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Black Beans Instant Pot Water Ratio

Peruvian beans 2 ways made in the Instant Pot

I tested two different water ratios:

  • 1 pound dried beans + 8 cups water: After 30 minutes of pressure and 20 minutes of natural release, my beans were perfectly cooked, BUT there was an excess of water in the Instant Pot that needed to be drained. I wouldnt have minded for just plain old black beans, but the excess water diluted the wonderful bonus Cuban flavors Id added. Plus, draining the beans was an extra step that I wanted to see if I could eliminate.
  • 1 pound dried beans + 3 cups water: The winner! This ratio took 35 minutes of pressure cooking + 20 minutes of natural release, but no draining was required, as the beans absorbed nearly all the liquid. There was a bit of extra liquid in the Instant Pot, but I found that once I stirred the beans, I like having it there for serving, as it ensured the beans were not at all dry.

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Why Beans Are Bad For You

Many beans and pulses contain lectins, which are proteins that are potentially toxic to humans. Soaking and boiling beans reduce the lectin content. People should boil beans for at least 10 minutes to ensure they are safe. The most common side effects of eating beans are gas and intestinal discomfort.

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Trouble Shooting Cook Times

Dried beans can cook much quicker or much longer based on their age. Dried beans that have sat on the grocery shelf or in your pantry may take considerably longer than freshly packed beans, so some batches of the same types of beans may take longer to cook than others. In our chart, weve erred on the side of undercooked beans and here is why: If after releasing the pressure from your cooker the beans are under done you can always return them to pressure with more time. Theres no going back once the beans are over cooked. Start with 2 minutes of additional pressure on HIGH pressure with 5 minutes of natural release. The second option for trouble shooting undercooked beans is to turn the pot onto saute and bring the beans to a boil for a few minutes this works especially well with beans that are just a little under done.

Quick soak the beans:

What If The Beans Arent Cooked When I Check Them

Instant Pot Chipotle Peruvian Beans (+ Stovetop!)

Dry beans are the variable in all recipes. Some are old and you may not even know that.

You just grabbed a bag at the store, but they could have been in a warehouse for months before that.

Because of that, one time your beans may not cook all the way. So, if you open your electric pressure cooker and the beans still arent soft enough, put the lid back on and cook for another 5 minutes.

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Do I Need To Soak Beans Before Pressure Cooking

I grew up watching my mom and grandma soak the beans overnight before pressure cooking them. I followed the same practice, but always wondered if there was really a need to do so.

So, a few years ago, I did some research and tried a few recipes without soaking them beforehand. Here’s what I found out:

  • Soaking the beans prior to cooking cuts down on the cooking time since they have already been rehydrated during the process of soaking.
  • Beans contain sugars that the body cannot digest and cause flatulence. Soaking helps to remove some of those sugars. It also allows them to release some of their gases, making digestion easier.
  • Reduces the phytate content in beans. Beans contain Phytic acid, which prevents absorption of key minerals like iron, zinc and calcium in the body. Soaking the beans, gets rid of that, making the the nutrient absorption easy.

How to soak beans? To soak your beans, rinse them first. Add them to a large bowl and cover them with water by 2 inches. Let them sit for 8-12 hours, or overnight, before rinsing again and cooking.

However, sometimes you simply don’t have time to allow your beans to soak. The Instant Pot is great for those times, because, while cooking does take a bit longer, this method is still set-it-and-forget it.

How To Make Instant Pot Chipotle Beans

  • Combine all beans, water and spices in the Instant Pot.

  • Cook on manual high pressure for 22 minutes.

  • Quick release pressure.

  • If you try this recipe please let me know! Leave a comment, rate it, share this post, use;;”tried it” feature, or take a photo, & tag me on;;and I’ll share it! Thank you so much! <3

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    How Do I Serve Refried Beans

    This is the best part eating them! They are great as a side with rice or quinoa, in tacos, on top of salads, and be sure to try in lettuce tacos.

    You can freeze any leftovers like I do. I package them in about 1 cup portions which will feed Cheryl and I for one meal.

    Its just as easy as having a can of refried beans in your pantry, but with none of the ingredients youd rather avoid.

    Pressure Cooker Pinto Beans Q&a

    Instant Pot Luscious Lima Beans

    What if I prefer to soak my beans?

    To;soak dry beans,;cover them with water by 2 inches, add 2 tablespoons coarse kosher salt per pound of;beans, and let them;soak;for at least 4 hours or up to 12 hours. Drain them and rinse before using. Then follow recipe, reducing broth to 2 cups, and cook for 6 minutes with a quick release.

    How long to pinto beans last?

    These beans will keep in an airtight container in your fridge for about 4 days.

    Can I freeze pressure cooker pinto beans?

    Yes, store cooled beans in zipper bags or an airtight container with an inch of room. ;They will keep in the freezer for 3 months.


    • Sub rotel for the green chilis and Roma tomato.
    • Try adding cooked bacon.

