select your starch. In this case we are using flour, but you could use corn starch, or another starch like potato flour if you want.
  • Measure your starch into a separate bowl. Do not put it directly into the pot.
  • Whisk in equal parts cold liquid. We are using cold cream, but you can use milk, or water as well.
  • Whisk the slurry into your sauce. So you will remove the chops from the sauce, and turn the pot to saute, and then whisk in your slurry.
  • Bring to a simmer. Heat, and it will thicken as it heats.
  • If you let it sit for a few minutes, it will continue to thicken as it heats.

    How To Store Freeze And Reall Postsheat

    Storing: Store pork chops in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.

    Freezing: Seal in an airtight, freezer-friendly bag or container and freeze for up to 3 months. Keep them wrapped individually if you plan to only take out one or two at a time. You can also freeze the gravy in separate airtight containers. Again, in smaller portions depending on how much you need.

    Reheating: Place pork chops in a baking dish, with gravy. Cover with foil and reheat in the oven at 350 degrees F until thoroughly heated.

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    Make From Frozen Serving Day Directions

    These directions help you cook or reheat this meal AFTER its been frozen for when you are ready to eat it.

  • Prep from frozen
  • **Depending on your container size/shape and your serving size, you may need to adjust cooking times given as it is based on 4 servings frozen in a 64 ounce container.**
  • Place frozen contents of container in inner pot.
  • Lock cover into place and seal the steam nozzle.
  • Cook on high pressure for 10 minutes.
  • Naturally release pressure for 5 minutes then quick release any remaining pressure.
  • Remove chops from instant pot.
  • In a bowl, whisk together water and cornstarch.
  • Add to instant pot. Cook on saute function for 3-5 minutes.
  • Stir in green onion, serve sauce over pork.
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    Why Cook Pork Chops In The Instant Pot

    Frozen Pork Chops In The Instant Pot

    If you have been afflicted by the fear of undercooking pork, I have the answer, the Instant Pot. Cooking at a high temperature for a short amount of time keeps the meat juicy and using the sauté function creates a beautiful golden crust. I have the Instant Pot DUO Plus 8 Qt, and I absolutely love it.

    The salt and pepper I use to season the chops may seem simple but I think you will agree that the results are anything but plain.

    You can serve these with a sprinkling of parsley or try them with your favorite sauce. During the summer, I like to serve them with my Best Ever Barbecue Sauce, cornbread, and baked beans. Or, you can try one of my amazing gravy recipes. My Classic Gravy is here but I also have a recipe for gravy without drippings.

    If you are ready to overcome the over-cooked-pork-chop syndrome, give this method of cooking pork chops a try!

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    Instant Pot Pork Chops With Gravy

    Instant Pot Pork Chops with Gravy are one of the best comforting and flavorful instant pot recipes! Learn how to make tender and juicy pork chops in your instant pot, it’s so easy!

    It’s always funny to me how we look forward to Summer break from school every single year, and I personally count the days down right along with my kiddos! But, even when summer finally arrives we find ourselves just as busy as we are during the rest of the year. That keeps me constantly reaching for my instant pot on a regular basis. I love making sure we can have a nice dinner on the table even on the most hectic days.

    I modeled these Instant Pot Pork Chops after my recipe for Slow Cooker Pork Chops and Gravy. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Everyone in my house loves the slow cooker pork chops so much that I wanted the Instant Pot recipe to be as similar as possible! If you’re looking for more pork chop recipes, be sure to try out these delish Baked Pork Chops with Rice too! If you’re an air fryer user, definitely try these Air Fryer Pork Chops they’re just amazing!

    Why Are My Pork Chops Tough & Dry

    The #1 reason is overcooking! Pork chops are usually quite lean and will become tough once they are overcooked.

    For best result, you will want to use bone-in pork chops that are well-marbled. The bone will act as a shield for the surrounding meat. A thicker cut of pork chop will work better in the Instant Pot as it is less likely to overcook.

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    How Long To Cook Pork Chops In Instant Pot

    Pork Chops can vary in the pressure cooker based on size, thickness and of course marbling. You will need to vary the cooking time slightly if you have different cuts of pork chops.

    I use chops about 3/4 to 1 thick with bone in. Just like roast chicken, bone in meat is tender and has tons of flavor. If you have pork steaks they come out melt in your mouth tender but youll need to add a little bit of time if theyre thick. I personally wouldnt recommend thin cut pork chops in the pressure cooker.

    • Bone-In Center Cut Chops about 15-18 minutes .
    • Boneless Loin Chops I cook to 8-10 minutes.
    • Pork Steaks: Pork steaks 1 thick need about 20 minutes, they come out very tender.

    If you have frozen pork chops and are pressed for time, you can make Instant Pot frozen pork chops but youll need to add about 5 minutes or so extra. Skip the searing step. Be aware that the Instant Pot will take longer to come up to pressure when you are starting from frozen.

    Ingredients For Instant Pot Pork Chops

    How to Cook Delicious Instant Pot Pork Chops
    • Pork chops: You will need about 8 bone-in or boneless pork chops. Bone-in might add to the depth of flavour but either one will do!
    • Herbs and garlic: Grated garlic cloves, dried oregano and dried thyme.
    • Spices: Smoked paprika, salt, and pepper.
    • Liquids: Oil for frying. Olive oil is great. Low sodium broth , red or white wine, water.
    • Cornstarch: When mixed with cold water and added to the sauce, it will help thicken it up to a gravy consistency.
    • Garnish: Chopped fresh parsley.

    See my guide on how to use an Instant Pot.

    These Instant Pot Pork Chops are smothered with the most amazing honey garlic sauce. Tender, saucy and satisfying, youll want to add this recipe to your collection of favorites. Cook these pressure cooker pork chops from fresh or frozen, using bone-in or boneless pork chops.

    Pork chops are an easy, family-friendly dinner. Theyre quick to prepare and can be dressed up with sauces and seasonings for a delicious homemade meal. These Instant Pot Pork Chops are among our most-loved pork chop recipes, along with these simple baked pork chops, flavorful pan seared pork chops and easy grilled pork chops.

    These Instant Pot pork chops have quickly become one of my go-to Instant Pot recipes when I need an easy meal for my family. My kids love these pork chops, especially the honey garlic sauce!

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