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How to make Long Grain White Rice in your Instant Pot

For this recipe, I am using jasmine white rice. This long-grain rice perfumed with jasmine essence is what most of us eat daily with our favorite dishes. Use this recipe with a long-grain white rice. It doesnt have to have be jasmine if you dont like the aroma. For me, I grew up on this rice and the fragrant aroma of jasmine rice always reminds me of dinnertime.

My favorite brand is Three Ladies Jasmine Rice from Thailand. I recently purchased a 25 lb bag and marked it with the date so I can see how long it takes my family to consume 25 pounds of rice. I am sure it wont last long.

The Ratio For Water To Rice Is 1 To 1

The golden rule for the ratio for Japanese short-grain rice to water is 1 to 1.1 or 1.2. So if the rice is 180 ml , you will need 200 ml water.

However, when the rice is cooked in the Instant Pot, the steam does not escape from the pressure cooking. Therefore, the best ratio for the rice to water is one to one.

Instant Pot : 1 Perfect Rice Recipe

If you want to know why this recipe works, keep reading. If you just want to get cooking, heres the 1:1 recipe up front:

  • Measure out dry rice, set aside. We recommend using directly in the inner pot.
  • Measure out the same amount of water, then add it to Instant Pots inner pot.
  • Rinse the rice, then add the wet rice to the water in the inner pot. Never fill your inner pot past the half-way mark when cooking rice.
  • Place the inner pot into the cooker base, then plug in your Instant Pot.
  • Close the lid, and set the steam release to the Seal position.
  • Select your pressure cooking time.
  • The Rice Smart Program automatically sets the time for white or parboiled rice only.
  • For other types of rice, use the Manual or Pressure Cook Smart Program on High and use + and to set the correct time depending on your preferences and any local issues, like high elevation or a large amount of rice.
  • Turn Keep Warm off.
  • Do a natural release to release pressure from your cooker.
  • When the float valve has dropped, open your Instant Pot, then fluff, serve and enjoy your perfect rice.
  • This approach combines thorough in-house research and testing with the anecdotal experience of hundreds of home cooks whove perfected making perfect rice in their Instant Pots. Of course, its just a starting point to work from. Everyones tastes are different! You may find that you want to adjust the 1:1 recipe in order to make the perfect rice for you.

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    Key Steps For Rice In The Instant Pot

    • Rinse the rice before cooking. Rinsing rice before cooking removes any dirt from processing, gets rid of starch that can make the rice sticky, and, Ive found, makes the rice taste better. According to Instant Pots manual, rinsing the rice also makes up for the small amount of moisture lost in evaporation during the cooking process.
    • Use the right ratio of rice to water. Instant Pot suggests any rice can be cooked with a one-to-one rice-to-water ratio, but during testing, we found this wasnt universally true both among Instant Pot models and other multi-cookers. Use slightly more water when cooking brown rice and wild rice to prevent undercooking and scorching. Plus, its better to err on the side of more water, since most rice varieties can be drained if theres excess moisture.
    • Pressure cook the rice on high. Lock the lid in place and set to cook at HIGH pressure for the following times:
    • White rice : 5 minutes
    • Long-grain brown rice: 10 minutes
    • Wild rice: 15 minutes
  • Let the rice natural release for at least 10 minutes. Using natural release for rice yields fluffy results and less likelihood that the rice on the bottom of the pot will stick or burn.
  • Faqs Of Making Instant Pot Jasmine Rice:

    How to Cook Long Grain White Rice in the Instant Pot ...
    • What is the cook time or how long do you cook jasmine rice in the pressure cooker? Jasmine rice cooks in a pressure cooker in 5 minutes on high with a 10 minute natural release.
    • What is the rice to water ratio for cooking rice in the Instant Pot? You want to use a 1:1 ratio of rice to water, so for every 1 cup of rice, youll use 1 cup of water .
    • What setting do I use? I almost always just do a manual setting, but Im sure your rice setting will work too just set the time for the amount of time directed in the recipe.

    Did you know you can also make quinoa in the Instant Pot? Along with a million other thingsmake sure to read my complete guide to cooking with an Instant Pot youll find all my Instant Pot recipes there too.

    Love rice? You can also make Instant Pot Brown Rice just remember brown rice takes longer to cook than jasmine rice, even in a pressure cooker. Or try Instant Pot White Rice for long grain white rice.

    Did you make this? Be sure to leave a review below and tag me @rachelcooksblog on , , or !

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    How Many Cups Of Rice Can You Cook In An Instant Pot

    In theory: 2.5 cups in a 3-quart Instant Pot. 5 cups in a 6 quart Instant Pot. 6.5 cups in an 8-quart Instant Pot.

    This is US standard measuring cups and raw dry rice.

