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What Can I Use As A Trivet In A Pressure Cooker

Duo Nova 3 Ways to use your Steam Rack

A pressure cooker trivet is a raised, usually metal rack placed inside the pressure cookers inner pot. Its purpose is to raise foods above the cooking liquid. Its also known as a steam rack.

Pressure cookers are normally supplied with a trivet. Some have handles, and some do not. The handles are there to help you easily remove the trivet from the pot.

Most people who cook with a pressure cooker find this one of the most useful accessories. Its so versatile use it, for the following, for example:

  • Steaming vegetables, fish, or chicken breasts
  • Making cakes and steamed puddings
  • Cooking meats that should not be immersed in a liquid such as roasts
  • Hard-boiled eggs

Life happens, though, and trivets are sometimes lost or misplaced. This can be so frustrating when you need to cook something in a hurry. Well share with you a few ideas for ordinary kitchen trivet alternatives that you can use.

The usual standby is a large metal lid from a jar, but you have a range of other options if you dont have one on hand. A large metal cookie cutter, for example, would work very well. A ceramic bowl turned upside down also works.

You can use anything that is metal or heat resistant that fits in the pressure cooker and provides support for whatever it is you are cooking. You can even use a scrunched-up piece of tin foil as a trivet.

Remember that you can easily and cheaply order a new trivet online. We recommend that when you do buy one, get one with handles. Happy pressure cooking!

Best Instant Pot Accessories For 2021

The absolute best accessories and attachments for making healthy meals with your Instant Pot.

If youre the proud new owner of an Instant Pot or multicooker or if youve had one for a long time you may want to seek out the best Instant Pot accessories, which can help you achieve multiple levels of culinary greatness.

The Instant Pot can be a great tool for wellness and health, and for that reason, its one of our must-have kitchen devices. Since its a combination pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, warmer and more, you can make thousands of satiating meals in your programmable Instant Pot . From slow-cooking flavorful meat stews and fall-off-the-bone short ribs to summer shrimp boils and nutrient-packed soups to mashed potato recipes and Instant Pot cheesecake, most Instant Pot recipes require minimal prep and are done in minutes.

Making bread in an Instant Pot is easy.

One reason an Instant Pot pressure cooker is perfect for preparing meals for healthy eating is how quickly it cooks tender meats, perfect beans, eggs, creamy Greek yogurt and other proteins integral to a balanced diet.

A few key Instant Pot accessories, like steamed cups for cooking eggs or vegetable baskets, can help you stay committed to your Whole30 or keto plan or maintain a more balanced diet with loads of protein and nutrient-packed vegetables. Keep reading to learn more about our picks for the best Instant Pot accessories for healthy eating.

Can You Put A Steamer Basket In A Pressure Cooker

Steaming is a great way to get healthy vegetables and fruits. Steaming allows the nutrients from the produce to remain intact while keeping the flavor and texture. A steamer basket insert is used to place the ingredients into the steamer basket. It helps to prevent the ingredients from falling through the holes of the steamer basket.

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How Do You Use A Tamale Steam Pot

Fill tamale steamer with water to about half an inch from the bottom of the rack. Stand tamales closed end down on rack or basket in steamer. Bring to a boil, then steam over medium heat for one and a half to two hours or till masa is no longer doughy. Add water as necessary.

In this regard, how do you steam tamales in a pot?

Method 1Using a Steamer Basket

  • Pour 1 inch of water into a large pot and add a steamer basket.
  • Arrange the tamales vertically in the basket.
  • Bring the water in the pot to a boil then reduce the heat.
  • Add water every 20 minutes and simmer the tamales for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
  • Secondly, how long do tamales take to steam? 1 hour and 20 minutes

    In this way, can I use my instant pot to steam tamales?

    Place steam rack inside of Instant Pot. Fill with 2 cups water. Arrange tamales, open end up, standing upright. Seal lid and pressure cook on HIGH for 30 minutes.

    How long do you cook tamales without a steamer?

    How to Cook Tamales Without a Vegetable Steamer

  • Set a round metal rack inside a large pot.
  • Place a metal heat-safe bowl inside the pot upside down, resting it on top of the rack.
  • Stand the tamales on end inside the pot, resting them between the bowl and pot.
  • Place the lid on the pot.
  • Steam the tamales for one hour, checking the water level every 15 minutes or so.
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    The Best Instant Pot Accessories To Fuel Your Multi

    How to Cook Easy Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

    All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    Whether you own the three-quart or the six-quart, the Duo or the Ultra, there are plenty of Instant Pot accessories out there. From sealing rings for the pressure function to extra pots and steaming essentials, there are tons of handy tools available to take your multi-cooker to the next level. Youve already read the Instant Pot cookbooks and mastered the beginner recipes, now turn your attention to the accessories.

