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Instant Pot Duo Nova: Design And Accessories

Instant Pot Duo Nova Unboxing

The Instant Pot Duo Nova has a reasonably-sized LED display so you can adjust the time, temperature, and setting really easily. This LED display also shows you how long left your food has until its cooked.

The Duo Nova is made from stainless steel and is round in its shape. The actual cooking pot is dishwasher-friendly. The kitchen gadget also comes with another seal ring, should you need it, and a steam rack.

What Are Instant Pots All About

Instant pots are extremely popular for two reasons. Firstly, they can cook things really quickly because they are essentially glorified pressure cookers. And more importantly, they come with a host of features that replace several classic kitchen appliances like steamers and yogurt makers.

At the end of the day, instant pots are multifunction cookers that can cook food in no time at all. Pressure cookers greatly decrease cook time as the increased pressure raises the boiling point of water and traps steam. After the cooking is done the steam is released either automatically or manually.

Instant pots are different from slow cookers. Slow cookers simply cook food for a long time at lower temperatures, so you can throw in your ingredients and forget all about them for hours.

Besides quick-cooking, classic instant pot functions include steaming, sauteing, slow cooking, rice/porridge cooking, making yogurt, and warming food. There is also a large online community of instant pot users who come up with countless creative recipes, so you can cook almost anything in these appliances.

You can get cooked rice perfectly, steam dumplings and veggies like a pro, and make artisanal yogurt as a DIY project. Nothing is impossible with an instant cooker!

Since were all caught up on what instant pots do, lets take a look at the differences between Instant Pot Duo and Duo Nova!

These features will help identify key instant pot model comparisons for your cooking choices and preferences.

Instant Pot Sealing Rings

Extra Instant Pot Sealing Rings are at the top of your must-have Instant Pot Duo Nova accessories list. One thing youll notice is the silicone rings become infused with the flavors of what you cook, especially onion and garlic.

For cooking both savory and sweet dishes, consider having extra sealing rings will save yourself from weird tasting results. There are tricks for getting the smell mostly out of the rings, but it always seems to linger. No one likes a garlic-flavored cheesecake!

Instant Pot Sealing Rings are specifically sized by quart size. Make sure you buy the right one for the Duo Nova you own

Tip: The sealing rings are available in both clear and colors. And having different color sealing rings makes it much easier for choosing the right for your next dish.

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Silicone Egg Bite Molds

Copycat Starbucks Egg Bites, sometimes referred to as sous vide egg bites, are an interesting Instant Pot meal to cook. Blend eggs, cream , cottage cheese, grated cheese, and a few additional mix-ins to steam your own version of egg bites either in silicone egg bite molds or silicone muffin cups.

For the Instant Pot Mini, ULEE has two sizes available: a 4 cup 2 oz mold set and 7 cup 1 oz mold set. The 1 oz cups stack a little better in the 3 quart Instant Pot than the 2 oz cups.

The ULEE egg bite mold has a silicone top so you dont have to cover your mold with aluminum foil. If you decide to buy a different egg bite mold, double check what the lid is made of. Dont use a plastic lid for cooking in an Instant Pot.

Egg bite molds can be used for other bite-sized dishes. Look for recipes to create pancake bites, cheesecake bites, and even meatloaf bites. You dont need to worry this will be a single-purpose accessory, but if youre an egg bite fan, thats a good usage regardless.

Compare To Similar Products

Duo Nova 6 Quart
User friendly, easy to clean, reasonably priced, pressure release button Versatile, intuitive, feature-rich, great value Perfect size for meals for one, easy to clean, good pressure cooking performance, doesn’t need much counter space Good overall cooking performance, easy to clean Good pressure cooking performance, relatively easy to clean
Cons Meat slightly less tender than some other models Rice is a bit sticky, lid and stainless steel pot can be difficult to clean Too small for family meals, meat just shy of perfectly tender No lid storage Interface is a bit clunky, fewer cooking presets than average
Bottom Line The best option for most kitchens, this model is easy to use and a breeze to clean An easy-to-use, versatile model that won’t break the bank and offers plenty of useful features A fantastic smaller appliance for singles or for couples that aren’t fans of leftovers An easy to clean, great performing product, especially for the price you pay A capable cooker that lacks any differentiating features and doesn’t feature the best price
Rating Categories

