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What To Air Fry First Bacon

3 EASY Instant Pot Recipes to Make in a Steamer Basket – Perfect for Beginners

If you dont know what to cook first in the Instant Pots air fryer then make some bacon!

Proceed with caution. I got a little overly ambitious and decided to do the whole package of bacon. This resulted in my smoke alarm going off because the grease from the bacon started to burn and smoke.

I realized quickly to do things in moderation with this machine. Despite my smoke mishap, the bacon was perfectly delicious. I wrapped the drip catch tray with aluminum foil and set the temperature to 375 degrees for 10 min with 4 pieces of bacon per tray.

I had to rotate/ switch the 2 trays so they would get the same crispness. The whole ordeal is a greasy mess inside the Vortex. Thats one reason I thought to do the whole package of bacon, to have some for later with one-time cleanup. You can do several small batches, but make sure to discard the bacon grease and put in new aluminum foil.

But, the dilemma is how to get rid of pipping hot oil safely. The manual states to not clean anything until the machine has cooled completely. Maybe its not worth spilling hot oil everywhere. Dont be a glutton, just stick to 8 pieces of bacon.

I had to come up with a system for taking out the trays and safely putting them on a heat resistant surface and also could still catch the grease that would leak out of the graded trays that the bacon was laying on. This was really tricky at first. An easy solution was laying the little trays on a baking sheet.

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Gallery: Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

Thrilled, I ordered it from Amazon. It arrived a few days later in a fairly large box, almost the size of the Instant Pot itself. Indeed, the Air Fryer Lid is not insignificant in size, measuring 13.8 by 13.7 by 12.8 inches. It weighs in at 11.7 pounds, which is not exactly feather-light, but I didnt find it to be too heavy. Bundled with the lid is a fryer basket and a metal insert, which you can use as a broiler tray or as a way to air-fry two tiers of food at once. Theres also an Air Fryer Lid cover, which you can turn upside down to use as a resting spot for your lid when its hot, so you wont damage your countertop.

Interestingly, the instructions note that you should not have the Instant Pot and the Air Fryer Lid plugged in at the same time. In fact, the Air Fryer Lids plug has plastic webbing around it that covers up the other outlet when plugged in. The idea here is that the Air Fryer Lid is pretty powerful, and having a couple of devices plugged in might overwhelm the circuit.

About halfway through, the Air Fryer Lid beeped loudly, with the words Turn Food on its display. I then removed the lid and proceeded to, well, turn the food. From reading other air fryer recipes, this seems to be unique to the Air Fryer Lid. Most other air fryers just recommend you shake the basket around, and even thats up to you theres certainly no flashing reminder of it on the device itself.

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What Are The Most Popular Instant Pot Accessories

Yes, you definitely need a steamer basket for your Instant Pot. Its important to know how to use it properly. Steaming is a great way to cook vegetables, but its not always easy to get perfect results. A good steamer basket allows you to place your veggies right in the water, making sure theyre fully submerged. This prevents them from drying out while they cook.

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Instapot 6 Quart Steepling Steamer Batter Review

The next best stainless steel steepling steamer basket for your IP 6 quart is the Instapot 6 quart steepling steamer basket. It is perfect for making soups, stews, and sauces because it helps to lift ingredients as they are steaming. This will make pouring or removing ingredients much easier. It is also made of heavy gauge stainless steel that is non-stick and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The Instapot 6 quart steepling steamer basket is the next best stainless steel steepling steamer basket for a number of reasons. First of all, it is perfect for making soups, stews, and sauces because it helps to lift ingredients as they are steaming. This will make pouring or removing ingredients much easier. It is also made of heavy gauge stainless steel that is non-stick and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Youtube source: best buy

Steamer Basket For Instant Pot Accessories 6 Qt Or 8 Quart

Aozita Steamer Basket for Instant Pot Accessories 6 qt or 8 quart
  • 2-TIER STACKABLE BASKET Make the best out of your instant pot with our steel mesh steamer pot that comes with a big basket and a smaller one that fits in together perfectly so you can easily cook a variety of food simultaneously while keeping them well-separated an effective way to utilize time especially when you want to whip up no-fuss quick weekday meals!
  • ENHANCE THE UTILITY OF INSTANT POT Step out of the usual recipes and enjoy the multifunctional aspect of your electric pressure cooker with our steamer insert. Apart from its use as a meat or vegetable steamer & stew cooker, these are perfect for broth preparation as the mesh makes straining the solids out quick & easy a nice egg basket and a practical pasta strainer too!
  • ULTRA SAFE & INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT Made with high quality 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, our nice and sturdy steamer basket is built to last and is dishwasher safe. The stable trivet design keeps the basket stable without toppling & spilling hot contents and the grey NO-BURN SILICONE HANDLES make sure you dont burn your fingers while taking the mesh out of the cooker.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBLE DESIGN Though our vegetable steamer basket is designed especially for instant pot 8 quart and 6 qt instant pot models, these would work well with other stovetop or electric pressure cookers like IP-duo60, IP-lux60, IP-duo80, Kuhn Rikon, Power XL, Mealthy, Cuisinart, Fagor, Costaway, Faberware, T-fal, Elite, GoWise, Secura, Gourmia.

