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Instant Pot Silicone Cover

Instant Pot DUO 8 QT Pressure Cooker – IP-DUO80 8qt 7-in-1 – Unboxing and Preview

Normally $20, Now $17 at Walmart

This cover creates an air- and water-tight seal on an Instant Pot stainless steel inner potso you can just pop the pot out of the Instant Pot and put it in the fridge without needing to transfer anything or dirty another vessel. When youre done with it, throw it in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

Instant Pot Duo Plus 8


As a member of the bestselling Duo family, the Instant Pot® Duo Plus is easy, versatile, quick, and convenient, plus, comes with an upgraded lid, sous vide capabilities, and a sterilize program thats perfect for sanitizing bottles, utensils and more.

  • 9-in-1 pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, sous vide and sterilizer
  • 13 customizable programs for quick one-touch meals
  • Helpful cooking status icons
  • Innovative auto-sealing lid with a button for easy, stress-free venting
  • Stainless-steel inner pot with tri-ply bottom for perfect sautéing
  • Up to 70% faster and more energy efficient than other cooking methods
  • 13.19 x 14.96 x 14.37
  • Model #: 113-0045-01

Instant Pot Duo Crisp 8

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  • The Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is the best of both worlds. With 11-in-1 functionality, it does everything a regular Instant Pot does. But swap out the pressure cooker lid for the innovative air fryer lid, and youve got a whole new set of cooking techniques available with the touch of a button.

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    Instant Pot 6 Quart Vortex Plus 6

    Instant Pot Duo Nova 8 Quart Multi

    Courtesy Best Buy

    Normally $130, Now $100 at Wayfair

    Instant Pot doesnt just make slow cookers and pressure cookers. This multi-function air fryer delivers a whole world of lower-fat flavor at the touch of a button. Pre-set smart buttons allow you to air fry, roast, broil, bake re-heat or dehydrate anything from chicken wings or fries, to carrots and apples. In addition to 9 built in smart programs, you can create custom settings, all in a small, easy-to-clean package.

    $90 is the lowest price we’ve seen on this item.

    Normally $105, Now $70 at Amazon and Best Buy

    Ideal for apartments, or cooking just a few meals, this full-function 3-quart pressure cooker also functions as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer and sauté pot.

    The lowest price we’ve seen on this item is $59.

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    Can You Cook Small Portions In A Large Instant Pot

    Absolutely! However, there is a minimum amount of water that needs to be added each time you use the Instant Pot. This minimum will vary depending on model and size, so its important to check the product manual to verify this before use.

    As long as you adhere to this guideline, your portions can be as small as you want!

    How Do You Know What Size Instant Pot To Get

    Taking into account all of the factors discussed above, this decision will largely be based on your family size and required functions.

    The difference in time it takes for both sizes to come to pressure is fairly insignificant, but this may weigh into your decision. The 8 quart is slightly bigger than the 6 quart, as well, so storage space may be a factor for you.

    If you want the Instant Pot Max, the 6 quart is the only size available.

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    Instant Pot Official 8

    Courtesy Walmart

    Normally $50, Now $32

    One of the beauties of Instant Pot is its versatility, and the wide range of accessories, add ons and conveniences available. This cook and bake set allows you to multi-task, maximize and otherwise further enjoy your device. Features two round pans / pan stackers and two snap-fit silicone lids. $30 is the lowest we’ve seen.

    Which Instant Pot Is Right For You

    First Impressions || Duo Evo Plus 8 Quart (Instant Pot)

    Food-specific modes and options will make the difference when it comes to picking the best Instant Pot for your cooking needs. If you want to venture into making your own yogurt, or if you love hard-boiled eggs, it’s worth it to pay a bit more for an Instant Pot model that can do those things.

    When it comes to choosing the right size, Instant Pot recommends a 3-quart model for one or two people. Families of six or fewer will likely be happy with the 6-quart multicooker. If you have a large household or host large groups often, consider springing for an 8-quart model.

    There are options from other brands, too. We recently reviewed a great Wi-Fi multicooker from ChefIQ. It does more than Instant Pot’s Wi-Fi model and comes with an integrated scale, nonstick pot and helpful iOS or Android app. It costs $200, so if you’re not ready to graduate to a high-end model, Instant Pot’s more affordable options are great for beginners.

    If you’re still not sure which model will be the best Instant Pot for your kitchen, take a look at Instant Pot’s product comparison chart or its guide to choosing the right cooker. At the end of the day, all of these models offer the basic pressure cooking and slow cooking modes Instant Pot is known for performing so well.

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    Which Instant Pot Is Best For A Family Of Four

    Both the 6 quart and 8 quart sizes will accommodate a smaller family, but the 6 quart may be better for you if you will regularly be using your Instant Pot for four people or less.

