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How To Reheat Frozen Soup In Instant Pot: Like A Pro

How to use the Saute Function of your Instant pot

Perhaps you are a pro when it comes to reheating leftovers in your instant pot, but how far do your skills go when it comes to reheating frozen stuff? We are talking about frozen soup here.

Well, we do not know what you have to say to that but we definitely have an answer for you.

If you are one of those people that like to pre-prep your meals, you want to make the instant pot your best friend because it makes freezer-cooking way easier.

Let us not waste any more time and get straight into the how to reheat frozen soup by means of an instant pot.

How Do I Get Into This Thing When Its At Pressure

Now you need to release the pressure. There are two ways:

  • Natural release: That means you do nothing but wait. The more food in the Instant Pot, the longer it takes for the pressure to come downas long as 30 minutes if you have, say, a big batch of chili. In a lot of recipes, this time is actually part of the cooking time, and the recipe will specify natural release in the instructions. Think of it as carryover cooking. Youll use natural release with dried beans, a lot of soups and stews, most meats, steamed desserts, and long-cooking vegetables.
  • Quick release: With this method, you use the quick release valve and steam shoots up out of it. Once again, the more food in your Instant Pot, the longer it takes for the steam to release. Youll use quick release for quick-cooking foods like tender vegetables and seafoods.

How To Saute In The Instant Pot

Sauté is a non-pressure cooking program that can be used in place of a frying pan or flat-top grill. For recipes that call for browned onions or garlic, its important to sauté them before adding liquid to the pot as you will release a lot of flavor this way. Another reason to sauté first is for browning meat. Lastly, sautéeing before cooking is a great way to increase heat and reduce the amount of time your pot will take to come to pressure. Learn more about other smart program settings on Instant Pot here.

Step 1. Star the Instant Pot. Insert the inner pot into the cooker base. Do not use the lid for the next step.

Step 2. Press the Sauté button. After 10 seconds, the cooker displays ON to indicate that it has begun heating. When display switches from On to Hot, add ingredients you want to brown. Note: You can add ingredients before the Hot message appears if you do, it may not appear at all. This is normal.

The control panel will display a 30-minute countdown timer as a maximum Sauté time, you can use it for reference if you like or disregard.

The default temperature setting for Sauté function is Normal. Press Sauté again to cycle through for Less and More temperature options. Use Normal for general pan searing or sautéing, Less for simmering, thickening and reducing liquids and More for Stir-frying or browning meat.

Step 4. Add any other ingredients and liquids. Stir if needed or leave layered and continue with the manual or program settings to pressure cook the food.

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What Is An Instant Pot

You might be wondering: but what is an instant pot?. Well, and an instant pot is actually the brand name of a range of multi-function electric pressure cookers.

At present, Instant Pot is one of the most popular brands in the United States and Canada .

These appliances are famous for their cooking ability, along with having many safety features which make them suitable for home cooking.

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Lets Put This Thing Together

First, wash and dry the lid, gasket, and metal insert. Now youre ready.

On the back of the cooker, youll see a spot where the drip catcher goes. Slide it right in. Its made to remove easily, so you can empty it. Without the catcher, youd wind up with small puddles on your counter.

Pop the insert in the cooker. Now insert the power cord into the cookers socket. Plug it in. The digital display on the front should now read OFF. Your cooker is now in standby mode.

Slide the rubbery gasket ring under the lid there’s a bracket where it will snap into place. The gasket helps seal the pot, allowing it to come to pressure.

Alison Conklin

On the underside of the lid is also a small metal cage. It will be round or rectangular, depending on your Instant Pot model, and it helps keep the valve from getting clogged with bits of food. Its removable so you can clean it out if necessary, but you probably won’t need to do this very often.

Alison Conklin

Look for arrows on the top of the lid and side of the cooker. Line these up to get the lid on and off. The first dozen or so times you use your IP, this whole getting-the-lid-on-and-off will feel unnatural, because your cooker is new and so are you. Itll eventually become second nature. If the cooker is plugged in, it bleeps cheerfully when you open and close it.

Next to the steam release is the pressure indicator. This is a little metal cylinder that the steam pushes up its a manual indicator that the unit has attained pressure.

Yogurt Making Sauting And Other Uses

True to its name, the multicooker can do more than just pressure cook and slow cook. Depending on your model, it may also feature several settings for preparing yogurt, rice or poultry, as well as sautéeing.

  • Yogurt Setting

    How you use this function will vary based on the recipe and your model. Most yogurt functions will heat the pot at 180 degrees to 200 degrees, which kills any errant bacteria in the milk, and helps the yogurt to thicken. Then it keeps the milk at 110 degrees for several hours, during which time it ferments. Consult your manual for exact instructions.

  • Saute Setting

    The sauté function works like a burner on your stove, heating the inner pot from the bottom up, and allowing you to brown meats and vegetables, and to simmer sauces to reduce them.

    The sauté function on most cookers has several levels, from low to high, allowing you to adjust the heat. If yours doesnt, and the food is turning too dark too quickly, turn off the machine for a few minutes to bring down the heat. Then, if necessary, turn it back on. Its not a perfect solution, but it works well enough. Or, you can always brown the ingredients on the stove in a skillet, then transfer them to the pot for the remainder of the cooking. Note that when sautéing, the multicookers lid should always be off.

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    Every Instant Pot Button Explained

    Soup/Broth. This button cooks at High Pressure for 30 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 40 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 20 minutes.

    Meat/Stew. This button cooks at High Pressure for 35 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 45 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 20 minutes.

    Bean/Chili. This button cooks at High Pressure for 30 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 40 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 25 minutes.

    Poultry. This button cooks at High Pressure for 15 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 30 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 5 minutes.

