How To Make Boiled Eggs In The Instant Pot

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How Long To Cook Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Make Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

I like 8 minutes on high pressure with an instant pressure release for most hard boiled purposes .

We are at 3,500 elevation here in Central Oregon and that time works well for us. If you are lower elevation youll potentially need a bit less time, higher elevation youll need more time.

If you want a yolkier egg 5-6 minutes on high pressure creates a nice jammy egg.

The time we recommend is based on using large eggs, so you may need to add or subtract a minute or so for larger or smaller eggs. Farm fresh eggs work great in the Instant Pot and the age of the egg is not nearly as important in this recipe as it is for our tutorial on making perfect hard boiled eggs in a pan.

Perfect Instant Pot Chicken Breast

The Instant Pot reigns supreme when it comes to making meals quickly. Within minutes, I can have perfectly cooked rice, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken stock, or beans.

But chicken breast can be a bit more tricky to cook perfectly. Thankfully, after 20 plus tries, I have perfected cooking Instant Pot Chicken Breast. In fact, now I prefer preparing chicken breast in the Instant Pot over any other cooking method.

Whether fresh or frozen, I can whip up Instant Pot Chicken Breasts in record time and they turn out perfectly tender and juicy every single time.

Making Egg Bites Without An Egg Bite Maker

Here’s a tip from the comments from reader Barb: If you don’t have any silicone egg molds, you can use use 4-ounce Ball canning jars. The recipe should be just enough to fill 6 of them. Because they’re glass, best to lower the time to 4 minutes, with 4 minutes of natural pressure release.

You can also use silicone muffin liners. You may need to play around with the cooking time.

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How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs In The Instant Pot

1. Insert your trivet into your pressure cooker.

2. Add 1 cup of water.

3. Fill your pressure cooker with desired number of eggs. Seal pressure cooker and cook on high for:

  • 5 minutes for hard yolks
  • 4 minutes for medium-hard yolks
  • 3 minutes for medium yolks
  • 2 minutes for soft-medium yolks
  • 1 minute for soft yolks.
  • Allow a 5 minutes natural release with each time.

4. Transfer eggs to an ice bath for 5 minutes.

How To Eat Reheat Or Freeze Egg Bites


Enjoy egg bites straight out of the pot for breakfast or brunch, or pack them as high protein, snackable pick-me-ups. Theyre also great the next day, smooshed onto a piece of bread and warmed in the toaster oven.

Store them in the fridge in an airtight container for a few days.

If you want to freeze them, do so in an airtight container as well. Thaw them in the fridge for a few hours or overnight before gently reheating in the toaster oven or microwave.

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What If The Chicken Is Not Cooked

Chicken needs to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before safe to consume.

Once your cook time has elapsed and pressure has been released, check the internal temperature of your chicken breast. If less than 160 degrees, place the lid back on the pressure cooker and cook for an additional 2-5 minutes on high pressure.

If the chicken has reached 160 degrees, it will reach 165 degrees as it rests.

How To Hard Boil Eggs In An Instant Pot

  • First, place the steamer or trivet in the instant pot after pouring in the water.
  • Then, carefully layer the number of eggs you want to cook and seal the lid on.
  • Next, push the manual button and set the time to 5 minutes on high pressure.
  • Then, while the eggs cook, prepare a large bowl with cold water and ice to put the eggs in after they are done cooking.
  • Once the eggs are done cooking open the valve to release the steam and then transfer the eggs to the ice bath.
  • Finally, let the eggs sit for 5 minutes in the ice bath, and then peel the eggs when ready and enjoy!
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    Effects Of High Altitude

    • The boiling point of water is lowered, meaning foods will be cooking at a lower temperature, which increases the cook time. The higher the elevation the lower the boiling point becomes, increasing the cook time for every thousand feet rise above sea level.
    • Liquids evaporate faster, so amounts of flour and liquids may need to be changed in recipes.
    • Gases expand more rapidly, so rise time on baked goods may need to be decreased, as well as leavening agents.

    How To Make Perfect Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

    Instant Pot HARD BOILED EGGS Using The 5-5-5 Method

    Making fantastic hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot is easy and takes three steps:

    • cooking with high pressure and the cooking time is based on altitude .
    • a 5 minute slow release, and
    • a 5 minute ice water bath.

    These eggs dont crack and are very easy to peel, leaving the egg smooth.

    The great thing about the Instant Pot is that you can make 1 perfect hard boiled egg or a dozen at the same time.

    I suppose that is the same for making it on the stove top but I cant predictably make hard boiled eggs on the stove without some cracking and the white oozing out.

    I was excited after landing on what I feel is the perfect Instant Pot hard boiled egg recipe.

    What I did NOT anticipate is how much better the flavor of the cooked eggs is!

    Fast forward a year after originally publishing this recipe and I make a batch of these eggs a week. I crave them now.

