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Congratulations On Finding The Salbree’s Ip Compatible Steamer Basket

Instant Pot Mini Steamed Potatoes with steamer basket 3qt pressure cooker

The advantages of using our egg cooking rack are numerous.

  • Silicone-Free Legs- Why do most steamer baskets not have silicone on their legs? Its because they harbor bacteria and act as a vehicle that transfers that bacteria from dish, to dish, to dish, every time you use your pressure cooker unsafe!
  • Has side walls- and our PATENTED PENDING DESIGN is designed to fit specific to the InstaPot model that you have.
  • Convenient and secure handle grips- our silicone-wrapped handles can help you get a good grip on your steamer rack when removing your eggs, veggies, meat and other foods from your pressure cooker. Always be careful because the handle can still be hot.
  • Solid Construction- our steamer accessory basket is a wide top rim, solid vertical supports and horizontal supports under the basket
  • Quality Material- we spared no expense when building our basket because we used high-quality, stainless steel 304, which translates to many, many years of use.
  • Award-Winning Customer Service- if you have a problem, please contact us, well do whatever we can to make it right with you.
  • Before you buy any other steamer basket, we recommend in giving ours a try. You will not regret it. Salbree’s motto is “Traditional Quality. Modern Design.”

    Joie Silicone Devil Oven And Toaster Rack Puller

    Aside from being completely adorable, the silicone puller is amazing to use with your Instant Pot Mini. I receive it as a stocking stuffer gift a few years ago and recently put it to work with my Instant Pot creations. Stick the puller through the lid handle to release the pressure. I was using a big stirring spoon with an oven mitt. With this puller, my hand is further away from the steam spray. And with a little precise wedging you can do a controlled quick release to avoid coating your ceiling in steam . It also makes the slow quick-release relativity hands-free.

    When I can avoid creating a sling I do. You can use this puller for lifting out pans by their handle. With a tray of egg bites, try using butcher string. It works really well and can be lifted out using this devil puller too. Tip: Grab a spatular to put under the tray as soon as its high enough to keep it balanced.

    Do This First When You Buy An Instant Pot

    Then I saw the Instant Pot Mini 3QT make its debut in the market and I thought it was super cute but that I didnt really have any need for it at all. Oh boy, was I wrong.

    I decided to purchase my Mini IP last year on Black Friday so I could complete my Instant Pot family. Right away, I did the water test on it to make sure the unit was working properly.

    Then I made our favorite jasmine rice in it!

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    When I First Purchased My Instant Pot Mini Back In December 2017 I Wasnt Sure What Instant Pot Mini Accessories Were Available Or What Would Even Fit The 3 Quart Instant Pot Model Accessories Were Not Something I Was Even Thinking About Here Is A This List Of Accessories To Help You Find What You Want Quickly

    Accessories were not something I thought about when I first purchased my Instant Pot Mini. I dont remember owning any for my slow cooker. For the most part, you toss in all the ingredients into the crock and turn it on. The world of electric pressure cooking is a little different.

    Accessories are both part of the fun as well as expand the different dishes you can cook in your Instant Pot Mini.

    And one more note: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission if you buy through my link. You wont pay any more if you use this link.

    Once you decide you want to stock up on accessories, you may also notice finding things that fit a 3 quart Instant Pot is a challenge. Items can be only so wide or tall in order to fit safely in the inner pot. Given more people have the 6 quart model, below is a dedicated list of accessories for the smaller Instant Pot.

    Tip: Do you know someone that just purchased their first Instant Pot? Accessories make great gifts, especially for people new to this method of cooking. While this list is specific for the mini models, you can use this as inspiration for the larger models when you go shopping!

    Stackable Stainless Steel Steamer Insert Pans

    Jooan Steamer Basket for Instant Pot Accessories 3 Qt Only

    This set comes with two tiers so that you can cook different foods at once. They help you to pull off pot-in-pot cooking and are designed to be durable and easy to use.

    You can cook multiple foods in these at once angry even use a steamer basket as a dessert pan . Its also great for reheating food without having to worry about your pan changing the flavour or affecting the quality of the food.

    It works with a number of 6-quart Instant Pot designs as well as the 8-quart cooker. The long-lasting, food grade stainless steel makes for a high quality product that should prove reliable for many years.

    It comes with two different lids for different steaming and cooking purposes. The attached handles make it easy to take the steamer basket out of your Instant Pot.

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    Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer

    Right now on Amazon, you can save money on this higher-end Instant Pot model.

    As you can see from the picture above, the Instant Omni Plus is not exactly a pot. In fact, no, it isn’t a pot. The Instant Omni Plus is a countertop convection oven that, in true Instant Pot fashion, has a bunch of tricks up its sleeves. This 10-in-1 appliance can be used to air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat, toast and warm. And, as noted, it works as a convection oven and a rotisserie.

