How Long To Cook Basmati Rice In Instant Pot

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How Much Rice Can I Cook

How To Make Basmati Rice In The Instant Pot

We recommend a minimum of 1 cup of dry rice directly in the inner pot. If youre cooking less, use the pot-in-pot method.

You can use the 1:1 recipe for any amount, but remember to never fill your inner pot past the halfway mark when cooking food that expands, such as rice.

If you are cooking a lot of rice, you may find you need to add a minute or two to the cooking time.

How To Store Long Grain Rice

The best way to serve rice is when made fresh and serve immediately. If you have leftover rice let it cool as fast as possible and store it straight away.

You shouldnt leave cooked rice at room temperature too long as rice can contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

You have several options to store rice:

  • Refrigerator you can store rice perfectly in the refrigerator and use it the next day. I never leave rice in the fridge longer than a day. Store it in an airtight container or a resealable bag
  • Freezer if you want to keep it longer you can store it in the freezer. Put it in an airtight container or freezer-friendly resealable bag. Label it before you store it in the freezer for up to 1 month. Longer is possible but can have an impact on the moisture and taste of the rice

Freeze uncooked rice. You can find stories that you can extend the shelf life of rice by freezing it before cooking.

I have never frozen uncooked rice or put it in the fridge as I do not see the need for it.

Instant Pot Rice: Heres How To Make It

This is how to cook delicious rice in your Instant Pot every time.

The Instant Pot Max.

If you own an Instant Pot, you know theyre super-convenient kitchen gadgets. They not only save time, they also create less mess so clean-up is a snap. You can whip up delicious rice in your Instant Pot, too . The problem is the printed manual and bundled recipe book give only vague instructions. And Instant Pots own guide clashes with many rice recipes on its website.

To settle the matter, I tested my hand at batch after batch of Instant Pot rice. This guide lays out what worked for me in simple steps you can try yourself. Soon youll be leaning on your new Instant Pot to pull double duty as a speedy rice-maker too.

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How To Cook Basmati Rice

The whole point of the Instant Pot is that its SO easy .

Just pour the rice and water into the Instant Pot, close the lid, and seal the valve. I never use the rice setting but instead have found the manual setting, high pressure, for 8 minutes to be the best option.

My Instant Pot takes about 10 minutes to pressurize and then 8 minutes to cook. SO, its not THAT much faster than cooking rice on the stovetop but SO much easier and you dont have to actually do anything. < < < my kind of cooking 🙂

How Much Rice Can You Cook In An Instant Pot

Easy Instant Pot Basmati Rice Recipe

This would depend on the size of your instant pot. For safety reasons, Instant Pots should not be filled more than their capacity .

1 cup dry rice yields to roughly 3 cups of basmati rice. Based on all these factors, here are the quantities for dry cups of rice:

  • 8-quart Instant Pot- 6.5 cups
  • 6 quart Instant Pot- 5 cups
  • 3-quart Instant Pot- 2.5 cups

Cooking time does not increase with quantity so 1 cup or 2 cups of rice will require the same pressure cooking time.

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Why Make Rice In An Instant Pot Or Pressure Cooker

If you’re already a pro at making rice in your rice cooker, or the stove, or your microwave, this recipe just gives you yet another fail-proof way of making rice. Here are some advantages over the stove-top recipe, like:

  • No waiting for the water to boil
  • Don’t have to babysit the pot or adjust the heat.
  • No monitoring to turn it off when the time is done

Which Basmati Rice To Use

I use the Kohinoor Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice that I buy from Indian grocery stores. I love the extra long-grain variety that cooks really well for Biryani and Pulao dishes. Few other good brands are Zafrani Reserve and Dunar. I have tried the Royal Basmati rice from Costco and found that it lacks aroma, overcooks, and gets mushy easily.

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What’s The Difference Between Jasmine And Basmati Rice

Both, Jasmine and Basmati rice are long-grain rice varieties from Asia. While the dry grains look almost the same, it is much easier to tell them apart when cooked. Here are some basic differences between the two:

  • Origin: Basmati comes from the Indian subcontinent Jasmine comes from Thailand.
  • Texture: Basmati gets light and fluffy on cooking Jasmine becomes soft, clumpy and slightly chewy.
  • Size: Basmati grains become almost twice as long after cooking, Jasmine increases in width and the edges become rounded.
  • Cooking Style: Ideally, basmati rice should be rinsed well and soaked for 15 minutes before cooking jasmine rice only needs a good rinse. Soaking is not recommended for jasmine rice, as it makes the grains mushy.
  • Glycemic Index: While both varieties score fairly similar in nutrients, their distinguishing factor is the Glycemic Index. GI is a physiological ranking, 0 to 100, used to reflect how a carbohydrate-containing food causes an increase in blood sugar levels after consumption. The glycemic index of jasmine rice is between 96- 116, whereas, GI of basmati varies between 55-65. That number makes a huge difference if you’re following a diabetic diet.