    I also have received a reader email weekly from those at high altitude letting me know that this recipe made the best hard boiled eggs theyve had!

    If you need some inspiration about what to make with your eggs, these 22 Fantastic Recipes for Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs is sure to spark some inspiration .

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    Soft Boiled Egg Recipes

    Once youve made your perfect soft boiled eggs, there are many ways to use them! Here are a few of our favorite ways to serve them:

    How Much Rice Can I Cook

    One last rule of thumb to keep in mind is that youll need to cook at least 1 1/2 cups of rice in a 6-quart pressure cooker to get nice, even results. This is because the bottom of the pot isnt perfectly flat, but slightly concave. If you use less rice, the grains in the middle of the pot will not cook as evenly, since they wont be submerged in the water as much as the rice on the sides of the pot.

    On the flip side, dont overfill your pressure cooker with too much rice, either! It should be half full or less when youre cooking any grains, beans, pastas, or other foods that can tend to foam up. I find that I get the best results when I cook between 1 1/2 and 3 cups of rice at a time.

    • TIP! By the way, you can always make extra rice and freeze the extra. Here’s how to do that.

    Those are my best tips for cooking rice! Of course, you can also just follow the basic recipe below. Either way, enjoy!

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    How Much Water Do I Add

    You can cook any kind of rice in your pressure cooker, long or short grain, brown or white. No matter what kind of rice Im cooking, I use the same 1:1 ratio of rice to water or broth.

    This is probably less water than youre used to using for cooking stovetop rice, and thats because theres very little evaporation when youre using the pressure cooker. This ratio produces fairly firm, separate grainsyou can add a little more water, maybe about 1/4 cup extra, if you like softer rice.

    Safety Tips For Cooking Eggs In Instant Pot:

    Instant Pot Boiled Eggs
  • If you are new to the instant pot, read the owners manual and be sure to follow the use instructions for your specific model.
  • Always double check the pressure indicator popup has dropped indicating there is no more pressure behind it before opening the lid.
  • When releasing pressure, a surprisingly strong spurt of hot steam releases from the valve. Keep your face and others away from the machine while depressurizing.
  • Use tongs to remove the eggs because they will be blazing hot.
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    A Bit Of The Who And Why

    Welcome to A Mind “Full” Mom! Kristen here!

    I am a mom, Cystic Fibrosis warrior, and a bit obsessed with FOOD.

    This is a place where I share my recipes, tips, and trick with you so that you too can get easy meals on the table–without slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end.

    Hey Friends!

    I am Kristen Chidsey and am so thrilled you stopped by to get to know me better! I wish we could gab over a latte and muffin, but in the meantime, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I am A Mind “Full” Mom.

    Finding The Best Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs Method

    Before launching my experiment, I had tried a few methods I found online.

    My first observation was that there are MANY methods to cook Instant Pot hard boiled eggs online, and they are all different.

    • Some maintain you cannot cook the eggs on high pressure or they will crack.
    • There were multiple methods named with three numbers sounding like swim team drills my kids do: 5-5-5, 6-4-2, etc.
    • Some swear by quick release, others by slow release.

    It was really hard to know where to begin!

    The two methods I tried didnt work to meet my criteria.

    Both left the egg yolks uncooked fully as well as the peeling wasnt predictable leaving the eggs looking gnawed on .

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    After this, I stopped the experimenting and dove into some research. This tidbit changed everything for me:

    For every 1,000 feet above 2,000-foot elevation, you must increase cooking time by 5 percent. Mother Earth News

    I live at approximately 5,500 feet and though I have not run into issues with altitude affecting prior Instant Pot recipes, the precision of how to make perfect Instant Pot hard boiled eggs seemed possibly affected.

    This was a game changer in my experiment.

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    How Long Do I Cook The Rice

    The amount of water will remain the same. Different kinds of rice, however, take different amounts of time to cook under pressure. Wild rice and brown rice will require more time than white rice, for instance. Any variety can be cooked at either high or low pressure it comes out a little fluffier at low pressure, and a little chewier at high pressure.

    Although you can cook any variety of rice on the automatic rice setting, brown rice works better on either a manual setting, or a setting thats specifically designed for whole grains, such as the Multigrain setting on the Instant Pot.

    Here are my preferred cooking times for rice in the pressure cooker:

    • Brown rice: 20 minutes on high pressure for firm rice, or 22 minutes for softer grains
    • White rice: 15 minutes on low pressure for firm rice, or 17 minutes for softer grains

    Instant Pot Vs Stovetop

    PERFECT Boiled Eggs in the INSTANT POT with EASY-PEEL HACK

    One of the primary benefits of cooking your eggs in the Instant Pot is that it is a science, not an art.

    There is no guessing or eye balling when the water is at the right temperature, wondering when you should set the timer.