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    Using The Steam Function

  • 1Secure the lid on the Instant Pot. Place the lid over the top of the Instant Pot. Then, turn the lid clockwise until the lock clicks. Double check that the lid is secure by making sure the arrows on the lid and the pot line up.XResearch source
  • If the lid isnt sealed, the steam can escape. If this happens, your food wont cook correctly.
  • 2Turn the little handle near the vent to seal it off. Look on the top of the lid to find the vent switch. Shift it in either direction to close off the vent. This traps the pressure and steam inside the Instant Pot.XResearch source
  • If you dont put the vent in the sealing position, the steam escapes out of the vent and your food wont cook right.
  • 3Push the “steam” button to turn on the Instant Pot’s steam function. Check the lower right area of the control panel for the “steam” button. Watch for the screen to light up and a standard cook time to appear.XResearch source
  • If you cant find the right button, check the instructions that came with your Instant Pot or look up the online guide.
  • 4Set the cooking time using the plus or minus keys. Set the actual cook time without worrying about preheating. Times vary for each type of food, so double check the recommended time the first time you steam a food. Use the time listed in your recipe, if you have one, or use Instant Pot’s handy guide.XResearch source
  • You can find Instant Pots time guide here: .
  • To Use The Instant Pot In Pot Method Follow The Procedure Below:

    The Pot in Pot Method is used to heat food that has thick liquids.

  • Put a cup of water in the inner pot.
  • Put food in an oven-safe bowl.
  • Now place the bowl or container on the trivet and shut the lid.
  • Switch to sealing position.
  • Start the pressure cook and set the time.
  • After it is done, release the pressure.
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    Instant Pot Sealing Ring 2

    Some people worry about smells trapped in their silicone sealing rings they keep a second ring for recipes with a strong smell, like chilis and currys. For those people, a set of color-coded rings is an obvious purchase.

    As you can probably tell from my those people attitude, I dont bother with separate rings. Yes, I can smell something on the ring when Im done with some recipes. When Im done cooking, chili or not, I clean my sealing ring in the dishwasher. After it dries, I store it loose in the lid, upside down on top of the cooker base, to let it air out. Ive never noticed any smells transferring between cooks.

    That saidI do keep a second ring on hand, as a backup. This is a holdover from my stovetop pressure cooker days. Gather round, kids, and let me tell you about the before times. In the good old days, pressure cooker sealing rings were made out of rubber. They had to be hand washed none of this fancy machine dishwashing, no sir! And they worked greatfor a few years. Then they would lose their flexibility. When the lid started leaking steam in all directions, it was time to replace the ring. And we liked it that way!

    Ahem. Sorry. Where was I?

    Long story short: When I buy a new pressure cooker, I also buy a second sealing ring, just in case. If I have a second ring, why not make it colorful? I think Im part hummingbird, attracted to the reds and blues. Do I need more sealing rings? No. But theyre so pretty. I had to have them.

    Avoiding The Burn Message

    How to use Instant Pot as a Pressure Steamer

    If you get a burn message while using your microwave oven, it could mean that something went wrong with your appliance. It is important to check whether the power cord is plugged into the socket correctly. If the power cord is not properly connected, it could result in overheating and burning of the appliance. In addition, if the power supply is faulty, it could lead to a malfunction of the microwave oven. To avoid such problems, ensure that the power supply is working properly. Also, check whether the fuse is blown or not. If the fuse is blown, replace it immediately.

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    Instant Pot Green Beans

    If youre noticing a trend, vegetables do incredibly well in the Instant Pot. Try pressure cooking plain green beans in the steamer basket for a quick and healthy side dish.

    I made these for my Instant Pot class just plain pressure cooked green beans and then added some garlic butter on top! So simple! You could also just do a simple squeeze of lemon and a dash of salt.

    Try my famous Instant Pot Bacon Green Beans!

    Let Us Discuss Some General Aspects Of An Instant Pot And How It Works:

    Instant pots combine a pressure cooker and a slow cooker for ease of use. Having multiple cooking appliances together is helpful as it occupies less space in the kitchen. It cooks your food for the right amount of time not too little or not too much. The temperature sensors inside keep track of the status of food and shut themselves off before food gets a chance to burn.

    The instant pot takes around 10 minutes to create pressure the exact time depends on the quantity and temperature of the food.

    The time at which you set the pressure cooker is set off not as same as the time that you set. Initially, the pressure builds up and the timer is set off after that. Before an instant pot pressurizes, you need to preheat it.

    You can hasten the cooking process when you cook meat by using the pressure cooker feature. However, for vegetables, you will need to use a quick pressure release to prevent them from getting overcooked.

    After the pressure-cooking cycle completes, you can now commence the natural pressure release which could take anywhere between 5-30 minutes which depends on the quantity of water in the pot.

