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First Off What Is Sticky Rice

IP: Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice is a non-translucent, opaque milky-colored, long grain rice.

Due to very low amylose content, it becomes especially sticky when cooked.

Its commonly used in many Southeast and East Asian dishes. Some of my favorite comfort food & dim sums are made with glutinous rice or glutinous rice flour :

  • Lo Mai Gai
  • Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Dumplings
  • Japanese Mochi
  • Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

Man, Im drooling just thinking about these? hehe~

Despite the name, Glutinous Rice is gluten-free.

Normally, authentic Sticky Rice eaten in Laos or Thailand is pre-soaked for several hours , then steamed in a Special Sticky Rice Steamer Pot & Basket, which then kneaded with a wooden paddle.

But, with our Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker?

Behold the Golden Key to the Easy & Quick No-Soak Instant Pot Sticky Rice!

What Are The Most Popular Brands Of Sushi Rice

There are hundreds of different brands of sushi rice, most being either long grain or short grain. For US customers, here’s a list of sushi rice brands you may be able to find in stores:

  • Botan Calrose rice
  • Nanatsuboshi Premium Short Grain White Rice
  • Nishiki sushi rice
  • Tamaki Gold California Koshihikari Short Grain Rice
  • Yamaguchi Short-Grain White Rice

How To Cook Sticky Rice In Instant Pot

Instant Pot Sticky Rice is completely fool proof. Its textured to perfection, and can be used with several Asian dishes!

While it does take some time to prep, this sticky rice is quick and easy to cook. It goes perfectly with all of your favorite takeout classics like Szechuan Beef, Sticky Asian Meatballs, and Better Than Takeout Sesame Chicken.

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How To Avoid The Instant Pot Burn Notice When Making Rice

I usually make this coconut rice recipe in my 6-quart Instant Pot Duo. However, it will work in any 3-quart or 6-quart with no change to the recipe, including the Duo Evo Plus.

If youre using an electric pressure cooker 8-quarts or larger and youre worried about the Burn warning, you can either double the recipe or use the pot in pot method to make a single batch.

The Instant Pot Makes For An Amazing Rice Cooker And Make The Perfect Sticky Rice

Easy Instant Pot Sticky Rice

Learn how to use your Instant Pot to make the perfect fakeout takeout Chinese food carry-out kind of sticky rice.

There are some rules to get this right, so read on to learn

Sticky Rice the foundation to all fakeout takeout meals.

Its perfect with Asian skillet/wok meals, its perfect for DIY sushi, its perfect for curry.

If you need Chinese fast-food style rice, you are in luck.


And the end result.

Sticky rice, literally.

Stick to your fork rice, thats ready to accompany your favorite fakeout takeout meal at home!

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How To Make Perfect Sushi Rice In The Instant Pot

Add sushi rice to the Instant Pot along with the water and mirin.

Close the lid and turn the valve to a sealing position. Press the Pressure Cook or Manual button and set the time to 4 minutes on HIGH pressure.

When the Instant Pot is done cooking, let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes followed by a quick release to release the remaining steam.

Open the Instant Pot, remove the cooked rice from the Instant Pot, and serve!

If You Are Wanting An Easy Way To Make Sticky Rice This Pressure Cooker Sticky Rice Can Be Made With Your Instant Pot Right At Home You Can Get Close To The Taste That’s Typically Used With A Bamboo Steamer

For those that don’t want to buy a separate bamboo steamer just to make sticky rice, I’m sharing with you how to use your pressure cooker to make homemade sticky rice at home.

The authentic version of sticky rice can be found here, but this is a cheater way to make sticky rice when you want to shave off a few hours of soaking time.

Sticky rice is common in Southeast Asian cooking, and is absolutely delicious. It’s often used in mango sticky rice as the base for this delicious dessert. In addition, it is often paired with larb, a Lao minced meat that is flavorful and delicious.

If I haven’t convinced you on why to make sticky rice yet, then I won’t be able to anymore.

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No Instant Pot No Problem

You can also make sticky rice on the stovetop or in a rice cooker.

  • Stove-top: Soak your rice and then place the rice in the colander. Add enough water in the pot to just touch the bottom of the colander. Bring the water to a simmer and cover it and steam it for about 10 minutes. You must make sure to flip the rice halfway through, like a giant pancake.
  • Rice Cooker: Place your rice and water in the rice cooker to let it soak there for 40 minutes to 4 hours. Then you can turn your rice cooker on cook until its done.

Like we said no instant pot no problem!

Instant Pot Sticky Rice Korean

The fastest method to cook sticky rice using an Instant Pot

Cook Time 12 mins Natural Release 10 mins Total Time 12 mins Cuisine: Korean

This Recipe is a great and easy way to start in your Sticky journey with your Instant Pot.