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    Instant Pot Black Beans: Why Should I Bother

    While I still love canned black beans for their mega convenience factor and plan to continue using them often, Im glad to have this Instant Pot method at my disposal.

    • The black beans cooked in the Instant Pot far outshone the canned version in both taste and texture.
    • Where canned beans can be a little mushy, the Instant Pot Black Beans were pleasantly firm without being chewy, and the insides were tender and creamy.
    • As odd as it sounds, I also felt that the Instant Pot Black Beans tasted more pure than ones Ive had from a can.
    • Cooking your own black beans also means you can customize them by adding booster ingredients and spices. I opted to keep the Instant Pot Black Beans vegan, but for a special occasion, I can see incorporating black beans with bacon being a tasty adaptation. The spices are simple to edit .
    • At $1 to $2 per pound, black beans are a bargain.
    • These black beans are very freezer friendly, so you can cook a batch and portion them into 1 1/2 cupfuls that you can reach for any time a recipe calls for a 15-ounce can of black beans. A few to recipes get you started: Mexican Chicken Casserole, Slow Cooker Taco Casserole, and;Mexican Chicken and Rice.

    How To Flavor Beans

    Instead of just cooking dried beans in water alone, I like to add a little flavor to my beans. This step of course is optional but highly encouraged.

    • Along with beans and water, add a half an onion and bay leaf.
    • You will want to add salt or homemade taco seasoning AFTER your beans have been cooked. Adding salt BEFORE cooking dried beans can make it harder for your beans to break down and soften properly.

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    Why Make Your Own Beans

    • Taste: Homemade beans offer far more flavor than canned beans and you can season them to your needs and taste
    • Save Money: Dried beans are less expensive than canned beans, and everyone likes to save money.; Dried beans also store longer than canned beans.
    • Less waste: Because you make your own you will also have less waste, no cans to throw away or recycle.
    • Easy:;Because you use the Instant Pot, its hands off and super easy. No babysitting the pot!
    • Nutrition: Last but not least they are good for you! Black beans are rich in fiber and plant-based protein, and a fantastic source of folate, thiamin , phosphorus, manganese and magnesium.

    Want To Take Your Beans To The Next Level Try This:

    Instant Pot Chipotle Peruano Beans (a.k.a. Canary or ...
    • Sauté your favorite aromatics before adding the water and beans. Heres an easy but tasty option for 1 pound of beans:
    • Heat some olive oil on the Sauté setting. Once hot, add 1 diced yellow onion with a pinch of salt. Cook until golden and softened, but not browned. Add 3-4 finely chopped garlic cloves and cook another 1-2 minutes. Deglaze with the water or broth, scrape up any browned bits, then add the beans and pressure cook as normal.
  • Finish your cooked beans with a generous glug of extra virgin olive oil. It will infuse them with richness and make them irresistible. You can also finish with a splash of lemon juice, white wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, red wine vinegar, or champagne vinegar.
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    Beans: Frijoles De Olla Or Beans From The Pot

    The uses of beans in Mexican cooking are immense. Although you;can buy them already made, if you make them at home they have a much;nicer flavor and you will give your kitchen an irresistible smell. You;can make a lot of them and refrigerate a batch which should last in the;refrigerator for about 4 to 5 days. You can freeze another batch which;will last for months.

    I will give you two tips, included in the recipe below, if you make them at home:

    1. Dont add the salt in the beginning or it will toughen the beans. Add;it at least after an hour of cooking when the beans are already a bit;soft.

    2. You dont need to soak them the night before cooking.;Yes, that helps to reduce the cooking time, but it is not necessary.;If you do soak them, dont soak them more than 12 to 14 hours, because they may begin to ferment and you will finish with a Chinese rather than Mexican tasting dish.

    I like making them with;either Black beans, traditional in the South of Mexico, Peruvian beans,;which are more used in the Central part of Mexico, or with Pinto;beans which are more customary in the North. The latter ones have a;creamier feel and more subtle flavor.

    Traditionally Frijoles de la Olla are cooked in an earthenware pot. It does impart a special Pueblo style flavor.

    I cook mine sometimes in an old earthenware pot and sometimes in a normal large cooking pot. They both work very well.

    Natural Pressure Release Or Quick Release

    One last point to discuss: the pressure release. I think it’s worth it to let your pressure cooker release naturally, or at least for as long as possible before you open the pot. This helps offset some of the appearance problems, resulting in fewer blow-out beans — though you’ll still get some. The bean cooking liquid also tends to foam up into the steam valve when you if you do a quick release; letting the pot depressurize as long as possible helps avoid this.

    I usually let the pot release pressure naturally until the point when I need the beans, then I hit the pressure valve to release it the rest of the way.

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    Exercise Caution When Doubling A Pot Of Beans

    If you are cooking a large pot of beans in the Instant Pot, you should keep a few things in mind.

