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Great way to make a quick prime rib in the pressure cooker..Be sure to use a meat thermometer and check the temperature..I do like a lighter sear, some people like it a bit stronger. Sear according to your preference.

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INSTANT POT PRIME RIB AT ITS FINEST Done in the brand new INSTANT POT DUO CRISP..#jelly007 #instantpot #primerib

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Video taken from the channel: The Life of Alex the most gorgeous, PERFECT prime rib right in your Instant Pot! Our Instant Pot Prime Rib is as easy as it gets and delicious, too. Learn how to cook prime rib in the Instant Pot, including the rub to use and how to make prime rib gravy from drippings.

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Remove the roast to a plate. Strain the liquids into a cup and set aside. Remove the trivet, select the highest sauté setting on the pot, then add the vegetable oil. Once hot, add the roast and sear it until brown on all sides, approximately 10 minutes. Alternatively, brown the roast in.

The Most Foolproof Way to Make Prime Rib Roast in an Instant Pot Yes, an Instant Pot! May 1, 2020 by Hajar Larbah. 2.8K Shares View On One.

Add 3 tablespoons vegetable oil to the pot. When it heats up, add.

Instant Pot Rib Roast

Instant Pot Rib Roast. Let me introduce you to rib roast in the instant pot. The best cut of beef is pressure cooked to perfection, is juicy, is tender, is flavoursome and best of all is easy prep.

Also known as instant pot prime rib this recipe will impress your dinner guests and produce the best leftovers that you have ever eaten.

This instant pot rib roast recipe is an updated post. We originally shared with you how to cook a rib of beef in instant pot back in 2017.

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  • Instant Pot Prime Rib And Au Jus Recipe

    I never thought Instant Pot Prime Rib was a good idea, until I tried it for myself.

    In fact, I have always been a fan of making Prime Rib using traditional cooking methods.

    Our no-fail, oven cooking technique for this classic cut of beef is one that I have been using for years. .

    So why would I change things up and make Prime Rib in the Instant Pot?

    The initial reason was because that I didnt have 3 hours to spare!

    Although cooking prime rib in the oven is absolutely the best way to cook it, there are times when it just isnt possible.

    First, you may not be able to keep your oven occupied for that long of a time period.

    And second, you may not have 3 hours to wait for your roast to cook to perfection.

    That is when it is time to turn to your Instant Pot!

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    How To Cook Prime Rib

    Ive shared very detailed instructions on the best way to cook prime rib in the recipe card below. But the basic steps to making the best prime rib EVER are as follows:

  • Carefully slice the meat off the bones and rub kosher salt all over the prime rib. Refrigerate, uncovered, for at least 24 hours.
  • Let the prime rib come to room temperature before searing it in an oiled skillet.
  • Once cool enough to handle, tie the meat back onto the bones.
  • Transfer roast to a wire rack set on top of a rimmed baking sheet. Season with pepper, then rub with garlic butter.
  • Roast at 200ºF until the meat registers your desired internal temperature .
  • Remove roast from oven and tent loosely with aluminum foil. Let rest for at least 30 minutes before returning to oven to broil the very top.
  • Cut twine from meat, slice, and serve!
  • Is this the best prime rib roast recipe ever?? I think it might just be!

    How To Shop For The Perfect Prime Rib

    Instant Pot® Ribs

    A whole 7-rib Prime Rib Roast is a very large piece of meat and it can weigh more than 25 pounds. Butchers usually cut the Prime Rib Roast into 2 smaller roasts that are more manageable and will fit into anyones oven.

    • First Cut, also known as small end or loin end consists of ribs 10 through 12. This is the area closer to the loin. It is usually the preferred cut as it is meatier and has less fat although still well marbled.
    • Second Cut, also known as the large end or chuck end consists of ribs 6 through 9. This cut contains more fat. Think of fat as more flavor.

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    How Large Of A Prime Rib Will Fit In The Ninja Foodi

    3 pound boneless prime rib roast

    I would look for a prime rib that is 6 pounds or less. This would be for the 6.5 qt and the 8 qt because you want to be able to place your prime rib on the rack in the low position and have plenty of room for using the TenderCrisp lid. Even if you pressure cook the prime rib, I think you’ll want to crisp the top and render the fat that does not render during pressure cooking.

    You might be able to go a little bigger, but that will really depend on the shape of the prime rib.

    I know this sounds silly, but if you are really intent on cooking the prime rib in the Foodi and don’t want to have to cut it to fit, I would take the inner pot with you so you can get a better visual on size. Some prime rib roasts are going to be taller and some wider.

    If you just can’t bring yourself to do that, no worries! IF your prime rib is too wide, just slice a 2″ steak from it and freeze it until you want to cook up a delicious rib eye!

    How To Make This Instant Pot Short Rib Recipe In Any Brand Of Electric Pressure Cooker

    This Beef Short Rib Instant Pot recipe will work in any brand of electric pressure cooker, including the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or Power Pressure Cooker XL.