How Long To Cook Basmati Rice In The Instant Pot

Instant Pot Rice | Basmati and Sona Masoori | How to make White rice in Instant Pot

It depends on the variety, as follows:

  • Pressure cooker basmati rice takes about 3 minutes to cook.

  • Instant Pot brown basmati rice cooks in 20-22 minutes on high pressure.

Note: If you are making rice cooker basmati rice, itll take around 12-15 minutes to cook, which is similar to the stovetop cooking time.

Loose grains

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How To Make Instant Pot Brown Basmati Rice

You can find the step-by-step instructions in my recipe card below but heres a quick breakdown: I first soak the rice in cold water, which helps to soften the grains a bit and I find this prevents them from breaking. Then I heat the pot, add oil and swirl it around to help prevent the rice from sticking to the pot. After that, add rice, water, and salt and mix well, then pressure cook. When its done, fluff with a fork. Thats it!

Results & Rice Texture

So what makes Instant Pot rice good? Well, it will definitely give you a different type of texture. The results of Instant Pot rice have more distinct rice grains than a rice cookerthis was made even more significant because I used short-grain rice, which is known for its stickier consistency.

Its different and not necessarily better or worse, depending on what you like or expect. You can perhaps keep tinkering with the time and water to rice ratios to dial it in, but this is one that I prefer. But I found that even adding ¼ cup more water takes the grains from distinct to something mushier.

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How Long To Cook Basmati Rice

For pip method, pressure cook the basmati rice for 6 minutes on high pressure mode. It will take some time for the instant pot to come to pressure and then it will pressure cook for six minutes before turning off.

Allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes. It is best to keep the “keep warm” setting on as it will show how much time the pressure has been releasing.

Just Add Water Or Broth Or Garlic Or Butter

The Best Instant Pot Basmati Rice

Just like on the stove, you can cook rice in the pressure cooker with broth or water, use as much salt as you like, and add extra seasonings, a pat of butter, or a little olive oil for extra flavor.

What I Do: I sometimes sauté a little garlic in olive oil before adding my rice and broth, which turns a basic pot of grains into a flavorful side dish! You can also use seasonings such as turmeric and coriander for some Indian-inspired basmati rice, or chili powder for rice to tuck into burritos.

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Moc Pro Tips For Perfect Instant Pot Basmati Rice

To me, how you handle the rice before and more importantly after it’s done cooking is really important. Everyone will tell you about the cook times and water ratio but there is more to it than that:

  • Basmati Rice does not need soaking to make plain rice. Please do NOT over soak, simply rinse well and drain
  • Once you open the Instant Pot lid, transfer the inner pot to a trivet on your counter. This stops the rice from cooking further and helps prevent the rice from getting mushy
  • If the rice looks uncooked, simply put the inside insert back in, close the Instant Pot and allow the rice to sit for 5 minutes. The remnant heat will further cook the rice.
  • Do not mix the rice when it’s steaming hot, this will start breaking the long grains. Allow the rice to cool a bit and then gently fluff up using a silicone spatula
  • As the excess steam evaporates from the rice and the rice cools, it will get drier
  • Gently run a soft silicone spatula on the sides of the pot and serve
  • If you are making rice ahead for a party, simply allow the rice to cool. You can even take it out in a large tray, cool it down, feel free to use your hands to separate the grains gently. If the grain seems sticky simply wet your hands with cold water and it will allow separating the grains. Reheat in the microwave, oven, or chaffing dish when ready to serve
  • How To Make Failproof Basmati Rice: P

    Making soft-cooked Instant Pot Basmati rice is very easy. This method skips washing and soaking to deliberately keep the starch, so all you have to do is dump and start. For this youll need:

    • Instant Pot
    • Add rice to the Instant Pot. Pour in the water and mix it once.
    • Close the Instant Pot with its lid and SEAL it.
    • Set it to PRESSURE COOK mode for 10 minutes.
    • After 10 minute cycle, QUICK RELEASE and open the lid.
    • Stir with fork and serve!

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    How To Cook Perfect Rice In The Instant Pot + Video

    With these easy tips, youll see its simple to learn how to cook perfect rice in the Instant Pot with minimal measuring. The result is fluffy and flavorful rice thats easy to prepare.

    It took a while for me to finally bite the bullet and invest in an Instant Pot, but I talked in this post about how my obsession quickly began with this amazing appliance. I can honestly say that its the most used appliance in my house I use it almost every day!

    If you havent yet heard of the Instant Pot, let me introduce you: Its an electric pressure cooker that has all these handy little buttons on it for cooking different things:

    • Hardboiled Eggs: Just add a little water to the pot, place your eggs on the cooking rack , and press the EGG button Perfect hardboiled eggs in just about 10 minutes. Perfect for using for these instant pot deviled eggs.
    • Meat: You can cook meat and poultry from frozen or fresh and it always comes out tender and moist Love!
    • Slow Cooker: Use the Instant Pot just like you would use your crockpot Set it to cook on low for any amount of time that youd like, it will automatically turn to WARM when the time is up.
    • Dried Beans: Cook them in under 30-minutes with no pre-soaking. Instant pot black beans, instant pot pinto beans and instant pot refried beans are some of my favorites!

