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How To Make Frozen Roast In Instant Pot

Instant Pot Classic Pot Roast | Boneless Chuck Roast Recipe

All the work to make instant pot roast beef is at the start and even then it just takes a few minutes to get everything in the electric pressure cooker and get it going.

  • Start by taking your frozen roast beef and placing straight into the instant pot.
  • Add in your broth.
  • Place onions, carrots, and garlic in the pot.
  • Place celery and herbs on top and add salt and pepper.
  • Cook roast 3-5 pound roast it will need 60-90 minutes on high. For a frozen roast of the same size, youll need to add about 30 minutes to the cooking time.
  • Tips For Making Pot Roast

    • No Instant Pot? No Problem. Pot roasts can be made using many different cooking methods. If you dont have an Instant Pot, you can try our recipes for making pot roast in the slow cooker or in the oven .
    • Easy Freezing: If you have leftovers, roast can easily be shredded and frozen to eat at a later date. Just remove any vegetables and place in a Ziplock bag or a freezer-safe airtight container to freeze. When ready to re-heat thaw in the refrigerator overnight and reheat or add to your favorite shredded beef recipes.

    Expert Tips & Tricks:

    • Want to ensure this quick chuck roast recipe is cooked evenly? Allow the meat to rest on the kitchen counter for 30 minutes before cooking. This helps take the chill off.
    • For the best sear, pat the beef chuck roast dry with paper towels prior to seasoning. The dry surface and hot oil give you that extra crispy brown crust, which packs in so much flavor.
    • Looking for pot roast with potatoes and carrots? Simply omit the parsnips and replace them with an equal amount of carrots.
    • Beef Broth vs. Chicken Broth: As youll see in the recipe below, I used chicken broth as the liquid in the recipe. I personally find that my homemade chicken stock produces a lighter pot roast recipe. However, if you prefer beef broth feel free to swap an equal amount of it in place of chicken broth.
    • What pressure cooker should I use? I prefer to use my Instant Pot, but any pressure cooker you own will work. Feel free to use your Electric Pressure Cooker, Power Cooker, Presto, Power Cooker XL, or Crock-Pot Express. Just make sure to follow the manufacturers cooking technique, as it varies between each brand.

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    How To Make Instant Pot Pot Roast

    So, here is my basic Instant Pot pot roast recipe . This is an adaptation of my long time favorite low and slow traditional method roast. Its secret ingredients are Montreal Steak Seasoning and a packet of onion soup mix. They give awesome flavor to to the roast!

    Coat the beef roast with olive oil and rub a generous amount of Montreal Steak Seasoning on all sides of the roast. Then sear the beef in the pot using the saute function. After searing, remove the beef and add a chopped onion with a small splash of beef broth to deglaze the pot. Once deglazed, pour in the remaining broth and add a trivet.

    Place the beef roast on the trivet and pour a package of onion soup mix over it. Set two or three bay leaves on top.

    Pressure cook on high pressure at 25 minutes per pound, followed by natural release. Then remove the roast from the pot.

    Add vegetables to the pot and pressure cook for 5 minutes. I add baby potatoes, carrots, celery, and onion to mine.

    To serve, cut the roast against the grain or cut into chunks and serve with the vegetables and a ladle of the broth. You can also make a gravy by removing the vegetables, then making a cornstarch slurry and adding it to the pot to thicken the broth. But I prefer to serve my roast without gravy, and I include a savory bread, such as my Savory Jalapeno Irish Soda Bread, or a good grainy wheat bread, to use to soak up the broth.

    The roast is tender and juicy with lots of flavor.

    Here is the Recipe card:

    How To Make Pot Roast From Frozen In An Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Pot Roast Recipe

    This Pressure Cooker Pot Roast recipe will work in any brand of electric pressure cooker, including the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or Power Pressure Cooker XL.

    Sabrinas recipe for a 3-ingredient pot roast in the new cookbook is amazingly good. So naturally, we had to adapt it to the pressure cooker for this recipe. Whether you make it on the stove using the recipe in her book, or give it a spin in the Instant Pot, you wont be disappointed.

    Because this is a three-ingredient recipe, the quality of the ingredients is key. Use a good red wine that you love the taste of. I recommend something dry, such as a cabernet, so your gravy doesnt end up tasting too sweet. If you prefer not to cook with alcohol, you can substitute beef broth for the wine.

    Its also important to choose a good marinara sauce. We like Raos brand. But you could also make your own!

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    Instant Pot Frozen Roast

    This recipe may have originated out of necessity when I forgot to thaw my roast in advance, but its quickly become our chosen way of making roast! The results are so tender, that I dont see the need to thaw the meat in advance anymore.

