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Instant Pot Beef Ribs Vs Baby Back Ribs


To start off, beef ribs as the name states, are from a cow. These ribs are typically the ribs that come from a rib roast. These are the ribs labeled beef ribs in the grocery store. When you have a boneless ribeye, these are the bones that have been removed.

Baby back ribs are pork and are from a pig, not a cow. These ribs tend to cook much quicker and are smaller than the beef ribs. If you love baby back ribs, check out my post where I teach you how to Instant Pot baby back ribs.;

Cooking Ribs From Fresh Or Frozen:

If youd like to cook ribs in your pressure cooker from a fully frozen state there are a few steps you need to take for success:1-Remove the membrane from the under side before freezing.2-Apply the dry rub seasoning before freezing.3-Cut them into smaller sections to make it possible to place them into your pressure cooker when ready to cook.4-Add an additional 5-7 minutes to the cook time if cooking from frozen.

Side Dishes To Serve With Instant Pot Bbq Ribs

Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving:

Please note that nutrition information you see is provided and automatically calculated by Nutritionix. This may vary depending on the specific ingredients that you use. To ensure the most accurate information, I suggest entering your specific ingredients into a nutrition calculator.

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Ingredients For Cooking Instant Pot Bbq Ribs

Baby Back Ribs: Try to use baby back ribs with even and uniform thickness in the rack. Its also important to try to find ribs with lots of nice, even marbling.

BBQ Sauce: Best to make your own BBQ Sauce! But for simplicity & convenience, grab your favorite bottle of BBQ Sauce. We used Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce to develop this easy ribs recipe.

Apple Cider Vinegar: If you like, you can use apple cider vinegar in place of water.

Optional Liquid Smoke: If you want to add a little cooked in the outdoors smokey flavor to your ribs, you can add a few drops of Liquid Smoke. Try to find a natural Liquid Smoke. Also, since there are different flavors of liquid smoke, test & find one you like.

Pressure Cook Baby Back Ribs

Instant Pot BBQ Ribs (VIDEO!)

Optional: Add 2 3 drops of liquid smoke in the Instant Pot.

Add 1 cup of cold water and a trivet in Instant Pot.

Then, place the baby back ribs on top of the trivet .

With Venting Knob in Venting Position, close the lid, then turn Venting Knob to Sealing Position.

  • Pressure Cooking Method: Pressure cook at High Pressure for 16 minutes to 25 minutes, then Full Natural Release

*Cooking Time Pro Tip: Be sure to adjust the cooking timing according to your preference: 16 minutes to 25 minutes .

Once the Floating Valve drops, turn the Venting Knob to Venting position.

Open the lid carefully.

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How Many Ribs Can Fit In An Instant Pot

This will depend somewhat on the type of rib you use. Our favorite is the lean, mean baby back rib, which is cut from the spine of a pig, near the loin. These ribs are just so tender and theyre our go-to. Four pounds of baby back ribs equals roughly 14 ribs, and that fits comfortably into a standard Instant Pot.

Pressure Cook Spare Ribs

Optional:;add 2 3 drops of liquid smoke to the Instant Pot.

Place 1 cup of cold water and a steamer rack in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

Place the marinated spare ribs on the rack.

Close lid, then turn Venting Knob to Sealing position.

  • Pressure Cooking Method: Pressure Cook at High Pressure for 20 minutes to 25 minutes + 15 minutes Natural Release

After releasing pressure naturally for 15 minutes, carefully turn the Venting Knob to Venting Position to release the remaining pressure.

Once the Floating Valve drops, open the lid carefully.

*Note: We pressure cooked these spare ribs at High Pressure for 25 minutes + 15 minutes Natural Release, so they were falling off the bone!

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How To Cook Instant Pot Pork Ribs From Frozen

Seasoning the ribs before freezing them is important. The spice rub wont stick to the meat if frozen. Also cut the rib rack into smaller pieces so they fit in the Instant Pot comfortably.

When cooking ribs in the instant pot from frozen, add additional 5-7 minutes of cooking time. Just like fresh or thawed out ribs cook on high pressure.

How To Make Baby Back Ribs In The Instant Pot

Best Instant Pot Short Ribs Recipe Ever…
  • Start with the best-quality pork baby back ribs you can find. Youll need about a 2 2 ½;lb. rack to feed 4 people. Anything more than 3 lbs. and you wont be able to get them into a 6-quart Instant Pot and still close the lid. Our go-to for high-quality, heritage breed pork is ButcherBox. They seriously have the BEST baby back ribs!;
  • Cut your rack of ribs into 3 equal-ish sections. Sprinkle each section with the spice dry rub, focusing more on the meaty front side of the rack than the backside. Now give each section a good rub. At this point, you can wrap them up and return them to the fridge if youre just prepping ahead then cook them at a later point. This can be done up to 2 days in advance.
  • Place the wire rack into the Instant Pot insert then add 1 cup of water or broth to the pot. Select the Saute function. This will essentially pre-heat the Instant Pot and decrease the amount of time it takes to get up to full pressure.
  • Now creatively arrange the 3 sections of ribs in a teepee or pyramid formation so that theyre not lying on top of one another. Standing them rather than stacking means they cook faster and more evenly.