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Instant Pot Duo Nova 7

  • 14 one-touch Smart Programs for fast, delicious ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, desserts and more
  • Cooks up to 70% faster
  • New progress indicator on the screen lets you know when Instant Pot is coming to pressure and when the cooking cycle begins
  • 14 Smart Programs put cooking on autopilot â with delicious results
  • New easy-seal lid automatically keeps flavors, nutrients and aromas sealed inside
  • 10+ built-in safety features, including Overheat Protection, Safety Lock and more, ensure safe pressure cooking
  • Stainless steel pot is healthy and dishwasher-safe

How To Clean The Instant Pot Duo Nova

While Instant Pot indicates that all of the cooking parts and accessories are top-rack dishwasher safe, I baby my pots and prefer to hand wash them.

Remove the silicone ring, from the lid and wash in hot soapy water. I do not like to submerge my lid or let it soak instead, I use a wet sponge to scrub the and then rinse in running water.

When I wash the anti-block shield, float valve and silicone cap, I like to remove them after the lid has been washed, wash them in my hand, dry them, and immediately reinstall them on the lid. Just to prevent any small parts from being lost.

Also, make sure to wipe down the pressure cooker housing and the lip around the top before returning the dried cooking pot.

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Tips For Freezing Food:

Its important to portion food properly before freezing for the easiest Instant Pot cooking experience. For example, wrap chicken breasts and thighs individually, cut a rack of ribs into 2- to 3-piece sections , and cut big pieces of meat into smaller portions, such as a pork and beef roast for faster and even cooking. If possible, freeze meals in a circular shape thats the same size as the Instant Pot bowl-insert — this lets you go straight from the freezer to the Instant Pot with ease!

Now that you have an arsenal of tips for cooking from frozen in your Instant Pot, make sure to check out these Food Network Kitchen recipes:

Instant Pot Duo Review

Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 10 QT Unboxing Review

As you probably know by now, the Instant Pot Duo is the most popular Instant Pot model. It is a 7-in-1 pressure cooker , which is lower than what an Instant Pot Duo Plus or a Duo Evo Plus can offer, but it is enough for a regular kitchen or a beginner.

Furthermore, the pot is available in three sizes . This way, users can select the size that best suits their cooking habits .

The Instant Pot Duo is extremely efficient as it speeds up your cooking by up to 70% and it offers a solid range of smart cooking programs 13 one-touch smart programs. As such, the pot can be used to cook soups , beef stew, bean chili, and more. In addition, it is equipped with several other cooking functions like slow cook, steam, yogurt making, rice making, pressure cook, and Keep Warm module.

Each function is easily accessible via the front panel, fitted with one-touch buttons that let users select the desired smart program and make adjustments for pressure and cooking time.

There is also a Manual module, but I only recommend it for more experienced users. In Manual mode, you get to select your own settings , but if you dont know how the pot works, theres the risk of the food coming out over- or under-cooked.

In terms of accessories, the Instant Pot Duo comes with the standard inner pot and steam rack . Both accessories are dishwasher safe and dont have any chemical coating.


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Which Model Is Better For Me

As promised, I will try and define a category of best users for each of these two Instant Pot models . In my opinion, they both do an amazing job, especially since there is no fancy interface to decipher.

Furthermore, the Instant Pot Duo community is quite large and very supportive, so its easy to find help when something doesnt seem right . And, when youre ready to experiment, youll find lots of cool recipes that you wouldnt even dream about cooking in an Instant Pot Duo or Duo Nova!

