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How to do Instant Pot Sous Vide – Beginner’s Manual and User Guide

No doubt, the Sous vide Instant Pot has made our lives much easier than before and saves time, but it also helps to prepare meals for a family gathering. After its launch in 2010, many new models came into the market with advanced features and functionality.

This constant innovation has made it difficult to find the best instant pot sous vide or sous vide instant pots that will meet the requirements of home chiefs. Therefore, we have listed below the things that you must consider while purchasing an instant pot for your home.

Budget: The market is full of all the latest and old models of Instant pots with a price range of $50 to $200. The newer ones are much better than the previous instant pots which lack many new programs. The latest models of instant pots are equipped with upgradable programs which allow the users to control their cooking process and are much expensive. If you are planning to try new recipes then we would suggest you invest in the latest model of instant pots.

Instant Pot Size: The size of the sous vide instant pot is very important. If you have a small family of 2 to 3 people then a 3 quart instant pot will be fine for you or if you have a larger family then go for the 6 quarts instant porta. The 6 quarts instant ports are also used for preparing meals for parties.

Also, keep in mind that smaller instant pot will occupy less space on your countertop comparing to the larger ones which will require more counter and storage space.

Submerge The Bag In Water

Use a pair of tongs to lower your bag into the water .

You want your bag of food to be fully submerged in water. If it is floating, that could be because air is still in the bag, which will cause uneven cooking.

Remember, you want as much of the foods surface area to be in contact with the warm water as possible.

Once all of the air is removed from the bag, you can always place the trivet on top of the food to help keep it submerged if necessary, but most food items will submerge on their own as long as the air is out of the bag.

What Is An Instant Pot And How Does It Work

Instant Pot is a swiss army knife for the kitchen. It is a multifunction appliance that is part slow cooker and part pressure cooker. It is advertised as a multicooker and it is easy to see why. Among its functions are:

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Food Warmer
  • Pressure Canner

In looks, it is similar to traditional crock pots, but thats where the similarity ends, as you can see from the impressive list of functions it boasts.

These are fully programmable appliances that are designed to make cooking a dinner meal convenient, some models even offer Wi-Fi for remote access.

The Slow Cooker feature of the appliance works just like any standard slow cooker, i.e. it cooks meals at low temperature over a long period. This method is similar to sous vide and Ill cover sous vide below.

The pressure cooker function is convenient for when time is short. Pressure cookers work by trapping the steam inside the pot. This pressure raises the boiling point of water to 212° F.

These higher temperatures shorten the cooking time of foods and helps to retain the flavor and nutrients, thanks to a lack of evaporation.

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Instant Pot Vs Anova Sous Vide: Product Comparison

There are so many different types of sous vide cookers out there. One big brand is Anova. There are also other brands that are well known in the cooking industry in general, like Instant Pot.

So which is better? Ive done some extensive research comparing the Instant Pot vs Anova sous vide immersion circulators to find the answer.

In the next section, Ill give you my quick answer about which sous vide immersion circulator I think is the best and why. After that, Ill elaborate and get into all the details.

  • 4 Instant Pot vs Anova Sous Vide Summary
  • Sous Vide Vs Pressure Cooking: What’s The Actual Difference

    This Instant Potwith a built

    Both sous vide, and pressure cooker cooking can be used to prepare delicious home meals. You can find a lot of different recipes online quite easily.

    But if you are wondering whether you will have a better cooking experience with one over the other, the following section of the article is for you.

    In this section, we will look at a few ways to identify whether you want to use pressure cooking or sous vide cooking.

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    Introduction To Sous Vide What Is It

    There are two important factors when it comes to cooking foodtime and temperature.

    As a general rule of thumb, if youre cooking for a shorter period of time, youll use a higher temperature, which is the case with a pressure cooker. Likewise, if youre cooking at a low temperature, it will take more time, such as with a slow cooker.

    Sous vide , which in French means under vacuum, is a cooking method where food is typically vacuum-sealed in a bag, then cooked for a specific amount of time in a temperature-controlled water bath. The food will eventually reach the same temperature as the water.

    Because the temperature never fluctuates to extremes, the cooking process is gradual and controlled.

    This is a slow method of cooking, but it is well-loved for cooking proteins, tender vegetables, potatoes, and eggs, because the food wont accidentally be overcooked.

    Instant Pot Sous Vide

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    Have you heard all of the rage about Sous Vide cooking? If you’re looking for a perfectly cooked meal, sous vide is the way to do it. If you want to know the best way to get the perfect sous vide results, consider Instant Pot Sous Vide one of the best options.

