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This piece was updated by Derek Rose, the coffee and tea expert for The Spruce Eats. He researches a variety of coffee products, from measuring scoops to commercial espresso machines, and interviews field experts for their insight. He typically uses non-electric coffee makers at home, alternating between the Bialetti Moka Express and the Bodum BrazilFrench Press.

Vonshef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle


VonShefs Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle is a treat on the eyes, especially if youre used to a standard white, black or silver kettle. This no nonsense offering comes with delicious curves and basic features and functionality that makes it one of our best hot water kettle choices for not a lot of money

The VonShef is versatile too, allowing you to select the precise amount of water you want to be dispensed. So itll save you some money over time by avoiding wastage. Adding to the appeal is its rapid boiling potential, with 95-degree water being ready to go in between 5 and 8 seconds.

We love the simplicity on show here, with an On/Off button being pretty much the beginning and end of the hot water story. A 2.5 litre tank capacity means that the VonShef is good for around ten cups in one session too, so its perfect if youve got sizeable hot drink cravings, a family or pots to fill in a hurry.

With its imposing design the electriQ Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser looks like it means business. Its all about the speed of this machine too, with maximum 100° C hot water taking around 5 seconds to land in your cup. The other bonus with the electriQ is that its tank holds 4 litres, so that less refilling is needed. The appliance also boasts a filter for cleaner water.

What Is The Instant Dutch Oven

The Instant Precision Dutch Oven is an electric Dutch oven that functions directly on your kitchen countertop. Each Instant Precision Dutch Oven includes a 6-quart, heavy-duty enameled cast iron pot with a matching dishwasher- and oven-safe lid, electric cooker base with five functions for precise cooking, silicone pad to protect countertop surfaces, and silicone handles for serving. A guide book with recipes is also included with each item purchased, and its currently sold in red, blue and black.

Some other key features include a user-friendly control panel on the cooker base , with a touchscreen and dial that helps you to easily adjust the temperature and cook time. Plus, the enameled cast-iron pot provides a lovely nonstick coating, making it very easy to clean with a little dish soap and warm water.

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How We Tested The Electric Tea Kettles

To arrive at a lineup of kettles, we surveyed recent recommendations from other online review sites. We also looked at the highest-rated models on Amazon and polled Epicurious editors for their personal recommendations. We made sure that the final list of contenders represented models from all the major categoriesbasic, temperature control, and gooseneck. Many of the models on the lower-priced end of the electric kettle spectrum are made from plastic, but we preferred not to heat plastic to near boiling temperatures repeatedly, so we made the decision to exclude any kettles whose carafes were made primarily of plastic from our test . We were mindful to include a few budget-level stainless-steel options among the candidates.

For each model, we evaluated the following factors.

We started by filling each kettle with four cups of cool tap water and clocking the amount of time each kettle took to heat water to a boil. At the end of the boiling cycle we measured the temperature of the water with a Thermapen instant-read thermometer to confirm that it really was 212°F.

We noticed that some Amazon reviewers complained of metallic-tasting water or other off flavors coming through their kettles during brewing. So, after boiling, we let the water in each kettle cool slightly before drinking it and noted any unusual flavors.

How To Buy The Best Instant Kettle

The Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle Is Amazing

So, what to look for when youre in the market for a best instant kettle 2019-style? If youre in need of lots of boiling water on a regular basis then youll want to examine how much an instant kettle can serve up at any one time.

Some models are one-cup merchants, which is fine for a quick solo brew, but ultimately useless for a monthly meeting of the local tea appreciation society.

Lookout for features and functions. Granted, an instant kettle is only really tasked with doing one job: to boil water instantly. But, if it can serve up different amounts at different temperatures then so much the better.

Keep an eye on the quality of components too, as cheaply made products can often be affected pretty rapidly if youre in a hard water area and have to endure the ongoing headache of limescale build-up. A drip-tray that actually works also makes a lot of sense.

During the course of our instant hot water research, which meant drinking copious amounts of freshly-brewed tea to make use of said boiled water, we pinned our final selection around three core areas.

Firstly, we wanted to find the best instant kettle for 2019. We wanted a model that could do it all, from dispensing instant boiling water through to cutting a dash in the kitchen. We wanted practicality, functionality and features aplenty. And we got that, in the shape of the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser.

