Instant Pot Duo 80

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Rubber Ring Absorbs The Food Smell

Instant Pot Duo 80 Pressure Cooker Unboxing Review

It is pressure cooker and slow cooker in the one apparatus.Yoghurt set up is amazing, makes excellent yoghurt.

BUT rubber rings material quality is so bad.It absorbs garlic, onion, leak, cabbage smells.I always used pressure cooker , didnt have this kind of smelly rubber ring

Manufacturer has to look at the better rubber formula

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

Easy Control Easy Clean

With a big bright dual display and easy-to-use controls, selecting programs and making adjustments is a breeze even during cooking. Clean-up is easy too. The Air Fryer Lids sleek surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth, and the accessories are all dishwasher safe

in : 10.7 x 11.61 x 6.14 cm : 27.2 x 29.5 x 15.6
12 Months
Accessories Multi-level air fryer basket, dehydrating and broiling tray, and protective pad to set it on when its hot, then flip it over after its cool to use as a storage cover

Air Fryer Lid is NOT compatible with the following models: Smart WiFi 60, Smart Bluetooth, Duo Evo Plus 60, Duo SV 60 or Max 60.

Air Fryer Lid is only compatible with stainless steel inner pots and NOT compatible with ceramic inner pots.

Duo 60 IP-DUO60, IP-DUO60 V2, IP-DUO60 V2.1, IP-DUO60-ENW, IP-DUO60 V3, Duo 60 V3, Duo Frontier Rose 60, Duo Dazzling Dahlia 60, Duo White 60, Duo Teal 60, Duo Red 60, Duo Black SS 60, Duo Red SS 60, Duo Nova Black SS 60
Lux 60 IP-LUX60, Lux Blue 60, Lux Red 60, IP-LUX60 V2, IP-LUX60-ENW, IP-LUX60-ENW-MM, IP-LUX60 V3, Lux Breezy Blossoms 60, Lux Vintage Floral 60, Lux Black SS 60, Lux Red SS 60, Lux 60 V3
Duo Plus 60 Duo Plus 60, Duo Plus Cinnamon SS 60, Duo Plus Blue SS 60, Duo Plus Copper SS 60, Duo Plus Black SS 60
Viva 60 Viva, Viva 60, Viva Cinnamon 60, Viva Cobalt 60, Viva Eggplant 60, Viva Red SS 60, Viva Black SS 60
Ultra 60
Duo Gourmet 60

How does the Air Fryer Lid work?

Is air frying healthier than deep frying?

Instant Pot Star Wars Duo Little Bounty : $100

This Baby Yoda- or Grogu-themed Star Wars Instant Pot Duo is on sale right now on Amazon. The deal brings the model’s $116 price tag down to $100.

Four other Star Wars themes are available on Amazon, and while none of the others are marked as on sale, they’re basically going for $100 each, too. The one exception: The BB-8 Instant Pot Duo Mini. It’s listed right now on Amazon for $80. But note: The BB-8 model is a 3-quart model . The Baby Yoda and/or Grogu version, known as Little Bounty, is a 6-quart Instant Pot Duo.

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Seven Appliances In One

Sauté It replaces your frying pan and has three adjustable heat modes for searing, browning and simmeringPressure Cooker Automatic smart programs that monitor and adjust pressure, heat intensity, temperature and timing for the best results or use the adjustable time and pressure settings that keep you in controlSlow Cooker Three adjustable temperature programs replicating low, medium and high modes on a traditional slow cookerRice Cooker Fully automatic program that adjusts timing according to the quantity of riceSteamer Power steaming mode to lock in more flavour and nutrientsYoghurt maker Makes the freshest, most delicious yoghurt you have ever tasted

Instant Pot Duo Plus 8

Instant Pot Duo Plus 80 Reiskocher

The perfect blend of price and features for first time Instant Pot® users, with an improved, easy-to-read control panel and 15 Smart Programs to make cooking simple and fast.

Also available in these sizes:

As a member of the bestselling Duo family, the Instant Pot® Duo Plus is simple-to-use, versatile and convenient. Taking the place of 9 separate cooking appliances, including pressure cooker, slow cooker and sous vide, it has 15 Smart Programs to help you get started quickly and easily. With a redesigned control panel, you see cooking status at-a-glance, and easily control every step.

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Why Choose An Instant Pot When You Can Buy An Electric Pressure Cooker For Under R1000

The most important reason that I chose the Instant Pot® over other electric pressure cookers is that the pot that you cook in is stainless steel. All other cheaper brands have aluminium pots.

