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How To Make Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

This recipe is so simple and the results are so delicious! Here is a quick overview of the recipe steps. You can find the full recipe with ingredient amounts and instructions in the recipe card at the end of this post.

  • With the Instant Pot on sauté mode, sauté chopped onion and celery until they begin to soften. This step creates a base of flavor for your soup. Then add the minced garlic, turn the Instant Pot off, and cook, stirring, for 30 seconds.
  • Deglaze the pot by pouring in the vegetable broth, stirring, and scraping up any bits that may be stuck to the bottom of the pot.
  • Add all of the remaining ingredients to the pot and stir.
  • Put the lid on the pot and pressure cook the soup for 4 minutes at high pressure. Be sure that the steam release valve is set to the sealing position during pressure cooking. Before the cook time starts counting down, the pot will take about 20 minutes to reach pressure. Soup recipes take some time to reach pressure because of the large liquid volume in the pot.
  • When the cook time ends, let the pot naturally release for 5 minutes. To do a natural release you just let the Instant Pot rest, without moving the steam release valve. The keep warm function can be on or off during this time.
  • After 5 minutes, quick release the remaining pressure by carefully moving the steam release valve to the venting position. Once all of the steam has escaped and the pin drops down, you can take the lid off of the pot.
  • What Meat Is Best For Beef Stew

    You can use just about any cut of beef for beef stew. The cheaper cut of meat will give you better flavor! My personal favorite is chuck roast. A chuck roast is inexpensive and has enough marbling on it to give it more flavor.

    Dont buy precut stew meat because it costs more. Five minutes of work means you can save a couple of dollars a pound. Here is a breakdown of types of meat you can make beef stew.

    • Chuck roast is well-marbled, and releases a lot of gelatin when it cooks, so you get a wonderful velvety texture.
    • Sirloin is great if you want a lower fat content in your stew, this is a great choice, this leaner cut of beef. You wont get the same texture as you will with a fattier cut.
    • Round eye roast These are all variations of the same cut of roast. Inexpensive and lean, this is a great choice for a leaner stew plus these are often priced less expensively than other cuts of meat.

    Easy Instant Pot Pot Roast Recipe

    Simply Sated Perfect Pot RoastInstant Pot Pot Roast is the only recipe I need in life! Pot Roast is my absolute favorite winter dishes. There’s something about the tender meat, potatoes, carrots, and THAT SAUCE that is so comforting and delicious. This pressure cooker pot roast recipe is so easy. If you’re in the mood for comfort food, you have to learn how to make this Instant Pot Roast!

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    How Long Do You Need To Cook Beef Chunks In A Pressure Cooker

    Meat takes 30 minutes to be cooked thoroughly, in a pressure cooker. You might wonder if you want to add more meat in the pressure cooker do you need to cook it for longer? No, the meat needs to cook for 30 minutes at the proper psi to be done. Longer cooking time is irrelevant when you use more meat.

    How To Make Instant Pot Beef Stew

    Chicken Broth

    If you love cozy, hearty, and nutritious recipes that will please everyone at your table, then this dairy-free Instant Pot beef stew recipe is the best thing to cook in an Instant Pot!

    Like hearty Spanish Chicken Stew and Braised Short Ribs, Instant Pot beef stew feels like the meal for that kind of night when the rain taps on the window, but you neednt worry.

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    How To Cook Beef Stew Meat

    Beef stew meat is notoriously tough, so its important you give it enough time to cook. Also, we want to get as much flavor out of the beef itself, so its also important to sear the beef before you let it cook with the veggies and the broth. Usually, this takes many hours, but since we are using the instant pot today, its only going to take about 35-40 minutes. Wild stuff!

    Ingredients In Instant Pot Beef Stew

    This recipe has so many delicious flavors happening at the same time! Its hard to pick out which part creates the best taste! See the recipe card below for a list of exact ingredient measurements.

    • Stew meat :You can use a chuck roast and cut it yourself, but I find its easiest to just buy stew meat already cut up and trimmed at the butcher counter.
    • Salt: I use kosher salt in this recipe!
    • Black pepper: If you use freshly cracked black pepper then it will bring the most fresh and delicious flavor!
    • Olive oil. For beef stew, I like to cook the meat in a light olive oil canola oil also works.
    • Beef stock: I always use low-sodium so we can control the amount of salt that goes into the dish.
    • Tomato paste: I love to use tomato paste in this beef stew because it helps to thicken the stew. It also has a really concentrated tomato flavor, so it adds a ton of flavor.
    • Tomato puree: You could use tomato puree or canned tomatoes here. My kiddos dont really like whole tomatoes, so I sneak them in this way. If you have canned diced tomatoes on hand, that works too!
    • Bay leaves: These add that deep, earthy flavor that stew have,
    • Sugar: This adds a slight hint of sweetness to counter all of the other flavors.
    • Worcestershire sauce: I use only the tiny bit of this because it is such a strong flavor.
    • Vegetables: I used the classic vegetables in this! Carrots, gold potatoes, onion, celery, frozen peas.
    • Cornstarch and water: These are used to thicken up the stew!

