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You’re Slow Cooking On Low

How to Use Instant Pot Sauté Function

The miraculous Instant Pot also moonlights as a slow cooker, but you won’t get very far if you’re using the “low” setting for your beef stew. Because “low” is more comparable to the “keep warm” function on your slow cooker, you can imagine that your meat will still be about as raw as when it went in, even after hours of cook time. Use the “normal” setting for a true slow cooker “low,” and the “more” setting for “high.” Or scrap the raw beef stew and opt for plan B: steak tartare.

Using Frozen Ground Beef

If you forgot to thaw your ground beef, the good news is that you can cook your beef straight from frozen! The cooking instructions from frozen are fairly simple. To cook the frozen ground beef, skip the saute step in the cooking instructions and simply pressure cook for 12 minutes. Once the pressure cook has completed, do a natural pressure release and youre done!

Do I Need To Adjust My Recipes At Higher Altitude

The short answer is yes. Some Instant Pot models e.g. Ultra and MAX will allow you to set your altitude and the cooking times will be automatically adjusted for you. Otherwise, cooking should be adjusted 5% for every 1,000 feet above 2,000 ft. above sea level. So, for example, at 3,000 ft., you will increase cooking time by 5% and at 4,000 ft., you will increase cooking time by 10% and so forth. One of our team members has lived at many varying high elevations and personally, I have never run into altitude-related issues with my Duo model.

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For Mashed Sweet Potatoes:

  • Begin with the recipe above and fully cook the desired amount of sweet potatoes.
  • When the NPR is finished and you release pressure from the pot, unseal the lid. Reserve 1/2-1 cup of the cooking liquid and mash with the desired add-ins. Follow the same instructions for regular mashed potatoes.
  • Add-in ideas: coconut oil, butter, olive oil, coconut milk, buttermilk, heavy cream, milk, salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, chives, nut butter, pecans, sugar/coconut sugar.

Is This Thing Safe

A How To Sauté In Instant Pot Guide

Its actually safer than conventional cooking or stovetop pressure cooking. Everyone has heard stories about old-time pressure cookers exploding. Your Instant Pot wont do that because the temperature and pressure inside the pots is carefully monitored and regulated through its internal programming.

Remember: Its your trusty cooking robot.

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They Have Classes Including On Making The Most Of Your Pressure Cooker I Highly Suggest That You And Your Family Take Advantage Of This At This Time When We Are All Quarantined

Heat up your instant pot by pressing the saute button.

Make sure your liner is in your pot, and that the pot is plugged in. Do not add anything yet.

Simply, press the saute button on your pot.

You will notice it automatically sets to a 30-minute window. This is a set feature for safety reasons. I dont usually fool with the timer on my pot for sauteing as Ill just turn it off when Im done with that feature.

You can change the cooking temperature to Normal, More, and Less with the adjust key.

I usually dont change it and leave it on normal. However, if you have something you dont want to get burnt , you can turn it to less.

Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin Is A Great Way To Make A Delicious Meal In Just Half An Hourin This Recipe Pork Tenderloin Is Seasoned Sauted And Pressure Cooked Until Tender And Juicy

Meanwhile, lightly brush the chicken tenderloins with oil, and combine the seasonings together in a shallow dish.dip the chicken Heat up instant pot using sauté more function. If i were to make this again i would not saute the chicken first. Cooking pork tenderloin in instant pot. Wait until it says hot . Return chicken to pot along with cheddar cheese. First, add olive oil to the pressure cooker and turn on the sauté function. Was my first meal made in my new instant pot. It will take a few moments to heat up. 24.5.2021 · we’ve collected a few of our favorite instant pot recipes that’ll help you enhance your instant pot skills. I added cooked broccoli for some texture. After searing the meat, deglaze the instant pot with chicken broth and scrape the little brown chunks from the pot and add the garlic and white onion . And for more, check out how to cook chicken thighs in the instant pot.

Meanwhile, lightly brush the chicken tenderloins with oil, and combine the seasonings together in a shallow dish.dip the chicken If i were to make this again i would not saute the chicken first. Was my first meal made in my new instant pot. It will take a few moments to heat up. Pat dry, then generously season one side of pork tenderloin with salt + black pepper.

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Faqs On Instant Pot Ground Meat

Can you cook other types of ground meat in the Instant Pot using this method?

YES! This would work perfectly for any ground meat like pork, chicken, or turkey and the cooking times would remain the same.

What about the texture of meat being steamed over browned in Instant Pot?

HA! I wondered that too. And I was hesitant to try out my test for a while due to the fear I would be WASTING ground beef. But let me assure you, the texture is amazing on ground beef cooked this way. It is soft but still firm–it is not mealy, mushy, or watery at all. There are no crispy brown bits in the meat, instead, everything is cooked perfectly.

What about the taste of the meat?

Tastes delicious, no difference in taste.

Do you have to add water to bottom of Instant Pot?

Yes, that moisture allows the pressure to build up in your instant pot.

Do you have to use your trivet?

YES!! The trivet does 3 things: prevents the meat from getting watery, prevents the meat from scorching, and allows the fat to drain off the meat as it cooks.