According to Michael Gregers research into peer-reviewed papers: What about aluminium cookware? Users had twice the level of aluminium in their blood, and those with the highest levels tended to suffer significantly more damage to their DNA. Occasionally using aluminium pots, utensils, and bottles may not be problematic, but regular, daily use isnt ideal. And aluminium foil? There is leakage from foil to food, but its more of an issue for young children or those suffering from diminished kidney function.

From my perspective, when something is used frequently and relates to what goes into your body, I would prefer to invest in the more expensive stainless steel option than risk the impact of aluminium. That is the main reason that I chose an Instant Pot®.

In addition, it is a multi-cooker with 7 functions and is totally supported by a smart app, YouTube videos and blogger recipes Colleen Thornhill

Your Guide: Instant Pot Duo80 Review

When Instant Pot brought out the DUO Series, we were curious as to how the DUO80 8 Quart model performed. Find our thoughts on its best features, advantages, any drawbacks, and what sets it apart from other models from the same manufacturer in the Instant Pot DUO80 review below.

Main Attributes of the DUO80 7-in-1

This 8-quart electric pressure cooker is part of the best-selling Instant Pot multi-cooker lineup. It is described as a 7-in-1 as it combines 7 kitchen appliances within 1 unit. This brushed stainless steel unit has a 120V 60 Hz power supply and 1200W heating element.

The key features are:

  • Biggest Cooking Pot in DUO Series
  • 3rd Generation Technology
  • 14 Smart Programs

What is Unique Here for Instant Pot?

Instant Pot continues to update its electric pressure cookers to refine how well it reliably cooks foods. This DUO80 model features 3rd generation technology. The cooker has a microprocessor that is even smarter than its predecessors. For example, the new multigrain cooking program includes a pre-soak of the grains before cooking for optimal results.

There is also better safety than the first generation tech, including Leaky Lid Protection this means that its microprocessor stops heating if it detects pre-heating is going too long , thereby preventing food from spoiling.

The Benefits of the DUO 7-in-1 8 Quart

Does the DUO80 8 Qt Instant Pot sound like a good fit for you? See what else buyers have to say

Instant Pot Conclusions

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My Instant Pot Is Like My New Best Friend

I have always been hesitant about purchasing a pressure cooker. Mostly this was due to hearing of some unpleasant experiences, involving a number of these types of cookers. Despite this I had always wanted an Instant Pot and decided to purchase one anyway. Wow and I am so glad that I did, not only can you cook a range of meals in the Instant Pot and always find a recipe for almost anything, the food tastes really really good. The instant Pot settings are straight forward and easy to use, e.g press slow cook for slow cook, press pressure cook fo…


Where Can I Find The Best Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Unboxing || Instant Pot 8 Quart Duo Plus 80

If you need recipe inspo for all the fuss-free meals you can make in your new Instant Pot, check out Good Housekeeping’s Instant Pot Cookbook. In addition to a primer filled with all the how-to info youll need to know, it features 60 delicious dishes, including Weeknight Tuscan Ragu, Vegan Black Bean Soup, Spicy Sesame Rice Bowls, and Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps.

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Instant Pot Duo Plus 9

Right now on Amazon, you can save nearly 40% off the $130 list price of the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-1.

This 9-in-1 model functions as an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan and food warmer. You get two other tricks, too: a sterilizer and, a sous-vide function that allows you to keep your cooking water at a constant temperature. The machine has 15 customizable programming options.

  • Duo Crisp chicken wings
  • Instant Pot Smart Wifi

    This is the Tesla of Instant Pots. The Smart WiFi multi-cooker has many of the extras that other Instant Pot models offer along with the addition of WiFi connectivity, which allows you to set, monitor, and control your cooking from virtually anywhere. It also comes with more than 750 pre-programmed recipes that you can peruse via the Instant Pot app.

    When your dish is nearly done, youll receive an alert on your smartphone and can even send your recipes and cooking results to your family. Cooking function-wise, this 8-in-1 model is more similar to the Duo or Duo Plus , though it does have three different “keep warm” temperature settings.