    I love this recipe because I generally have most of the ingredients on hand.

    • In my fridge, I keep a tube of tomato paste and a container of beef base to make beef stock,
    • I keep a package uncooked bacon in the freezer,
    • In the pantry, I almost always have fresh onions and garlic, and
    • I usually have apple juice on-hand for the grandkids .

    The bacon adds a nice smoky flavor to the sauce, and the wine gives it a little bit of sweetness.

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    Cook Veggies To Perfection

    The speedy efficiency of your IP is rarely a problem, but it can be when you end up with soggy vegetables. Since fresh produce is finicky and easy to overcook, throw it in before you start up your pot, and the initial heating process will cook it to perfection. Simple Most recommends setting the pot to manual mode and entering zero for the cook time to render perfectly-cooked veggies. Wondering which picks to try your hand at first? Give some of these Best Foods for Fiber a shot.

    A Perfect Prime Rib From The Instant Pot

    How to cook a 5lb Prime Rib in 1 Hour – Pressure cooker

    I ran to the store on Tuesday morning to pick up a few last minute items. While there I walked past the butcher counter and he was hawking prime rib roast, not standing ribs, because the store would be closed on Wednesday. He reduced the price and I caved in to a 2 bone roast. So dinner plans changed.

    I rubbed the roast with season salt and put it in the fridge to air dry over night. About 4 pm, I took it out and loosened the bone, fired up the IP to sear it on all sides. Deglazed the bottom of the pot with beef stock and herbs, put the roast back in. Gave it 4 minutes under pressure and then just let it sit in the IP for 35 minutes. Temperature was a perfect 125. I covered it for 15 minutes while I got the rest of the dinner to the table and carved and served.

    If you have an Instant Pot, don’t be afraid to cook a roast in it. It keep the kitchen cool, let my oven keep the sides warm and there was no awkward roasting pan to wash.

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    Prime Rib Instant Pot Tips

    • Reverse seared prime rib makes it easy to cook your rib roast to the perfect temperature while maintaining a beautiful crust on the outside!
    • Beef stock vs red wine: If you would prefer, you can substitute the red wine for additional beef stock.
    • Meat thermometer: Always use a meat thermometer to achieve your desired degree of doneness.
    • Let it rest: Always let the roast sit for 15 minutes before carving. This helps lock in the flavor.
    • Slice against the grain: For the most tender prime rib, slice against the grain.

    What Should The Final Temperature Be For Prime Rib

    Of course, this depends on how you like it cooked. Also keep in mind that the temperature will continue to rise a few degrees. Although with the closed-door method , there is not as much carry-over cooking once you remove it from the oven as there is if you remove the prime rib from a hot oven/Ninja Foodi.

    • Rare: 120-129°F/49-54°C
    • Medium Well: 145-154°F/63-67°C
    • Well Done: 155-164°F/68-73°C

    Prime rib is best cooked rare to medium rare. Anything above this will result in a chewier texture. Also keep in mind when cooking a prime rib that the ends will be more done than the middle. I don’t recommend cooking to a center temp higher than 135°F/58°C. You can always pan sear the middle slices if they need to be cooked longer.

    Another good rule of thumb is to consider reheating. Since it’s just Jeff and me here, I always want the very center to be on the rare side, so when I reheat it, the prime rib does not overcook.

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    How Long To Cook A Prime Rib Roast Per Pound

    Cooking a Standing Rib Roast is not difficult at all. However, I like to keep a watchful eye and check the temperature a few times to make sure I dont over cook this perfect and expensive cut of meat.

    As a rule, estimate about 15 minutes of cooking time per pound of prime rib.

    I always start cooking the roast at a higher temperature 450 degrees Fahrenheit, for 30 minutes. Then I lower the oven temperature to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and cook it until the instant read thermometer reaches 110 degrees for rare .

    An Elegant Holiday Dinner

    Best Instant Pot Ribs [VIDEO]

    Prime Rib is one of those meals that we usually only eat on special occasions. This Garlic Butter Prime Rib has been my go-to recipe for years and we usually make it for Christmas dinner. Cooked to perfection, you have melt in your mouth beef with a buttery herby crust. Serve it with the optional Au Jus sauce recipe below and you have the most amazing meal. Making prime rib roast does not have to be hard or time consuming! And the leftovers make amazing sandwiches! If you are looking for a foolproof prime rib recipe, then I recommend that you try this Garlic Butter Prime Rib recipe!

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    What To Look For

    No matter what you choose to buy, choice, prime, ungraded etc, Here are some things to look for

    • Intramuscular fat – inside the meat itself is there nice marbling/good fat development?
    • Fat cap – is there large fat cap on the roast, sure you want some fat, but if it’s a lot and you plan to cut it off, you are paying for something you are going to toss.
    • Bone-in or boneless option – you are going to find both out there. You need to decide whether you want the bone or not. You are paying by the pound so you are paying for that bone, However it some cases the boneless option could be more money, so you are paying them to remove it. Some people say the bone adds flavor but I have read some experiments where removing the bone didn’t change the flavor.

