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Instant Pot Cook Time For Arborio Rice

How to make risotto in the Instant Pot

Arborio rice is a short-grain Italian rice named after the town of Arborio. It can absorb up to five times its weight in liquid, which gives it its creamy consistency when cooked.

The wonderful thing about pressure cooking arborio rice is that it results in a creamy rice without having to stir in liquid slowly!

Ive found that a 5-minute cook time allows the rice to cook to perfectiontender, but not mushy.

Give it a tryI think youll be pleasantly surprised!

Ingredients For Making Risotto In Instant Pot

Try to use the best ingredients you can find to make this simple yet fancy risotto.

Rice Choice: We used Arborio Rice to develop our risotto recipe because its readily available and contains one of the highest amounts of starch. This gives our Instant Pot risotto a nice creamy texture. No need to pre-rinse the rice, or else itll lose the starch content needed for the risottos creamy consistency.

Cheese Choice: Make sure to use freshly-grated Parmesan Cheese. Parmesan cheese is traditional & it adds creaminess and nutty flavor to the risotto. One of our favorite go-to is freshly grated Parmesan cheese that has been aged for 36 months.

Wine Choice: Go with a bottle of dry white wine. We are using a bottle of Pinot Grigio from Italy. The wine not only enhances the flavors, but the acidity in the wine will help balance the overall risotto as well. We only used half a cup, so you will have enough leftover wine to pair with your luxurious risotto.

Oil Choice: For simplicity, you can use either unsalted butter or olive oil. If you want more complex flavors in your Parmesan risotto, go with both unsalted butter and olive oil.

Unsalted Butter & Unsalted Chicken Stock: Different brands or even different boxes of the same brand of salted chicken stock & salted butter can differ in levels of sodium, so we prefer to develop recipes using unsalted chicken stock & unsalted butter for more control & consistency on the dishs overall flavor profile.

What Rice Do I Use For Risotto:

You want to use arborio rice. Arborio rice is an Italian short grain rice that is high in amylopectin starch. When cooked the rice releases this starch and creates a delicious creamy texture.

The rice releases the starch gradually making it extra creamy without adding any cream or excess fat. If you use other rice the texture will not be the same.

You can find arborio rice in most grocery stores in the rice section.

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Why Cook With The Instant Pot

  • Cuts down the time in the kitchen and makes it more efficient to cook healthy, nourishing meals quickly. For example, you can cook large roasts, broths, and stews that generally take 3-4+ hours to cook, in a mere 30 to 60 minutes. It also offers a timely way to cook grains, rice, lentils and beans.
  • Being a multi-purpose kitchen appliance, its handy for people with limited counter space and is portable enough to take on trips.
  • Its a great set and forget kitchen gadget, giving your more time to spend with family or to prepare sides or a salad while the main is cooking.
  • Finally, its a huge money saver! Its great for cooking cheap cuts of meat, saving on waste with recipes for stocks and broths, and making recipes for the freezer.

If youre trying the Instant Pot for the first time or if you already have one, the next step is to choose what to cook! With so many recipes out there, weve done the homework for you by bringing together THE BEST Instant Pot meals, soups and desserts in one spot. Bookmark this post for future inspiration and meal planning. Speaking of meal plans, make sure to check out our series of Instant Pot meal plans here.

How To Make Risotto In An Instant Pot:

Creamy Instant Pot Risotto [VIDEO]

The cooking process of this Instant Pot risotto is much easier, simpler, and faster than cooking it on the stove.

· First, I sauteed the onion and garlic to add a more intense flavors to the rice.

· Second, I make sure to toast the rice until its browned.

· Third, I added white wine to deglaze. At this point, it’s also important to scrape the bottom of the pan to remove any residue or brown spots to prevent burning.

· Fourth, I added broth once again, scraping the bottom of the pot to clean residue.

· Lastly, I cooked the rice at high pressure for 6 minutes with a quick release.

· Once it’s done, just stir the rice then add butter and Parmesan cheese

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Best Instant Pot Dessert Recipes

Surprised to see dessert recipes here? Dont be! Instant Pot is a jack of all trades and can even make delicious sweet treats like cheesecakes, cobblers and cakes. Here are the most delectable dessert recipes you can make in your pressure cooker.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake This is a great cake using up summer zucchini . You can also top it with vanilla or chocolate cream frosting.

Vanilla Strawbery Cheesecake This is a simple cheesecake with vanilla cream cheese filling and strawberry jam whipped cream topping and is beginner-friendly for those of you new to pressure cooking or the kitchen in general.

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake You cant go past a good pumpkin or pecan dessert, and this cheesecake, combines both! With creamy, decadent pumpkin filling with caramelized butter pecan topping, this cheesecake is absolutely to die for and would be perfect for any other festive occasion.

Instant Pot New York Cheesecake #17 From Pressure Cook Recipe, pamper yourself or impress your guests with your choice of smooth & creamy or rich & dense pressure cooker cheesecake with a crisp crust.