  • Course: Side Dish
  • Allow to natural release for 10 minutes.
  • Carefully release any remaining pressure and remove the lid.
  • Fluff gently with a fork and serve immediately.
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    How To Make Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

    Instant pot jasmine rice is a really simple recipe. Plus, it frees up a lot of room on your stovetop, and doesnt require as much attention as the stovetop version! Heres how to make instant pot jasmine rice .

  • Rinse your rice thoroughly. You want to make sure the water is running clear on your last rinse, to get as much of the starch off as possible. Its the starch on the rice that causes it to burn to the bottom of the pot, or get too mushy.
  • Add up to 4 cups of rice to the instant pot. Match each cup of rice with one cup of water. Stir in a pinch of salt.
  • Lock the instant pot lid and pressure valve. Set on high for 10 minutes, then let it naturally release.
  • Fluff the rice with a fork before serving.
  • How To Make Rice In Instant Pot

    Here are step-by-step instructions for making medium-grain and long-grain white rice such as Basmati or Jasmine rice. We used Instant Pot Duo Nova 6-quart pressure cooker for this recipe.

    Step 1. Prepare the ingredients. Wash the rice under cold water 4-5 times to remove excess starch. This will result in fluffier, most separated cooked rice. Use your hand to rub the rice underwater. Strain and add rinsed rice to the inner pot.

    Step 2. Add water and salt and stir. Pop the lid on top, secure and lock in place.

    Step 3. If using classic Instant Pot Duo, check that the steam release handle is pointing to Sealing. Select Pressure Cook button . Make sure the pressure level is set to HIGH and use and + buttons to adjust the time to 4 minutes. If you need to change from LOW to HIGH, press Pressure Level to toggle between settings. You can leave the Keep Warm default setting on.

    After 3 beeps, the display will show ON and two status icons at the top indicating that the pot is heating up and the pressure is building. This will take about 5 minutes.

    Step 4. Once pressure is built up, the cooking timer of 4 minutes will display. The float valve on the lid will also rise up as the pressure is built up. Once the cooking timer is done, the Keep Warm cycle will begin with a new 00:00 timer. During this stage, the Instant Pot will start to depressurize and cool down. Leave it undisturbed for 3-4 minutes to release some of the pressure naturally.

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    What Is Chinese Sausage

    Chinese sausage is made from fatty pork. It is normally smoked, sweetened, and seasoned with rose water, rice wine, and soy sauce. Depending on the brand, the sausage itself can be quite tough. But once cooked with the rice, it becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender. The fat and sweetness melt into the gooey rice and taste so good.

    These days you can easily find Chinese sausages in an Asian market. Ive even seen Costco carry them a couple of times. If you cant find them in your local stores, you can also purchase them from .

    Easy Pressure Cooker Lo Mai Gai

    Instant Pot Jasmine Rice (Instant Pot Sticky Rice ...

    Easy Pressure Cooker Lo Mai Gai Traditional savory steamed sticky rice with chicken you found at dim sum restaurant is pressure-cooked. Seriously no fuss easy recipe and flavorful.

    The temperature is absolutely horrible. -5 Fahrenheit!! Which is so perfect to cuddle up at home. Im so glad the kids dont have school and I dont have to rush to get them to school early in the morning! Im usually the second one to rise in the morning. My 4-year old is my alarm clock at 6:30 in the morning! Today, I rose at 8 am!!! EIGHT!! I havent woke up at 8 am in the morning ever since I have kids 7 years ago! Both kids were still asleep too! The husband was the first one to rise because he has to go to work.

    It makes me feel how so grateful I am to be able to stay at home with the kids and work from home too, doing what I love doing. No fancy office or fancy office attire, but I was able to work in my PJ down in our basement! Im still recovering from post-holiday feast! Getting together with family and friends during holiday time is the best! Now, of course its Tuesday and reality sets in and I need to think of what to cook for lunch!!! I decided to make this Instant Pot Indonesian Chicken Curry for lunch. The chicken was still frozen because I was totally unprepared! But I still manage to make it in 30 minutes! I love pressure cooker! I love Instant Pot for real!

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    How To Cook Sticky Rice On The Stove

    The best stovetop method for sticky rice is steaming. First, measure 1 cup sticky rice into a bowl. Fill the bowl with enough cold water to cover the rice, and vigorously swish the rice in the water with your hand pour off the water. Repeat this step 3 to 4 more times, until the water you pour off is almost clear. Add cold water until it reaches 2 inches above the rice, then let the rice soak at room temperature for 4 to 24 hours. Drain the rice well. Line a bamboo steamer with cheesecloth. If you dont have a bamboo steamer, you can use a colander or fine-mesh strainer that will fit inside a Dutch oven. Place the rice on the cheesecloth. Place the steamer, colander, or strainer over simmering water, making sure water does not touch the rice. Steam for 15 minutes uncover and, using a large spoon, turn the rice over. Cover and steam until the rice is chewy-tender and glossy, 10 to 15 minutes more. To prevent the rice from drying out and hardening, keep it warm and covered until ready to eat.

