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How to deep clean your Instant Pot Putting the Instant Pot lid in the dishwasher?

With an Instant Pot, you dont have to remember to defrost meat before making dinner. Thats right: you can put frozen chicken, roasts, or chops straight into the pot, add some liquids, turn it on and go do something else. Within 30-40 minutes youre sitting down to dinner!

Meat isnt the only thing it cooks, though. Add pasta, sauce, and a bit of water and go do something else. After 5-8 minutes at full pressure, your dinner is ready and perfectly cooked: all you need to do is stir.

Its brilliant at making tender, perfectly cooked rice, beans, and legumes, too.

Its so versatile that I use mine every single day. But, because it gets so much use, Id only had it for a few days before starting to wonder how to clean an Instant Pot. Well, heres how.

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Clean Your Instant Pot Sealing Ring

The sealing ring is made of durable, heat-resistant silicone that provides the air-tight seal thats critical for your Instant Pot to work properly. You can hand wash the sealing ring with warm, soapy water or run it through the dishwasher. Wait until the sealing ring is dry before replacing it in the correct position.

Another option is to steam clean the sealing ring while its still attached to your Instant Pot. Add one cup of water, a cup of white vinegar and one cut up lemon rind. Run the Steam program for two minutes, then remove the sealing ring and let it air dry.

The sealing ring is critical for maintaining the right pressure in your Instant Pot. Scrutinize it for cracking or tears after each wash. If you see any damage, you should install a new sealing ring. The manufacturer suggests using only genuine Instant Pot sealing rings, as using those from other brands may void your warranty.

Since silicone can pick up food odors and discolorations during cooking, you may want to use one sealing ring for spicy foods and another for sweet foods. An easy solution for getting rid of sealing ring odor is to soak the ring in white vinegar and let it air dry.

Removing Discoloration From Your Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Like most stainless steel pots, Instant Pots inner pot does not have a chemical coating and can develop bluish discoloration. Heat and oxidation can cause a range of colors from blue to a rainbow of tints. Fortunately, its easy to clean. A non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner works well and leaves a nice shine.

Another option is to pour white vinegar into the pot, let it sit for five minutes and rinse thoroughly. For white water stains, use a soft cloth or sponge with vinegar or lemon to gently scrub them away. Never use steel wool or other abrasive scrubbers that can damage the stainless steel.

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Does Anyone Put The Lid In The Dishwasher : Instantpot

08.10.2020 · STEP 1: Make sure your Instant pot is cooled down before you begin cleaning. Remove the lid, steam rack, and inner… STEP 2: Clean the base of Instant pot: Much like a slow cooker, the base of pressure cooker contains the heating element… STEP 3: The inner bowl and steam rack are ended of. 16.06.2021 ·Wash instant pot lid with warm soapy water: The stainless steel inner pot, the sealing ring, the steam rack, and the lid can all go in the dishwasher, but you should never, ever submerge the cooker base as it contains the heating element and this can be damaged by water. For your glass instant pot lid just wash with soap and water like you would any other glass lid.

Go Beyond Pressure Cookers

Can Instant Pot Lid Go In Dishwasher? 6 Steps

Instant Pots range from the modest-sized 3-quart to the larger 6-quart and 8-quart, so you can prepare meals for just a couple of people or for a big event.

This one-pot cooker is great for classic slow cooker and pressure cooker meals like stew, pulled pork or casseroles, but the possibilities don’t stop there. It has settings for different food types and can sauté, steam, and it even makes yoghurt, it can automatically keep food warm after cooking is finished. Make ribs, salmon, paella, quiche, cornbread, French toast and even cakes.

The Instant Pot app has recipes by meal, cuisine and diet, so you’ll never be without inspiration and the tools to make it happen.

Whip up last-minute meals, extend your repertoire, and cook for a crowd with Instant Pot. Meet your one-pot cooker needs with an Instant Pot from London Drugs.

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Functions Of An Instant Pot

  • You can use an instant pot in place of a slow cooker or pressure cooker to cook delicious food in a short time.
  • Instant pot is great for cooking rice. When the timer goes off, the rice will be cooked. You can do other chores during the cooking period without having to stand by it.
  • Instant pot can be used to steam food as well as caramelize vegetables using the saute mode.
  • You can keep your food warm in an instant pot.
  • Instant pot can be used to set yogurt. Some advanced versions of instant pot also enable you to boil eggs bake cakes.

Aluminum Pans And Cookware

If you’ve ever put a shiny disposable aluminum pie plate in the dishwasher, you’ve seen what happens. It turns dull and darkens.

The same thing can happen to your aluminum pots, pans, and baking sheets. If the aluminum has not been anodized, the harsh detergent can cause pitting and corrosion. You may also see white spots on the surface from the alkalinity of the dishwasher detergent. Even if the pan is labeled as “dishwasher safe,” it’s better to hand wash.