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    Instapot Beef Stew Ingredients

    What one secret ingredient is in this recipe? Chicken stock. I use chicken stock as the stew base. I think the flavor of the chicken stock adds a richness and nice flavor profile that beef broth does not have.

    People always ask, did you just say chicken stock?. Yes. If you prefer beef stock or beef broth, please use it. I urge you to try your beef stew with chicken stock just once.

    Heres a list of what you need:

    • Beef Chuck Roast this is a good beef stew meat, is has so much flavor due to the marbling of the beef.
    • Vegetable oil you can use olive oil
    • Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon adds a nice touch

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    How To Sub Chicken Thighs In This Recipe

    My preferred cut of chicken for the Instant Pot is usually the chicken thigh. Why? Because it is least likely to dry out.

    But! I wanted to do a chicken breast recipe for yall because so many of yall have been asking about recipe adaptions for chicken breasts. So this fits the bill. And it turned out great, yall! The chicken was so tender and juicy.

    That being said, you can make this Instant Pot chicken tortilla soup recipe as written with chicken breasts. Or you can opt to make it with chicken thighs instead, if you just adjust the cooking time to about 13 minutes.

    Quick release for fresh chicken thighs, or add ten minutes of natural release for frozen thighs. .

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    Easy Pot Roast Recipe

    If you havent had my Moms pot roast recipe , then youre in for a treat. The sauce for this Instant Pot Pot Roast is TO DIE FOR, and youll never find a better recipe.

    This meal just takes me back: to family dinners, to everybody raise your hand if Mom made a great meal, to the basics of cooking. I want Henry to grow up knowing the flavors of this amazing pot roast, and have those same memories. This is what comfort food is all about. It doesnt take much just meat, potatoes, and carrots. The perfect recipe!

    The fact that you can get the same great taste and same great memories by making pot roast in an instant potwell that just makes it all the better!

    Pot Roast Ingredients:

    Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

    See my guide on how to use an Instant Pot.

    Cozy and nourishing, this Instant Pot Vegetable Soup is one of our favorite healthy Instant Pot recipes. This homemade vegetable soup recipe is easy to make using simple ingredients.

    This time of year I find myself craving lighter foods that are still satisfying. A bowl of this Instant Pot vegetable soup is the best of both worlds: its incredibly comforting, and its filled with wholesome, good-for-you ingredients.

    This delicious soup is ultra flavorful and loaded with healthy veggies. As I was testing this recipe, it quickly became one of my favorite Instant Pot soup recipes.

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    Beef Stew In An Instant Pot

    Beef stew is one of those all-time comfort foods, when served with some crusty bread you really cant ask for a better dinner. This one-pot meal can be made quickly and it tastes like your favorite traditional beef stew recipe. Best of all this cooks in under 90 minutes, so you dont have to wait for hours while your beef stew cooks.

    Can You Freeze Beef Stew

    Classic beef stew

    Yes. Crock pot beef stew can be frozen before or after cooking.

    Because you can freeze beef stew before putting it in the crockpot it makes an excellent freezer meal.

  • Do all of the pre-crock pot cooking of the beef stew.
  • Allow the beef stew to cool completely then freeze.
  • When you are ready to eat, put the beef stew in the fridge to thaw for 24 hours.
  • Toss it in the crock pot and cook.
  • Pro Tip: Never put anything in your freezer that doesnt have the name, date, and how to cook it written on the bag. Then youll never be left confused about the stuff in your freezer.

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    How To Make Instant Pot Vegetable Soup:

    First, start by prepping all your vegetables. You know, mince the garlic, peel and dice the potatoes, chop the carrots, you get the idea.

    Next, once everything is prepped, place the stainless steel liner into your pressure cooker and press the saute button.

    When the liner heats up, pour in the oil and add the onions. Let them saute for about three minutes, then add the garlic, Italian seasoning, and salt and pepper.

    After that, let the garlic cook for about thirty seconds, then turn off the machine.

    At this point, you can toss in the potatoes, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and vegetable broth. But, DO NOT STIR the ingredients.

    During our time working with a pressure cooker, weve learned that ingredients like tomatoes can easily stick to the bottom of the liner.

    So, if you stir everything, the tomatoes may stick and burn during the pressure cook! Take a look at the photo below as a reference.

    Then, make sure the rubber seal is seated properly on the lid. Put the lid on the machine, and lock it into place.

    Now, seal the valve and press the manual or high pressure cook button on the Instant Pot. Set the cook time for two minutes.

    This Instant Pot vegetable stew does require a ten minute natural release to ensure the potatoes have thoroughly cooked.

    Afterward, when the natural release is done, carefully open the valve and remove the lid.

    Last, stir in the frozen mixed vegetables for a minute or two to make sure they cook in the hot broth.

    How To Make Beef Stew In Instant Pot


    1. Add the beef to a 6 to 8-quart pressure cooker. Season it generously with salt and pepper and using tongs, toss it with the flour until evenly coated.


