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Trying the Instant Pot Soup/Broth Function by Making a Simple Broth

First, wash and dry the lid, gasket, and metal insert. Now youre ready.

On the back of the cooker, youll see a spot where the drip catcher goes. Slide it right in. Its made to remove easily, so you can empty it. Without the catcher, youd wind up with small puddles on your counter.

Pop the insert in the cooker. Now insert the power cord into the cookers socket. Plug it in. The digital display on the front should now read OFF. Your cooker is now in standby mode.

Slide the rubbery gasket ring under the lid there’s a bracket where it will snap into place. The gasket helps seal the pot, allowing it to come to pressure.

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On the underside of the lid is also a small metal cage. It will be round or rectangular, depending on your Instant Pot model, and it helps keep the valve from getting clogged with bits of food. Its removable so you can clean it out if necessary, but you probably won’t need to do this very often.

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Look for arrows on the top of the lid and side of the cooker. Line these up to get the lid on and off. The first dozen or so times you use your IP, this whole getting-the-lid-on-and-off will feel unnatural, because your cooker is new and so are you. Itll eventually become second nature. If the cooker is plugged in, it bleeps cheerfully when you open and close it.

Next to the steam release is the pressure indicator. This is a little metal cylinder that the steam pushes up its a manual indicator that the unit has attained pressure.

Make Your Favored Stew Or Meat Recipe In The Instantaneous Pot Change The Setups Depending Upon The Appearance You Desire For Example The

setup is much better for fall-off-the-bone food preparation.More It will certainly fail to a High Stress for 35 mins. You can change for

to High Stress for 45 mins or More for High Stress for 20 mins.Less Instantaneous Pot Hack:

For a homemade stew with concerning 1-2 pound. of meat, I normally ready to in the Typical setup as well as NR for 10 mins.Meat / Stew 6. Multigrain

How To Freeze Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup

Allow soup to cool before placing it in the refrigerator to cool completely before transferring it to the freezer or individual containers for freezing. Ensuring that the soup is not only cool but chilled before freezing reduces the number of ice crystals that form on the surface of the soup when it is frozen. Ice crystals on the surface increase the chances of freezer burn during long storage periods so take the time to cool and chill before you freeze for best results.

To help your vegetable beef soup cool faster, we suggest placing in a large, shallow glass container like this one and stirring it occasionally. A shallow container creates more surface area for cooling to happen and stirring brings hot soup from the bottom of the container to the top where it can cool faster.

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What Is The Instant Pot Soup Setting

In case you aregoing off to make your instant pot soup and still wondering what the instantpot soup setting is, then let me fill you in on more instant pot soup beginnerquestions.

Firstly, the instant pot soup setting is a preset. Your instant pot is loaded with preset buttons that make pressure cooking easier.

The idea is that you press the button of the food you want to cook i.e. the soup setting and then you adjust the time based on the soup recipe you are following.

If a soup recipesays manual or pressure cook, then you can still use the soup setting, just adjustthe time to the same as the recipe by using the + or button.

  • How long is the instant pot soup setting? The instant pot soup setting is preset to 30 minutes. Most of the instant pot soups I make are between 4 minutes and 12 minutes, so I simply use the to adjust the cooking time.
  • Instant Pot soup high or low pressure? It is always high pressure when making instant pot soup. As a rule, when you follow instant pot recipes, it is only low pressure if it specifically says so. Otherwise expect it to be high pressure.
  • Instant Pot Soup Natural Or Quick Release? I always use the quick release when making soup in the instant pot. Or some may know it as quick pressure release or manual release. It means you are waiting less time for your soup to be ready in the instant pot and doesnt alter the quality of the soup.

Using Saute Function After Cooking

What Is The Soup Setting On Instant Pot? Answered

The Sauté function is also useful for finishing the dish after pressure cooking is done. Once the pressure has been completely released, open the lid and then press Sauté button again. Press the button again to cycle through Less or More for lower or higher temperature.

Use it for:

  • Simmering the sauce or broth in the dish that needs to evaporate and reduce or thicken.
  • Adding more fragile or no-cooking-required ingredients like baby spinach, fresh tomatoes, fruit, cheese, milk or cream.
  • Thickening sauce with butter, cream or flour.

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Ready Lets Cook Some Water

The first time you use your Instant Pot, make waternot food. This way, you can familiarize yourself with simply operating itno anxiety over ruining dinner. Ive been pressure cooking for over a decade, and I still do the water test every time I try out a new cooker.

Here’s what to do:

First, check the gasket. Make sure its snugly in the ring in the lid 99 percent of the time, if your Instant Pot isnt coming to pressure, its a simple issue of the gasket not sitting in the ring quite right.