If you want to remove the discoloration and spots, make a paste of cream of tartar and warm water. Spread the paste over the pot and use some elbow greaseand remember to hand wash next time!

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Why You Need An Instant Pot

Instant Pots popularity has grown tremendously as home cooks discovered all the cooking problems it can solve. You can cook up to 70 percent faster, so last-minute dinner prep is a breeze. Its stainless steel construction is free from unhealthy coatings or chemicals, and its innovative engineering makes it reliable and safe to use. The smart controls are user-friendly and even learn your preferences, making Instant Pot even easier to use over time.

Cleaning The Steel Inner Pot

How to clean the lid of your Instant Pot 7-in-1

The stainless-steel inner pot is durable, which means itll be completely safe within the confines of your dishwasher. Just rinse it out and place it on the lower rack.

If your pot develops any stains or stubborn grime, you can use a nonabrasive cleaner. Alternatively, just fill it with one cup of vinegar and let it soak for five minutes. Check out the video above for more deep-cleaning tips. Just make sure the inner pot is completely dry before you place it back inside the base.

We recommend purchasing an extra inner pot, so you can keep up with your cooking when one is getting a deep clean.


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How To Clean An Instant Pot

There are few things necessary for cleaning the dishwasher which is provided below

  • Hot water containing soap
  • White vinegar

Steps required to clean the dishwasher are given below:

  • Unplug the instant pot. If you were using the instant pot before unplugging it, it is better to wait for the pot to cool down. Remove the inner stainless steel pot, lid, and steam rack from the outside area of the cooker.

You can also check whether the cord is working properly and analyze any damages to the instant pot during this step.

  • The base of the pot contains electronic elements so avoid placing this area in water. Clean the instant spot using a dry cloth or dish towel.

If you wish to clean the inside of the pot, clean it as well but if you are using a wet cloth, dry the insides immediately after cleaning.

  • The recessed area of the pot can be cleaned using a toothbrush. A toothbrush can also be used to remove any stains present on the pot.
  • The inner bowl, as well as the steam rack of the pot, needs to be washed by hands in hot water containing soap. This will help in removing hard stains.
  • If you observe any discoloration in the instant pot, you can use white vinegar to remove it.

For this purpose, pour a cup of white vinegar into a stainless steel bowl and let it rest for few minutes. Pour this solution into the area containing discoloration and wash it with soapy water.

The sealing ring can be removed by peeling the ring from the backside of the sealing ring rack.

What Is The Best Instant Pot

Our top pick of the best Instant Pots is the Instant Pot Duo Crisp, which has an air frying lid as well as all the modes you could wish for to get started with multi-cooking. We also like the Instant Pot Duo Plus if you want an Instant Pot without an air fryer lid, and it also has heaps of safety features.

Lastly, while it’s not an Instant Pot, the best Instant Pot alternative is the Ninja Foodi 11-in-1 6.5 Qt Pro.

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Is Your Instant Pot Dishwasher Safe

The Instant Pot multi-cooker has different parts and the good news is that most of them are dishwasher safe. Go ahead and load the inner pot, steam rack, and the sealing ring inside the dishwasher whenever they need to be cleaned.

The cooking base of your Instant Pot is different. You cannot place that part of the multi-cooker inside the dishwasher. Placing the cooking base inside the dishwasher will lead to the microprocessor and heating element malfunctioning.

Cleaning the lid of your Instant Pot is also a bit more complicated. The lid itself is safe to place inside the top rack of the dishwasher, but one part of it is not. To be more specific, the anti-block shield located underneath the lid must be washed separately.

Also, your Instant Pot has a condensation collector that is not dishwasher safe. Its easy to miss the condensation collector so make a point of removing it after every use of your Instant Pot.

Is An Instant Pot Lid Dishwasher Safe

Can Instant Pot Lid Go In Dishwasher? 6 Steps

Lets begin with answering this part of the question very confidently because I have done it myself as well.

And the answer to this part of the question is YES, an Instant Pot Lid is completely Dishwasher safe.

The parts of an Instant Pot that can be washed in the dishwasher without any hesitation are the inner pot, sealing ring and the lid.

The outer part of the Instant Pot should NOT be put inside the water as it contains the heating element of the pot and water could damage it. Lid and Inner Pot is, however, completely safe to be cleaned in a Dishwasher.

For the outer part, you can use a cloth to Clean it. A damp cloth will do the job very well.

Is there still any confusion regarding how to go ahead with cleaning an Instant Pot Lid?

If yes, Dont worry.

In the next section of this article, Ill provide you the step-wise procedure about the best way in which an Instant Pot Lid can be cleaned.

So, what are we waiting for?

Lets move ahead

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Vintage China Delicate Crystal And Repaired Items

The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

For any glass or china heirlooms, skip the dishwasher and carefully hand wash. This is especially important for any item that has been repaired. The high heat and harsh detergents will cause the adhesives used to weaken and you may lose any small pieces.