    The 6 quart costs less, is slightly easier to store, and most recipes are created with the 6 quart size in mind, although these recipes can be used for the 8 quart Instant Pot.

    If you want to have the capability of cooking larger portions, the 8 quart model is also viable even if you have a smaller family.

    How Is An Instant Pot Different From A Pressure Cooker

    Mainly it comes down to safety, ease of use, and versatility. While a regular pressure cooker possesses all of these qualities to a degree, Instant Pots are much safer, easier to use, and capable of much more than your average pressure cooker.

    All Instant Pot models, even the more basic models, have several safety features in place. The available programs make using the machine as easy as pressing a button for many items. And Instant Pots do much more than just pressure cook.

    Even the most basic Instant Pot Duo offers several different functions including pressure cooking and slow cooking.

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    Is The 8 Quart Cooker Slower To Build Pressure Than The 6 Quart

    Models of both sizes come to pressure within 10 minutes. However, the 6 quart is faster by a minute or so. This may or may not be a determining factor for some. Interestingly, due to the difference in power, both the 6 quart and 8 quart sizes come to pressure more quickly than the smallest available 3 quart size!

    How crazy is that?

    What Are Instant Pot Smart Programs

    Instant Pot Duo Nova 7

    All Instant Pot models, regardless of size, are equipped with a variety of Smart programs. These can be used with the touch of a button.

    Outside of the pressure cook option that is standard for all models, your Instant Pot may also have saute, rice, beans, soup, and even cake programs! These programs can be further adjusted according to preference.

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    The Instant Pot 8 Qt Duo Crisp + Air Fryer In Stainless Steel/black

    The Instant Pot’s Duo Crisp + Air Fryer offers 11-in-1 functionality that is the best of all possible worlds. Swapping the pressure cooker and air fryer lids gives you multiple cooking functions for preparing just about any food.

    The Instant Pot’s Duo Crisp + Air Fryer offers 11-in-1 functionality that is the best of all possible worlds. Swapping the pressure cooker and air fryer lids gives you multiple cooking functions for preparing just about any food.

    The Instant Pot’s Duo Crisp + Air Fryer offers 11-in-1 functionality that is the best of all possible worlds. Swapping the pressure cooker and air fryer lids gives you multiple cooking functions for preparing just about any food.

    Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart Multi

    Courtesy Walmart

    Normally $99, Now $89

    If your Instant Pot stays on the countertop, its okay to want it pop just a bit. Featuring all the functionality of 7-in-1s – pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan and more, the regal red stainless steel finish is easy to clean and provides a modern look in any kitchen. Thirteen customizable programs accommodate a variety of one-touch meal options.

    The lowest price we’ve seen is $87.

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    Instant Pot Duo Nova 8

    Courtesy of Macys

    Normally $125, Now $100 at Amazon

    Six quarts just not cutting it for you? Upgrade to the 8-quart version of the popular Instant Pot Duo Nova for all the same great features but with a larger capacity. It fits enough food to feed the whole family, and youll probably end up with some leftovers to save for lunch the next day.

    The lowest price we’ve seen for this item is $81.

    Instant Pot 6 Quart Vs 8 Quart Slow Cooker Differences To Know

    Introducing the Instant Pot Duo Crisp 8 Quart Programmable Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer
    • The 8-quart size is available for the Instant Pot Duo, Duo Plus, Pro, and Ultra models. While the different variations offer unique features, the 8 quart is really just a bigger size and does not offer any extra options.
    • The 8-quart size allows you to make enough food to serve more than six people, so its great for larger families or potlucks.
    • The 6-quart size is available for every Instant Pot variation. This includes the Instant Pot Duo, Duo Plus, Pro, Max, and Ultra.

    The Max is the only variation of this slow cooker that is available exclusively in the 6-quart size.

    Depending on your needs, this may be the determining factor in your decision to purchase a 6 quart Instant Pot over the 8-quart. The 6-quart size can feed smaller families of 4-6 people.

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    Instant Pot Duo Plus 9


    Normally $130, Now $89 at Walmart

    This 9-in-1 Duo Plus model comes with everything you get in the Duo 7-in-1, but with two additional programs. The sous vide makes it easy to perfectly regulate the water and food temperature, and the sterilizer functions let you sterilize bottles and jars with zero effort. Like other Duo models, you can delay start for up to 24 hours.

    The lowest price we’ve seen for this item is $59.

    Normally $150, Now $100 at Walmart

    Get the best of both worlds in a compact appliance. Two different lids open up a world of cooking options: the pressure cooker lid operates like your normal Instant Pot slow cooker / pressure cooker so you can steam, sauté, warm, slow cook, even dehydrate. Swap out for the Air Fryer lid and youre good to go with low-fat frying and baking of chicken, French fries and more.

