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What Is A Beef Rib Finger

Instant Pot Short Ribs

Beef rib Fingers are the thin strips of beef cut from between individual ribs. It’s essentially the rib, but without the bone. It’s nice an tender when cooked correctly.

This instant pot short ribs recipe is as simple as mixing the spices, or use your favorite rub, and sear the meat. Add in the other ingredients and let the Instant Pot do it’s magic.

As an added bonus, not only do you get to enjoy amazing beef short ribs, but the bones take on a spicy flavor and are super tasty when used to make bone broth.

Savory Instant Pot Short Ribs

Craving some juicy ribs without busting out the grill? This recipe is perfect for you! You can make delicious spare ribs using your Instant Pot! Crazy? I think not. Awesome? Definitely. Once you find out how amazing these turn out and how easy it is to make them, youll want to make them all the time!

As a mother, life gets busy. Sometimes, I dont have the time to make a nutritious dinner which is why I love my Instant Pot. I can make delicious things like these short ribs or any other nutritious meal in half the time. No need to get out the grill or spend an eternity cooking.

Instant Pot Tender Braised Short Ribs

The Cook

Cooked to fall apart tender perfection and infused with a rich red wine sauce, this version of our braised short ribs is prepared using the wondrous Instant Pot. Pair with creamy mashed potatoes or roasted brussels sprouts for a dinner to enjoy down to the last sumptuous forkful.

  • 2 pounds Beef Short Ribs
  • ½ teaspoons Salt
  • 1 ¼ cups dice Onion
  • 1 teaspoon mince Garlic, Cloves
  • ½ cups Red Wine
  • 1 ½ tablespoons Soy Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

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Count On Pacific Foods Commitment To Quality

Weve said it before, but we have to say it again: High-quality ingredients will always produce superior dishes, and this recipe is no objection to that rule.

Pacific Foods uses time-honored recipes and just a few simple ingredients, showcasing each ingredients true flavor and inherent nutrition. There are no additives or preservatives in their food.

They like to say: Were out to Nourish Every Body. And we couldnt agree more. Some of our other favorite dishes that star Pacific Foods amazing array of products include our

But for now, lets get back to these amazing Italian Beef Short Ribs!

The Instant Pot cooks these beef short ribs perfectly.

The sautéed pancetta and vegetables and herbs add depth to the dish.

And of course, the sauce is richly flavorful from the red wine, San Marzano tomatoes, and Pacific Foods Organic Low Sodium Beef Broth.

Cant you just taste this right now?

Ready to make the best Instant Pot Italian Beef Short Ribs in town? Go for it!

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Easy Instant Pot Short Ribs

How to Make Instant Pot Short Ribs

I cant stop making short ribs!! When I created the recipe for our oven braised short ribs, it quickly became my most favorite recipe of all time! I immediately had a flood of different short ribs recipe ideas fill my mind. Our Korean oven braised short ribs came next and yowza, they are so decadent! Then I knew I needed to try short ribs in the Instant Pot.

These easy sticky BBQ beef short ribs are full of all your favorite BBQ flavors and are so easy to make. We like to serve them with a side of steakhouse smashed potatoes and a garden balsamic avocado salad.

These Instant Pot beef short ribs are sure to be a new family favorite! We cant wait to hear what you think!

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Instant Pot Short Rib Ingredients

Here are the ingredients youll need to make Instant Pot Short Ribs:

  • Beef Short Ribs: As stated above, this cut of beef is near the ribs. You can get them from the meat counter at the grocery store, or your local butcher.
  • Sea Salt: This is healthier than regular table salt, but it has a different consistency. You can find it in the spice aisle with other kinds of salt.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Make sure to use extra virgin olive oil and not regular olive oil, as it will change the taste and texture.
  • Yellow Onion: Make sure to use yellow onion and not a different type of onion because it will affect the taste.
  • Carrots: You can find these in the produce section, or your garden if you grow them!
  • Garlic: Its best to use fresh garlic for this recipe, since its not being minced. You can find this in the produce section.
  • Balsamic Vinegar: This provides a rich and slightly sweet flavoring for the ribs. It can be found near the olive oils.
  • Dry Red Wine: Make sure to use a dry red wine and not a sweet red wine because that will completely change the flavor.
  • Honey: This sweet and sticky liquid from bees is used to make the sauce for the ribs. You can purchase honey at the store or get some from a local beekeeper!
  • Bay Leaves: These add a subtle flavor and help the meat from getting too heavy. .
  • Rosemary: This is a fragrant herb that adds to the flavor of the roast.
  • Thyme: This is another herb that adds to the flavor of the meal which can be found in the produce section.

Can I Quick Release My Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs

Instant pots kick into a slow release, or cool down function when the cook time is complete. For best results, allow your instant pot beef short ribs to sit in the instant pot while it naturally releases the pressure .

You can also quick release the pressure when the cooking time is complete. Your instant pot beef short ribs will still be fall-off-the-bone tender.