    If youre looking for pull-apart tender pot roast with minimal effort and time, this is definitely the recipe for you!

    Pot Roast In An Instant Pot

    Classic pot roast in your Instant Pot? Yes, you read that right! This Instant Pot roast recipe lets you dig into perfectly seasoned, ultra-tender beef roast with all the extras potatoes, carrots, onions in a fraction of the time it used to take.

    Pot roast used to be reserved just for days when you had hours to slow cook a roast in the oven. However, the Instant Pot makes cooking a pot roast much faster. Not only that, the pressure cooking process intensifies the flavors of the ingredients and makes the meat unbelievably tender.

    If you love comfort foods, especially those that are healthy, this instant pot roast recipe is made for you. This easy Instant Pot roast potatoes and carrots recipe makes fall-apart tender beef and vegetables in a flavorful gravy. Its the perfect family-friendly meal for Sunday dinner.

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    How To Prepare A Roast For The Pressure Cooker

    Cooking a roast in an Instant Pot is quite easy and should take you little more than 10 minutes of prep time.

  • First off, we advise defrosting the meat.
  • Youll need to season your roast generously on all sides with your chosen seasoning. Simple salt and pepper are good on any meat but you can be more adventurous if you like. There are many recipes for different rubs and seasonings so we encourage you to explore those.
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of oil to the Instant Pot and set it to Sauté. Sear the meat quickly on all sides to get it nicely caramelized. This will help to seal the juices in and will also give it a lovely umami flavor.
  • Set the pot to high heat.
  • Pour in some broth, stock, wine, or the liquid suggested by your recipe. Some people use cola while others swear by ginger ale. The choice is yours. Meat done in the pressure cooker can be a little bland so be sure to use a well-flavored liquid. About a cupful is usually enough.
  • Add a sliced onion and a carrot for flavor too.
  • Cover and allow to cook for the correct time. Let it do a natural release for 10-15 more minutes and youre all set.
  • Remove the roast from the pot, check for doneness, cover, and allow to rest for 10 minutes before carving.
  • Remember to use the liquid in the pot to make a tasty gravy to serve with your roast. This can be done while the roast is resting.
  • We hope youre excited to get going with cooking your family a perfect roast and that youre feeling more confident now. Until next time!

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    Perfect Cut Of Roast Beef

    Easy Instant Pot Pot Roast (Tender and Juicy)

    Choose a cut of beef with plenty of marbling and fat for a pot roast recipe like this one. Here are three of my favorite options:

    • Chuck roast is the most common cut of beef used for pot roast. It becomes so tender after low and slow cooking . It has plenty of marbling, which makes it juicy after cooking and adds flavor to the drippings. Cooked just right, a chuck roast is melt-in-your-mouth delicious!
    • A bottom or top round cut of beef is what is used when making roast beef. This cut comes from the rear of the cow, which means it’s leaner than both brisket and chuck roast. I like to add a little more fat to the Instant Pot when I use this cut to keep it moist .
    • Brisket is a little pricier than chuck roast, but it has a lot of connective tissue that makes it tender after a long day of being cooked slowly . It’s also perfect for cooking in the Instant Pot.
    • Check out my perfect cuts of beef guide.

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    What Are The Best Cuts Of Meat To Use

    The best cuts of beef for pot roast are tougher cuts of meat like chuck, brisket, and round.

    Traditionally, the beef cooks at a low temperature for a long time. Its because of this that tougher cuts of beef work so well. When I say tougher cuts of meat, Im talking about the leaner cuts with lots of connective tissue.

    Boneless Chuck Pot Roast

    A traditional chuck pot roast is a rectangular, highly marbled cut thats easy to find at most grocery stores. Nothing rivals a chuck pot roast in terms of a tender result, but this cut has quite a bit of fat and requires more trimming. We used a chuck pot roast in the video for this recipe so take a look to see it in action.

    Cutting the roast into chunks allows you to cover more surface area of the meat with the seasoning mix which means more flavor. It also gives you the opportunity to more effectively trim the fat which will yield a better gravy.

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    Sunday Pot Roast In The Instant Pot

    Pot Roast has always been a favorite Sunday dinner in our family. Sometimes we make it with mashed potatoes, sometimes with ingredients like carrots and potatoes cooked with the roast. Either way, it is always delicious. Because I sometimes forget to put the roast in the oven or slow cooker in time, I find myself scrambling to get dinner ready. Ive walked in the door from church and thought, SHOOT! I never put the roast in! If you are like me, this Instant Pot recipe is a lifesaver especially on those days. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

    Update: Since we first created this recipe, weve had many comments regarding the success of this recipe. Weve updated the original post to include some of the most frequently asked questions and comments.