    $100 is the lowest price we’ve seen for this item.

    Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 8qt Electric Pressure Cooker 8

    Cooking with the Instant Pot is even easier with the Duo Nova. Its updated lid means you never again have to worry about whether or not you remembered to close the steam release valve because when you close the Duo Nova lid it automatically seals the pressure valve! And to release the steam faster, just push the quick-release button to let the pressure out.

    8 Quart is perfect large families or whipping up big batches of prepared meals for the week.

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    Qt Instant Pot Pro Best Overall

    The Instant Pot Pro 80 is the best 8 quart Instant Pot that you can buy. Its one of the most decked-out pressure cookers from the brand, boasting 10-in-1 cooking capabilities.

    Aside from tenderizing your meat, you can also sauté with it, cook rice, sterilize, bake, steam, make yogurt, sous vide and it also has a function for keeping your food warm.

    And if youll add all its other extra functions, youll have a total of 28 walkaway cooking presets.

    The best thing about it though, is the inner pot design. It comes with a rubberized handle that works with your cooktop. You can literally sauté on your gas range or convection cooktop, and then, when youre done building up the flavor, you can let the machine finish the cooking.

    My complaint about the traditional pot is its too high for mixing ingredients. The handled pot design is really a game-changer in the pressure cooker market. You wont find this feature with any of the Ninja Pressure Cookers.

    Another reason to get this large capacity pressure cooker is the optional Quick Cool Tray. Instead of waiting for 30 minutes when naturally releasing pressure, its just 10-15 minutes with this accessory.

    I havent even mentioned the five programmable buttons.

    Dont take my word for it, see for yourself.

    Truly, the Instant Pot Pro is a professional-grade kitchen appliance for a household with a huge appetite.

    Getting the Instant Pot Pro Crisp would be a no-brainer if budget is not an issue.

    Instant Pot Duo Plus 8 Quart 9

    Instant Pot Duo 80 7


    • SIMPLE, STRESS-FREE VENTING with an intuitive steam release switch that automatically resets when lid is closed
    • 9-IN-1 APPLIANCES: Pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker, seamer, food warmer, sous vide and sterilizer
    • QUICK ONE-TOUCH COOKING with 15 customizable Smart Programs: Pressure cook, slow cook, saute, soup, broth, cake, egg, rice, bean, grain, porridge, oatmeal, sterilize, yogurt and sous vide
    • EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY in contemporary design includes full cooking progress bar, dedicated Start button, separate pressure and temperature indicators, plus dual Fahrenheit and Celsius indicators
    • SMART-DESIGN INNER POT uses food-grade stainless-steel , a tri-ply bottom for more even cooking, and an anti-spin design that secures the pot for perfect sauteing
    • COOK FAST OR COOK SLOW, with pressure cooking up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods or slow cooking for traditional grandma-approved recipes
    • EASY SEAL LID automatically seals when the lid is closed

    Instant Pot Duo Plus 8 Quart 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker & Warmer, Sterilizer, 15 One-Touch Programs

    Instant Pot Duo
    Cooks up to 70% Faster
    3QT, 6QT, 8QT

    Size:8-QT | Style Name:Duo Plus


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    What Are The Different Accessories I Can Buy For My Instant Pot

    Theres a great range of accessories out there available for your Instant Pot, both directly from Instant and from third party companies.

    The Instant site has lids, inner pots, steamers, racks, bake pans, trays, grills, and more. There are also Instant air fryer lids for 6 quart size models.

    If youre not against buying third party accessories, the list goes on for miles! Youll be able to cook like a pro-level chef with those kinds of great options.

    Overall, a standard Instant Pot is capable of more than most people will ever need from a kitchen appliance but with accessories, the possibilities are wonderful!

    Compare Large Instant Pots

    We only featured six 8-quart Instant Pots above. To date the brand already released eleven 8-qt models, however more than half of them have already been discontinued . For the sake of educating our readers, were still be including all of them in this comparison table.

    With stovetop compatible handled inner pot Programmable Faster natural release Can sous vide
    Automatic sealing + safer pressure release Can sous vide
    Faster natural release With stovetop compatible handled inner pot Can sous vide
    Automatic sealing + safer pressure release Can sous vide
    Automatic sealing + safer pressure release Programmable Ultra mode
    Automatic sealing vent + safer pressure release No sous vide function
    Faster natural release Automatic sealing + safer pressure release With stovetop compatible handled inner pot Can sous vide
    Automatic sealing + safer pressure release Can sous vide
    No sous vide function Discontinued

    One thing thats not included in this list is the Chewbacca Instant Pot. Its the only 8-quart Star Wars pressure cooker, sadly its already been discontinued.

    So all in all, you only have six options if youre looking for a large Instapot pressure cooker.

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