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    How To Prepare The Food For Sous Vide Cooking

    Its best to get the instant pot set, then you can prepare your food while its warming up. Place your food in a resealable freezer bag. You can put it in two freezer bags if you want extra strength. Squeeze as much air out of the bag as you can. Then seal the bag but leave about an inch open. This opening will need to be kept above the water level while it is cooking.

    Once the instant pot has reached the desired temperature, slowly lower the bag into the water making sure the opening stays above the top of the water. Once the air is forced out while the bag lowers into the water, close the bag the rest of the way making sure it is securely sealed. Then, close the lid on the instant pot. Check the temp, especially if you are using your Ip ultra for sous vide cooking for the first time. You may need to adjust the temperature.

    When the sous vide cooking time is done, the timer will beep. Press the cancel button and then carefully open the lid. Use tongs to remove the bag from the pot. Transfer the food from the bag to a plate or cutting board. Let it rest for about 10 minutes.

    Whats Good To Sous Vide In The Instant Pot

    Best Sous Vide Steak in Instant Pot | Beginners Tutorial | Sous Vide Without Vacuum

    When people ask me this, I say cook steak!! But pretty much everything from restaurant quality steaks to copycat Starbucks style egg bites to sous vide vegetables are delicious.

    With these tasty ideas, youll get to use the sous vide model Instant Pot multicooker that you already have in your kitchen to explore a whole new culinary landscape. As long as there is a sous vide button on the Instant Pot youre using, and they fit then these recipes will work.

    So give this page a scroll to see my picks for easy IP sous vide dishes to try cooking with your sous vide model.

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    Why Should I Brine A Corned Beef Myself

    In Natalie-fashion, I wanted to create a corned beef recipe totally from scratch. Why? A couple of reasons.

  • Most. No, ALL of the corned beef kits I see in the store use factory-farmed beef. I have never seen a pre-brined grass-fed corned beef. SO, for that reason alone, I search out a grass-fed brisket.
  • I can control the ingredients in my brine. And in the seasoning.
  • Plus, I have this awesome sense of accomplishment when I make something 100% from scratch.
  • Natalie-fashion is usually control freak fashion. If youve been around here for a while that shouldnt surprise you.

    Sous Vide Or Instant Pot Corned Beef

    Im going to do something slightly unconventional with this post, but since there are no hard and fast rules to blogging, its cool, right?

    My original intent with this corned beef recipe was to do a step by step sous vide version and put the Instant Pot adaptations in the recipe notes, but I underestimated how long this would take. And I wanted to give you enough time to do it before St. Patricks Day.

    This recipe at the end of this post is the full Instant Pot version .

    I forgot that it took 5-10 days to brine. *facepalm* And when I was researching sous vide cooking times I realized it needed another 48 hours to cook. Yeah. 48 hours TO COOK. Talk about insanely slow cooking. But totally worth it if you have the time.

    Clearly I didnt have time to write this post the way I originally intended. At the moment, Ive got a brisket brining in the fridge that will go into a sous vide immersion on Tuesday. Ill add more photos later next week and a bit about sous vide as well as the sous vide adaptation in the recipe notes.

    So, this will be a recipe post in-progress for like a week. BUT you have plenty of info to get started!

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    Can I Change The Flavors

    Yes, this is a base-line how to recipe for perfectly cooked scallops. However, you can easily mix up the flavors to add more spice or seasoning to your seafood. Keep things light, though, because scallops have a delciate flvor thats easily overpowered.

    One delicious flavoring idea is to sprinkle your scallops with Old Bay seasoning before placing them in the vacuum bag. You can find Old Bay at most grocery stores, or make your own.

    How To Make Sous Vide Egg Bites In The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot

    This Starbucks sous vide egg bites recipe is an easy way to prep a healthy, keto breakfast thats perfectly portable and super delicious.

    Heres how to make sous vide egg bites in the Instant Pot:

    • Grease the egg bite mold. Use butter or olive oil spray to ensure that the bites pop out easily when they are done cooking.
    • Lay down bacon. Stack bacon slices and cut them in half. Then place two pieces of bacon side-by-side into the bottom of the mold, curving them up the sides.
    • Blend the Starbucks egg bites sous vide mixture. Blend eggs, cheese, cream, water, sea salt, and pepper, until frothy.
    • Pour egg mixture into the molds, filling them to the top. Cover tightly with foil.
    • Cook the sous vide egg bites in the Instant Pot. Pour water into the bottom of the pressure cooker and place the trivet inside. Carefully place the egg bite mold onto trivet. Close the lid, set valve to seal, then cook on high pressure for 9 minutes. Wait 5 minutes for natural release, then flip to quick release for any remaining pressure. The egg bites will be done when you open the lid!
    • Cool the Instant Pot sous vide egg bites. Lift trivet out of pressure cooker with oven mitts be careful, its very hot! Let them cool for 5 minutes , then flip the mold over a plate and pop egg bites out.