Next, put 3 cups of water in the insert. When following recipes, you should still measure liquids, but note that the insert has hash marks to give you a rough idea of the volume.

Now, lock on the lid. Use the arrows on the lid and the cooker to guide you.

Check the steam release valve to see its in Sealing position. If the valve is in Venting position, the cooker wont come to pressure.

Press Manual” on the Duo or select “Pressure Cook” on the Ultra. The display will say to 30:00. Its programming initially defaults to 30 minutes cook time of high pressure, which we can toggle up or down depending on how much time the recipe calls for. For our water test, well leave it at 30 minutes.

Now…do nothing. In a few seconds, the cooker will beep three times, and the display will read On. That means its heating, but not at pressure yet.

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Instant Pot Recipes Made Simple

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Utilize The Timer Switch To Postpone The Food Preparation Begin Time For The Instantaneous Pot This Helps Both Stress Food Preparation As Well As Slow

To utilize this attribute, simply push the Timer switch with 10 secs of pushing either the Stress/ Hands-on switch or Slow Chef switch. Usage

switch, established the stress to reduced, as well as established the cooking time to 120 mins. Once its done, allow the bone brew NR for concerning a hr.+/- buttons to adjust the delayed hours, then wait a second and press Timer again to set delayed minutes. You can cancel the Timer anytime by pressing the Keep Warm / Cancel button.

Why Do Most Recipes Use Manual Settings Instead Of Smart Program Buttons

How to Make Instant Pot Chicken Vegetable Soup~Easy Cooking

One size does not fit all in most scenarios. This is true of the smart one-touch buttons on the Instant Pot too. While some may come in handy down the line, you should learn more about specific recipes before you begin relying on them. Using Manual/Pressure Cook button and adjusting time and pressure level by yourself gives you more control. Having said that, you can also adjust time and pressure level once youve selected once of the Smart Program function.

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Safety Time Steam Is Hot

Steam is hotter than boiling water, and it can burn you badly. Keep your hand clear of the steam release valve when you do a quick release. Sometimes I even use the handle of a spoon to push it open instead.

If you have your Instant Pot near cabinets, be mindful when you do a quick releaseit can get a lot of condensation on your cabinets, which can damage them over time. To keep the steam at bay somewhat, you can tent the valve with a kitchen towel during a quick release. Foods like oatmeal, beans, and porridges can sputter goop through the steam valvethe towel trick is handy for those times, too.

Instant Pot Directions For Lentil Pea Or Barley Soups

Our Free in Babylon Barley and Vegetable Soup

This method will work with any of our lentil, barley or pea soups. Again, for a large soup just add 1 cup less water than the instructions call for. For a small soup, add 1/2 cup less water than the instructions call for


  • Add the entire soup mix, spice packet and tomatoes to the Instant Pot.
  • Add the water and stir to combine.
  • Lock the lid on and set the Instant Pot on the Soup Mode, or set to Manual, High Pressure for 30 minutes. Make sure the valve on top is set to Sealed.
  • Once the soup is done cooking, let the pressure release before opening the lid.
  • Salt and pepper to taste. Serve!
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    Instant Pot Poultry Setting

    The poultry Instant Pot setting is best for cookingyou guessed itchicken! The mode you choose depends on the size of the chicken pieces and the cut as chicken breast needs less cooking time and is easily overcooked compared to chicken thighs. You can use this setting to cook chicken meat or a dish that contains poultry in it such as chicken and potatoes or chicken and rice . Poultry setting is only available on 6-quart and 8-quart models, not on the mini! Below is how to use the Poultry setting on Instant Pot.

    • Turn the Instant Pot on, it will say OFF to indicate the Stand-By mode. Add chicken, seasoning and liquids to the pot. Secure and lock the lid. Press the Poultry button. The default setting is pre-programmed to set the pot to cook at HIGH pressure for 15 minutes, which is suitable for larger pieces of chicken. If you press the Poultry button again, you can adjust the mode from Normal to Less or More .

    If desired, use the / + buttons to further customize the time. The cooking time may be adjusted at any time during pressure cooking.


    Allow poultry to rest for 5-10 minutes, depending on size. It will reabsorb cooking juices for tender, succulent meat. Essentially, what this means is that you should allow the Instant Pot to release pressure naturally when possible.

    How To Open & Close The Lid

    Healing Instant Pot Herbal Chicken Soup Recipe

    First Instant Pot setup skill you need to master is opening & closing the Instant Pot Lid with ease.

    As shown in photo below, the black markings on the lid & pot may not be easy to spot at first.