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This Offer Has Expired

Amazon is now offering Instant Pots Zen Cool Touch Temperature Control Cordless Electric Kettle for $71.90 shipped. Regularly $100, and fetching a bloated $110 at Walmart, todays offer is a new Amazon all-time low, $11 below our previous mention, and the best we can find. This is precision temperature control kettle from one of the best brands in the kitchenware space. Ideal for tea-lovers or anyone with a penchant for Instant Pot gear, you can get precision extraction via specific heat settings between 105- and 212-degrees. The cool-touch housing is made of a vacuum-insulated, double wall steel that keeps boiled water hot for up to 2-hours. However there is also a nice keep warm function as well along with automatic shut-off for safety and push-button, spill-proof pouring. This 55-ounce kettle carries a 4+ star rating at Amazon as well. More details below.

Not interested in the Instant Pot branding here? Save a few bucks and go with COSORIs precision temperature model at $63. This one also brings that classic gooseneck form-factor into the fray alongside even better Amazon ratings. But if youre anything like me when it comes to tea, boiled water is boiled water and this $19 Elite Gourmet with the built-in LEDs will work just fine.

Best Budget Electric Kettle: Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle

If youre looking for a nothing fancy electric kettle that performs well and is easy to use, this Hamilton Beach model is the best choice. Its arguably the easiest to use because it has clearly labeled temperature buttons for a wide variety of functions like green, white, oolong, black and herbal teas as well as coffee and hot cocoa. No need to look up optimal brewing temperaturesjust press a button and the kettle gives you the water temperature you need, in a hurry. It is easy to lift, pours well, and the handle is comfortable to grip. Sure, the machine doesnt have the sleekness of the Zwilling or the Oxo, but it boils water in under 5 minutes, can maintain temperature for up to 30 minutes, and feels like a no-fluff classic that youll be able to rely on for coffee, tea, and quickly boiled water when cooking. The kettle lights up and casts a blue glow over the boiling watersome might find this tacky, but we found it charming! And its less than half the price of the Zwilling.

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Gooseneck Vs Conventional Kettles

Gooseneck kettles are becoming more and more commonplace in the kitchen, but you aren’t alone if you’re wondering why some people might choose a gooseneck kettle specifically. As mentioned above, gooseneck kettles are primarily marketed toward pour-over coffee fans who use Chemex brewers or other pour-over drippers in lieu of a typical coffee maker. With pour-over coffee you want to have greater control over the temperature of your waterhow and where you are saturating your grounds. Gooseneck kettles provide these controls so that people can achieve their ideal brew.

However, some people who dont care at all about pour-over still prefer gooseneck kettles for their as they find them more pleasant to use due to the greater amount of control over the stream of water they provide. The biggest disadvantage to a gooseneck kettle is that they are consistently smaller in size, therefore, people who tend to boil larger amounts of water at a time would be better off with a larger conventional kettle. Either way though, youll end up with hot water!

Morphy Richards 131004 Hot Water Dispenser

Instant Zen Electric Kettle // First Impressions & Unboxing

The Morphy Richards 131004 Hot Water Dispenser looks like it means business with a design and build that is solid but slightly uninspiring. We do like the digital display, however, that gives crisp and clear information on what it is up to in terms of setting levels and so on.

You can select the water temperature that you want dispensed, right up to 100 degrees and the amounts can range from quick one-cup offerings through to pan-sized amounts for speedy cooking preparation.

Brita technology should stop, or at least slow, limescale build-up. While thats nigh on impossible to prevent if you live in a hard water area, Brita filters are effective, though replacement filters are an additional cost to consider. Its a plug-and-go machine too, so completely standalone with a 3 litre capacity water tank.

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The Best Instant Hot Water Kettles We’ve Tested

Breville is great at producing top value instant hot water dispensers, which is why this model sits just above its earlier incarnation below. While the design underneath is older it’s still a best seller. However, the newer Breville VKT124 HotCup Hot Water Dispenser has just that little bit more going for it.

We love the updated design, which looks much better than its predecessor. However, there’s a similar chunky specification that allows you to enjoy hot water in around a minute. The 1.7 litre tank is decent enough and there’s an adjustable tray that lets you slot in big, small or intermediate-sized cups or mugs.

Adding appeal is a built-in permanent limescale filter, an easy-to-fill opening for water tank replenishment and the ability to provide you with up to eight cups of hot water if said tank is full to the brim. Best of all though, as we’ve come to expect from Breville, is that super-slick delivery of the hot water.

Not to be confused with the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser above, this Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser is also a big hit with consumers. If youre looking for an affordable but hugely practical hot water dispenser then this appliance is up there with the best of them even if the model above looks rather better. It can supply you with five 250ml cups of hot water without refilling, which is more than adequate for average needs.

Cooks Professional Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser


The Cooks Professional Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser follows a similar theme to the VonShef with elegant looks that kid you into thinking it should have cost more than it actually did. It also comes in different colours, so you can almost match it to your kitchen decor.