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    Lower Freezer Bag Into The Water Bath

    • Once the Instant Pot has reached the desired temperature, gradually lower the freezer bag down into the water. Use a wooden spoon or tongs if needed.
    • Air will get forced out as the bag gets lowered. This is called the displacement method. Read more about it in How to Use the Instant Pot Sous Vide Smart Program.
    • Finally, close the bag all the way until the bag is completely sealed.
    • Keep the bag opening above water at all times.
    • Close the lid.

    Why To Use Sous Vide Cooking Method

    Sous vide cooking has numerous benefits over regular cooking methods. It takes more time to cook the ingredients over a low temperature in an absence of water. This way the ingredients get cooked deliciously with perfect texture and tenderness. Whereas, cooking food in a pressure cooker is rapid and requires a higher temperature with enough water.

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    Asparagus Cooked In The Instant Pot Sous Vide Machine

    The queen of short-cook-time foods using this method may be sous vide asparagus. They come out so much different when cooked sous vide style vs. pressure cooking them .

    If youve got thin asparagus, youll want to stick it in the Instant Pot for just 6 minutes, and thick asparagus cooks in 9. The vacuum sealed asparagus cook in a flat layer at my go-to temp of180ºF. For a gourmet meals, dress em up. Serve asparagus with toasted almondsit never fails to impress and is a keto friendly sous vide recipe.

    Can You Sous Vide In An Instant Pot

    Sous vide Steak | Instant Pot

    It depends on the Instant Pot model!

    Some Instant Pots have a sous vide setting, which allows the Instant Pot to double as a sous vide machine by letting you set a precise temperature. While the water doesnt circulate , youll still get a great result. If youre looking for an Instant Pot with this sous vide setting, we recommend the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus.

    Many Instant Pots, however, dont have the option to set a precise temperature. Instead, they have buttons for specific foods or functions . While some of these might be at appropriate temperatures for very specific sous vide foods, theres no way to set or maintain the precise temperatures you need for true sous vide cooking.

    In short: if your Instant Pot doesnt have a sous vide setting, its not an appropriate tool for sous vide. If you cant set a precise temperature, youll miss out on the whole point of sous vide. Instead of trying to force an Instant Pot into doing something its not capable of, youll be better off buying an immersion circulator.

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    Wondering How To Use Your Instant Pot Sous Vide Smart Program This Easy

    Learn how to use your Instant Pot sous vide function with this step-by-step guide.

    Note: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase, this site may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

    Although the Instant Pot is most known for its ability to cook food quickly at a high pressure, most Instant Pot models boast additional options beyond pressure cooking.

    But one of the newest features available on some Instant Pot models is the Sous Vide function!

    What Are Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites

    These sous vide egg bites are small egg souffles made in the Instant Pot! The Starbucks egg bites made these mini egg bites super popular, and they turned out to be a great low carb breakfast idea on-the-go.

    Real sous vide is a cooking method that involves cooking a sealed pouch of food in a water bath, at low temperature, for an extended period of time. But since it requires special equipment, I opted to make these in my Instant Pot instead, like my friend recommended.

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    The Basics Of Sous Viding In The Instant Pot

    Its very easy to sous vide in the Instant Potjust:

  • Fill the inner pot of the Instant Pot with water
  • Ziploc or vacuum seal the bags of food
  • Place your vacuum-sealed food inside see next section for tips
  • Push the sous vide button
  • I have a sous vide Instant Pot guide that walks you through this, complete with pictures.

    If youre new to the whole concept of sous vide, have a read through my blog on why is sous vide so popular, and then go on to this article on beginner tips for sous vide cooking. Youll be surprised how straight forward it all is!

    Add Food To The Bag And Use The Displacement Method To Remove Air

    Instant Pot Aura Pro Multi

    With sous vide cooking, its very important to remove as much air as possible from the bag.

    This is because the food needs to be in contact with the hot water in order to cook properly. Air is a poor conductor of heat, so if your food is surrounded by air in the bag, the heat cant reach the food and the food will not be cooking at the desired temperature.

    If you happen to have a vacuum sealer, you can use that for removing air. However, most home kitchens dont have one, so the displacement method is a good alternative.

    Begin by placing your food into a high-quality freezer bag . Close the top zipper, leaving just an inch of the zipper open.

    Squeeze out as much air as you can, then lower the bag into the water in your insert pot . Be careful to keep the zipper above the level of the water.

    The water exerts enough pressure against the bag to force air up and out of the opening, allowing the plastic bag to be pressed directly against the surface of the food.

    Close the remaining inch of zipper.

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