Instant Pot Chocolate Lava Cake From Crunchy Creamy Sweet, decadent molten lava cakes cooked in the Instant Pot pressure cooker, ready in less than 20 minutes. The gooey, fudgy center is irresistible!

Instant Pot Apple Cake From Ministry of Curry, delicious Apple Cake loaded with fresh apples coated with cinnamon and sugar. Perfect for breakfast or dessert cake.

Instant Pot Risotto With Zucchini And Sweet Corn

Instant Pot Risotto is the easiest way to make this dreamy, delicious dish thats a favorite of many. No stirring for minutes on end, very little prep, and mere minutes in the making!

This risotto is a late summer-inspired side dish or main event packed with zucchini, summer squash, and sweet corn.

To say that its utterly delicious is an understatement.

Its creamy with a perfect blend of flavors to create this silky smooth risotto.

Plus, when made in the Instant Pot, it does all the work for you.

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Is Risotto Rice Or Pasta

Risotto is an Italian dish made with a very short-grain rice called arborio. Its made into a creamy consistency by adding chicken broth in small increments to the rice while its cooking. This keeps the rice from getting too soggy.

Risotto is usually gluten-free and contains butter, Parmesan cheese, onions, herbs, and mushrooms.

How To Make 3

How to make Risotto in an Instant Pot

This Instant Pot cheese risotto recipe starts by melting unsalted butter in your pressure cooker on Sauté mode . After the butter is melted, add finely chopped onion and minced garlic and sauté for 2 minutes.

Add arborio rice and stir until the rice is coated with the butter.

Add some dry white wine and stir well. Sauté for 2 1/2 minutes to burn the alcohol off of the wine, while still retaining its rich flavor.

Stir in chicken broth, heavy cream, salt, and pepper. Note: For a lighter variation, you can substitute an additional cup of broth in place of the heavy cream. Press cancel or turn off the burner .

Close and lock the pressure cooker lid, make sure the pressure/steam-release switch is set to sealing, and set the cooking time to 6 minutes at high/normal pressure . It will take 10 to 11 minutes for the pot to come to pressure before the cooking time begins.

After the pressure cooking time ends, electric pressurecookers will automatically turn off their heat . Release thepressure using themanufacturers quick-release method.

Open the lid., and your Instant Pot risotto will look like the image above. Dont worry if it still seems soupy at this point that will change after you add the cheeses and allow the sauce to thicken.

Gradually stir in the three different cheeses until they are melted. Remember that once you get the method down, you can experiment with different cheeses .


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Faqs About Making Risotto:

  • Do I have to use Arborio rice? Arborio rice does work best for this recipe. If you cannot find arborio rice, you can use another type of short-grain rice. Keep in mind that your results might be a little different as this recipe was formulated to be made with arborio rice. You can purchase arborio rice here.
  • Do I have to use the mushrooms? Nope! You dont have to. You can leave them out when pressure cooking and fold it blanched peas, or steamed asparagus spears when you add the parmesan cheese.
  • Why do you heat up the broth? Heating up the broth in the microwave cuts down on the amount of time the pressure cooker needs to heat up the content. This way it will come to pressure quicker, giving you homemade risotto faster.
  • Can I make this recipe on the stovetop? Unfortunately, Im not sure. This recipe was specifically formulated to be made in the instant pot. If youd like to make this recipe on the stovetop, please note that you might need additional broth to cook the same amount of rice into a risotto.
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    Should You Rinse Your Rice

    Youll use Arborio rice to make risotto, whether it’s through the traditional cooking method or in an Instant Pot, and there’s no need to rinse it. Its starchy stickiness is exactly what you need to achieve that silky texture. However, when cooking with other types of rice , you should rinse your rice in a fine mesh sieve before cooking. This will remove impurities and excess starch.

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    How To Cook Risotto In The Instant Pot:

    Risotto is so much easier in the Instant Pot. You dont have to slave over the stove! Here are the general steps to make risotto in the Instant Pot.

  • Turn the Instant Pot on saute mode and add avocado oil or butter.
  • Then add a shallot and saute for 1-2 minutes.
  • When the shallot has become translucent add the arborio rice and saute for 5 minutes to coat in the butter or oil.
  • Deglaze with white wine and stir to release any rice from the bottom of the pan.
  • Add chicken stock and set pressure on high for 5 minutes.
  • Perform a quick release and then stir in Parmesan cheese.
  • Why This Recipe Works

    Healthy Instant Pot Risotto Recipe

    Risotto is a comforting, luxurious dish, and it fits with everything from steak to chicken, pork fish, and even with a salad.

    A classic risotto starts with butter or oil, chicken stock, and some good herbs and spices. From there, you can add fresh veggies such as asparagus, peas, spinach, or butternut squash.

    Finish with a creamy, meltable cheese like Parmesan, chevre, or Gorgonzola, and you have a dish youll never forget.

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    Minute Instant Pot Risotto

    Risotto has never been easier! This Instant Pot Risotto recipe can be made in under 30 minutes and comes with so much versatility in customizing it for your preferences.

    Risotto is an amazingly creamy, silky dish that has a well-deserved reputation as an indulgent side dish reserved for special occasions, like Valentines Day or anniversary celebrations.