Can you add seasonings to the meat?

Absolutely! However, I find it is best to season the ground beef after it has been pressure cooked and broken up for even flavoring.

How To Saute In Instant Pot

How to use the Saute Function of your Instant pot

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Instant Pot is known for being something of a Swiss Army Knife of cooking devices. Reviews rave about its speed and the latest technologies that are incorporated into it.

How are we going to even begin to use this device to its fullest potential? Simple, we explore one function at a time, and here we shall take a closer look at one function that can be used on its own or used with other functions to cook dishes.

Let us take a look at the different uses for the sauté function. Then, we will go over some of the basic steps to sauté using Instant Pot and look at a quick list of delicious suggestions to try. Lastly, we will answer a few FAQs before wrapping things up.

  • FAQs
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    Things To Remember When Browning Or Sauting With An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

    If you need to change the temperature after you have already started sautéing you will have to turn the pot off, then turn it back on and start the process again.

    After using the sautéing function and you are proceeding to pressure cooking you may run into an issue.

    The pressure cookers may not pressurize if you are immediately using the pressure cooking function after the sautéing functions. This is because the temperature in the pot is high which causes a safety error.

    To by pass this you can either wait for the pot to cool completely or just turn the pot off and turn it back on.

    Another thing to remember is it is not safe to use oil when pressure cooking.

    While there are appliances for pressure frying foods, these are not the same as electric pressure cookers. Pressure fryers have extensive safety measures that are not built in to general electric pressure cookers.

    Attempting to deep fry foods in an electric pressure cooker can cause fires, emit hazardous fumes, and can even cause explosions.

    If you are sautéing or browning and plan to go straight into pressure cooking, be sure that you dont have a large amount of oil left in your pressure cooker, and drain it if necessary.

    You can find a full explanation on pressure frying, and some options for frying with pressure cookers that function as pan fryers here.

    Does The Instant Pot Saut As Well As A Pan On The Stove

    In my experience, the Instant Pot does not sauté quite as well as a pan on the stove. But I still use the sauté function almost every time that I use my Instant Pot. Why? It works well enough, and it is extremely convenient.

    You can expect that it will take a little longer to brown meats or stir fry vegetables in your Instant Pot, compared to cooking on the stove. Not having to wash a second pot and transfer food between pots makes this small inconvenience well worth it for me.

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    You’re Not Taking Advantage Of The Saut Feature

    One-pot meals are a busy cook’s best friend, and if you’re not using the sauté button on your Instant Pot, you’re missing an opportunity. If your recipe calls for browning meat, pre-cooking onions, or doing any prep work on the stovetop, you can do that right in your Instant Pot. Sauté the ingredients in the bottom of the pot with oil or whatever fat you normally would, then continue on with the recipe by switching to the pressure cooker feature. One less pan to clean!

    For Whole Butternut Squash:

    Instant Pot Sauté Mode for Indian food
    • Peel the butternut squash if desired. Slice the butternut squash in half or quarters either way horizontally or vertically and remove the seeds.
    • OR leave the butternut squash whole. You can skip the first step and make it seriously easy if you can fit the entire squash in the pot. It will be more difficult to scoop out the seeds cleanly, and this is not my preferred method personally.
    • Place the halves into the trivet or directly into the put with one cup of water.
    • Cook on high pressure for around 12 minutes and follow up with a natural pressure release for 5 minutes before performing a quick release.

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    For Whole Spaghetti Squash:

    • Start by cutting the squash in half. My personal preference is to slice the spaghetti squash crosswise rather than lengthwise because it produces longer strands that better resemble spaghetti. Youve gotta get a good twirl on your fork! They also soak up sauce better this way. Then, remove the seeds.
    • Place a steamer basket or trivet in the pot along with one cup of water.
    • Place the squash halves into the basket or trivet and seal the lid.
    • Set the pressure cooker to cook on high for 7 minutes and follow up with a quick release. You can do a natural pressure release for a few minutes if you prefer your pasta well done. A quick-release will give you al dente results.

    For Small Pumpkin Pieces:

    • If you have a small pumpkin, you can cut it in half to de-seed it. If you have a larger pumpkin, you can slice off the stem first and de-seed it like you would before carving a Jack-O-Lantern. Once the seeds and stringy bits are out, you can slice it into small chunks or slices.
    • Place a trivet or steamer basket in the Instant Pot along with one cup of water.
    • Cook on high pressure for 2-3 minutes and let the pressure naturally release for a few minutes before performing a quick release.

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    Instant Pot Rice Setting

    This button is made for cooking medium and long-grain white rice. The Rice setting uses low pressure and a 10-minute natural release is recommended for perfect results, however, we found that 2-3 minutes natural release followed by quick release is sufficient. Below is how to use the Rice setting on Instant Pot.