    So the mathematical thought for the theory is the following:

    • 1 cup of raw white rice gives on average 3 cups cooked rice.
    • Instant Pots should not be filled more than 2/3 of its full capacity at any time. So we have to take the expanded rice into consideration.
    • A 6-quart Instant Pots capacity is 24 cups and two-thirds of that are 16 cups.
    • There should not be more than 16 cups cooked rice in the Instant Pot and since 1 cup raw makes 3 cups cooked we have to divide the 16 by 3. That makes 5.3 cups.

    The calculation is only theory though. I have not tried that many cups in my own 6-quart. 4 cups raw dry rice are the maximum I have cooked myself without any issues and with perfect results.

    Minute Instant Rice In A Recipe That Calls For Regular Rice

    Minute® Instant Rice cannot be added to recipes using other types of rice because the amount of rice, water and cook time needed varies with each type of rice. Minute White, Premium and Jasmine can be substituted for each other in recipes. If the recipe calls for a bed of rice, you can prepare any Minute® Instant Rice , including Brown and Rice & Quinoa, separately according to package directions.

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    What Is Your Favorite Recipe Instant Pot Makes With Rice

    We eat a LOT of white rice, of course we use Japanese rice! Though I am eating KETO so no rice for me womp womp. I would say we make rice at least twice a week in some form or fashion.

    There you have it a rundown of making Instant Pot Rice! Got a pressure cooker rice question? We want to help you make perfectly cooked rice ask away! Leave it in the comments below and well add it to our Rice FAQ

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    Water To Brown Rice Ratios To Use

    How to cook perfect rice in instant pot – Recipes Included

    Here is a breakdown of the measurements I used for each variety:

    • 1 dry measuring cup short-grain brown rice : 8 fluid ounces water
    • 2 dry measuring cup short-grain brown rice : 16 fluid ounces water
    • 1 dry measuring cup long-grain brown rice : 8 fluid ounces water
    • 2 dry measuring cup long-grain brown rice : 16 fluid ounces water

    Please note that I only tested 1 and 2 cup recipes for both of these varieties. If you want to make more brown rice at a time, I would suggest starting with the same 1:1 ratio and adding or removing water in the future depending on the final texture of the rice.

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    Foods You Absolutely Should Not Cook In Your Instant Pot

    If you have an Instant Pot, you already know it can handle a wide range of foods almost effortlessly and cut down the time it typically takes to cook foods like beans, rice and tougher cuts of meat sometimes by hours all through the magic of even heat and steam.

    In addition to offering basic pressure cooking, some models and accessories can sterilize items and cook food via the sous-vide method. Others are Wi-Fi connected, which is great if you need to run errands while your food cooks. The Instant Pot brand even has an air fryer you can use to make rotisserie chicken and homemade beef jerky.

    Make this sausage and sage stuffing almost entirely in your Instant Pot.

    Yet for all Instant Pots flexibility and kitchen prowess, it cant cook everything safely, or if it can, you may find the results inferior to more traditional cooking methods. Steer clear of these 10 ingredients or dishes you shouldnt try to cook in your classic Instant Pot.

    Smart Program Cooking Option

    You can also choose to select the RICE smart program button. This program cooks on low pressure and is best used for white rice. For rice with a firmer texture or thinner rice like Jasmine or Basmati, use the Less mode for rice with a normal texture or regular long-grain or medium-grain white rice, use the Normal mode for rice with a softer texture, use the More mode. You can change the modes by pressing the RICE button again. Use quick release at the end.

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    How To Cook Brown Rice In The Instant Pot

    You can cook rice 2 different ways in the Instant Pot. The most straight-forward way is to pour the rice and water directly into the bottom of the stainless steel pot and cook it on its own.

    This is the method I use when making a large batch of rice for the week ahead, as part of my meal prep routine. Its nice to have some cooked rice on hand for a quick weeknight stir-fry!

    What Is Instant Pot Cooker

    Instant Pot Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

    An Instant Pot is basically a pressure cooker in its function and design. When it heats the air inside the pot, it causes it to expand and turn the liquid into steam. The fact that the environment is sealed ensures that no liquid can escape. As a result, when cooking rice in an Instant Pot as opposed to a rice cooker, you will use less water.

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    Instant Pot Rice Cook Times

    If you need a quick reference for cooking rice, here is the timing I use for cooking the most common varieties of rice

    • White Rice : 4 minutes at high pressure
    • Brown Rice : 22 minutes at high pressure
    • Wild Rice: 25-30 minutes at high pressure

    With all of these varieties of rice, the water ratio remains the same.

    Which Is The Best Multi

    We’ve reviewed pressure cookers beforeâboth stovetop models that are strictly pressure cookers, and multi-cookers, which are primarily pressure cookers that can also perform some other tasks. You can read our full review of pressure cookers and multi-cookers to learn more, but the quick answer is that our top pick is the Breville Fast Slow Pro, while our favorite budget pick is the Instant Pot DUO.