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How Do I Remove The Membrane From The Ribs

Its very easy to remove the membrane from baby back ribs. If you turn the ribs to the less meaty side you will see a thin film covering the ribs. This membrane is very tough and you will want to remove so your baby back ribs will be tender once cooked.

To remove the membrane, use a knife to loosen one end. Just slide the knife under the membrane to loosen it and then, once youve loosened enough to grab it, just pull the membrane off using your hands. Most of the time it comes off in one piece but, if needed, just use your knife to loosen it again if it tears.

Why I Love Crockpot Ribs

This crockpot ribs recipe will work for any style of pork ribs. We did baby back ribs , but country-style ribs or spare ribs could be used too. I havent tried crock pot boneless ribs yet, but I see no reason why those wouldnt work. Id suggest shortening the cook time.

In addition to being one of the best crock pot recipes to come out of my kitchen in a long time, these slow cooker ribs have a full rack of winning qualities.

  • The prep is quick and easy. Youll need less than 10 minutes to get them sauced and in your slow cooker.
  • The BBQ Sauce is homemade. I adore the recipe below, and if you are looking for some extra sauce to serve on the side or another saucy option, you can check out my homemade barbecue sauce.
  • Keep the oven off. Wondering how long to cook ribs in the oven at 200 degrees? Three to four hours! To me, that is a looooong time to have my oven running. The slow cooker will keep the house cool and the oven available if you need it for other endeavors.
  • Less risk of overcooking. While I adore the flavor of barbecue ribs made on the grill, how long to cook ribs on the grill is challenging even for pit masters . Keep it simple and let the slow cooker do the work.
  • Super smells. By the time the crock pot ribs are done cooking, your entire kitchen will smell like slow-cooked BBQ paradise.

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Easy 30 Minute Instant Pot Ribs Recipe

Begin by preparing the ribs. You can use spareribs or baby back ribs. If you use baby back ribs, remove the membrane off the back first. Then cut the ribs in to 3-4 sections so theyll fit in the Instant Pot.

We had two huge racks of pork spareribs equaling about 7-8 pounds total. I split each rack into 3 pieces and cooked them in two batches.

In order to cook anything in the Instant Pot, you need at least 1 cup of liquid. We always use cola for these ribs but you can use beer as well.

Next, season the ribs with the rub which is made with brown sugar, liquid smoke, garlic, salt and pepper.

Place the ribs in the Instant Pot on top of each other. Theres no need to use the rack. Just stack them up. You can also add a sliced onion for more flavor.

Put the cover on the Instant Pot and set the vent to seal. Cook on manual for 18-25 minutes. Cook time will depend on how off the bone you want your meat. Cooking them for 18 minutes will get the meat cooked, but not falling off the bone tender.

Use tongs to carefully remove the ribs from the Instant Pot.

The ribs at this point are ready to eat. You can simply put some barbecue sauce on them and eat them. But they are so much better if you brown them up in the broiler or on the grill.

These were finished in the broiler. You can see how to grill them in our Slow Cooker Spare Rib recipe.;Broil the ribs for 10-15 minutes until they are browned. Be careful to keep an eye on them as the barbecue sauce can burn easily.

How Do You Like To Serve Your Ribs

Instant Pot Ribs Recipe. How to cook? [Video]

Once the ribs are caramelized and ready to serve, my husband likes to cut them into individual ribs before serving to make them easier to eat. If youd rather, you can serve them in racks of three or four ribs.

While the ribs are the star of the show, I love to pair them with baked beans, potato salad or macaroni salad, garlic roasted red potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.;And, of course, corn on the cob, fresh cherries and watermelon around the 4th of July, and raspberries and peaches in late summer.

Be sure and have plenty of napkins handy!

To show you how quick and easy this is, my son and I made this super short video.

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Tips For The Perfect Instant Pot Ribs:

What type of ribs to use:

I prefer baby back ribs but you can also use spare ribs. Its important to not that your cooking time will vary, depending on your altitude and what type of ribs you choose.

How long to cook ribs in the instant pot or pressure cooker:

  • Baby Back Ribs:;25-30 Minutes
  • Spare Ribs:;30-35 Minutes
  • For low altitude, use the lower number, and for high altitude cook them a little longer.
  • Also, the longer you cook them, the more fall-off-the-bone tender they will be. If you want them tender, without falling off the bone, use a slightly lower cook time.

What size instant pot for instant pot ribs?

Any 6 quart or larger instant pot will work!