It has a generous 2.5 litre capacity, which means you can get lots of cups of boiling water between refills and we love the clearly marked water container that lets you see instantly the state of play on your aqua levels. It also seems pretty precise at filling your cup, so theres no waste and that should save money over time.

Controlling water flow is done using an On and Off button, which requires minimal effort and therefore makes it a hit with us. However, we also like the easily removed drip tray, which can be swiftly emptied and wiped over if youre a little too slow on the uptake on the difference between full and empty.

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The Makers Of The Instant Pot Just Quietly Launched A New Electric Kettleand It’s A Game Changer

Tea lovers, read it and steep.

Trust me, were still not over the life-changing magic of the original Instant Potaka the programmable pressure-cooker that will breathe new life into your ability to get a fuss-free meal on the table in practically no time. Weve raved about the brand’s high-performance Ace Cooking Blender, new Instant Vortex air fryer, Omni Toaster Ovens, and their lid that transforms your precious IP into an air fryer.

The end of 2019 was clearly big for the folks over at Instant Brands, as well as the massive community of IP fans eagerly waiting to get their hands on all the new items listed above. But strangely , Instant Brands quietly released one additional appliance alongside the others: the Instant Pot Zen 1.5L Kettle. Though its launch wasnt actually announced, the electric kettle is available to purchase on Amazon for $105 and has already garnered 19 reviews. Almost every customer has given it a 4- or 5-star rating.

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There are few Amazon encounters more exciting than a new product from the makers of Instant Pot popping up. So who knows why they chose to keep this one on the DL?

To buy: $105

Other Electric Kettles We Tested

Instant Pot Electric Kettle

We also triedand quite liked the Willow & Everett Gooseneck Kettle with Temperature Presets While it doesnt offer the same degree of manual temperature control and the build quality is nowhere near as solid as our favorite gooseneck kettles, this model from Willow & Everett was a close competitor in our tests and, with a host of excellent Amazon reviews, seems like it could be an acceptable alternative. We particularly liked that the touch-sensitive temperature preset buttons are labeled with suggestions for use and that gooseneck provided smooth, easy flow.

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle is a great budget pick, but it didnt come in as the winner because the Hamilton Beach kettle performed just as well and was around $30 cheaper. Still, the Cuisinart PerfectTemp Stainless-Steel Electric is an effective, fast kettle with a variety of preset, one-touch temperature controls, a high-quality finish, and a great pouring mechanism. You wouldnt go wrong buying it.

We also tried the pour-over Bodum electric kettle but found the lack of distinct temperature settings to be a deal breaker.

The Breville Crystal Clear Electric Kettle boiled 4 cups of water in record time , and the namesake crystal clear body revealed that it reached a seriously rolling boil before the automatic-off feature clicked in.

The Bonavita Cosmopolitan, which had a borosilicate glass body and improved controls, was still not as fast as the new Oxo gooseneck kettle.

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Sear/saut And Braise Functions

To test both the Sear/Sauté and Braise functions, we decided to make The Best Beef Stew from Food Network Kitchen. The Sear/Sauté function is meant to replace a skillet or saucepan and provide even browning on the surface of your food. The Braise function is meant to brown foods at a medium-high heat and simmer is used to cook tender food at a low heat.

With just a couple presses on the control panel, the Sear/Sauté function preheated quickly and created a nice, golden-brown exterior on the cubed beef. We loved that you could sear in the same pot as the one you plan to braise or slow cook in, meaning less equipment and cleanup. For the Sear/Sauté function, the default temperature and time is 400 degrees F for 20 minutes, but you can change the time to a minimum of 10 minutes and maximum of one hour. In testing, it only took three minutes to pre-heat.

For the Braise function, the default temperature and time is either Browning at 230 degrees F or Simmering at 185-205 degrees F for two hours. You can also adjust the timing to a minimum of one hour and maximum of four hours. The beef stew was simmering aggressively when it was on the browning setting, and it simmered gently on the simmering setting. We found the simmering setting to be ideal for braising the beef stew for a long period of time.

What Water Temperature Is Best For Tea

The best brewing temperature depends on the type of tea you are making. Each variety has its own temperature or range of temperatures that bring out the strongest flavor. White tea should be brewed around 160 degrees. Green tea ranges from 150 to 180 degrees. Moving onto the stronger teas, oolong is best between 190 and 200 degrees. Black tea ranges from 180 to 212 degrees, but the majority are best with water above 200 degrees. Pu-erh is brewed around 205 degrees. Finally, herbal teas should be brewed at a full boil of 212 degrees. Many electric kettles have preset options for specific tea varieties, so all you have to do is hit a button and the device will bring water to the ideal temperature for you.

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