    Silicone Egg Bite Molds

    Copycat Starbucks Egg Bites or sometimes also referred to as sous vide egg bites, are an interesting Instant Pot phenomenon. You blend up eggs, cream , cottage cheese, grated cheese, and additional mix-ins to steam your own batch in your Instant Pot in either silicone egg bite molds or silicone muffin cups.

    For the Instant Pot Mini, I bought two versions from ULEE: a 4 cup 2 oz mold set and 7 cup 1 oz mold set. The 1 oz cups fit a little better stacked and then 2 oz cups. From an eating perspective, I prefer egg bites made with 2 oz molds. I also like these molds in general because the tops are silicone so that I dont have to use aluminum foil or anything else while cooking. Dont use plastic for cooking in the Instant Pot.

    And these dont have to be used for only egg bites. Use your imagination to come up with other bite-sized dishes. Others have made pancake bites and cheesecake bites. Basically, these egg bite molds can be used to make more than egg bites. You dont need to worry about buying a single-purpose accessory.

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    Is There A Steamer Basket For A 3

    Most Instant Pot steamer baskets wont fit in the smaller 3-quart Instant Pot mini pressure cooker.

    However, there are some steamer baskets that have been specifically designed to fit in the 3-quart Instant Pot, such as this stainless steel basket and this silicone basket.

    Be sure to double-check sizes before purchasing to ensure the selected steamer basket will fit within the circumference of your model!

    Can I Steam Vegetables Without A Steamer Basket

    Instant Pot Ultra Mini Steamed Vegetables Accessories 3qt pressure cooker Steamer Basket


    You can steam vegetables without using a steamer basket, just by placing the vegetables on the bottom.

    I did it a few times as a test, as you can see in my Instant Pot steaming vegetables recipe. Is was a great side dish, however as expected, the results are not the same.

    You can also use a homemade improvised steaming basket. Please note that steaming can be a dangerous job because, in an uncontrolled environment, there is the risk of burning your hands and/or face while handling an improvised steamer.

    So if you have an Instant Pot and a steamer basket there is no reason for you to do so.

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    Are You Ready To Assemble Your Instant Pot Accessory Kit

    These Instant Pot and air fryer accessories are great supplements to add to your already amazing cookers. Whether you buy the items individually or as a set, you can find just about anything you need for your 3-quart cooker.

    With all of these versatile cooking supplements, youll be an instant pot cooking wiz in no time.

    Instant Pot Dual Pod Plus

    Did you know that Instant Pot makes a dual coffee and espresso maker? Now you do! The 4.4-star-rated Instant Pot Dual Pod Plus is on sale for Black Friday.

    This kitchen gadget is compatible with K-Cup pods, Nespresso capsules and ground coffee when used with the included reusable pod. It lets you brew up to 12 ounces of coffee and up to 6 ounces of espresso at a time.

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    Mesh Instant Pot Steamer Basket

    • Instant Pot Compatible – The 717 Steamer Basket is compatible with 6 and 8 quart Instant Pots, as well as many other Pots and Pressure Cookers. The 717 Steamer Basket is perfect for Eggs, Meats, and Veggies

    As I mentioned, this mesh steamer basket is the one I own and use in my Instant Pot. Ive had it for a long time now, and its held up really well.

    This particular model is quite durable and keeps its shape well, and the silicone covered handle makes it really easy to remove from the Instant Pot. Its also a large basket with a large capacity.

    I also appreciate that the feet of this basket arent coated with silicone, so food wont get stuck in the crevices between silicone and metal.

    I know some people have qualms with mesh material, finding it difficult to clean.

    However, Ive found that if you rinse the steamer basket immediately after using, it is actually very easy to keep clean. But if you allow it to become caked with dry food, it wont be such an easy job.

    Plus, its dishwasher safe, which is always a benefit, in my book!

    Remember To Do This When Pressure Cooking

    Steamer Basket for Instant Pot Accessories 3 Qt Only

    Remember that the same rules apply with the 3QT as the larger models.

    The Instant Pot always needs to have liquid in the pot to build up pressure from the liquid turning to steam. 1 cup is the minimum needed for the 3QT and 1 1/2 cups for the larger models.

    Do not fill the pot more than 1/2 way full for items that double in size , and 2/3 full for everything else .

    The max amount of rice to cook is 3 cups rice to 3 cups liquid to fall in the pot capacity filling guideline.

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    As a thank you for being such awesome readers and coming to check out my new website, Im doing a GIVEAWAY for one of you to win an Instant Pot Mini 3QT DUO and any 2 accessories of your choice!