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What Are The Specs For The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

The Air Fryer Lid is 10.7 inches long, 11.6 inches wide, and 6.2 inches tall. When you add it to the height of an Instant Pot Duo, it sits approximately 18.7 inches from the counter.

The Air Fryer Lid weighs about 6 pounds. The heating element is 1500 watts and 120 V ~ 60 Hz.

To qualify for the limited 12-month warranty, you must register your product within 30 days to be eligible for warranty coverage.

Do You Need A Steamer Basket To Steam

A steamer basket is used to hold vegetables while steaming them. It is usually made from metal or plastic. A steamer basket is placed into a pan filled with water. Steam is released from the bottom of the pan and travels upwards towards the top where the vegetables are placed. This method of steaming allows the vegetables to retain their color and flavor.

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Instant Pot Steamer Basket

Like I said, out of all the instant pot accessories you could buy, the steamer basket is the best one because you can use it in so many different, practical ways

Its best to choose an Instant Pot Steamer basket that can withstand being pressure cooked and not fall apart. This is my favorite steamer basket because it is incredibly high quality.

This basket does NOT rust, nor does it have silicone noodles covering the legs, which easily trap food/bacteria that you cannot get out. They also honor a LIFETIME guarantee, so they will replace it if anything happens to it.

Ive tried a couple other baskets, and I promise they are not near the quality. My basket has lasted me years with no sign of wear!

Pressure Cook Beef Brisket

3 EASY Instant Pot Steamer Basket Recipes – Pressure Cooker Recipes

Add sliced onion, minced garlic, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 3 5 drops liquid smoke, and ½ cup unsalted chicken stock to the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. Mix well.

Add marinated beef brisket in Instant Pot.

*Pro Tip: make sure to keep the fat cap facing up when you put it into the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

Close lid and turn Venting Knob to Sealing position.

  • Pressure Cooking Method: Pressure Cook at High Pressure for 75 minute and Natural Release for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, release the remaining pressure by turning the Venting Knob to the Venting position.

Remove the lid carefully.

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Best Overall: Hatrigo Steamer Basket

The Hartigo Basket here comes in three sizes: three quarts, six quarts, and eight quarts. The legs are also wrapped with silicone so that they grip to the bottom of the Instant Pot and help it to stay stable while streaming.

This basket is also made completely rust-free, so you won’t have to worry about it affecting your food over time. Since this is a mesh basket, it will be harder to clean it if any small items do get stuck in the mesh. Also, there may be some mesh bits sticking out of the basket, so be very careful when you handle it. You can always use some sandpaper to file down the metal if it becomes a problem.

How To Clean Instant Pot Air Fryer Basket

Your instant pot air fryers make cooking in the kitchen easier because you do not have to stress yourself to get your frying done and everything put in order. Cooking with an instant pot air fryer is usually time-saving unlike using your conventional pots and pans.

However, cleaning an instant pot air fryer can be quite tricky due to the intricacy of the designs.

To get your instant pot air fryer basket cleaned, you must follow the steps below

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Instant Pot Large Mesh Steamer Basket

The Instant Pot Large Mesh Steamer Basket is designed for use in can be used in 6 qt. and 8 qt. cookers . Ideal for use in steaming seafood, vegetables and more, it features footed basket for placement and draining in the sink.

The Instant Pot Large Mesh Steamer Basket is designed for use in can be used in 6 qt. and 8 qt. cookers . Ideal for use in steaming seafood, vegetables and more, it features footed basket for placement and draining in the sink.

Can I Use Any Steamer Basket Inside An Instant Pot

Hot Basket for Instant Pot Accessories 6 Qt Stainless Steel Steam ...

Yes, you can use any steamer basket that fits into the Instant Pot. However, if you choose to use a non-stick steamer basket, you will need to ensure that the steaming rack does not touch the bottom of the pot. How many times can I use my instant pot? Answer :You can use your instant pot as many times as you want. Just remember to clean it properly after each use.

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Best Handles: Instant Pot Steamer Basket

If you’re looking for a top-notch silicone steamer basket with some great locking handles, then the Instant Pot one is the choice for you. One of the greatest parts about this basket is the interlocking handles that create one singular handle. Since they’re able to move out of the way easily, they won’t block the lid from sealing tight, and it will keep all the steam in to thoroughly cook your food. There are also raised feet on the bottom of the basket to help prevent food from cooking too long.