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    Instant Pot Duo80 8 Qt 7

    • Duo 8 Quart, the number 1 selling multi-cooker, combines 7 kitchen appliances in 1, Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Marker and Warmer, prepares dishes up to 70% faster to support your busy lifestyle
    • Features 14 Smart Programs – Soup, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Poultry, Sauté/Simmer, Rice, Multigrain, Porridge, Steam, Slow Cook, Keep Warm, Yogurt, Manual, and Pressure Cook. Now, your favorite dishes are as easy as pressing a button
    • Healthy, stainless steel inner cooking pot made from food grade 304, no chemical coating, 3-ply bottom for even heat distribution, fully sealed environment traps the flavours, nutrients and aromas within the food
    • Built with the latest 3rd generation technology, the microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve your desired results every time
    • UL and ULC certified with 10 safety mechanisms to provide you with added assurance, designed to eliminate many common errors
    • Accessories include stainless steel steam rack with handles, rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup, condensation collector and recipe booklet
    • Power supply: 120V 60Hz

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    Single Best Appliance In The 40yrs Of Cooking

    Instant Pot Duo 80 7

    Makes quick and favour filled meals. Soups, stews, oats , pasta, vegetables in way less time than usual. Great for bread proving and yogurt. Have stopped using almost all my pots.Does take a little time to get use to cooking this way but there are plenty of you tube videos out there. Rice is the only thing that I still cook with a normal pot.We find we make double the amount of food, but works well also for 1 serving for 2ppl.


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    I Still Use My 6 Quart Ip

    I was excited about this cooker when it first came out, but over time, I drifted back to my 6 quart Instant Pot. Turns out, I don’t need the extra space The 8 quart now lives on my pressure cooker shelf in the basement4Doesn’t everyone have a shelf full of pressure cookers in the basement?, where I go get it if I need the extra space. I still recommend the 8 quart if you’re cooking for larger crowds on a regular basis. Or, if you want a second PC, then it’s great to have the flexibility of the larger size. But, for most people, the 6 quart IP-DUO60 is a better fit.

    Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer: $140

    And the big Instant Pot deals just keep coming. Right now on Amazon, you can get more than 25% off this higher-end Instant Pot model.

    As you can see from the picture above, the Instant Omni Plus is not exactly a pot. In fact, no, it isn’t a pot. The Instant Omni Plus is a countertop convection oven that, in true Instant Pot fashion, has a bunch of tricks up its sleeves. This 10-in-1 appliance can be used to air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat, toast and warm. And, as noted, it works as a convection oven and a rotisserie.

  • Philly cheesesteak
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    Amazon Prime Day 202: The Best Instant Pot Deals

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    Score the best Instant Pot deals during . We’ve found the best Instant Pot deals you can get right now on popular, top-rated Instant Pot kitchen appliances. And, trust us: Some of these Prime Day Instant Pot sales are mega-sales you don’t want to miss.

    Top products in this article:

    Instant Pot cookers are a relatively hands-off way to throw together snacks and meals in minutes. The kitchen appliance is versatile enough to make soups, roast meats and even bake delicious desserts and breads.

    Now is a great time to get deals on Instant Pots from Amazon. We found several models available at deep discounts during the retailer’s major summer sales event. The below sales prices are available right now to everyone. But remember: If you want to score Amazon deals during Amazon Prime Day 2022, then you must be an .

    Enough with the appetizers! Let’s dig into the Instant Pot deals you can get now on Amazon. And look for the recipes that we’ve featured below, too. You can try them out in your new Instant Pot!

    What’s The Best Size Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Duo 80 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt

    Note that throughout our Kitchen Appliances and Technology Labs testing, we evaluated models in the 6-quart size. We think the 6-quart Instant Pot is the most practical option because its big enough for a decent-size batch of chicken soup or chili without hogging too much counter space. That being said, the 8-quart model is great for large families or for those who love to meal prep.

    Best Overall Instant Pot

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    Instant Pot 80 Duo 8l 1200w 7

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    • clientName_robertdyas
    • Reviews

    Create delicious, hearty homecooked meals for the whole family, with the Instant Pot 80 DUO 8L 1200W 7in1 Electric MultiFunctional Cooker. Designed with versatility in mind, this modern pressure cooking features 13 OneTouch Smart Programmes, and offers everything you need to get nutritious dinners on the table more quickly! These 13 OneTouch Smart Programmes include& colon Pressure Cook, Soup/Broth, Saute, Rice, Porridge/Oatmeal, Steam, Slow Cook, Cake Maker, Yoghurt and Keep Warm.

    Perfect for large, busy households, meal prepping, and even hosting guests, the Instant Pot 80 DUO has an impressive 8L capacity that allows you to cook up to 6 portions of your favourite meal! It even comes complete with a handy delayed start function, which lets you place all the ingredients inside, select the functions, and then set a time for the cooker to begin this means you can always have your dinner ready to eat the second you walk in the door.

    Conoce La Instant Pot Duo

    La olla multifuncional más querida de Estados Unidos. Con tu Instant Pot accede a una de las mayores comunidades de cocina del mundo con millones de recetas y consejos para hacer tus comidas más ricas y fáciles. Prepara tus platos favoritos en un 70% menos de tiempo y de manera segura gracias a sus 10 mecanismos de seguridad patententados.

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