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Instant Pot Dal Instant Pot Dal Tadka Recipe

Instant Pot Indian Recipe | How to Cook Dal Rice together in Instant Pot | Dal Chawal in Instant pot

Fingerlicking good Instant Pot Dal Instant Pot Dal Tadka recipe thats ready in 15 minutes and made using a mix of 3 lentils with tadka on top. Serve with rice, roti, quinoa or choice of grain.

Instant Pot Dal or Instant Pot Dal Tadka is my favorite everyday dal that we make at home and I especially like it with a bowl of steaming rice!!

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Dal is an inseparable part of Indian cuisine and literally, All Indians have grown up eating it.

Whether its the simple combination of Dal-Roti or Dal-Chawal or even our most humble offering Khichdi.

And if you like eating at an Indian restaurant, then you can literally see a whole sub-heading in the menu dedicated to Various Indian Dal, like Dal Makhani, Dal Fry, Dal Tadka, Yellow Dal, etc.

As common yet important Dal is, every household in India has a different Dal recipe

Yes, you heard it right! There is no hard and fast rules or MUST-haves in cooking it, you would come across numerous versions.

And that my friend is the BEST part about Dals. They can be 100% customized to your taste/needs.

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How To Make Instant Pot Dal

  • Set Instant Pot to sauté and add oil to Instant Pot insert.
  • Once heated, add the onion and 1 tablespoon of water.
  • Sauté for about 5 minutes until softened.
  • Switch the Instant Pot off and stir in the garlic, ginger, coriander, cumin, Garam Masala, turmeric and salt. Stir together for about a minute, until fragrant.
  • Next add in the split peas, tomatoes, and water. Mix, making sure to scrape the bottom of the Instant Pot insert to avoid the burn message.
  • Add in the coconut milk, but do not stir in.
  • Place the lid on and turn the value to the sealing position. Set for 9 minutes on high on manual /pressure cook .
  • When done, allow for a full natural pressure release.
  • Open the lid, stir, and then ladle into bowls.
  • To serve, swirl in some coconut milk and add some fresh lime wedges.
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    Stovetop Instructions:

  • Soak the pigeon peas or lentils in cold water for 15 minutes, and then drain them.
  • Heat the 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in a heavy-bottomed skillet or saucepan over medium-high heat. If youre oil-free, use a nonstick skillet and omit the oil . Once the pan is hot, add the onions with a pinch of salt, and cook for 4-5 minutes until soft and translucent.
  • Add the garlic, ginger, and serrano peppers, and cook for 1-2 minutes. Then add the turmeric, coriander, garam masala, chile powder , and the 1 teaspoon kosher salt to coat, and cook for about 30 seconds.
  • Add in the lentils and 3 cups of water , and stir to combine.
  • Bring the dal to a boil. Lower the heat and cover the pan with a lid but leave a bit ajar to prevent the dal from boiling over . Simmer the dal for 45 minutes or until the lentils are fully cooked and soft.
  • Once the lentils are cooked, give them a stir and adjust the amount of water to your liking. The lentils wont get as thick and creamy as they will in the Instant Pot, so I sometimes run an immersion blender over them.
  • Pour the tadka over the dal. Stir to combine well. Add the lemon juice and cilantro and taste for seasonings, adding more salt or lemon juice as needed.
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    How To Make Dal Tadka In Instant Pot

    Wash , rinse and drain water from both the dals.

    Start the Instant Pot on Sauté Mode. Once heated, add oil in main pot . Once oil feels hot, add cumin and mustard seeds. Add asafetida, curry leaves, ginger and garlic. Stir few times to mix all the seasoning.

    Add chopped onions and tomatoes. Stir few times. Add rinsed dals. Add red chili powder, salt, turmeric powder, garam masala powder. Check the taste to adjust the seasoning. Add water and stir well.

    Put the tall trivet in the main pot. Add the water in rinsed rice container and put the rice container on the trivet. I try to use the Instatpot space to the max.

    Cancel sauté function. Close the lid. Vent on Sealing position. Choose Rice mode. Let Instant Pot do the cooking and let it beep when done. Wait for 10 mins on the warm count and then do NPR.

    Carefully remove the rice container and trivet. Stir the cooked dal well. If you feel its too thick, add some water and check the seasoning. The dal should be like a thick consistency.

    Fluff the cooked rice gently with fork . Enjoy warm.

    You can add side of pickle, cut onion or quick salad to make it complete square meal.

    What Is Spinach Dal

    Instant Pot Spinach Dal, How to make Spinach Dal in ...

    Spinach dal is nothing but, lentils cooked with spinach. In India, this dal is made in every region. However every region has its own recipe. In North India, it is called dal palak. In Andhra region of South India, it is called Palakura Pappu, and in Tamil Nadu, it is called Paruppu Keerai Masiyal.

    I used split pigeon peas or Toor dal to make this Spinach Dahl. You can also vary the lentils to use masoor dal , yellow moong dal, or a combination. Toor Dal, also called Arhar Dal, packs 20 grams of protein in 1 cup of cooked dal. Spinach provides a variety of vitamins and minerals.

