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About The Instant Pot Duo60 6 Quart

Which size instant pot is right for you?

This multi-cooker the Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 is an electric pressure cooker that was designed in Canada. The main aims of the design process were to present a Convenient and Dependable cooker that must be safe as well.

Appliances that this multi-cooker replaces in your kitchen are:

This 6 quart Instant Pot replaces 7 Common Kitchen Appliances in one pot

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Fry Pan
  • Yogurt Maker

The result when using the different functions of the multi-cooker is the same as your traditional appliances, just in one place.

Easy one-touch controls select your dish and press the button to get started.

This cooker using 70% less energy than traditional cookers and your food is prepared 2 to 6 times faster.

The exterior body of this instant pot comprises a brushed stainless steel exterior which is also fingerprint-resistant. There are also lid holders for left and right-handed chefs. The Instant Pot traps all the goodness inside the appliance without heating up your kitchen. It does not leak steam or make any noises while in operation.

To maximize the performance of this multi-cooker the manufacturer advises that you should only use genuine Instant Pot accessories. These also assist you in protecting your multi-cooker from damage.

Course Instant Pot Barbecue

  • Use large, tough cuts of meat for your Instant Pot. Pork shoulder is a great pick for pulled pork sandwiches.

  • Add some nutrition to your barbecue with some tender, steamed artichokes.

  • Side dishes like corn on the cob can be made in the Instant Pot while you man the grill.

  • For mac and cheese or pasta salad, make the noodles in the Instant Cooker first, then add the cheese.

  • Whip up a dessert in your Instant Pot the night before, from cheesecake to cobbler.

  • Instant Pot Simplified Model Comparison Guide

    I love my Quick & Carry bag! It is so sturdy and has so much room for everything I need when taking the Instant Pot out of the house. They have one for both the 6-quart and 8-quart Instant Pot. My only wish is that they made one in aqua!

    In your quest to decide which Instant Pot to buy, if you are comparing the 5 Quart Instant Pot to the 6 Quart Instant Pot, in my opinion, the 6 quart is the way to go. Not a Big Size Difference. First, there is only one quart of a difference in size between the two.

    I know that my instant pot has to become pressurized before the countdown of minutes starts. But almost every time I use my mini Instant Pot, it takes a lot longer than the recipe states for the cooking cycle to complete. For example, the other day, I manually entered 9 minutes as my cooking time.

    Caramelized Apples: With the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer lid off, select Saute setting and set to Medium Temperature. Melt butter in inner pot stir in apples, sugar, corn syrup and cinnamon. Cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until apples are tender, saucy and caramelized. Press Cancel.

    Depending on what you use your Instant Pot for, some of these items are true must-haves. Here, we rounded up the best Instant Pot accessories. Read full article Best Sling. OXO Good Grips Pressure Cooker Bakeware Sling, Red. 4.8 out of 5 stars 4,018. $13.73 $ 13. 73 $14.99 $14.99.

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    Preset Buttons On Instant Pot Multicookers

    The functions vary between Instant Pot models, so it can help to consider which functions you expect to use the most when choosing one. This helps ensure you get the model that fits your unique cooking style so you’re able to make your favorite dishes with greater ease. The Instant Pot Lux series comes with six integrated functions, and the Duo series and Ultra series have extra functions for things like making cakes and yogurt. Some of the common Instant Pot functions to look for include:

    • Slow cooking for tenderizing tough cuts of meat and for preparing meals ahead of time
    • Rice cooking to create side dishes
    • Saute function to sear food and lock in flavors
    • Pressure cooking to quickly cook meats and vegetables
    • Steaming for preparing fresh, nutritious vegetables
    • Warming to get leftovers ready without investing a lot of extra time or effort

    What Can You Cook In An Instant Pot

    Which Instant Pot Size &  Model is Right for Me ...

    You’d be amazed at what you can cook in an Instant Pot with a little creativity. Most people will use the Instant Pot to make chili or stew. That’s just the beginning. Instant Pot cooking can be healthier since you don’t use much oil. You can steam rice, cook a whole chicken, boil eggs, sauté vegetables, make spaghetti and cook nearly anything you can think of. The best part is that cooking in an Instant Pot means faster cooking times and far less mess. Most recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less and make cleanup easier.

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    Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10

    Many of the Instant Pot models have been created with speed, convenience, and fantastic results in mind for the beginner or intermediate user. This Instant Pot Ultra model changes all of that with 16 programs and an Ultra mode that places more control at your fingertips.

    If you want to step up your cooking game and need something more advanced, this might be the ideal model for you.

    It can do everything that the other models can but it also features an Ultra mode. This means that its possible to use the Instant Pot as a fast, efficient pressure cooker or in non-pressure cooker mode for more possibilities.

    Ultra mode can also make recipe conversions really easy so you never have to worry about using a recipe from somewhere else where they use a different measuring system.