    To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me which 2 accessories you would love to have from the ones shared in this post!

    Hurry, the giveaway ends Tuesday, April 16th at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be notified via email.

    Silicone Instant Pot Steamer Basket

    Silicone baskets offer a bit more flexibility, and can be easier to handle without getting burned.

    This silicone steamer basket features a pleated design, so it is flexible enough to fit into both 6-quart and 8-quart Instant Pots.

    The handles hook together during cooking, so they are out of the way of the pressure cookers lid. When its time to put it away, the handles interlock around the feet of the basket, requiring less space for storage.

    Its heat-resistant up to 450F and is made with BPA-free silicone.

    As with any steamer basket, youll want to rinse it shortly after cooking, so food doesnt collect in the holes. Then, pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

    If you prefer to avoid metal baskets or want one with some flexibility and easy storage, this Instant Pot silicone steamer basket model could be a good fit for you.

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    How To Use A Steamer Basket In An Instant Pot

    Fill the basket. First, youll need a steamer basket that actually fits in your Instant Pot. Then, youll add the food youre cooking to the basket.

    There are many different types of food you can steam, from your favorite veggies to frozen foods!

    There are many steamer baskets manufactured and sized specifically for electric pressure cookers, including stacked steamer baskets, collapsible steamer baskets, mesh steamer baskets, and silicone steamer baskets.

    I own and use this mesh steamer basket, which Ive been super pleased with, but you can see a few popular steamer racks from Amazon below.

    Add water. Once you have a steamer basket, youll just need to add some water to the insert pot of your Instant Pot. This cup of water is what will heat up and create the steam.

    Lower the steamer basket. Youll place the basket into the insert pot. The contents of the basket should be up out of the water.

    Steam. Program the steam time according to the recipe youre using and wait for the food to cook to perfection . So easy!

    Wash. Be sure to follow the care instructions specific to your model, but washing with soap or water is generally all it takes to keep them clean.

    Instant Pot Mini 3qt Accessories

    First Look at a 3-Piece Divided Steamer Basket for Instant Pot, Unboxing

    Check out my front where all of these Instant Pot Mini 3QT accessories are listed all in one place.

    I will continue to keep adding to the list as the availability and new products come into market that will work for the Mini.

    Here are the current ones available right now:

    This stainless mesh steamer basket with silicone handle also doubles as a strainer. I use this type of basket the most!

    Heres another stainless steamer basket that is similar.

    Silicone Steamer Basket that can fits the 6QT but can also squish inside the 3QT.

    Or this silicone steamer basket that folds into itself also works.

    If you like stainless steel, then youll love this steamer basket with a handle.

    This springform cheesecake pan fits perfectly.

    Some favor this push pan cheesecake pan.

    I prefer using stainless steel whenever possible with cooking.

    These egg bite molds are like the ones that fit the 6QT & 8QT models, but these are smaller to fit inside the 3QT. This also means that instead of holding the regular 2.3oz, these only hold 1.2oz in each cup cavity.

    If you prefer the larger egg bite molds, this set will give you the 2.3oz per cup capacity but has fewer cup cavities so that it fits inside the 3QT.

    If a recipe calls for cooking something pot in pot, or cooking in a separate bowl inside the Instant Pot, then this oven safe pyrex bowl is what I recommend.

    This stainless steel bowl also fits inside the 3QT for cooking pot in pot.

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    How I Started My Instant Pot Family

    When I purchased my first Instant Pot, I bought the #1 best selling model, the Instant Pot DUO 6QT, just like everyone else.

    Within a week of cooking with it, I quickly realized that I needed a second Instant Pot so I could be even more hands-free in the kitchen! That way I could cook chicken in one and steam veggies in the other.

    For my second Instant Pot, I ended up purchasing the Instant Pot DUO 8QT so I could have something large enough to do a big pot of soup AND have leftovers the next day.

    I love being efficient, with less cooking and dishes whenever possible.

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    We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your patronage.

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    Functions Extra smooth and non-stick inner molds perfect as egg bites mold, freezer tray, candy molds, chocolate mold, etc. Use it a steam rack, egg steamer rack, cooling rack, pot stand rack, food holder, etc. Protects from rising steam, perfect for removing heated plates from microwaves, stove pan handles, etc. Strain vegetables, ground beef grease, tomatoes for making spaghetti sauce or water when making pasta
    Features Silicone lid, built-in trivet, attached handles, microwave, freezer & oven safe Silicone-wrapped handles, space saving design, fits a dozen eggs Heat-resistant, non-slip grip, grove design on the inside and outside Heat-resistant, non-slip grip for hands and cookers, super easy to use
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