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What Are Short Ribs

Short ribs are from the chuck section of the cow, and happen to be the shortest ribs in the rib cage, which is how they get their name. The meat from these ribs are part of the muscle, so it tends to be on the tough side, but very flavorful. For this particular recipe, you can purchase bone-in or boneless short ribs. I personally prefer to use boneless short ribs because they are easier to eat with a lot less waste.

Can I Skip Natural Pressure Release

Best Instant Pot Short Ribs Recipe Ever…

It can be a bit frustrating to have to wait the entire 30 minutes it takes to naturally release the pressure from the Instant Pot. However, when cooking meat that you want to be tender, its better to allow the pressure to naturally release.

This is because the meat needs a resting period to relax and rest. If youre really strapped for time, you can cut down the pressure release time and it wont negatively affect the outcome. Allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes, then you can quick release the rest of the pressure.

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Can I Skip The Alcohol

If youre worried about the alcohol content, you need not be.

Since the alcohol in this recipe is being used to deglaze, it does evaporate a lot. However, if you prefer the alcohol to be completely gone, cook it a little longer before adding the other liquids. You can also add less burbon.

I have also had readers who substituted the bourbon with wine , and even coffee.

These pressure cooker short ribs are braised in my own homemade beef and chicken stock, but you can braise them in a good quality beef stock instead too. These instant pot short ribs are cooked to perfection in a slightly sweet and slightly spicy base. I added cayenne pepper and paprika to give these short ribs a little spicy kick. I usually add up to 2 tsp of cayenne pepper . But Ive adjusted it to a milder level in this recipe. But feel free to adjust the level of spice to your liking.

The first step to making these instant pot short ribs is preparing the short ribs. This step is all the labor required for this recipe on your part!

After this step, everything else is hands-off. So while these pressure cooker short ribs are cooking, you can prepare the rest of the meal.

These Instant Pot Ribs Are A Delicious & Easy Dinner Recipe

I first owned a pressure cooker in 2011, when I first moved into my own apartment. Instants pots werent around at the time, and it was simply called a multi cooker. Thanks to my lack of proper meal planning, I quickly learned to appreciate the pressure cooker function on my multi cooker. The fact that you can get a kick ass meal made in less than 30 minutes, starting from frozen meat was a god send to me!

I think Ive come quite far now in terms of meal planning, but the Instant Pot is still a beast!

This Best Instant Pot Short Ribs recipe is one Ive used countless times, and Ive used this same recipe for lamb chops as well. It works beautifully for any kind of red meat, really, but its just perfect with beef short ribs. The flavors here are simple but robust, and complement each other well. Plus, Ive got a secret ingredient that makes these pretty much the BEST instant pot short ribs in the world!

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Instant Pot Boneless Beef Ribs

Making beef ribs in the Instant Pot has been one of our favorite discoveries since purchasing our Instant Pot. Not only do they melt in your mouth, but they are easy to make and that makes them a great dinner idea for a busy night.

How to make Instant Pot beef ribs
  • First, place the stainless steel container into the Instant Pot.
  • Next, place the trivet that comes with the Instant Pot in the bottom of the container.
  • Add 1 cup of beef broth to the Instant Pot.
  • Take the ribs out of the package and sprinkle both sides generously with rib rub. I use about 1 to 2 tablespoons.
  • Place the beef ribs on the trivet.
  • Pour barbecue sauce on the ribs and use a basting brush to spread the sauce evenly.
  • Put the lid on the Instant Pot and make sure the vent is set to sealed.
  • Cook on high pressure for 45 minutes.
  • Let the pressure release naturally.
  • Remove the ribs from the pot and spread more barbecue sauce on them, if you like.

When it comes to our favorite beef recipes in the Instant Pot, its a toss-up between this one and Easy Instant Pot Beef Tips. You just cant go wrong with how tender and full of flavor this beef is!

We like to shred this beef and eat it drizzled with barbecue sauce. But you can broil it in the oven for a couple of minutes to crisp it up more if you like.

But I should also mention that when I got my Instant Pot as a gift, I left it in the box for a year! Now, I cant imagine cooking without it.

What to serve with boneless beef ribs
  • corn

Make Ahead Instant Pot Short Ribs

Instant Pot Short Ribs Recipe

I love to make these short ribs ahead of time! After cooking, I just let them cool in the cooking pot and refrigerate them overnight.

About an hour prior to serving, remove the short ribs from the fridge. Use a spoon to skim the solidified layer of fat from the surface.

Reheat the short ribs in the pressure cooker by selecting High Pressure and 2 minutes cook time. Allow the pressure to release naturally for 5 minutes, then finish with a quick pressure release.

