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How to use the Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid

Instant Pot Whole Chicken Duo Crisp. Place cover on pot, turn knob to sealing position, and hit pressure cook or manual for 30 minutes allow 10 to 12 minutes natural release, then hit cancel, and do quick release, and open pot when pin drops. Finely grate 2 teaspoons of zest from the lemons and place into a small bowl. Bbq ribs jacket potatoes ratatouille pasta greek roast potatoes delicious greek roast potatoes using both the pressure cooking and air frying functions

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Best Instant Pot 202: Our Top 6 Multi

Find the best Instant Pot for your kitchen, with the help of our reviews of the Duo, Pro, Crisp, and even a few alternatives from Ninja

Choosing the best Instant Pot can be overwhelming. After all, it’s an expansive line, with a range of functions and capacities to choose between. That includes the Duo, Pro, and Crisp lines, all of which have various differences that will make them more suited to some users than others. So, which is the best Instant Pot for you?

We’ve been busy reviewing all the best Instant Pots over the past few months to bring you our top picks, and we’ve also included a few alternatives from Ninja, which have in-built crisper lids as well as pressure cooking functions. A lot of Instant Pots come with crisper lids too, meaning they will double up as the best air fryers, as well as steaming or pressure cooking any food you could hope to make.

One of the major perks of owning an Instant Pot this time of year is the sealed-in, compact design. On a hot day, the last thing you want to do is pour over a hot stove, but the best Instant Pot will do all the cooking for you, and it will prevent your kitchen from overheating while it works. And when your meals are done, you can expect to put all removable parts in the dishwasher to take all the effort out of mealtimes. For our top picks of the six best Instant Pots, keep on reading.

How It Performs As An Air Fryer

I cooked several of my favorite air fryer foods with the Duo Crisp and its Ultimate Lid. The air fryer was plenty proficient once it got heated. Speaking of which, this is one of the only air fryers I’ve used that needed an official preheat time. For an air frying session at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it took about five minutes to preheat plus the actual cook time. I’m used to air fryers that don’t need preheating, so it took getting used to.

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Youve Probably Heard Of The Instant Pot \: : /

pressure cooker!

This Duo Crisp is simple to use, with a big LCD display that includes status messages to guide you through cooking programs. The advanced steam release is simple, with a release button on the control panel and status messages letting you know when to open and close the lid. And its whisper quiet, with an advanced steam release design for a simpler venting experience.

With 13 different cooking functions, you can pressure cook for fast, healthy meals or slow cook for deep flavor, and then air fry for the perfect crisp. The dishwasher-safe cooking pot makes cleanup simple.

How It Performs As A Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Lid Air Fryer Review

I also made one of my go-to pressure cooker recipes: pulled pork shoulder. I followed a recipe I’ve used several times in other Instant Pots: dredging the 3-pound pork shoulder in flour and spices, searing in the Instant Pot and pressure cooking for 45 minutes. The Duo Crisp turned out a near mirror image of the fork-tender pork shoulders I’ve made before in the same amount of time.

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What The Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid Does

Unlike any Instant Pot before it, the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid has air fryer functionality built into the main lid. Because of this convection cooking element, you can air fry, broil, bake and roast — all cooking methods that most Instant Pots don’t offer. It also has most of the functionality of your basic Instant Pot multicooker including pressure cook, slow cook, steam and sauté.

While you won’t have to screw on a bulky conical air fryer lid attachment as you do for the original Duo Crisp, you will have to slide in the pressure cooker lid when you want to pressure or slow cook. However, that lid is very light and thin measuring no more than 2 inches high it shouldn’t be hard to find space for one.

I found the dials and controls simple to use, but I’m not used to air fryers that require preheat time.

What Can You Cook With The Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer

The ultimate selling point of the Duo Crisp is its air frying capability. You wont need to buy a separate air fryer to crisp up your fries with less oil.

As a disclaimer, though, air frying is just a fancy term for a convection oven. Though the official patent has a slight difference with how a full-sized oven works, the end result is more or less identical.

My point is, you dont need an air fryer if you have a convection oven.

In case your oven doesnt have that feature, getting the Instapot Duo Crisp would be a good idea. And here are all its other cooking functions.

*The sous vide and dehydrate function is only available in the Instant Pot Duo Crisp model.

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How To Clean The Instant Pot Duo Plus Air Fryer

Heres a short video on how to clean an Instant Pot.

When using the air frying function and pressure cooking greasy recipes, cleaning wont be as easy. The trick is to fill your inner pot with water and soak it overnight to loosen the food particles.