    Give this dal a try and I am sure you will make it again…and again!

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    Moong Dal Tadka Ingredients

    • Lentils: I have used split Yellow Moong Dal in this recipe. I did not soak the dal before cooking as yellow lentils cook faster.
    • Ghee or oil: I always use ghee for tempering. Skip ghee and use oil of your choice if you are vegan or you can use a combination of ghee and oil for this yellow dal tadka recipe.
    • Cumin seeds : Cumin seeds are a must in any Indian dal tempering so do not skip it.
    • Garlic: I have fresh minced garlic for this recipe. You can also use store brought garlic paste.
    • Green chilies: I have used 2 Thai green chilies, however, you can skip to reduce the heat.
    • Onion: I have used finely chopped onions. You can skip onion for no onion recipe variation.
    • Tomato: I have used chopped fresh Roma tomatoes. For a variation, you can skip tomato and use lemon juice for tanginess. You can skip tomatoes in these lentils.
    • Spices: I have used turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala. You can increase or decrease the spices according to your choice.
    • Water: lentil to water ratio – I have used 3 cups of water for 1 cup of moong dal.
    • Coriander leaves: I have used coriander leaves for garnish.

    Instant Pot Black Dal

    You will love in love with this creamy and buttery Instant Pot black dal recipe inspired by the famous signature Dal Makhani from Londons Indian restaurant chain Dishoom. Made in a fraction of the time compared to the original , this incredible lentil dish will delight with its complex flavors and heavenly texture. Its gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

    Black dal or Dal Makhani is one of Indias most loved dishes and one that is worth mastering. It is originally from the Punjab region and the primary ingredients are whole black lentils also known as ural dal butter and cream . The dish gets its richness from the use of cream or butter, but it can also be prepared with yogurt, milk or no dairy. The name dal makhani literally means buttery lentils.

    One of the most delicious black dal recipes weve tried comes from Londons Dishoom restaurant. Black lentils are slowly cooked in buttery, spiced sauce for almost 24 hours until incredibly rich, thick and creamy. The homemade version featured in Dishooms cookbook is reduced down to about 4 hours of cooking, which is still quite long for most cooks until you enlist the help of the Instant Pot.

    We have adapted Dishooms recipe for the pressure cooker and simplified a few steps while staying as true to the original as possible. Using our method, you can enjoy this creamy Instant Pot dal in about 1 hour. Plus, it keeps really well in the fridge for 4-5 days and only gets better with time.

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    What Is Lentil Dal

    • Dal, also known as dhal, dahl or daal, refers to both the main ingredient and the dish itself.
    • The ingredient is a type of split pea or a certain type of lentil. The dish is a spiced dish that is simmered for a long time until the peas or lentils become very soft.
    • There is a huge range of dals, depending on the main ingredient. For example, this version is made of split red lentils, also know as masoor dal. Other examples are urad dal , toor dal and channa dal .
    • Split red lentils can be found in some grocery stores, in Indian markets and .

    How To Make Red Lentil Dal In An Instant Pot:

    Instant Pot Dal Makhani Recipe | How to Make Restaurant-Style Dal Makhani | Indian Instant Pot
    • The Instant Pot and other pressure cookers are ideal for cooking dried pulses of any kind, ranging from split peas to black beans. They cook at high pressure, breaking down and cooking the pulses quickly, often eliminating the need for pre-soaking.
    • In this recipe, I set the Instant Pot to the Sauté setting, then cooked some onion, fresh ginger, garlic, spices and curry paste in some ghee or coconut oil.
    • Is curry paste necessary for making a dal? Absolutely not. Traditionally, dals are made with a variety of spices. Curry paste is my cheat for making this recipe extra speedy to put together.
    • Next, the coconut milk and vegetable broth are whisked with curry paste mixture, then the red lentils are added.
    • Using the Manual setting, cook the dal at high pressure for 8 minutes. Because of the amount of liquid in this recipe, it will take about 20 minutes for the Instant Pot to come to pressure.
    • Release the pressure naturally for 10 minutes, then switch to quick release.
    • Serve right away with basmati rice and chutney, if desired. Store any leftovers in the refrigerator. When reheating, you may need to add some additional vegetable broth to loosen up the mixture.

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    Instant Pot Rice And Dal

    Make Indias ultimate comfort food rice and dal together at the same time in the Instant Pot!

    The recipe uses pot in pot method which cooks both rice and dal together in one go.

    If you love all the Instant Pot vegetarian/vegan recipes that I share on the blog, please join me on this Facebook Group Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes. The group shares/features vegetarian instant pot recipes and ideas from all around the web!

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    People often ask me what is so great about the Instant Pot and why has it become so popular?

    The number one reason I always give is the hands free cooking time that it provides. I wrote more about it HERE.

    The other thing which I absolutely love about the instant pot is the convenience of making multiple dishes on one go.