At Pressure Cooking Today, we believe in making real food with fresh and familiar ingredients.Browse my collection of the best pressure cooker recipes here on my website . Follow Pressure Cooking Today on and for the latest updates. Or join my to connect with other pressure cooking fans. Or you canjoin my free email list! Youll get just one email a week with my latest recipes. If youre interested in more than just pressure cooker recipes, I share my other adventures in the kitchen over at Barbara Bakes. Youll find some amazing breakfasts and breads, along with the best dessert recipes! Check it out today!

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Whats Needed For Instant Pot Short Ribs

The ingredients for these pressure cooker short ribs are mostly pantry staples, making it an easy recipe to whip up at a moments notice. Heres what we used for these Instant Pot beef ribs:

  • Bone-in beef short ribs

Tip: You can make these nachos with either our Classic BBQ Sauce or our Carolina BBQ Sauce.

Serving Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs

I like to serve short ribs over a bed of Instant Pot mashed potatoes with carrots. Be sure to serve with the blended juices form the pot as well. If you want to make that into a gravy, you can do so my adding a slurry of cornstarch and water to it and allowing it to thicken. I like it more akin to a broth though, so I dont thicken mine.

Cook Time: Total Time:

Instant Pot short ribs. These braised beef short ribs are perfect for pressure cooking. The recipe is easy and incorporates red wine for a decadent dinner dish!

  • 4-6 beef short ribs
  • Sea salt and black pepper, to taste
  • 2-3 T. extra virgin olive oil, divided
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 large carrots, sliced into chunks
  • 3-4 cloves garlic
  • ½ c. beef stock or broth
  • ¼ c. balsamic vinegar
  • ¼ c. dry red wine
  • 2 T. honey
  • 2 sprigs fresh thyme

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Instant Pot Italian Short Ribs

This post is kindly sponsored by Pacific Foods, but the recipe, photography, video, and opinions are 100% ours.

If youre looking for a fall-off-the-bone feast that you can bring to the table in a fraction of the time it would normally take to prepare, youre in for a treat with this recipe.

We love preparing this dish in our beloved Instant Pot because you get that incredible slow-braised taste and texture in just a little over an hour! Be sure to go with quality ingredients and this is a meal you will want to return to time and time again!

Interestingly, beef short ribs are from the beef chuck, not beef ribs. They are full of marbling, so after a nice long, slow braising process, they become deeply flavorful and fall-off-the-bone tender.

But, honestly, who has time for that on a busy weeknight?

Well, thanks to everyones favorite pressure cooker , the Instant Pot, were able to make this amazing Italian-style short ribs feast in no time at all!

Before we start the pressure cooking process, we need to quickly sear the ribs and sauté the vegetables.

Dredge the ribs in seasoned flour, and then in batches, use the SAUTÉ function to beautifully brown them in a little oil.

After searing the ribs, its time to start building that classic Italian flavor profile.

In the same pan, we cook the cubed pancetta until just crispy.

Next, go in the chopped onions, carrots, and garlic.

Serving Instant Pot Ribs

How to Make Short Ribs in the Instant Pot
  • Instant Pot Ribs, 2 Racks: For a crowd, you can cook two racks of Instant Pot ribs at the same time. Simply place two racks on the trivet, overlapping one inside the other if needed. The pressure cook time does not change .
  • Sauce It Up: While you dont *need* extra barbecue sauce on the side, my personal favorite way to eat ribs is good and slathered. Look for sauce without high fructose corn syrupthough I admit that unless Im making the barbecue sauce from scratch, ribs with Sweet Baby Rays do always seem to be a hit.
  • Side Dish Ideas: Instant Pot ribs and potatoes is a classic combo. Try these easy Crock Pot Baked Potatoes, make-ahead Crockpot Breakfast Potatoes crispy Baked Fries, or keep it simple with potato chips.

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Do You Have To Brown Short Ribs

Browning the short ribs really boosts the flavor of the sauce. You can skip the browning in a pinch or if youre cooking from frozen, but it will make a difference in the finished flavor.

You can cook short ribs from frozen without changing the cook time, but be aware that it will take longer for the pot to come to pressure.

Use an instant-read thermometer to verify your ribs are at least 165°F after cooking.

If you wish, you can finish these ribs on the grill to give them a nice char.

How To Cook Short Ribs In An Instant Pot:

While the list of ingredients may be long, this dish is actually pretty quick and easy to prepare. So, here are some important steps to follow:

Step 1. Brown the Short Ribs

Season short ribs with salt and pepper. Heat oil in an Instant Pot, working in batches, brown short ribs on all sides.

Step 2. Deglaze

Deglaze the pan with dry red wine. As the liquid simmers, scrape up any crispy bits from the bottom of the Instant Pot with a wooden spoon or spatula to prevent burning.

Step 3. Pressure Cook

Add all ingredients, including browned short ribs into the pot.

Cook it on manual for 30 minutes. When the cooking is done, let the Instant Pot release pressure naturally.

Step 4. Cook the Carrot

This is optional. Add chopped carrots into the pot and select the manual setting and cook for 2 minutes. When the cooking cycle is completed, quickly release the pressure.

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