    Its too time-consuming to make on a weeknight on the stove, but with an Instant Pot, you can have risotto any night of the week in under 30 minutes!

    What To Serve With Instant Pot Risotto

    While I have consumed an entire bowl of risotto as a meal , generally I like to get some protein and veggies onto my plate as well.

    Risotto is an excellent side dish with protein or a grain base for a vegetarian main course:

    Did you make this Instant Pot Risotto? Id love to know how it turned out! Leave a comment and a rating below.

    While youre at it, lets be friends follow me on and for the latest and greatest.

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    Tips For Making Instant Pot Risotto:

    • I like to keep a bottle of dry vermouth on hand for cooking, as it makes a good substitute for white wine. Feel free to use it in this recipe.
    • Use fresh thyme and real Parmesan cheese for the best flavor.
    • If risotto is too thick, stir in a little more broth at the end to loosen it up and give it that perfect creaminess.

    Instant Pot Easy Risotto

    Mushroom risotto Instant Pot | recipe with vegetarian options!

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    Thanks to the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, this Easy Risotto recipe takes only 2 minutes of stirring to create a perfectly silky dish. This basic recipe is creamy and flavorful all on its own and is dynamite when combined with roasted veggies and grilled chicken.

    If you’ve ever made risotto on the stove top before, you know it’s a serious commitment. You’re basically stuck at the stove stirring for 25 30 minutes. As a mama, that ain’t happening. In fact, I can remember the exact day I attempted my first batch of risotto. My twins were 2 years old. I know. What was I thinking.

    Long story short, a diaper got flushed down the toilet and for 2 days my husband cursed his way through removing a torn up diaper out of the drain.

    I’m choosing to be optimistic and say that what I remember from that experience was that risotto is DELICIOUS!

    In fact the risotto I made that day was Lemon Risotto filled with fresh springtime flavors like leeks, asparagus, peas, and lemon.

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    What Rice Is Used For Risotto

    The most popular worldwide is Arborio, but any Italian short-grain rice will work. Carnaroli, Vialone, Nano, and Baldo all work as well.

    The reason behind this is that these types of short-grain rice types have high starch content which becomes nice and sticky which is what you want for a deliciously creamy risotto.

    How To Cut Leeks

    Leeks grow up through the ground so they have dirt inside and must be cleaned well. To prep the leeks, find the section in the middle of the leek where the dark green tops meet the white bottoms. This is where you cut and discard the top. Cut the hairy end off the bottom, cut the leek in half from bottom to top. Lay the flat part down on your cutting board and cut the leeks from side to side into thin moon shaped pieces. Place the leeks in a strainer, place strainer inside a larger bowl. Fill the bowl with water and agitate the leeks to release the dirt. The dirt will sink to the bottom of the larger bowl. Remove the strainer from the larger bowl and pat the leeks dry with paper towels. They’re ready!

    Gimme Some Oven has a great step by step video of this if that didn’t make sense.

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    What Variations Can You Make On This Recipe

    • Mix in or top it with roasted vegetables — brussels sprouts, butternut squash, zucchini, and green beans are some of my favorite ways.
    • Change up the cheese — get creative and try your favorite cheese in this risotto! You can do almost any hard or creamy stronger flavored cheese in this recipe. The only one I wouldnt recommend would be mozzarella, as the flavor is a bit too mild.
    • Top the risotto with sauteed greens, crumbled bacon pieces, or roasted salmon — all have a nice salty and umami flavor to complement the risotto and add a bit more heartiness to the dish.

    Why You Should Make Risotto In The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Risotto ... Quick, Easy, Packed with Veggies ...

    I have always shied away from making Risotto.

    I have watched enough cooking challenges to see that Risotto is a dish that sends A LOT of contestants home. Making perfect risotto takes time, attention to detail, patience, and it is extremely easy to mess up.

    But with the Instant Pot, you can make perfect risotto on the busiest nights!

    Instant Pot Risotto is PERFECT–just as good as traditional risotto. It is cheesy, creamy, and full of flavor. Just much simpler to make!

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    Instant Pot Risotto Ingredients:

    To make the risotto using an instant pot, you will need easy pantry ingredients Arborio rice, white wine, onion, butter, garlic, broth, and Parmesan cheese.

    Arborio rice is Italian short-grain rice. It’s commonly used to make risotto or rice pudding. Because of its high starch content, risotto adds thick creaminess to the dishes. Unlike almost any other rice, there is no need to rinse the Arborio rice to avoid removing the starch.

    You can also use sushi rice or barley as alternatives for Arborio rice.

    I used 1:2 rice to liquid ratio. In addition, I also added ¼ cup dry white wine. I think the rice came out beautifully. The rice is so tender, and as mentioned not mushy! It’s also covered with enough liquid but not soupy.

    Please note that the rice will thicken after it sits long enough or after you add Parmesan cheese. Therefore, if you want the risotto to have a bit more liquid, feel free to add about ¼ cup of broth into the general recipe recommendation below.

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