    It saves me so much time on busy days. For example you can easily make rice and dal together in your pot without any baby sitting.

    Isnt that super convenient?

    Red Lentil Dal Recipe

    Make a big batch of this vegan Red Lentil Dal in your Instant Pot and enjoy it for meatless lunches and dinners the rest of the week. So easy to make!

    When I first bought an Instant Pot, my initial cooking goal was to make an amazing red lentil dal. A year and half later, after many batches of Instant Pot Lentil Soup, chicken stew and vegetarian chili, I finally got around to making my first pressure cooker dal recipe.

    These Indian spiced lentils, also known as masoor dal, are a breeze to make, particularly with my cheat ingredient . The leftovers keep well in the fridge, making them the perfect make-ahead option for quick vegan meals throughout the week. Just add a little extra vegetable broth when reheating.

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    Instant Pot Dal Recipe

    Hiya friends! I am so excited to be sharing this Instant Pot Dal recipe with you! I cannot believe just how easy it was to make like literally one of the easiest recipes Ive ever done, and its so so yummy. I made it twice last week and we have thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers for lunch.

    Lucky me, I received an Instant Pot for Christmas, and its totally speeding up my cooking game. I hope to share more Instant pot recipes with you as I create new and exciting recipes, as I am so very pleased with how this one turned out!

    All-in-all this is an ultra-fast and luxurious dal recipe that will take you 20 minutes to make. Its full of flavour and is so warm and hearty. I know youre going to L.O.V.E it as much as we do!

    So, let me tell you exactly how to make it so that you can enjoy it pronto!

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    What Is Toor Dal

    Instant Pot Green Moong Dal

    Toor dal is translated in English to pigeon peas. It is a common comfort food dish found in Indian cuisine. The flavor comes from the nutty-flavored split pigeon peas. They are pressure-cooked until tender and infused with aromatic spice. Toor dal is commonly served over plain white rice. There are also endless variations with the addition of vegetables added.

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    How To Make Dal Makhani

    So how do we make dal makhani in an instant pot? Easily!

    There are very few steps we saute onions first, then garlic, ginger, spices, and eventually tomatoes. Add soaked lentils to the pot along with some water and pressure cook. Thats it!

    The hardest part about making dal makhani is the time you spend waiting for it to be done, and even that is thankfully shorter when you use the IP.

    How To Make Instant Pot Dal Fry Recipe :

    1) Take toor dal, moong dal and masoor dal in a colander or bowl.

    2) Mix and wash them under running cold water till water runs clear. Or rinse them 3-4 times or till the water is no more cloudy. Soak them in enough water for 15-30 minutes though this is optional.

    3) Turn on the Instant pot with saute mode. Once hot add oil and cumin seeds. Let the seeds sizzle a bit.

    4) Then add chopped onions and saute for a minute.

    5) Now add chopped green chili, ginger and garlic paste.

    6) Mix and saute for a minute or till the raw smell of ginger garlic goes away.

    7) Now add tomatoes.

    8) Mix and cook for 2 minutes or till they become soft.

    9) Add salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder and coriander powder.

    10) Mix and cook for 30-40 seconds.

    11) Add dal and water.

    12) Mix well and turn off the saute mode by pressing cancel.

    13) Cover the IP with lid. Keep the vent on Sealing position. Press the manual button and keep the timer for 7 minutes by pressing + or -.Let it NPR for 5 minutes then do QPR aka manually release the pressure by turning the position of the vent. Once all the pressure releases, the pin drops. That time open the lid.

    14) Mix and check if any more water is required and turn on the saute mode .

    15) Add garam masala and kasoori methi. Crush the kasoori methi between your palm before adding. Mix well.

    16) Add lemon juice and stir well.

    17) Lastly garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

    18) Press cancel to turn off the IP and dal fry is ready to serve.

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    A Few Final Thoughts:

    • Dal can have a creamy or runny consistency. Nisha prefers hers to be creamy, but you can add in extra vegetable broth if youd like yours to be a little thinner!
    • Nisha says you can use any variety of soft lentil for this recipe red lentils or split peas would be great here!
    • This recipe calls for a lot of spices, but I promise its worth it! Use what you have and if you cant find 1 or 2 ingredients, dont stress about it

    If youre looking for more Instant Pot recipes, youll also love theseInstant Pot Refried Beans and this Instant Pot Penne Puttanesca!

    How To Make Dal In The Instant Pot

    Easy DAL FRY in INSTANT POT Recipe | Restaurant Style Perfect Dal Fry | By Flamboyant Flavors

    So, how do you make dal in the Instant pot?

    It begins by sautéing the onion, garlic, coconut oil and spices on the Saute function for a few minutes until soft.

    Then we scoop out the spiced mixture and add the lentils and water. Pressure cook for 10 minutes.

    Once ready, we add back in the spice mixture, along with diced tomato and a bit of coconut cream.

    Voila. You got yourself a gorgeous bowl of Dal! I told you it was easy! Serve with naan bread or basmati rice, or enjoy on its own like a stew.

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