    Is Sushi Rice And Sticky Rice The Same

    Sushi rice is often called sticky rice. The types of rice used in Korean cuisine are also referred to as sticky rice. Though several types of short grain rice are lumped together into the sticky category, only one kind of rice is used to make steamed sticky rice common in the Thai and Laotian cultures.

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    Instant Pot Mango Sticky Rice

    With the Instant Pot, you can make and enjoy mango sticky rice in less than 30 minutes. With every bite you get nutty grains of rice smothered in a fragrant coconut sauce and sweet mango.

    With peak mango season, weve been making a lot of mango desserts like mango sticky rice, sorbet, and mango sago pudding. Making mango sticky rice used to be a hassle for me especially with soaking the rice the night before, steaming and making sure it comes out with the perfect consistency. Recently I started making the sticky rice in the Instant Pot and its so nice to have this popular Thai dessert whenever the craving hits.

    What Is An Instant Pot

    How to Make Sticky Rice in the Instant Pot

    An instant pot is an electric pressure cooker. There are different kinds that have different settings to make various things. I have the Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 8 quart and I absolutely love it. I usually like to keep it simple with my cooking methods and appliances but I have fallen in love with the Instant Pot and the Air Fryer, I talk about how much I love my air fryer in my Sweet and Spicy Air Fryer Chicken Wings recipe.

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    How To Make Quick Coconut Rice In An Instant Pot

    This Coconut Rice recipe will work in any brand of electric pressure cooker, including the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or Power Pressure Cooker XL.

    I especially love this dish because its a quick and easy dump-and-go recipe. Unlike making rice on the stovetop, theres no babysitting or worrying about a messy spill of coconut milk.

    With an Instant Pot / pressure cooker, all you need to do is add Jasmine rice, unsweetened coconut milk, water, and a bit of sugar and salt for flavoring to the pressure cooking pot. Seal the lid, set the cook time, and walk away.

    Note: While some electric pressure cookers have a Rice button, I dont recommend using it for this recipe. Coconut milk may affect how the pressure cooker comes to pressure.

    How Do You Make Rice Not Sticky And Fluffy

    Rinse: Give your rice a quick rinse to remove extra starches, this will help keep it from becoming sticky. Ratio: Use a ratio of 1 cup white rice to 2 cups water. Do Not Stir: When you first add the rice, give it one or two quick stirs and then avoid stirring it. Stirring rice can release starches and make it sticky.

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    Sticky Rice V/s Jasmine Rice

    Jasmine rice and sticky rice, are two varieties of rice used in Asian cooking. While Jasmine rice is more transparent before cooking, sticky rice has a nice white colour to it.

    Once they are cooked, Jasmine rice becomes white in color and sticky rice becomes more opaque in colour. Also the texture of sticky rice is glue like and sticky, as compared to Jasmine rice. Jasmine rice turns slightly sticky, once they are cooked and is much more aromatic too.

    Sushi Rice Recipes To Try

    Instant Pot Coconut Sticky Rice

    Now what? Well, lets put your perfectly sticky rice to the test! Here are some of our favourite sushi rice recipes to try at home. P.S. if you dont have a sushi roller or dont feel confident in your rolling skills, you can take the easy way out and make hand rolls. Simply wrap up your favourite fillings in a sheet of durable nori and roll like an open-ended burrito for a delicious and healthy, low-effort snack.

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    Tips For Making Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

    • You can adjust this recipe to make more or less rice, just make sure you match 1 cup of rice with 1 cup of water. Also, keep in mind how big of an instant pot youre using, because rice will fluff up as it cooks. If you make 1-3 cups of rice, you can reduce the cooking time to 5 minutes. If you make more, keep it on 10.
    • If you want to add more flavor to your rice, replace the water with broth.
    • Add a tablespoon or two of butter to the rice to make it less sticky once you stir it at the end.
    • Never forget to rinse the rice, or it will burn!
    • If your instant pot has a rice setting, you can use that too. Just remember to adjust the timing.
    • You can make this in a regular pressure cooker, but I tend to like the instant pot better because it has more safety features.
    • If your rice is too watery, put the top back on the lid and set for an additional 5 minutes. It is either undercooked, or too much water was added at the beginning.
    • For some extra flavor, turn the instant pot on the saute setting and toast the rice in some butter first, stirring frequently, until it is fragrant. Then add the water, stir one last time, and set it to cook.

    Can I Make Instant Pot Jasmine Rice Ahead Of Time

    I usually dont like to make plain rice ahead of time, because it doesnt always reheat well. Plus, this recipe is pretty fast. But if youre really short on time, you can store the cooked rice in an airtight container, and when youre ready to reheat it just add a small amount of water to the rice and microwave it. This should help steam the rice as it reheats, and it will be as close to fresh as possible. You can also add a small amount of butter or oil to the rice to keep it from sticking too much.

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