In addition, you have to be careful with the small parts when cleaning up the lid. Losing any of it means youll have to buy a new one.

So far, I never lost a single component.

When it comes to the air fryer lid, wait for it to cool down before wiping it off with a damp cloth. However, it may require deep cleaning once in a while.

Who Should Buy The Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid

NEW Instant Pot Duo Crisp with ULTIMATE LID Multi Cooker + Air Fryer first look

The Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid is a good choice for someone who uses a multicooker often but also wants to air fry on occasion. I stress often because if you tend to use an air fryer far more than an Instant Pot, pressure cooker or multicooker, this model is far bulkier and heavier than most solo air fryers.

I personally air fry far more than I use a multicooker so I’m happy with my small and light 2.6-quart Magic Bullet air fryer and its nonstick basket. I leave it on my counter most times, whereas my multicooker is stored in a closet until I’m ready to use it.

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid is bulkier than most air fryers and it also requires more cleanup after an air frying session than I’m used to. It also takes about five minutes to preheat, while most other air fryers don’t need preheat time at all. That said, once it was ready to cook, this machine air-fried, broiled and roasted with the best of ’em.

I liked the new Duo Crisp fine, but the originalDuo Crisp without the built-in air fryer lid can be had for about $130. For my money, that’s the better pick if you’re looking for a machine that does it all. If you already have a 6-quart Instant Pot you like, grab the air frying lid for $70 or on sale for $55 at Crate & Barrel.

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What Comes With The Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid

The Ultimate Lid Duo Crisp comes with only one accessory: an Air Fry/Cooking Rack. This rack is meant to be reversible. Use the tall side up for air frying, pressure cooking, and steaming. The shorter side up is meant for broiling and dehydrating.

It does not come with a spare silicone ring, since the ring is non-removable. It also does not come with the air fry basket that is standard with the traditional Duo Crisp, which is too tall to use in this model.

In practice, however, the single-level air fry/cooking rack doesnt hold as much as the crisper basket.

See Instapot Duo Crisp In Action

Dont take my word for it, heres a short video demonstration of Instant Pot Duo Crisp.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a multi-functional pressure cooker that has an air frying accessory. It can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sauté, air fry, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, and sous vide. Its available in 6-qt. and 8-qt. cooking capacity.

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Harder To Clean Than Most Air Fryers

One major setback of this model for me is how difficult the air frying rack was to clean. When I finished cooking the chicken thighs with dredged flour and egg coating, the fine mesh wire rack was inundated with gunk. While trying to flip them midway through cooking, much of the coating and skin also stuck to the rack.

The wire air frying rack was no fun to clean.

Most air fryer baskets have a nonstick coating and take seconds to clean after use. For the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid, I had to give it a good 10-minute soak to get it clean, but it did all eventually come off with a scrubber, soap and elbow grease. I found it much more difficult to clean than the original Duo Crisp’s nonstick basket and rack, which is completely flat with larger holes that don’t trap as much food.

Other foods including sweet potatoes and frozen snacks didn’t stick to the wire rack. If you’re planning on cooking mostly those foods versus battered foods, you may not have the same issues I did.

The original Duo Crisp requires a separate basket insert for air frying which diminishes the overall capacity. On the upside, it was far easier to clean.

What Is The Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Lid Air Fryer Review

TheInstant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid is the latest model of electric pressure cooker made by Instant Pot. As of this writing, it is currently a Target exclusive product It only comes in a 6.5-quart size.

This is the only one of the Crisp models that has an attached lid. This lid has a special pressure cooking cover as well as an air fryer heating element with fan. This lid is unlike any Instant Pot weve seen before.

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Review: Instant Pot Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid

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The Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid features an attached lid that can both pressure cook and air fry, this one-of-a-kind Instant Pot has a lot to offer. Read our full review to find out if its right for your kitchen!

The newest Instant Pot is the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid, the first ever-model to offer an attached, multi-function lid and an awesome dot matrix display that talks to you with words!

Weve been cooking in it for a couple weeks, and well tell you everything you need to know about this brand-new combination pressure cooker and air fryer.

Bottom Line: Ultimately, I think the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid is an air fryer first and a pressure cooker second. If you dont plan to pot-in-pot cook often and dont want to air fry large batches, this could be a really good option for your kitchen.

Why Did I Get A Burn Notice On The Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid

Since the Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid cooks at 1500W, it runs hotter than the more traditional 1000W Instant Pot models. Since most Instant Pot recipes are developed for these more common, traditional models, in rare occasions the higher heat will trigger the Burn Notice.