Still, its important to mention that none of these two Instant Pot models have a sous vide function nor can they make air fries . If sous vide is important for you, its best to choose an Instant Pot Duo Plus or an Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus. Also, if you are looking for a heavy-duty air fryer , its best to consider a stand-alone product or an Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer .

So, without further ado, here is my opinion on each:

Choose the DUO if

  • You want a tried and tested pressure cooker thats admired by many satisfied customers
  • You like a user-friendly interface thats easy to understand
  • You want the support of a powerful global community
  • You are used to working with an electric multicooker

Choose the DUO Nova if

  • You are just starting your journey with a multicooker
  • You dont want an electric pressure cooker with a manual steam release valve
  • You like the upgraded lid and find it extremely useful
  • The new control panel seems easier to understand and use

Instant Pot Duo Crisp

This standout 11-in-1 pressure cooker does something that none of the other Instant Pots can do: air-fry! Talk about a space saver. Instead of having two separate kitchen appliances, you get both products all wrapped up in one. Like all Instant Pot models, this comes with advanced safety features and access to a digital library of more than 1,000 Instant Pot recipes.

Sizes available: 8-quart Instant PotBuilt-in smart programs: 11

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Instant Pot Duo Nova 3

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  • Includes 3-qt Duo Nova pressure cooker, wire rack, and extra sealing ring
  • 700W total power
  • Seven functions: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker, and warmer
  • Easy-seal lid
  • Measures 11.42″ x 10.01″ x 11.2″ weighs 11.77 lbs
  • UL listed 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Imported

How Many Different Instant Pots Are There

Buy Duo Nova

Good question. If you’re counting all of Instant Pot’s devices including appliances outside pressure cookers, there are a lot. If you’re only counting pressure cookers, it’s still pretty confusing. Instant Pot added a slew of new cookers in 2019 and again in 2020.

Here’s how to compare each Instant Pot model:

  • Functions: Pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, warming, sautéing
  • Sizes: 3 quart, 6 quart, 8 quart
  • New lid with safe steam valve features: No

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What Are The Specs For The Duo Nova

All sizes of the Instant Pot Duo Nova use a sensor to toggle between 10.2 and 11.6psi on High pressure and between 5.8 and 7.2psi on the Low pressure setting.

  • Instant Pot Duo Nova Mini is the 3-quart pressure cooker model. It is 700 watts, almost 9 pounds, and 11.5 long × 10.2 wide × 11 tall.
  • Instant Pot Duo Nova 60 is the 6-quart pressure cooker. It is 1000 watts, almost 12 pounds, and 13.2 long × 12.2 wide × 12.5 tall.
  • Instant Pot Duo Nova 80 is the 8-quart pressure cooker. It is 1200 watts, 15.6 pounds, and 14.8 long × 13.6 wide × 14 tall.
  • Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 is Instant Pots first-ever 10-quart pressure cooker. It is 1440 watts, almost 21 pounds, and 14.8 long × 15.5 wide × 14.7 tall.

The full Instant Pot Duo Nova user manual is available here.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

The ability to make crispy and dry foods was one of the most significant features the original Instant Pot lacked. One of the more innovative new instant pot models checks all the boxes, though. The 8-quart Instant Pot Duo Crisp is an air fryer and a multifunctional pressure cooker. It does everything the Instant Pot does pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, and keep warm and more. Its additional features let you roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate foods.

Lets say you decide to pressure cook a rotisserie chicken in the Duo Crisp. You can also crisp the skin in the same appliance. Making crispy foods like French fries is also easy. Not to mention, its healthier than heating a vat of oil.

Instant Pot also has an air frying lid that you can purchase separately and attach to most 6-quart Instant Pots. The Instant Pot air fryer lid is compatible with most six-quart pots, just not the Smart Wi-Fi 60, Smart Bluetooth, Duo Evo Plus 60, Duo SV 60, Max 60, or any model with a ceramic inner pot.

A pressure cooker and an air fryer are two of todays kitchen must-haves, and theres nothing better than a multitasking kitchen appliance. Instant Pot has been breathing new life into the pressure cooker for a while now, but the company has only recently forayed into the air fryer business. Were grateful that they did, even if it took them a bit.