    After 5 minutes, the instant pot beeps again a few times. The instant pot then switches to warming mode and the ascending numbers begin to appear. An L will appear next to the number after the cook cycle has ended.

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    How Much You Can Expect To Spend On An Instant Pot Steamer Basket

    Instant Pot steamer baskets are very affordable no matter the brand or what materials are used. You can find a low-cost, but solid, option for $10 or less. Sturdier options, better materials or well-known brands could bump that cost to roughly $15. There are also top-tier options that can cost up to $25, but these arent necessary in your average kitchen.

    Which Instant Pot Accessories Are Worth It

    When to Use the Steamer Basket in Your Instant Pot

    We tested 10 of them to see which ones are game changers and which are a waste of space

    One of the selling points of an Instant Pot multi-cooker is that it saves space by replacing a number of other countertop appliancesslow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker.

    What no one tells you is that in order to make the most of your Instant Pot, you’ll need a bunch of accessories that will clutter your cabinets.

    But which ones are actually worth the money and storage space? We bought 10 of these accessories so I could test them at home to see which ones boost my Instant Pot gamewhich I’ve been honing for eight years nowand which ones languish alongside my other kitchen outcasts.

    Below are the details on the accessories that would make a great gift for yourself and your loved ones, plus two that you should skip. You can jump to each item using the links below.

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    Instant Pot Steamer Basket Giveaway

    717 Industries have generously given me the chance to give one of my fabulous readers a brand new Instant Pot Steamer Basket! Heres what you need to do to be eligible:

    • Leave a comment on this post with the top 3 things youd use the steamer basket for.
    • In your comment, also tell me what or who youre thankful for, and why. Be genuine.
    • If youre feeling generous, please share this post on your Instagram story or Facebook. Not necessary, but I always appreciate when you share my posts. It helps so much.
    • Be a good, kind, nice, giving person. Im like Santa Ill know!

    *Giveaway ends 12/01/2019 and I will contact the winner directly through email.

    And may the odds be ever in your favor, my friends! Lisa

    Stackable Egg Steamer Rack

    With 4.8 stars on Amazon, this stackable egg rack and trivet is a hit. One reviewer illustrates the glory perfectly: I had a dozen new eggs and was anxious to try my new Aozita stackable egg steamer rack trivet. I had already had some egg failures and thought, What the heck, Ill put the whole dozen in. This time I didnt set it on Manual, which at least one source recommended. I set it on Steam and put the whole dozen in, leaving only the center spots free. I was a little cautious lowering the trivet and eggs into the Instant Pot, but there were no falls and no breakage. Not quite enough room for trivet plus fingers, so I dropped it in when my fingers couldnt reach any farther. No problems. I ended up with a dozen perfectly hard-boiled eggs. I probably should have taken them out before all the pressure was gone instead of falling asleep and remembering hours later, but they were great and super-simple to peel. Goodbye, old egg cooker. Youll be confined to the cupboard until I find something the Instant Pot cant do. The trivet was a great purchase.

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    What Foods Can Be Made Using A Trivet

    A trivet is used to support items such as hot plates, pans, and other cookware while theyre being heated. Trivets are available in different sizes and shapes, but they usually range from 6 inches to 12 inches tall. They can be found in metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, and wood. A trivet is useful because it allows you to place heavy cookware on top of a stove burner or electric element without having to worry about burning yourself. Its also helpful if youre trying to avoid splattering grease onto the floor.

    Can I Steam Vegetables Without A Steamer Basket

    Stackable Egg Steamer Rack for the Instant Pot with easy egg peel trick


    You can steam vegetables without using a steamer basket, just by placing the vegetables on the bottom.

    I did it a few times as a test, as you can see in my Instant Pot steaming vegetables recipe. Is was a great side dish, however as expected, the results are not the same.

    You can also use a homemade improvised steaming basket. Please note that steaming can be a dangerous job because, in an uncontrolled environment, there is the risk of burning your hands and/or face while handling an improvised steamer.

    So if you have an Instant Pot and a steamer basket there is no reason for you to do so.

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    Instant Pot Steam Rack With Handles

    The Instant Pot® stainless-steel rack is great for all cooking styles. The raised platform for steaming preserves nutrients and colors.

    The Instant Pot® stainless-steel steam rack is a versatile accessory that can be used to steam cook meat and veggies, to hold a bowl for bain marie heating, and can even be stacked for dehydrating.

    • Compatible with all 6 and 8 quart Instant Pot® Multi-Use Pressure Cookers and Air Fryer Lids
    • Raised platform for steaming, which preserves nutrients and colors
    • Long handles to lift and carry food
    • Durable, premium quality stainless-steel
    • Resists stains and does not absorb food odors or flavors
    • Dishwasher and preheated-oven safe

    *All measurements are approximate.

    One Year Limited Warranty

  • The cost of repair or replacement under these excluded circumstances.

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