    More Easy Instant Pot Beef Recipes

    Instant Pot Pot Roast with Meal Prep Tips

    The pressure cooker / Instant Pot is a great way to make fast and easy weeknight dinners like these:

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    How To Cook A Roast

    Pot roast recipes typically call for thawed beef. Since it can take up to a few days to fully thaw a roast, and weve all had those moments where we forgot to take the meat out of the freezer, I decided to find out if you could get incredibly tender roast beef using a frozen roast in the Instant Pot. The answer is a definite yes!

    This roast is pull-apart tender and nobody will ever know that you forgot to defrost your roast in advance.

    To make it, simply place your trivet in the bottom of the Instant Pot, add the frozen roast, pour the broth over the roast, sprinkle the seasoning over top, add the garlic and onion, cook it, and let it natural release for 30 minutes.

    A quick note its important to pour the broth over the frozen roast rather than adding it to the bottom of the pot before adding the roast. The liquid thaws the edge of the roast just enough to allow the seasoning to stick to it. It makes the final result so delicious!

    What Can I Do With Leftover Pot Roast

    As I hinted to above, youll love the leftovers almost as much as youll love eating the dish the first time. My favorite ways to eat leftover pot roast, in no particular order:

    • On sandwiches. Boring, maybe. But add some banana peppers and a little mayo on top of that roast, slap it between two pieces of bread any bread will do and thats one amazing sandwich!
    • Add shredded pot roast to a simple pasta dish.
    • Beef empanadas!
    • Savory tacos .
    • Add leftovers to a beef-based soup.
    • Lettuce wraps are a great, low-carb way to serve up this protein.

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    Instant Pot Roast Gravy

    Making gravy in the Instant Pot is a breeze. The easiest method is to remove the pot roast and vegetables when they are done cooking then switch the cook setting to saute. If there arent enough beef drippings to make a gravy, add some beef broth. Combine a little water and some corn starch in a liquid measuring cup to form a cornstarch slurry. When the drippings and broth start to simmer, whisk in the cornstarch mixture a little at a time until it becomes a gravy consistency. Simmer about 3 minutes adding more beef broth to thin if needed. Add salt, black pepper, and a little garlic powder to taste.

    Tips For Making The Best Instant Pot Pot Roast:

    The #1 Rated Instant Pot Pot Roast (With Potatoes and Carrots)
    • Like I mentioned before, please do not add the veggies for the first cook time. You do not want your veggies cooking an extra 60+ minutes under high pressure! 3 minutes and they are perfectly tender and fluffy.
    • You can skip searing the meat if you need to cut out some prep time, but it does add significant flavor to the dish overall. If you dont sear, youll find that your juices will be more beefy and you will taste less of the other flavors.
    • If you need to save some time, cut the roast into 2-3 chunks and pressure cook for 40-50 minutes, or save even more time by using pre-cut stewing beef.
    • All of my Instant Pot recipes are tested in a 6 quart Instant Pot.

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    What Is The Best Cut Of Beef For This Pot Roast In Instant Pot Recipe

    The best cuts of beef for pot roast are the tougher ones, such as chuck, shoulder, brisket, and round. These cuts are the leaner ones with lots of connective tissue.

    You dont have to break the bank to buy a great cut of meat to make a pot roast, whether you are making an Instant Pot chuck roast or a beef shoulder Instant Pot meal. The Instant Pot tenderizes an affordable roast in about one hour! This is one way to save a little and still have an amazing dinner.

    • Chuck: An Instant Pot chuck roast becomes tender and falls apart easily because of the amount of marbling .
    • Shoulder: A beef shoulder Instant Pot dish is also delicious. The shoulder is leaner and more tender than the chuck.
    • Brisket: This cut has a lot of connective tissue that makes it tender after being cooked slowly in the traditional way . Brisket is a little pricier than a chuck roast.
    • Bottom or top round: This is the cut of beef that makes the sliced roast at the deli. Its leaner than chuck roast and brisket, so you may want to add a little extra fat while it cooks to prevent it from drying out.

    Making Pot Roast In Advance

    Storing and reheating: Leftovers keep well for 3 days. If you have enough space in the fridge, you can store roast in an inner pot with a silicone lid. Then reheat right on the stove or in Instant Pot by pressing Saute.

    Freezing: I would freeze the roast itself but not the potatoes in an airtight container for up to 3 months.

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