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An In-depth Look at Instant Pot Sealing Ring

We recommend always having a replacement ring on hand in case the one you are using goes bad without notice. Additionally, no matter how well you clean it, it may still hold onto odors. For that reason, we recommend having a sealing ring for savory dishes and for sweet dishes so the odors do not transfer between the two types of dishes.

Many potheads have different colored rings for different flavored foods. Blue sealing rings are for savory foods such as chicken, tikka masala, and curry. Red sealing rings are for sweet foods such as cakes, desserts, or orange chicken. And, many people also use a third clear sealing ring for common uses like cooking hard boiled eggs. Having different colored sealing rings is totally optional, but a good way to make sure you always have one on hand.

How To Replace The Sealing Ring On Your Instant Pot

ByChristine Chanlast updated 23 January 19

You have that fancy schmancy Instant Pot that everyone’s talking about nowadays right? That kitchen appliance that pressure cooks food and can reduce the time it takes to cook tasty meals like pot roasts by several hours, and even lets you walk away and not babysit the food? It’s a life saver for many, including myself. But as you cook meals with it, you’ll notice that the silicone ring may hold smells from your dinner, and you don’t want that cheesecake to smell like last night’s chili. Or maybe it’s old and just worn out enough that it doesn’t properly seal under pressure anymore. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

When Do I Change My Instant Pot Sealing Ring

Typically, you will know that your sealing ring needs to be changed because you will notice that the Instant Pot is not coming to pressure. Additionally, you may notice that theres a lot of steam coming from the sides of your lid when you try to cook something. It can be a struggle to know when to change your Instant Pot sealing ring, because it may work one day, and just simply not work the next day.

To prevent a catastrophe, check your Instant Pot sealing ring on a regular basis for the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Debris
  • Small tears or cracks

If you have any of the above, you should consider buying a replacement sealing ring before the one youre using stops working. Depending on your level of usage and when your ring shows signs of wear and tear, it should be replaced every 6 to 18 months. Instant Pot recommends replacing it closer to every 6 to 12 months.

Although your Instant Pot not coming to pressure can mean the sealing ring needs replaced, there are other reasons this function may not be working. Check out my Instant Pot Troubleshooting Guide to find out more!

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How To Clean The Instant Pot Sealing Ring

If you want your Instant Pot sealing ring to last longer than 6-months, its imperative that you clean it and inspect it after each use. If you are having issues with a funky order, follow the steps below to clean the sealing ring:

  • First, fill the inner pot with two cups of white vinegar and 2 cups of water, and a lemon rind.
  • Close your Instant Pot lid and put your steam release valve into the sealing position.
  • Then, hit the steam button on your Instant Pot and set the time for 2-minutes.
  • Once its done, release the pressure. Then, remove the sealing ring from the lid and let it air dry completely.
  • What Is The Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring Made From

    Silicone Sealing Ring for 8 Qt, Replacement Seal Gasket for Instant Pot ...

    The Instant Pot sealing ring is made from silicone rubber compound which is more durable than natural rubber-based products.

    These sealing rings can be used for two to three years without any problems at all. The sealing ring expands at high temperatures which seals the gap between the lid and the inner pot.

    When the pressure cooker lid is opened after cooking, you will see that the sealing ring is noticeably loose. When it cools downor after it is washed, it will return to fitting snugly again.

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    Why Do I Need To Replace My Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring

    Pressure cookers need a tight seal to help them raise to the required levels of pressure. If your seal is damaged in any way, you need to replace it immediately with the correct size sealing ring. Failure to do so may mean that your pressure cooker becomes dangerous or that it will not work.

    It is recommended that you change your sealing ring every couple of years. However, you should always have a spare in case it failsthey can fail at the worst possible moment.

    I always have a couple for my pressure cookers. Since they can take on the smell of food, I swap them out depending on whether I am cooking a sweet or savory. I recommend that you do the same.

    Where Can I Buy Replacement Sealing Rings

    You can buy Instant Pot sealing rings wherever Instant Pots are sold including Walmart, Target, Kohls, or Williams Sonoma. But, my top recommendation is to buy them on Amazon. On Amazon, you can easily find whatever size you need, buy them in bulk, and choose different colors so you can use different rings for different dishes. If you need a new sealing ring now, here are my top recommendations from Amazon:

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    Instant Pot Sealing Ring How To Install Instant Pot Seal

    To clean or replace the pressure cooker sealing ring is very simple. All you do is grab the sealing ring and pull on it. It should remove very easily regardless of the pressure cooker sealing ring sizes.

    When you replace the sealing ring, it doesnt matter whether it has just been cleaned or you are replacing it, you simply place it in the track. They are the same both sides so it is irrelevant which way you put it in they are identical both sides.

    You need to place it inside the track. The only thing you need to make sure is that the sealing rack fits inside the track of the sealing ring. Follow the circumference of the sealing ring, continuing to press in the sealing ring.

    Make sure it is sitting well inside the track. You will know that it is sitting well inside the track because if you take a hold of the sealing ring, you will be able to spin it a little. If you can, you will know that it is seated properly.

    So, the only real things you need to remember aside from cleaning it, is to remember to check it before you use itto see if it is properly inside the track.

    Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring Sizes For Instant Pot

    Instant pot sealing ring

    As you will know, Instant Pot have a number of models on the market at any given point. Do not let this confuse you, it is actually quite simple. The models are broken down by size so when you are looking to buy a replacement sealing ring, you are essentially looking at the quart size of the pressure cooker.