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    How Do I Cook Minute Instant Jasmine Rice On The Stove

    Its easy and fast!

    Use equal amounts of rice and water. 2 servings: 1 cup rice + 1 cup water 4 servings: 2 cups rice + 2 cups water 6 servings: 3 cups rice + 3 cups water

    BOIL water. ADD rice, stir, cover & remove from heat. WAIT 5 minutes, or until the water is absorbed, then fluff.

    For more information .

    How Long Does White Rice Take In The Instant Pot

    IP: Sticky Rice

    White rice cooks in just a 4 minute pressure cooking cycle. Keep in mind, that it typically takes up to 10 minutes for the Instant Pot to come to pressure, and youll wait another 10 minutes for the pressure to naturally release, so this could take 24 minutes in total but most of that time is completely hands off!

    The benefit of cooking Instant Pot white rice is that you dont have to wait for water to come to a boil on the stove, and you dont have to watch the rice as it cooks to make sure it doesnt stick to the pot. If you forget about your rice while youre doing something else in the kitchen, it will still turn out perfectly because the Instant Pot switches to a keep warm setting when its done.

    An electric pressure cooker is a busy persons best friend especially if you get distracted easily. It makes cooking rice fool-proof!

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    How Long To Cook Jasmine Rice In Instant Pot

    Youll set your Instant Pot to cook for 4 minutes, then naturally release for 10 minutes.

    To make Jasmine Rice in an Instant Pot:

    • Add the ingredients to the Instant Pot, close the lid, and make sure the release valve is turned to the sealed position.
    • Select Pressure Cook and set the timer to 4 minutes. The pressure cooker needs to build up steam before the timer will start counting down. It will take less than 5 minutes to build up steam, then you will notice that the timer starts to count down from 4 minutes.
    • When the 4 minutes is up, dont do anything yet. Let the Instant Pot go into Keep Warm mode, and it will automatically start counting up. Let it count up to 10 minutes, which will release most of the steam naturally.
    • After 10 minutes, position the steam release valve to the Venting position to release any final steam.
    • Open the lid and fluff the rice.

    Heres how your total time breaks down:

    • Preparing ingredients = 1 minute
    • Building up steam = 3 to 5 minutes
    • Pressure cooking time = 4 minutes
    • Natural steam release in Keep Warm mode = 1o minutes
    • Total time = 18 20 minutes

    How To Make Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot White Rice

    White rice is SO quick and easy to make in your pressure cooker. However, this recipe will work in ANY brand of electric pressure cooker, including the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, and Mealthy MultiPot.

    This is the recipe Ive made the most in my pressure cooker. In fact, I havent cooked rice on the stove since I tried this recipe.

    I adapted the recipe for the electric pressure cooker from the Three-Minute Spiced White Basmati Rice recipe in the Veggie Queens ebook , The New Fast Food. The pressure cooker really is the best way to make fast food.

    This white rice recipe works well with basmati, jasmine, short and long grain white rices.

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    How To Cook Perfect Rice In The Instant Pot + Video

    With these easy tips, youll see its simple to learn how to cook perfect rice in the Instant Pot with minimal measuring. The result is fluffy and flavorful rice thats easy to prepare.

    It took a while for me to finally bite the bullet and invest in an Instant Pot, but I talked in this post about how my obsession quickly began with this amazing appliance. I can honestly say that its the most used appliance in my house I use it almost every day!

    If you havent yet heard of the Instant Pot, let me introduce you: Its an electric pressure cooker that has all these handy little buttons on it for cooking different things:

    • Hardboiled Eggs: Just add a little water to the pot, place your eggs on the cooking rack , and press the EGG button Perfect hardboiled eggs in just about 10 minutes. Perfect for using for these instant pot deviled eggs.
    • Meat: You can cook meat and poultry from frozen or fresh and it always comes out tender and moist Love!
    • Slow Cooker: Use the Instant Pot just like you would use your crockpot Set it to cook on low for any amount of time that youd like, it will automatically turn to WARM when the time is up.
    • Dried Beans: Cook them in under 30-minutes with no pre-soaking. Instant pot black beans, instant pot pinto beans and instant pot refried beans are some of my favorites!

    Today I thought Id share with you my method for how to cook perfect rice in the Instant Pot.

    My Zojirushi Rice Cooker Does An Amazing Job

    Instant Pot Rice + FAQ

    A rice cooker is an essential appliance at Japanese household. My Zojirushi Induction Heating Rice Cooker makes perfect rice every time, and I can even schedule the finished cooking time so the rice is always ready for dinner. Thats another reason why I didnt need my Instant Pot to cook rice for me.

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