Removing the membrane from the ribs:

Depending on where you buy your ribs, they may still have the white, shiny membrane connective tissue on the back of the ribs. I buy mine from Costco and they already have the membranes removed. Check to make sure the membrane on your ribs has been removed and if it hasnt, follow these steps to remove it:

  • Just flip the ribs so the top is face down.;
  • Slide your fingers or a butter knife under the membrane and rip it off.
  • No special skills needed here, just use your fingers to yank it up and off the ribs.
Consider serving with a Side Dish.; Here are some of my favorites:

Instant Pot Ribs Recipe Tips

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of liquid smoke to the cooking liquid to add a light smoky taste.
  • You dont have to broil the ribs. If you prefer simply slather the BBQ sauce and serve however, broiling the ribs adds lots of flavor and a nice caramelization to the ribs.
  • Feel free to double this rib recipe! You wont need to double the cooking liquid, just the spices and the homemade BBQ sauce. Pressure cook the ribs for an additional 8 minutes.
  • I always find amazing baby back ribs at Costco. They are super meaty and priced just right!

Take a Look At These Other Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes:

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How To Store And Freeze Barbecue Sauce

  • To Store. Store leftovers in an airtight storage container in the refrigerator for about 7 days. Since it is not loaded with preservatives, homemade barbecue sauce will go bad faster than store bought barbecue sauce.
  • To Freeze. Yes, you can freeze barbecue sauce! Place the sauce in an airtight freezer-safe storage container in the freezer for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before using.

How To Make These Ribs Using Your Own Barbecue Sauce

How To Cook Ribs In An Instant Pot
  • The;barbecue sauce that someone chooses to slather on ones ribs is quite the personal thing. We understand and respect this. While we like the;simple mustard barbecue sauce in the above pressure cooker ribs recipe, we understand if you prefer to substitute a barbecue sauce thats already near and dear to your heart. Just follow the recipe above through Step 4 and then discard the broth and use your barbecue sauce to baste the ribs in place of the mustard, brown sugar and broth mixture.

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How To Use Homemade Barbecue Sauce

The beauty of this easy sauce is that it can be used in any recipe that calls for premade barbecue sauce, or you can use it to spice up your favorite protein or even salad.;

How Long To Cook Ribs In Instant Pot

Fresh pork ribs take between 22 25 minutes to cook in the Instant Pot. Time varies depending on the type of ribs you are cooking. Extra meaty ribs take about 25 minutes. To cook frozen ribs in the pressure cooker, add about 5 7 minutes of high pressure cooking time.

  • Baby Back Ribs: To cook baby back ribs in the instant pot , cook on high pressure for 23 -25 minutes + 5 minutes of natural pressure release .
  • Spare Ribs: To cook spare ribs in the instant pot , cook on high pressure 30-35 minutes + 20 minutes of natural release. Do not skip the natural pressure release . This is an important step that will guarantee tenderness.
  • St. Louis Style Ribs: To cook St. Louis style ribs in the instant pot , cook on high pressure 30-35 minutes + 20 minutes of natural release. Do not skip the natural pressure release .

If you live in high altitude, choose the higher number so you cook the ribs a bit longer. For lower altitude simple chose the lower cooking time.

What Kind Of Spices Or Dry rub Mix To Use For Ribs?

I provide a simple and tasty spice mix for this insta pot recipe, however you can use your favorite pork rib seasoning.

What Size Instant Pot Do I Need To Cook Ribs?

You can cook these barbecue pork ribs in a 6 Qt pressure cooker or in a larger 8 Qt or 10 Qt pressure cooker.

Can I Double this Instapot Ribs Recipe?

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Does Meat Get More Tender The Longer You Pressure Cook It

Yes, the longer you pressure cook, the more tender the meat will be because the connective tissues are broken down more. But this doesnt mean you must always cook it long because it might become too tender.

Having a bit of chew on your meat is important too. This is why I made sure my Instant Pot pork ribs recipe has that perfect fall-of-the-bone tenderness while having a good chew.

Can You Cook Frozen Ribs In A Crockpot

Instant Pot Ribs
  • Keep your ribs in their packaging or in a sealed ziptop bag. Fill a large bowl with cold water, and submerge your ribs in the water, adding something on top of them to keep them from floating to the top.
  • Leave the ribs for about 30 minutes, then check to see if they are thawed. If they are still frozen, drain the water and refill with fresh cold water.
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    Serving Instant Pot Ribs

    • Instant Pot Ribs, 2 Racks: For a crowd, you can cook two racks of Instant Pot ribs at the same time. Simply place two racks on the trivet, overlapping one inside the other if needed. The pressure cook time does not change .
    • Sauce It Up: While you dont *need* extra barbecue sauce on the side, my personal favorite way to eat ribs is good and slathered. Look for sauce without high fructose corn syrupthough I admit that unless Im making the barbecue sauce from scratch, ribs with Sweet Baby Rays do always seem to be a hit.
    • Side Dish Ideas: Instant Pot ribs and potatoes is a classic combo. Try these easy Crock Pot Baked Potatoes, make-ahead Crockpot Breakfast Potatoes crispy Baked Fries, or keep it simple with potato chips.

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