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    How Do I Find My Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring Sizes

    The important thing is that you get it right. If you fail to buy the correct size, your pressure cooker will not work.

    The recommended way of finding pressure cooker sealing ring sizes is to look at the manual it came with. In it, it will detail the sizes and the one you need. If it doesnt, make sure you know the model name and size you have in terms of quarts. This will be enough information to track down the size you need.

    Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring Sizes What You Need To Know

    • 4 minute read

    Pressure cooker sealing ring sizes are specific to manufacturers and the models they produce. Therefore, when you are looking to replace one, you need to ensure that you are buying one that fits your model and brand.

    Since these sealing rings are commonly replaced, there is no shortage of them available on the market. The important thing is that the pressure cooker sealing ring sizes are the same.

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    Instant Pot Sealing Rings 2

    • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
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  • 10.23 x 10.23 x 1 inches
    Item Weight
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • 2 pack color set, 1 for sweet, the other for savory
    • Integral part of the instant pot safety mechanisms Designed, engineered, and built with the optimal material to achieve the highest safety standards
    • Manufactured from the highest quality food safe silicone, passed UL, FDA & LFGB tests for safety, including food safety
    • Genuine instant pot multi use programmable pressure cooker sealing rings designed for the 8 quart, iplux80, ip duo80
    • Bpa free & dishwasher safe
    • This item: Instant Pot Sealing Rings 2-Pack Red/Blue, 8 Quart$18.14Ships from and sold by it as soon as Wednesday, Aug 3
    • Ships from and sold by it as soon as Wednesday, Aug 3
    • Ships from and sold by it as soon as Wednesday, Aug 3

    What Do I Do If I Cant Find The Right Size

    Silicone Sealing Ring For 8 Qt Instant Pot Quart Accessories Sweet And ...

    This is sometimes the case if you have a very old model that hasnt been sold in a few years. Your first step would be to contact the manufacturer. They normally keep stocks of old partsespecially sealing rings as they know they have a limited lifespan.

    Failing this, I have known people to post on Facebook groups or forums to find out if anybody else has a sparethis is actually a very good way of finding something very specific.

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    Sealing Ring 8qt For Instant Pot Sealing Ring 8 Quart Food

    6-8 days

    • ***** Best Quality Guranteed.
    • *****ABOUT THIS – These 6qt Insta pot sealing rings fit pressure cooker’s Models – Duo 8 Quart, Lux 8 Quart, Duo Plus 8 Quart, Ultra 8 Quart, Viva 8 Quart, for 8 quart instant pot
    • *****PRODUCT SPECIFICATION – Designed for Instant Pot 8 Quart Models . Not recommended for other brands of pressure cookers – made exclusively for Instant Pot.
    • *****GREAT QUALITY – – The sealing ring 8qt is made of safe and High quality Food-grade silicone. Wear, corrosion, high temperature resistance, BPA FREE, No carcinogenic substances, eco-friendly, safe for people’s health
    • *****SPECIAL SUPPLIES – Won’t recommend this 8 quart sealing rings for other brand pressure pots, Made exclusively for use in Instant Pot. Recommended to replace your Instant Pot sealing ring every 12-18 months
    • *****WARRANTY – Satisfaction Guarantee, Easy to install and remove, sealed perfectly, No food odor mixed anymore! 30 days money back guarantee.

    ColorFeatureUniversal EditionQuart Material

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    Where Do I Buy Pressure Cooker Sealing Rings

    You need to be careful here and the choice you make will change things.

    If you buy an after-market brand that is not authorized by the manufacturer, then you may void the warranty if something goes wrong. Lets take the case of Instant Pot. They tell their customers that if they do not use an official after-market sealing ring, their warranty is voided.

    They are keen to ensure that their customers buy the rings from them because they say that the strength and size has been tested to their standards. Since you need to be careful with a pressure cooker, you can see why Instant Pot are keen to limit any dangerous outcomes.

    Having said that, there are plenty of companies that offer replacement seal without any issueand they can be significantly cheaper than the official ones.

    What To Do If Instant Pot Seal Doesnt Seem Tight

    Instant Pot sealing ring replacement

    You need to return it to the seller in that case. Your seal needs to fit perfectly in order to operate. If there is a small size difference, you can try putting it into the freezer for a few minutes. This should shrink the rubber for a better fit. If the instant pot seal doesnt seem tight enough still, then it may just be a manufacturing problem with the seal. Get it replaced.

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    How To Remove Lingering Smells From The Instant Pot Silicone Ring

    Sometimes, if your meal is incredibly pungent, the smell will linger in the silicone ring of the Instant Pot. Here are some ways to get rid of the smell:

    • Store the lid upside down with the silicone ring when not in use. Airing it out will help get rid of the smell.
    • Leave it outside in the sun for a while. You can also coat it with some baking soda. This seems to work for some people. Just make sure that wildlife or pets can’t get to it.
    • Soak the ring in white vinegar diluted with water for about an hour.
    • Run a steam cycle in the Instant Pot for a few minutes with some white vinegar, water, and lemon rinds.

    That’s all there is to it! It’s recommended to take the silicone ring out each time when you wash the lid, especially if the food you cooked is pretty strong. If you have the colored rings, you should use one strictly for savory foods, and the other for desserts, so that you don’t transfer over any unwanted savory smells to your sweet desserts.

    The silicone ring won’t last forever , but it’s the most crucial part of the Instant Pot. The silicone ring is what seals in the steam to cook under pressure. If it’s not sealing properly, you must replace it. Otherwise, nothing will come to pressure, no matter how much liquid you put in there .

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