    • 1 pound of beans, once cooked, yields roughly 7 cups of beans. If youre feeding just 1 or 2 people, you might want to start with a smaller quantity.

    • If you have a lot of leftover beans, store them in 1 1/2 2 cup increments in the freezer. Thats the amount of beans youll find in a 15-ounce can of bean. That way, you can easily swap in one container of your defrosted beans for canned beans in recipes. Beans will stay good in the freezer for 6-8 months.

    • If youre keen on making a large pot of beans, try not to fill the Instant Pot more than halfway. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of foaming. If you do cross that halfway line mark, never fill your pot up past the Instant Pots maximum capacity line.

    • Especially when you are making a large pot of beans, never use the Quick Release Method. This will result in bean foam being sprayed all of your kitchen and face. Instead, allow the Instant Pot to naturally release pressure for at least 10 minutes . Only then switch the valve from Sealing to Venting to release any remaining steam.

    I hope you found this guide on How to Cook Beans in the Instant Pot useful! If you did, please leave a comment below or on my Youtube video, and if you found it really useful, then consider ordering my cookbook, The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook 🙂

    The Best Pinto Bean Seasoningsaka What Makes These Instant Pot Beans So Delicious

    Peruvian Style Beans | Frejoles | The Only Way To Make Beans

    This recipe is simple, simple, simple. All you need are pinto beans, a few seasonings, and your Instant Potthat magical pressure cooker will do most of the work for you. So, what makes these pinto beans so flavorful? Just a few things, most of which you probably have on-hand right now:

    • Onion.
    • Chicken or vegetable stock.
    • TMP taco seasoning. Smoked paprika, cumin, garlic powder and oregano are the backbone of our easy, homemade taco seasoning recipeits basically the best ever. However, if all you have is store-bought taco seasoning, thats OK in a pinch.
    • Salt.
    • Bacon fat. This one is optional, but it will add a huge amount of richness and a lovely smoky flavor, leave it out if you are making these beans vegan or vegetarian.

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    More Ways To Use Instant Pot Black Beans

    • Instant Pot Black Beans and Rice: CLASSIC! Mix with brown rice for a simple meal. You can also top with chicken, a fried or poached egg, and avocado or salsa.
    • Add to a tofu or egg scramble.
    • Mash with avocado and spread on toasted bread for next-level avocado toast .
    • Fill burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, tacosand all other good things involving tortillas and cheese.
    • Make the Cuban Beans and Rice that Im sharing later this week!

    How Do I Use The High Pressure Setting On My Pressure Cooker

    The default setting when using the manual or pressure cooking setting on an electric pressure cooker like the Instant Pot is high pressure. Some models don’t even offer a low pressure setting. To double-check that your cooker is at high pressure, consult your manual and look for the icon or visual indicator showing high pressure.

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    Making Perfect Black Beans

    Just a couple of steps to make perfect beans!

  • Rinse:; Rinse the dry beans and pick out any bad ones.
  • Instant Pot:;Place the beans in the pot, add the liquid if desire the optional spices.
  • Cook:;Pressure cook on manual for 25 min. Let it naturally release for 15 min, then quick release the rest of the pressure. Stir and serve.
  • Why Cook Beans & Chickpeas In The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Chipotle Peruvian Beans (+ Stovetop!)

    I prefer to cook my beans and chickpeas in the Instant Pot rather than using other methods because:

    • It’s quick and easy! Rather than hovering over a stovetop for long periods of time, using a pressure cooker allows you to cook your beans virtually hands-free.
    • Your beans and chickpeas can be cooked with or without soaking them first. Both dry and pre-soaked beans work well in the Instant Pot.
    • The beans always end up perfectly tender.
    • You get to control the salt and add other flavors in the beans.

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    How To Cook Dried Beans In The Instant Pot

    Whether I cook beans in the instant pot or on the stove, I dont soak them. Ive read that soaking them helps them cook faster and makes them easier to digest. But honestly I never remember to soak my beans overnight and my in-laws never do.;

    However, you do want to rinse and sort your beans prior to cooking. This step is very important, because I actually found a small pebble in the beans before. Nobody needs to eat a rock in their beans.;

    Once the beans are rinsed and any broken pieces picked out, place them in the instant pot.;

    Add 6 cups of water for every pound of dried beans.;

    Then add 2 tablespoon of oil, any neutral oil, to prevent foaming of the beans.;

    Thats it! I always add the salt after cooking, because salt will extend the cooking time.;

    Set the instant pot timer to 30 minutes and once the timer goes off, leave it alone for another 20 minutes .;

    Before you start cooking, if the beans look dried and shriveled then you will need to add on extra time. 3-5 min extra so 33-35 min, with a 20 min rest of keep warm after the timer goes off.

    After the 20 min rest, remove the instant pot lid and season the beans with salt. I start with 1 tablespoon, taste and add more if needed. The longer the beans sit in the broth, they will absorb more salt.;

    You can serve the beans right away whole, or once cooled, store them in the fridge or freezer.

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