    • Turn the Instant Pot on, it will say OFF to indicate the Stand-By mode. Add rice, water or stock and seasoning if you wish. Secure and lock the lid. Press the Rice button. The default setting is pre-programmed to set the pot to cook at Low pressure for 12 minutes, which is suitable for slightly larger rice kernels. If you press the button again, you can adjust the mode from Normal to Less or More .
    • Less mode 8 minutes at Low pressure tender but firm to bite texture great for thinner white rice such as Basmati and Jasmine rice.
    • Normal mode 12 minutes at Low pressure for normal texture white rice great for regular medium to long-grain white rice and for more al dente Arborio risotto rice.
    • More mode 15 minutes at Low pressure for softer texture white rice great for slightly softer risotto.

    If desired, use the / + buttons to further customize the time. The cooking time may be adjusted at any time during pressure cooking.


    1 cup of dry white rice usually yields 3 cups of cooked rice.

    The perfect grain to water ratio is 1 cup white rice to 1.25 cups liquid if cooking risotto rice, the ratio is 1 cup Arborio rice to 2 cups liquid .

    For Simple Instant Pot Steamed Pod Peas:

    How To Dry Saute Onions In The Instant Pot
    • Wash and prepare your peas for cooking.
    • Add the trivet or steamer basket to the inner pot with around a cup of water to steam with.
    • For fresh: Add your peas to the basket and cook on high for 0 minutes.
    • For frozen: Add your peas to the basket and cook on high for 1-2 minutes.
    • Follow up with a quick release and enjoy.

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    Youre Not Cleaning The Sealing Ring

    If you notice a less-than-pleasant odor emanating from your Instant Pot, chances are its the sealing ring. Strong foods can infuse the silicone ring, and after a few meals its bound to take on a gross combination of smells. But before you toss it in the trash, try this method to clean it: Pour two cups of white vinegar into the pot, close the lid, then run it for two minutes on the steam setting. Remove the ring and let it dry before reinstalling. It should now be odor-free.

    For Simple Instant Pot Steamed Carrots:

    • Clean carrots and peel if desired. Slice, chunk, or shred carrots if desired.
    • Place the trivet or steamer basket into the inner pot and add one cup of water. Then, add the carrots.
    • For sliced or shredded carrots: Cook on HIGH pressure for 0 minutes before performing a quick release. Even though the timer is set to zero, the cooking still happens during the pressure build-up.
    • For whole or chunked carrots: Cook on high pressure for 1-3 minutes before performing a quick release. As a rule, thinner carrots or baby carrots will cook fine at the 1-minute mark, whereas larger, thicker, whole carrots will cook best around the 3-minute mark.
    • For frozen: Add 1-2 minutes to the appropriate cooking time for the best results.

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    We Love The Instant Pot For Slow Cooking And Pressure Cooking But What About That Saute Button Our Test Kitchen Tries It Out

    When it comes to the Instant Pot, its one of our favorite new kitchen gadgets . To combine the powers of a slow cooker and pressure cooker in one appliance is absolute genius! But I have to admit, I wonder about all those other functions, but most especially the saute option since it seems to be so useful . To find out if the Instant Pot can hold its own when it comes to sautéing, I checked in with our Test Kitchen to get the skinny.

    So how does it work?

    Looking at the Instant Pot, I understand that its built perfectly for slow cooking, pressure cooking, making rice and even making yogurt, but how could a deep pot like that possibly work that well for sauteing veggies and meats?

    Well, it turns out the Instant Pot does a great job at sauteing your ingredients. Test Kitchen food stylist Shannon Roum showed me that all there is to getting this multitasking appliance ready to saute is to select that button on the machine as well as your desired temperature . After coming to temperature, Shannon placed a few chicken thighs skin side down in the bottom of the pot, and after a few minutes, the chicken had a great sear and nice crispy skin. I was a believer.

    What are the advantages of sauteing in an Instant Pot?

    Shannon also added that since you only use one pan when cooking all in the appliance, youre able to maintain a lot of flavor. You get to keep all those crispy brown bits from the bottom of the pan, she said. And any home cook knows, those bits are packed with flavor.

    Instant Pot Saute Not Getting Hot

    Instant Pot Sauté

    1. Ensure the lid is off

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    In sauté mode, you should know that the lid needs to be off before you can put it on saute mode. It is a safety precaution because you must sauté by keeping the lid off. If not, the function simply isnt going to work properly.

    2. Do not change the default sauté time

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    According to the customers experience who have used it, the instant pot will probably not heat up if you change the default saute time. Avoid doing that because that could prevent it from reaching its desired temperature.

    3. Takes extra time to heat up

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    The appliance will not start sautéing the meal until it has reached its desired temperature and become hot. When you first power it on, the instant pot takes time to heat the pan.

    It may be taking extra time to heat up, depending upon the conditions. So, be patient, and check to see if the Instant Pot gets sufficiently hot before it starts sauteing the foods. If it doesnt, then you may have a problem on your hands.

    4. Look into FAQs

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    The official website has a section of FAQs, including many common questions asked by the customers. You can look into that if your instant pot is not heating up in sauté mode.

    The instant pot is an efficient appliance for you to cook your meal. It gives you a variety of options to cook all kinds of foods.

    Just ensure the lid is off. Read FAQs and try not to change the default time of sautéing. If you still cannot solve the problem, you can get help from customer care or an expert.

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