    A big LCD with easy-to-read lettering, a central dial for more control, and a display of where the cooker is up to in the cooking process makes this a great pressure cooker for the cooking enthusiast.

    What Size Instant Pot Should I Buy

    One of the questions I see regularly in my Meal Planning group an on this blog is, what size Instant Pot should I buy? And I totally get it because I asked the same question not too long ago! There are so many Instant Pot size choices it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

    Here for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?? This Instant Pot with Air Fryer option is deeply discounted today this is probably the one I would get if I was shopping for an Instant Pot today. You cant go wrong with an Instant Pot AND Air Fryer in one.

    The Instant Pot comes in four different sizes 3 quart, 5 quart, 6 quart, and 8 quart. Not all sizes are available for all models. The biggest debate I see is between the 6 and 8 quarts. so Im going to focus on thosebut I have a notes on the 3 quart option, too!

    Based on our FB group and the main Instant Pot FB group , I feel pretty confident that the most popular Instant Pot is the 6 qt Duo Plus . Heres a quick rundown of the benefits of each sizehopefully, this will help you decide what size Instant Pot you should buy.

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    Why You Need An Instant Pot

    Do you really need an Instant Pot? Yes, you do. I only wish I had bought one sooner! This appliance is truly amazing and has changed the way I cook.

    These are just a few of the benefits of Instant Pot cooking:

    • You can cook easy one pot meals.
    • You can safely cook meat from frozen.
    • There is no watching a pot on the stove.
    • Pressure cooking creates better flavor.
    • Its much faster than using a slow cooker.
    • You can cook tender, fall apart pot roast or pulled pork in an hour.
    • Versatility: From perfect hard boiled eggs to one pot pastas to tender chicken breast, theres really no limit to the foods you can cook in an Instant Pot.
    • It makes meal prep easy: You can batch cook dry beans, oatmeal, rice, shredded chicken, and much more.

    Instant Pot Lux Mini 6

    UPDATE! Which Instant Pot Is Right For You? Which Size & Model Should You Buy? | #AskWardee 048
    11.5 x 10.51 x 10.5 inches
    Item Weight
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Instant Pot Lux 3 quart replaces 6 Appliances in 1
    • Accessories include, stainless steel steam rack without handles, rice paddle, Soup Spoon, measuring cup, recipe booklet manual and time table
    • Power supply: 120V â 60Hz. Dimensions: 11.50 x 10.51 x 10.51 inches

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    The Instant Pot Duo Is Often On Sale

    The DUO is regularly on sale during major shopping days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day. And if you stay vigilant, sometimes you can spot a deal out of the blue on any given day. Right now, for instance, . The 3- and 6-quart cookers are also on sale at Walmart:

    Instant Pot DUO60 6-Quart 7-in-1 Programmable Cooker

    What To Consider Before Buying An Instant Pot


    Do you have a large family or are you cooking solo? Size truly does matter when it comes to choosing the best Instant Pot. The most popular size is the 6-quart option, but some models offer 3-quart, 5-quart and even 8-quart options. Smaller sizes are more budget-friendly and take up less space on the counter, but larger sizes are great for cooking a family meal. We tested out all of our Instant Pot recipes using the 6-quart option and found it to be the perfect medium.

    Editors Tip: Remember that the volume size is the absolute maximum capacity for your pot. When youre dealing with piping hot foods you should only fill your Instant Pot 3/4 full. For example, if youre looking to make a 3-quart recipe like our delish Pressure-Cooker Potato Soup, we recommend using a 6-quart Instant Pot. Though you can always learn how to cut down a recipe, here.


    As previously stated, the Instant Pot offers much more than a traditional pressure cooker. However, some Instant Pots have more settings than others. Regardless of the model, youll be able to pressure cook, saute, slow cook, steam, make ricethe list goes on. Just think of how many gadgets you can replace in your kitchen with a single Instant Pot. Thats a score for all of us who are low on storage space!


    Editors Tip: If youre buying an Instant Pot second-hand, make sure youre buying the latest version of that particular model.

    Here are a few other smart money-saving ideas to consider.

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    What Size Pots Does Instant Pot Offer

    You will be able to get pots in 3, 5, 7, and 8 quart sizes with Instant Pot. It is important to remember that not every model offers the same size options. You can get a 3 quart pot with the DUO, DUO Plus, Ultra Series and LUX models. If you go to certain stores, you can find the LUX model in a 5 quart pot size.

    You can get a 6 quart size pot with any of the models Instant Pot offers, including Viva, Nava Plus, Smart Bluetooth, Max and Ultra. It is likely that any new models this brand releases will be available in this size as well.

    Only the Ultra, LUX, DUO and DUO Plus models are available in the 8 quart pot size.