When the Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid reads FOOD BURN, the first things to check are:

  • Does the inner pot have enough liquid?
  • Are any food deposits stuck to the bottom of the inner pot?

If youve gotten the burn notice, remove the inner cooking pot from the base. Check for debris inside the pressure cooker housing or on the outside of the stainless steel cooking pot.

Then check the cooking pot.

If just a little food has burned onto the bottom of the cooking pot, scoop the food into a separate bowl and scrape the burned parts away. Return the food to the cooking pot. At this point, you can add more liquid to the pressure cooking pot and try another pressure cooking cycle. Or you can transfer the pot to the stove or oven and stir while you finish cooking.

If a lot of food has burned on, youll be able to taste the burnt taste throughout and, unfortunately, you may have to discard the meal. Soak and scrub off the burned foods. Barkeepers friend is a useful cleaner to help remove stubborn stains.

In the future, be sure to add more liquid to the pot and avoid ingredients containing thickeners like canned soups or prepackaged spaghetti sauces.

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This Offer Has Expired

Amazon is now offering the latest model Instant Pot 6.5-quart Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid Multi-Cooker for $179.95 shipped. Regularly $230 and currently matched directly from Instant Pot, this is $50 off the going rate, within $5 of the one-time low, and the best price we can find. Alongside the usual convenience youll find with the popular Instant Pot cookers, this one delivers the Ultimate lid that can handle all of the pressure cooking and air frying programs under one roof with 13-in-1 functionality . The large LCD screen is joined by a protective inner stainless steal cover that keeps the air frying heating unit clean during pressure cooking as well. Head below for additional details.

If you would prefer to go for a slightly older model Ninja, we are tracking some solid price drops on a range of its all-in-one air fryer indoor grills, multi-cookers, and more with deals starting from $90 shipped in this mornings roundup. Not to mention this solid discount on its iced coffee-ready DualBrew System.

Head over to our home goods guide for additional offers on kitchen gear, robot vacuums, Anova sous vide cookers, water flossers, electric toothbrushes, grills, and more. On the more intelligent side of things, swing by our post-Prime Day Philips Hue roundup for up to 30% off a range of its smart home products starting from $19.

What Are The Measurements For The Ultimate Lid Duo Crisp

Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid Multicooker + Air Fryer Unboxing & First cook

The 6.5-quart Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid is 1500 watts, 18 pounds, and 15.5 L × 15.5 W × 13.4 H.

When youre measuring, since the lid is attached, make sure you have enough room overhead to ensure you can open the lid fully without running into any cupboards or light fixtures. On my counters, I needed to turn the unit sideways to cook in it.

The manual for the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid specifies that the minimum cooking liquids is 2 cups of liquid unless otherwise specified in the recipe.

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Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 8

The Instant Pot® that air fries!

The Instant Pot® Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is fast, versatile, and convenient, with 2 innovative, removable lids to help you to cook and crisp your favorite meals all in one pot. All it takes is cook, switch, crisp!

  • 11-in-1 pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, sous vide, air fryer, roaster, mini oven, broiler, and dehydrator
  • 2 convenient, removable lids to transform your Instant Pot into an air fryer
  • 11 customizable programs for quick one-touch meals
  • Innovative auto-sealing pressure cooking lid with a button for easy, stress-free venting
  • Stainless-steel inner pot with tri-ply bottom for perfect sautéing
  • EvenCrisp air flow gives you the crunch and tenderness of deep-frying with 95% less oil
  • Customizable temperature range of 105°F to 400°F for Air Frying Lid
  • Cook up to 8 portions, perfect for families, meal prep, and big batch cooking
  • Bring it to potlucks, parties, events and more
  • Up to 70% faster and more energy efficient than other cooking methods
  • Dishwasher-safe pressure cooking lid and inner pot for quick and easy clean-up
  • 10+ proven safety features, including Overheat Protection and safe locking lid
  • Accessories include a multi-functional stainless-steel rack, multi-level air fryer basket with base and broil/dehydrating tray, and a protective pad and storage cover
  • PFOA/PTFE-free cooking
  • 1500 watts, 120 V~ 60 Hz, UL & ULC Listed

The Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid User Manual

Like other Instant Pot models released in the last few years, the user manual for the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid is incredibly thorough.

The instructions for pressure cooking and air frying, as well as the other functions, walk you through the basic steps of the process.

See the following pages in the Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid user manual for detailed instructions:

  • Pressure Cook + Steam: page 20
  • Sauté: page 23

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