    Quality of the meat does matter but so does cooking method. If you don’t have a good method it won’t matter what you buy. I prefer low and slow methods either in the oven or via sous vide. A good meat thermometer is key to making sure it’s done to the prefect temperature. Don’t just rely on time.

    Maybe thinking of doing a beef tenderloin instead? Here is how we like to cook it.

    Does The Instant Pot Saut As Well As A Pan On The Stove

    In my experience, the Instant Pot does not sauté quite as well as a pan on the stove. But I still use the sauté function almost every time that I use my Instant Pot. Why? It works well enough, and it is extremely convenient.

    You can expect that it will take a little longer to brown meats or stir fry vegetables in your Instant Pot, compared to cooking on the stove. Not having to wash a second pot and transfer food between pots makes this small inconvenience well worth it for me.

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    How Do You Remove The Membrane From The Ribs

    Depending on the type of ribs you bought, they may or may not come with a fatty membrane attached to them. To some people this may freak them out, and those of us high fat loving people just start to drool. If you want to remove the membrane from the ribs, first you need to

  • Slide a knife between the membrane and bones on the ribs.
  • Wiggle the knife a little bit. You will notice the membrane will start to loosen. Do this until it tears apart from the bone.
  • Now, take the edge of the membrane and tear it away from the bone. You may want to use a paper towel or gloves to help you hold onto the membrane. Thats it!
  • Ninja Foodi Prime Rib


    Melt in your mouth Ninja Foodi Prime Rib is a must-make recipe. If you have never made a prime rib in your Ninja Foodi, add it to your list. This is such a simple recipe that gives you that tried and true recipe each and every time.

    I love making incredible dinners for my husband and boys. This prime rib recipe is crazy simple but gives you that restaurant-quality beef. A perfect recipe that is loaded with flavor and marbled with fat to give you that buttery flavor.

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    Instant Pot Ribeye Steak

    Instant Pot Ribeye Steak cooked to tender, juicy, and tasty perfection! This pressure cooker steak is a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite meat without firing up the grill.

    Ribeye steaks, like hamburgers, are not something youd normally make in an Instant Pot. The common way to cook them is, of course, on a hot grill or in a hot skillet, but when you live in Texas like me and the weather has been consistently above 100 F the last two weeks, tending a hot grill or a hot skillet is out of the question.

    Before I go on about how much I love pressure cooker steaks, let me just say, if you prefer rare, this recipe might not be for you. You can still use the Instant Pot but only the SAUTE function and no pressure cooking needed.

    But if youre more on the side of well-done, I promise the Instant Pot is one, if not the best way to cook steaks. It delivers tender, juicy, and oh so flavorful beef to the last bite in thirty minutes!

    Making Ahead And Storing Options

    Making Ahead If you want to save time, you can prepare these pork chops ahead of time and refrigerate them for up to a day. Season them up to a day ahead of time, so that the next day when you are ready to cook them in the instant pot it will take just a few minutes to do so.

    Store them in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook them. When the pork chops are cooking, then make up a salad or your favorite side dish.

    Storing After Cooking After the pork chops are cooked and you have leftovers, they are easy to store in the refrigerator. Put them in an airtight plastic container and they will keep fresh for up to 5 days, if they even last that long. in your house.

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    Can You Freeze Prime Rib

    You can freeze the leftover prime rib for up to three months. You will find the texture and flavor will change a bit, but almost all meat changes once are frozen and thawed. Just store in an airtight container or sealable bag.

    Then thaw in the fridge the night before you plan to serve it up, or do a quick thaw for cooking.

    Use A Natural Release When Cooking Meat

    Prime Rib In Insta Pot Recipe / Instant Pot Beef Short ...

    Your Instant Pot has two options when the cooking time has ended: a natural release of pressure or a quick release from the valve. If your timer goes off and you do nothing, the food will cool and the pressure will be released slowly in a natural release. If you choose the natural release option, food will continue to cook until all the heat escapes. Zuccarello tells us that this is the preferred method for meats because it allows the meat to rest and retain the natural fats and juices that make it melt-in-your-mouth good. If you quick release the pressure on a large cut of meat, it will seize up and be tough. So if you threw in a pork loin, let it be when the timer ends! After at least 15 minutes, quick release any remaining pressure.

    This Electric Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot Swiss Steak is a winter warming sliced round steak recipe that is a delicious comfort food meal.

    With a peppery tomato beef sauce with juicy mushrooms and Worcestershire sauce, it is easy to make and really fast in under an hours total time.

    Have you tried a Swiss Steak before? There are many ways to make it and so many recipes for it, but the best way to make it is with this easy Instant Pot recipe.Learning how to make cube steak in Instant Pots and other pressure cookers like Tefal, Breville, Hello, Ninja Foodi easy, is simple to do just follow this recipe and look at our video.

    • Clean Mushrooms

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