    That’s Good To Know But Does The Instant Pot Size Affect Cooking Time

    Instant Pot Sizes: What

    For the 3 and 6-quart sizes, a good rule-of-thumb is to always have at least one cup of water or thin liquid in with what you’re cooking. The 8-quart, since it’s larger, should have at least two cups of thin liquid with whatever you’re cooking.

    It’s always important to note that you need a thin liquid with whatever you plan to cook in the Instant Pot. This is because you need steam to create pressure, and the only way to get that is to have a thin liquid.

    Some ingredients release their own thin liquid as they cook, so you may not need as much. Think of chicken and certain vegetables, like cabbage or onion. On average, for a 6-quart to come to pressure , it can take up to 20-30 minutes, depending on how much liquid is in the pot.

    If there’s a lot of liquid, such as with soup, it will take longer to come to pressure. This also applies to the 8-quartsince it’s larger and needs more liquid, it takes a bit longer to get to pressure than the smaller versions.

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    Compare To Similar Products

    • 5
    Pros Perfect size for meals for one, easy to clean, good pressure cooking performance, doesnt need much counter space Versatile, intuitive, feature-rich, great value User friendly, easy to clean, reasonably priced, pressure release button Good overall cooking performance, easy to clean Inexpensive, decent cooking performance

    What Is An Instant Pot And Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It

    Imagine having a slow cooker that also functions as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a yogurt maker. Thats the Instant Pot. Its simply an electric pot that lets you cook fast or slow. People love it because its a convenient, time-saving device that lets you quickly cook dinner without keeping an eye on the stove.

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    Why Do Different Size Instant Pots Take More Time To Come To Pressure

    The difference in times it takes to build pressure and release pressure in electric pressure cookers are significantly different between the 3 quart, 6 quart, and 8 quart models. This is not surprising because they are all different sizes . The 8 quart pot will take the longest to build and release pressure because there is more space to fill and empty.

    That being said, I would always assume that recipes you see online are built for the 6 quart model unless its noted otherwise. That means you have to adjust for cooking times and the amount of liquid added in the other sized models: more on this below.

    Is Black Friday Or Cyber Monday Better

    Instant Pot Models and Sizes

    Every year, the difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday gets harder to distinguish. Black Friday is always three days before Cyber Monday. But, the sales have merged in many instances, and the event has been extended up to the end of the holiday shopping season. Every retailer’s deals will vary, and different products are on sale each day.

    Order right away if you’re concerned a deal today might get beat by a future deal. You can always return your products, but you can’t take advantage of a discount after the sale is over.

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    How To Know What Size Instant Pot To Buy

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    Have you been considering buying an Instant Pot? The fact that you can put the food in, close the lid, push a couple of buttons, and then walk away, even out of the kitchen makes this a must-have appliance in todays kitchen. Its just so easy to use. But what size Instant Pot should you get?

    Maybe you already own one and youre thinking of buying another one and youre not sure which size you should get. Well, I took the three main sizes of Instant Pots 8 qt., 6 qt., and 3 qt. and compared them to help you have a better idea of which one is right for you?

    Instant Pot Elevation Adjustments:

    Elevation effects cooking in any pressure cookerthe IP is no different.

    If you havent had a chance to check out my post on how elevation or altitude impacts pressure cooking you can see it right here > High Altitude Cooking Time Adjustments< this post has lots of great info on how to adjust for different altitudes.

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    Which Size Instant Pot Is The Best

    Most Instant Pot models come in varying sizes: 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10 quart. Some models are only available in the 6 quart size.

    The 3, 6, and 8 quart Instant Pots are the most popular for different reasons. Heres my recommendation regarding Instant Pot sizes:

    The 6 quart is what most individuals and families will want to get. Yes, even individuals or couples.

    The 6 quart Instant Pot is like a 2 slice toaster. Its the standard. Sure, you can find some toasters for one slice and some for 4 or 8 slices, but most people will need and use a normal, 2 slice toaster.

    For your first Instant Pot, I recommend the 6 quart size unless you have a family with more than 7-9 people, in which Id recommend starting with the 8 quart.

    Final Thoughts Is A 6 Quart Instant Pot Big Enough

    Instant Pot Review 2019: How to Select the Right Size and ...

    What a list of features, technology, ease of use! With all that this Multi-Cooker has to offer, I believe you could do away with most of the separate appliances you need to carry out the different cooking methods and tasks.

    With the exception of your Rice Cooker because stainless steel is not non stick it allows the rice to adhere to it during the cooking process. There are ways around this with oils and such but this defeats the purpose of having an appliance that makes your life easier.

    The cookbook application is certainly appealing in this age of The App you can use your application while shopping to select ingredients for meals you want to prepare. This Application keeps this multi-cooker up with the times.

    Recommended Reading

    Still unsure if you want a multi-purpose cooker such as this. I have two very informative articles here and here that will give you all you need to know about multi cookers.

    Using another appliance instead of a pressure cooker here

    Click here to purchase the Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker today

    One-Pot Cooking Rocks

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