    Today I thought Id share with you my method for how to cook perfect rice in the Instant Pot.

    Use A Natural Pressure Release

    PERFECT Jasmine + Basmati Rice in the Instant Potâ¨ð?

    No matter what kind of rice youre cooking, its a good idea to let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before opening the pot. This allows the moisture to distribute evenly throughout the grains, and helps it unstick from the bottom of the pot, too.

    You *can* open the pot with a quick pressure release if you like, but it really does benefit from a little resting time!

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    Tips For Making Basmati Rice:

    • Dont forget the cooking fat. You can use whatever fat youd like I typically use oil or ghee. It helps to keep the grains separate.
    • Dont mess with the ratio! I know 1 cup water might not seem like enough but cooking rice is different in an Instant Pot versus the stovetop. Over the stovetop, water evaporates but in an Instant Pot it does not.
    • When the rice is done make sure to wait 10 minutes, then turn the valve to release any remaining pressure. By waiting 10 minutes, youve given the rice enough time to settle down and by releasing any remaining pressure after 10 minutes, youre allowing a teeny bit of water to escape in the form of steam which I think actually helps prevent the rice from becoming mushy at the bottom.

    How Long To Cook Thawed Chicken Breast In Instant Pot

    top-down view of chicken curry in a white bowl with Basmati rice, garnished with cilantro

    For simple weeknight dinners, you can’t beat chicken thighs. They’re are inexpensive, tasty, and extremely versatile. This collection of top-rated recipes highlights this versatilty, featuring chicken thighs with international accents, from chicken curry to cacciatore, chicken teriyaki to chicken tagine, biriyani and butter chicken, and much more. And because these recipes are made in an Instant Pot, you can make these chicken thigh dinners on the quick, whether you’re starting with fresh, frozen, boneless, bone-in, skinless, or skin-on chicken thighs. And for more, check out how to cook chicken thighs in the Instant Pot.

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    Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken Thighs

    Chicken thighs simmer in a simple teriyaki sauce. “This was so delicious. Came out perfectly so tender and the teriyaki sauce is so good,” says Nancy. “So much better than bottled. Move over Panda Express.”

    Chicken thighs simmer in a simple teriyaki sauce. “This was so delicious. Came out perfectly so tender and the teriyaki sauce is so good,” says Nancy. “So much better than bottled. Move over Panda Express.”

    How To Cook Two Cups Instant Pot Rice

    Perfect Instant Pot Basmati Rice

    If you need more rice all you have to do is double the amount of rice so 2 cups of rice with two cups of water.

    Always use the same cup to measure the rice and the water. Use the same settings so set to Manual or Pressure Cooking for 4 minutes on high.

    Natural release for 5 minutes then quick release.

    Some pressure cookers require more water. If your rice is still hard after cooking add 1/4 cup extra water.

    It is a test to see what works for your pressure cooker.

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    What To Serve With Basmati Rice

    Most curries and stews go really well with steamed basmati rice. Here are some of our favorite dishes to pair rice with:

    • Dal Tadka/ Indian Dal Fry– A simple yet satisfying lentils curry made with split pigeon peas.
    • Chicken Curry: Homestyle chicken curry made with a classic Punjabi-style onion-tomato gravy
    • Ethiopian Beef Stew– Deep colored, bold flavored and hearty Ethiopian beef stew seasoned with warm and earthy Ethiopian spices.
    • Ethiopian Lentil Stew: An Ethiopian red lentil stew gracefully prepared with clarified butter, aromatics and an earthy and floral spice blend known as Berbere.
    • Saag Chicken: This creamy and flavorful chicken and spinach curry is tasty, healthy and a breeze to make with this 30-minute recipe.
    • Palak Paneer: This palak or saag paneer dish is a popular north-Indian curry made by simmering soft paneer cubes , in a flavorful spinach gravy.
    • Spinach Dal: This Dal Palak recipe is a blend of split lentils and delicate baby spinach quickly prepared in the Instant Pot, then tempered with nutty ghee and warm Indian spices.
    • Chana Dal: This is a creamy mildly spiced North Indian style lentil curry made with split chickpeas, onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and simple Indian spices.

    What If My Rice Is Too Hard With A : 1 Ratio

    If your rice is hard or uncooked that doesnt mean next time it needs more water, that means, next time it needs more TIME. Did you wait for FULL natural pressure release?

    Unfortunately, you cannot safe undercooked rice in the Instant Pot as putting the lid back on and turning the pot back on just leads to the dreaded burn warning. I recommend adding the undercooked rice to a soup or stew maybe 5 minutes before its done simmering.

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