It is dishwasher safe as well, so you pop it out of the pot, serve your food, and put it right into the dishwasher. This basket is a tight fit for a six-quart Instant Pot, but you will still be able to lock the lid on tight. Also, the handles will make it much easier to get it out of that tight squeeze.

Types Of Steamer Baskets

Standard: Your everyday steamer basket. It has one chamber and fits comfortably in most pressure cookers.

Stacked: A set of steamer baskets designed to fit tightly together with one on top of the other, allowing you to cook two different foods at once.

Sectional: A single steamer basket with two, three or four individual walled-off chambers that allow you to cook small portions of multiple different foods at once.

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Instant Pot French Fries

Fries are the perfect side dish for practically anything.

If you want to make thin, crispy, wonderfully salty fries without all the grease and oil, break out your air fryer.

With it, you can make a batch of fries in only 25 minutes. All youll need are potatoes, olive oil, salt, black pepper, paprika, and cornstarch.

What Can I Use In Place Of Steamer Basket In Instant Pot

Instant Pot : Ninja Foodi Steamer Basket Review

Yes, you can use the Pampered Chef steamer baskets in your Instant Pot. Just follow these steps: 1 Place the steamer basket into the inner pot 2 Close the lid and lock the lid button 3 Press Manual button and adjust the time according to your recipe 4 After the cooking process is completed, press Cancel button and open the lid to release the pressure. 5 Remove the steamer basket and enjoy your delicious meal!

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Can I Steam Vegetables Without A Steamer Basket


You can steam vegetables without using a steamer basket, just by placing the vegetables on the bottom.

I did it a few times as a test, as you can see in my Instant Pot steaming vegetables recipe. Is was a great side dish, however as expected, the results are not the same.

You can also use a homemade improvised steaming basket. Please note that steaming can be a dangerous job because, in an uncontrolled environment, there is the risk of burning your hands and/or face while handling an improvised steamer.

So if you have an Instant Pot and a steamer basket there is no reason for you to do so.

Instant Potlarge Mesh Steamer Basket


  • Mesh basket is perfect for steaming vegetables and can double as a strainer for rinsing fruits, vegetables and more
  • Stainless steel feet keep basket raised perfectly above water when steaming, and allows for draining of water when rinsing
  • Made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Designed to fit in both 6-quart and 8-quart instant pots
  • Approx. 8.15″ x 8.15″ x 5.24″
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup


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Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Trio Separator Set 20 Cm

I personally have the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Trio separator, the separator pops out for those times when you don’t need it.

To use it, all you need to do is pour a cup of water in your inner pot.

Place your veg in it.

Press the Steam button and set the time. For example, for a selection of unpeeled new potatoes and chantenay carrots, I press Steam and set it to 5 minutes. steam release is pointing to Sealing.Then do a quick release at the end.

One great thing about this one is that the Instant Pot trivet fits very neatly on top for layered cooking.

Fits in the 5.7/6 and 8 litre Instant Pots. Doesn’t fit in the 3 litre / Mini.

Multiple purposes. On this occasion I was keeping food warm. I do love that Keep Warm function

*Unfortunately the photo is not appearing in the pic above but it leads you to the exact same one I bought*Silit 1529602201 Insert Basket 19 cm

A lot of Instant Pot users have this Silit basket to use with their Instant Pot .

Many people use this Silit basket for their bone broths as they can easily strain them at the end just by lifting the basket.

This one changes price all the time, the lowest I’ve seen it for is probably around £16.

Fits in the 5.7/6 and 8 litre Instant Pots. Doesn’t fit in the 3 litre / Mini.

Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Basket

Aozita, Steamer Basket, Instant Pot Accessories, 6 quart, 8 quart, 2 ...

New from $23.94FREE Delivery

Item dimensions L x W x H 49.5 x 49.5 x 13.5 centimeters
Product care instructions
  • Designed for the 6 and 8 Quart
  • Reinforced construction for stability, wide 7 inch diameter
  • High walls to keep contents contained with a slatted base for optimal steam flow
  • Can be stacked 2 high on the steam rack in the Instant Pot Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker 5, 6 and 8 Quart: IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, IP-LUX60V3, Smart-60, Ultra-6, IPLUX80, IP-DUO80, IP-CSG60 and IP-CSG50
  • Made of the highest standards of food grade safe silicone
  • Made from FDA & LFGB tested inert food safe silicone and BPA free
  • Heat resistant to 450F & dishwasher safe
  • Genuine Instant Pot Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker accessory

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We Tested The Instant Pot Air Fryer Here Is Our Honest Review

Kitchen counter spaces across the nation were being filled with incredible gadgets this year and the number one was our beloved Instant Pot. Now, Instant Pot introduced its new buddy Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven to share some cooking time.

There are plenty of other brands cornering the air fryer market. Instant Pot took its time to see the true needs of their consumers to develop one that was just right.

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