    Nope, boiling eggs in the Instant Pot is as simple as putting your eggs in a basket, pressing a few buttons, and then waiting for it to do its magic!

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    How To Hard Boiled Eggs In Instant Pot

    • Place trivet or steamer basket inside Instant Pot.
    • Add 1 cup cold water.
    • Add 1-16 eggs.
    • Close the lid, set valve to Sealing and cook on High for 5 minutes.
    • Let pressure come down on its own for 5 minutes and then turn valve to Venting called Natural Release.
    • Place eggs in cold water or ice bath for 5 minutes.

    How To Hard Boil Eggs:

    How to make hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot? Super simple.

  • Prep: Place the steaming rack on the bottom of your IP. Pour in a cup of water, arrange the eggs in an even layer , then cover and seal the lid.
  • Cook: 5* minutes on high pressure. Wait for 3 more minutes . Then release the valve .
  • Ice bath: Transfer the eggs immediately and carefully to an ice bath and let them cool off for another 5 minutes.
  • Peel and enjoy: Then peel and enjoy!
  • *Ive only tested the cooking time for a 6-quart Instant Pot. It may vary with different sizes/brands of pressure cookers.

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    Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs 8 Qt Pressure Cooker Eggs

    Enjoy! This recipe works great form making 12 hard boiled eggs in Instant Pot at one time, or you could make even more if room allows. Cooking hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot saves a lot of time when you want to boil eggs. Not only that, but Instant Pot hard boiled eggs are also super easy to peel.

    Get more Instant Pot recipes in our and by following on , , and . Have you tried this recipe? Donât forget to Rate This Recipe below!

    What Do You Need To Make Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

    Instant Pot Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

    Making hard-boiled eggs in your Instant Pot couldnt be easier. Its so easy, in fact, that you only need to ingredients for perfectly boiled eggs every time:

    • Eggs
    • Water

    Theres no need to add special ingredients to the water, like salt or vinegar, to assist with peeling your eggs after theyre cooled. The shells come right off without any trouble after cooking them in the Instant Pot.

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    How To Make Perfect Hard

    I will never forget my first Easter I spent away from my family.

    We were living in Georgia at the time and invited friends over for an Easter Egg hunt and Ham Dinner. While the ham and scalloped potatoes were delicious, the eggs were a complete disaster.

    After coloring the eggs, our guests cracked a few open for a snack to find that they were not fully cooked!

    But I used the same stove-top method for cooking hard-boiled eggs that I had for years. That method worked MOST of the time, but clearly, it was not fool-proof. And frankly, I became a bit fearful to ever cook hard-boiled eggs again–well at least for company!

    Advantage Of Using Steamer Rack Or Trivet For Making Steamed Boiled Eggs In Instant Pot

    In this method of making eggs, we use the steamer rack or trivet that comes with the instant pot to make steamed eggs that has the texture of boiled eggs.

    This method is very popular among instant pot users to make eggs, especially with the 5-5-5 method since most prefers soft boiled eggs.

    The main advantage I find with using a steamer rack or trivet to steam the eggs in the instant pot is that, I never had an instance of broken egg in the instant pot when I follow this method.

    While using stove top method of boiling eggs, occasionally I used to find a cracked egg on the process, which I didnt like.

    When I directly boil the eggs in the instant pot without trivet too, the chances of broken or cracked eggs are little to none compared to traditional stove top boiling method.

    However, with this method of using a steamer rack or trivet, there is really no chance of the eggs cracking while they are getting cooked. That way, you get perfect steamed, boiled eggs every time!

    Another advantage of making eggs in the instant pot is easy peeling of the eggs, which you probably know by now!

    Below you can get the detailed recipe for steamed, boiled eggs in the instant pot!

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    How To Make Soft Boiled Eggs In The Instant Pot

    While testing all the various cook times, I found that you can make a pretty good Instant Pot soft boiled egg if you follow the same method in the recipe but cook for just FOUR minutes instead of six.

    In fact, heres what I found when I experimented with different cook times:

    • 3 minutes on high pressure: Just barely cooked yolk and fully cooked white. This would be good if you wanted a runny boiled egg for yourself. I dont recommend this if youre feeding a crowd because two of the three eggs I boiled cracked in half while trying to peel.
    • 4 minutes on high pressure: Perfect soft boiled egg. These looked really good and were easy to peel. Id definitely use this method for serving guests.
    • 5 minutes on high pressure: Slightly underdone hard boiled egg. This is not a bad option if you like your egg yolks to be slightly soft, but this wouldnt work for deviled eggs or any other recipe that calls for hard boiled eggs.
    • 6 minutes on high pressure: Perfectly cooked hard boiled egg! Firm white, just done yolks, with no green on the outer edge.
    • 7 minutes on high pressure: Slightly overdone hard boiled egg. Slightly green on the outer edge, and I wouldnt recommend this unless you personally prefer your yolks to be very firm.

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