    2. Add the fresh herb sprigs, broth, beer, Marinara sauce, garlic, yellow onion, maple syrup, carrots and potatoes.


    3. Stir together, cover, and set the steam valve to the sealed position. Cook on high pressure for 22 minutes.


    4. Let the pressure release naturally for 15 minutes, then release the remaining pressure manually.


    5. Remove and discard the rosemary and thyme sprigs.


    6. Add the Worcester sauce.


    7. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


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    How To Make Beef Stew In Crock Pot

    • Sear the Meat: Once the meat is flavored it should be seared. This adds A LOT of flavor to the stew so I dont recommend skipping, though in a rush you can toss the meat directly into the crock pot.
    • Sauté: Dont toss the fat left in the pan after searing the meat! Youll use it to flavor the onion and create a broth mixture.
    • Add the Veggies: Only the onion should be soft before adding to the crock pot. The rest of the vegetables will soften while cooking in the pot.
    • Cook: This is a non step. Read a book. Play a game. Enjoy. Thats the benefit of the crock pot.

    Beef Stew In Instant Pot Is Flavorful

    What I like about using the Instant Pot it is that is a safe, easy way to pressure cook. The flavors stay trapped within the liquid, so you get a nice flavorful stew.

    This stew cooks quickly and the pressure cooker is relatively silent when in operation. It will even switch to a warm mode once the food is cooked.

    I browned my meat right in the pot, then put on the lid, set the timer, and walked away until it beeped. Brilliant. This is the working persons dream.

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    How Can You Thicken Beef Stew In Instant Pot

    To thicken instant pot beef stew, take some of the beef broth out of the pot and add to a small bowl off to the side. Whisk in 1 tablespoon of flour or corn starch to create a slurry.

    Stir the mixture back into the stew and turn up the heat so that it starts to bubble. This should naturally thicken the stew

    How Do I Thicken My Stew

    For this, were using a flour and beef stock slurry to thicken the stew after its cooked. To do that, you put 1/4 cup of flour into a jar with one cup of beef stock, put on the lid, and shake until fully combined.

    Some people prefer to use cornstarch as their thickening agent, but I like the consistency and look of the flour slurry. Using cornstarch will give you a slightly more translucent and almost gelatinous texture. Works well for some dishes, but not my favorite here even though you absolutely could.

    If youd like to learn more about these techniques with both flour and cornstarch, check out our favorite Gravy Recipe and Cornstarch Gravy.

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    Instant Pot Stew Inspired By My Grandmothers Recipe

    I wanted something to remind me of my Grandmothers beef stew. She cooked plainly, letting foods natural flavors come through. Her homemade beef stew was one of my favorite recipes, and the best thing about this recipe was when you enjoyed it the next day because it tasted even better.

    This easy instant pot beef stew is made with beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, a little garlic powder, salt, tomato sauce, chicken broth, and smoked paprika. You really can make delicious stew in an electric pressure cooker.

    To Add Richness And Flavor To Instant Pot Stew

    • Brown the meatfirst in vegetable oil or olive oil.
    • Do not use water, use a meat stock
    • Use meat with some fat like a chuck roast, you will get the flavor from the fat, and the gelatin will give you a nice texture.
    • When you brown the meat deglazewith a bit of red wine if you desire, be sure to scrape the browned bits on the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon to pick up all of that rich flavor.
    • If you want to you can add a bay leaf or two when you cook the meat for flavor.
    • Do not put flour in your Instant Pot, it will clog the pressure valve.
    • If you think the stew is too thin, consider adding a cornstarch slurry to the final result.

    How to thicken Instant Pot Beef Stew with a Cornstarch slurry.

    Combine 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 3 tablespoons of water. Stir to blend well. Add to hot stew after it has finished cooking. Stir until stew thickens. The residual heat of the stew is sufficient to thicken the cornstarch slurry mixture in the stew.

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    What Type Of Beef Should I Use

    I prefer boneless beef chuck, also called chuck steak. It looks like a big steak, but you dont want to grill these because they are too tough for a quick cook. The only problem is that you need to cut the beef into smaller pieces yourself for this. If you dont mind that, and especially if its on sale, go with the chuck steak.

    If you prefer not to do that, you can also get stewing beef which normally comes already in chunks. This also works well and can save you some effort.

    Tips For The Best Beef Stew In An Instant Pot

    • Brown the beef so that it gets that delectable crust. Crust = FLAVOR, so dont skip this step. It takes a little bit of patience but will be well worth your time.
    • Deglaze the pot and scrape up every brown bit. Deglazing adds richness to the stew and ensures you dont receive the dreaded Instant Pot burn warning.
    • Use wine if you like. I wrote the recipe for deglazing the stew with beef broth to keep it simple, but you could certainly do an Instant Pot beef stew red wine and deglaze with that instead.
    • Pile on the veg. Forget Instant Pot beef stew with few ingredients! I loaded this soup with lots of healthy vegetables, so its incredibly flavorful and truly can hold its own as an all-in-one meal.
    • Size matters. The Instant Pot can turn finely chopped veggies into mush pretty easily. For best results, cut the potatoes and other vegetables roughly into larger pieces. They will hold up better during the cooking process.

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