    • Markings on lid: Close Inverted Triangle Open
    • Markings on exterior housing: Locked Triangle Unlocked Triangle
    • Open Lid : twist counter clockwise until Inverted Triangle is aligned with the Unlocked Triangle sign, then lift the lid.
    • Close Lid : align the Inverted Triangle with the Unlocked Triangle, then twist clockwise to lock the lid.

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    Instant Pot Slow Cook Setting

    The Slow Cook is a non-pressure cooking setting that is compatible for use with any common slow cooker/Crockpot recipe. The pot is heated but is not pressurized and the Less, Normal and More modes correspond to Low, Medium and High slow cooker settings but you will need to adjust the time manually.

    You might want to use this setting for making dishes ahead of time while youre away from home or overnight. There are times when slow-cooking might work better for certain recipes than quicker pressure cooking. Below are the steps for how to use the Slow Cook setting on Instant Pot.

    Whats To Love About This Turkey Soup Recipe:

    Use up leftovers: As much as I love a great turkey sandwich piled high with sausage stuffing, we all need a little variety. And theres nothing better than a bowl of hot soup to warm you up!Tons of flavor! This soup is packed with fresh herbs, onions and garlic.Light & healthy: After a day or two of feasting, its time to stop the madness. This soup is low in calories and high in protein. Serve with a fall salad for an extra dose of veggies.

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    Pressure Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup: The Herbs

    As I told my friend Michele, I like to add a little dried dill to my chicken noodle soup. The dill brings a light, almost sweet, flavor to the soup. I got the idea from my grandmother. She didnt make homemade chicken soup. What she did make were those little boxes of Mrs. Grasss soup. She loved that soup and said more than once, I think theres dill in this.

    To this day, I have no idea if Mrs. Grasss soup ever contained dill. My grandmother thought it did and thats good enough for me*.

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    How To Set Time On Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Chicken Soup recipe and instructions
  • Start by pressing the Manual button. The screen will display cooking time which is either automatic or the one you used for your previous recipe.
  • Adjust the temperature according to the recipe by pressing the + and sign on the panel.
  • Do not press the button too many times, or else the countdown will start from 24 hours.
  • The plus and minus signs are used to increase or decrease the temperature, respectively, and not the pressure. To set a delayed cooking timer, follow the steps below:

  • Select the cooking mode according to your preference i.e Manual or Slow Cook mode.
  • Adjust the time as per the recipe.
  • Press the Timer button within 10 seconds of setting your desired cooking time.
  • Use the + and buttons to set the delay time.
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    Why Use The Pressure Cooker

    Pressure cooking in the Instant Pot reduces the cooking time a fair amount. Using an electric one also allows you to leave the pot unattended while it cooks. The cooker will even switch to a Keep Warm setting once cooking has finished so you dont have to worry about turning off the cooker right away when the soup is done.

    Top Tips For Instant Pot Buttons

    • My chili normally takes about 2-3 hours in the slow cooker, but with the Instant Pot its just 25 minutes. I use a NR for 5-10 minutes.
    • Make a homemade bone broth WAY faster than the conventional slow cooker. Select the Soup button, set the pressure to low, and set the cooking time to 120 minutes. Once its done, let the bone broth NR for about an hour.
    • When you sauté, make sure to wait until display says Hot to add ingredients to the pot. Use Normal for sautéing veggies, adjust to More for browning meats, adjust to Less to simmer.
    • There is a bit of variety among each of the different models however, all of the Instant Pot buttons cook the same.

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    Trivet Or Steamer Rack

    Almost all Instant Pots come with a stainless steel steamer rack. Some with handles, others may not have handles. Its very helpful for cooking all sorts of food in Instant Pot.

    The long handles on both sides make it easy for handling and removal from the pot. Its also compact, easy to store, and easy to clean.

    More Info on How to use the Trivet:Instant Pot Trivet

    What To Serve With Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup

    Instant Pot 8

    While a hearty soup like this vegetable beef is basically a meal in a bowl, it never hurts to serve it with a biscuit to mop up all that goodness. These gluten-free Garlic Cheddar Biscuits are one of our favorites for the soup season.

    Note: Biscuits are not Whole30-friendly but this soup is! Yes, even the peas. You can read more about that here.

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    Can You Freeze Vegetable Soup

    Yes, you can freeze this vegetable soup. The vegetables may break down and soften a bit more after freezing and reheating, but the soup will still be delicious. And you cant beat having a homemade meal ready to enjoy from your freezer!

    Before freezing the soup, let it cool completely. Then store it in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 3 months.

    The easiest way to thaw frozen soup is to place it in the refrigerator for a day. If you need to thaw soup more quickly, you can place the container of frozen soup in a bowl of cool water. Once the soup has loosened from the sides of the container, you can transfer it to a pot on the stove and finish thawing it over low heat.

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