Delicate crystal should be hand washed to prevent chipping. If you decide to use the dishwasher, use the top rack and place the glasses between the tines, not over them, to help avoid breakage. Remember, some lead crystal will become cloudy and pitted after being etched by the harsh detergents.

Cleaning Instant Pot Gasket For Steam Release

On the top of your Instant Pot lid is the steam release valve. To remove this, just pull straight up!

Once removed, clean it with hot soapy water, using a Q-tip or some other small brush to get inside the valve. The Q-tip also works well for cleaning around the base of it, especially if you cant get a towel to clean in that space.

Once both are clean and dry, reassemble.

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Wash Instant Pot Sealing Ring

The Instant Pot Sealing Ring is a critical part of the pressure cooker that directly affects the pressure cooking process. So, remember to be gentle and take great care of the ring.

The Instant Pot Sealing Ring is dishwasher safe.

However, we try our best to minimize the number of times we pull the silicone sealing ring out of the lid to avoid stretching or deforming the sealing ring.

Unless its splattered with food or liquid that requires thorough cleaning, we usually gently rinse and dry the sealing ring while its seated in the lid .

*Caution: Dont use the Sealing Ring if it has cracks, cuts, or any other damages.

How Do I Get The Smell Out Of My Instant Pot

Instant Pot: THESE Parts ARE Dishwasher Safe! #shorts

The easiest way to get the smell out of your Instant Pot is to give it a thorough cleaning and run the sealing ring through the dishwasher. If that still doesnt do the trick, try step 3 above and deodorize your Instant Pot by steaming vinegar, water, and lemon peel!

We hope that this guide keeps your Instant Pot in tip-top shape so that you can whip up quick, healthy meals with this magical machine for a long time!

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Which Parts Of An Instant Pot Can Go In The Dishwasher

Can instant pot go in the dishwasher? Not all of it, but the inner stainless steel cooking pot can. It can also be cleaned with white vinegar, though that isnt good enough for caked-on food residue.

You can put the steam rack, the lid, and the sealing ring in the dishwasher. The pot and rack may not necessarily need to be hand scrubbed to get them clean, though you can wash them in the sink. I would recommend putting the lid on the top rack of the dishwasher.

The Pot Is Showing A Burn Message

This is a sign that the food might burn or the pot might suffer damage. It may be because the water is scarce in the pot and is not reached the bottom and sidewalls of the pot. Let the pot cool down If you have been sauteeing on high heat.

Layer the starches and sauces for complex meals and elevate your meal with the help of a cooling rack. After sauteeing a vegetable or sauce, make sure the pot is clean of any bits and pieces before moving to the next cooking process.

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Best Instant Pot : Our Top Picks

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a top Instant Pot for those who want all the functions of the best air fryers alongside their regular multi-cooker.

What we love

For a start, while it is not the most complex of the Instant Pots on the market, the lack of countless digital controls can actually be a big win for those who find high-tech appliances a little overwhelming.

You will need to find space to store the second lid when not in use, but it has both an air fryer lid and a pressure cooking lid. The control display makes it easy to choose the right lid for your recipe. That means you can air fry fries or chicken wings, and switch from pressure-cooking your chicken to roasting by simply switching the lid.


It comes with an eight-quart capacity, which is ideal for large families. Included is an air fryer basket, a steaming rack, and a broil and dehydrator tray.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus is an upgrade on the classic Instant Pot Duo, with added safety features and a smarter display. When it comes down to it though, this Instant Pot has all the features you’re looking for when you want to get started with a multi-cooker.

Why we love it

The display shows a timer which makes it easy to know how far through your recipe is. That includes a bar for pre-heating or pressurizing, a cooking bar, and one for a keep-warm timer.


Why we love it


Homes & Gardens rated 5 out of 5 stars

What we love


Homes & Gardens rated 5 out of 5 stars


Can I Wash My Instant Pot In The Dishwasher Lifesavvy

Can I Wash My Instant Pot in the Dishwasher? â LifeSavvy

22.04.2021 ·In this article, we will answer the question âHow to wash an instant pot lid?â, and how to fix some of the common problems of instant pot? How to wash an instant pot lid? It is better to not use the dishwasher on the lid. Instead, wash It with plenty of water after every use. You can also use warm soapy water for efficient and fast removal of stains and food residues. 18.02.2019 ·Wash this with hot, soapy water along with the lid. The Instant Pot directions says you can put the lid in the dishwasher on the top rack, but I prefer not to. You can let this air dry while you are cleaning the other parts. For your glass Instant Pot lid just wash with soap and water like you would any other glass lid. How to Clean Instant Pot Ring: There are three different ways you can wash. 08.10.2020 ·All blender bottles are safe to wash using a dishwasher. When you put the bottle inside the dishwasher it is always recommended to use the top rack of the cup and lid. The silverware bin which is used for cleaning is where the blender ball and the wire whisk are to be placed. You can wash your blender bottle with your hands alternatively using warm water and soap. Many nutritional shakes once.

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