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What Extras And Accessories Can You Buy For An Instant Pot

Since each Instant Pot model is a little different, its important to read the manual and learn about the various features and settings of your Instant Pot. Generally, every model will include an outer body with a display panel and buttons, a lid, a pressure valve, a steam release valve, a plastic collector cup to catch any condensation released during slow cooking, a stainless-steel or nonstick inner pot, a sealing ring that surrounds the lid and helps absorb odors, and a steamer rack or basket that sits in the inner pot and keeps food raised.

Any accessories you may choose to buy to bulk up your Instant Pots functionality are just a bonus. Depending on what you plan to make with your Instant Pot, extras range from practical and essential to plain old fun. Some people buy extra sealing rings so they can use one for meat and one for baked goods. Some invest in egg trivets if they cook a lot of hard-boiled eggs. Some look into springform pans to make cheesecake and quiche. Theres even a special air fryer lid that is compatible with 6-quart Instant Pots that allows you to air-fry straight from your pressure cooker if you dont have a model that already features that program.

Is your mind still scrambled by all the choices? The buying guide below will help you compare Instant Pot models and figure out the best Instant Pot for you.

What You Need To Know Before Buying The Instant Pot Duo Nova

Getting started with your Instant Pot Nova 6qt from Target

Unlike the Duo Plus, the Duo Nova does not have a sous vide setting. If youre interested in using the sous vide, youll want to buy a different version that does include this button.

Most recipes are written for 6-quart pressure cookers, so the larger 8-quart and 10-quart sizes will definitely need recipe modifications in order to come to pressure. As a general rule, youll want to use at least 2 cups of water when cooking in the 10-quart Instant Pot.

Larger pressure cookers also take longer to come to pressure, so be sure to account for this additional time when preparing your meal.

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Aluminum Cheesecake Push Pan

Cheesecake is one of the top desserts to make with an Instant Pot. If you dont want to miss out, youll need either Fat Daddio round push pan or similar dish.

Even if you dont like cheesecake, you can use the pan bottom to bottom to steady a meatloaf. You can also make an Instant Pot lasagna using this pan or something similar.

Below is the pan size that fits the 3, 6, and 8 quart models. One thing to note is most cheesecake recipes are written for the 7 inch pan. Double check the recipe for the recommended pan size as you may need to adjust the cooking time. And you can of course use the 7 inch pan in an 8 quart Instant Pot as well.

Fat Daddios Anodized Aluminum Round Cheesecake Pan

Instant Pot Pro Price And Availability

  • List price: $129.99/ £149.99

The Instant Pot Pro will set you back $129.99/ £149.99 for the 6-quart/ 5.7 liter model and is available through Instants website or Amazon in both the US and the UK.

The Instant Pot Pro, which is also available in a larger 8-quart/ 8-liter size, which is priced at $149.95 /£199.99. The Instant Pot Pro is the most premium multi-cooker offered by Instant Pot, the next step up is multi-cookers that have an extra lid to provide the additional function of air frying and broiling.

  • 28 preset cooking programs
  • Simple steam release switch

The Instant Pot Pro has a sleek black finish that definitely gives it more of a premium appearance than the standard stainless-steel Instant Pots. Measuring 12.8 x 12.7 x 13 inches/ 32.5 x 32.3 x 33cm , its a similar size to other 6-quart/ 6-liter multi-cookers, but it appears more compact and subtle due to the black finish.

The steam release switch on this model is one of the easiest and safest steam release methods weve seen on a multi-cooker and the steam valve has a cover to reduce splashes and noise. When the lid is closed, the steam valve is automatically sealed, perfect for pressure cooking, but youll have to remember to open it for some of the other functions.

Unlike other Instant Pots, the Instant Pot Pro has five favorite buttons that allow you to store your favorite settings for recipes you make regularly, giving you the convenience of the one-touch programs but for your own custom recipes.

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