    Rice. This button cooks at Low Pressure and is the only fully automatic program. It is for cooking white rice and will adjust the cooking time depending on the amount of water and rice in the cooking pot.

    Multigrain. This button cooks at High Pressure for 40 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 45 minutes of warm water soaking time and 60 minutes pressure cooking time. Adjusted to less cooks for 20 minutes.

    Porridge. This button cooks at High Pressure for 20 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 30 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 15 minutes.

    Less | Normal | More. Adjust between the Less | Normal | More settings by pressing the same cooking function button repeatedly until you get to the desired setting.

    and Buttons. Adjust the cook time up or down .

    Slow Cook. Adjust to slow cook on low , normal , or high . Use and to increase or decrease the cook time.

    Cancel. End a cooking program at any time.

    How To Set Up Instant Pot

    How to Use Instant Pot Sauté Function

    Steam Rack :

    Steam Release Valve:

    sealingventing1. Sealing: 2. Venting or How to Release Pressure from the Pressure Cooking Setting-Quick release.

    -Natural release. If you do NOT do a quick release by pushing the valve to the venting position, the Instant Pot will naturally begin to release the steam on its own immediately after the programmed cooking time is over. This allows the pressure to naturally dissipate on its own. It will start counting to let you know how many minutes it has been releasing the pressure. Usually this takes about 10-20 minutes depending on what and how long you have been cooking something.

    The Underside of the Instant Pot Lid:

    The Anti-Block Shield:

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    Can You Cook On Saut In The Instant Pot

    Absolutely yes. Instant pots are specialized to help you with cooking many dishes. This means that you can cook your food on sauté mode in the instant pot as well.

    You can sauté food on the instant pot, yet you need to use the multi-function buttons like Sauté.

    However, there are some steps that you need to follow when cooking on a sauté pan in an instant pot. Here they are:

    What About Other Instant Pot Models

    • Duo Plus: Like the Duo, but with a blue LCD display and few more settings . You can toggle to sound off or on.
    • Smart WiFi: Generally like the Duo, but you can pair it with an app and use your smartphone to control some of its functions.
    • Lux: No yogurt making setting. Does not need a drip catcher. Each setting will remember the cook time you programmed most recently.
    • Ultra: Has a central control knob, not as many buttons, and a few more special settings. Has a feature to automatically adjust for pressure cooking at altitude. Quick release button keeps fingers away from the steam release valve. Each setting will remember the cook time you programmed most recently.
    • Max: This has a touch screen, a sous-vide function, heats faster, can be programmed to automatically release steam, and offers an altitude adjustment option.

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    For Instant Pot Chunked Celery:

    • From fresh: Cook on high pressure for 2-3 minutes before performing a quick release.
    • From frozen: Cook on high pressure for 3-4 minutes before performing a quick release.

    We hope that you found this Instant Pot 101 guide helpful. Make sure to bookmark it for later for all of your vegetable cooking needs! If you enjoyed it, wed love if you spread the word and share this article.

    Instant Pot Chicken Curry

    A How To Sauté In Instant Pot Guide

    by John Kanell

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    A super simple Instant Pot Chicken Curry ready in no time! Made with juicy chicken, curry powder and creamy coconut milk this curry bursting is with flavor and couldn’t be easier to make. Serve with fluffy rice and naan bread.

    As my friend likes to say, this is curry in a hurry! It doesnt get much quicker or easier than this simple Instant Pot riff on classic chicken curry. I give whole boneless chicken thighs a quick saute along with lots of curry, onion, and ginger, then lock it way to pressure cook for a scant 8 minutes with creamy coconut milk and voiladinner is ready. All you have to do is fix some rice, toast some naan bread, and youve got a great meal.

    If you love Indian curries then check out my Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken recipes too!

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    Instant Pot Recipes Made Simple

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    • Tried-and-true recipes the whole family will love including pot roast, spaghetti, tacos, carnitas, soups, and easy breakfast meals
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    • Two-week meal plan that you can put into action for no-stress weeknight dinners

    Making Adjustments On Saut Mode

    You should keep in mind that things require more heat than normal cooking or simmering. So you need to adjust your settings accordingly to avoid issues.

    For example, you should start your dish on sauté mode first. Once the food is started cooking, switch to the Keep Warm mode for avoiding overcooking or burning.

    Dont forget that instant pot work differently than other traditional pressure cookers. So its better to read its manual thoroughly before starting. And

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    For Whole Spaghetti Squash:

    • Start by cutting the squash in half. My personal preference is to slice the spaghetti squash crosswise rather than lengthwise because it produces longer strands that better resemble spaghetti. Youve gotta get a good twirl on your fork! They also soak up sauce better this way. Then, remove the seeds.
    • Place a steamer basket or trivet in the pot along with one cup of water.
    • Place the squash halves into the basket or trivet and seal the lid.
    • Set the pressure cooker to cook on high for 7 minutes and follow up with a quick release. You can do a natural pressure release for a few minutes if you prefer your pasta well done. A quick-release will give you al dente results.

    Additional Power Pressure Cooker Xl Buttons:

    Instant Pot Lesson 2: the Saute Function
    • Canning the canning button cooks at 12 psi, which is high pressure in the Instant Pot. If you prefer, you can do all your pressure cooking using the canning button if youre pressure cooking longer than 10 minutes. You can adjust the time to 45 and 120 minutes. The Power Pressure Cooker manual does not recommend pressure canning if you are at an altitude above 2,000 ft. However, a division of the USDA warned consumers against pressure canning in digital pressure cookers. Hot water bath canning is safe.
    • Slow Cook 2 hourcook time, use the cook time selector to adjust to 6 hours or 12 hours. Slow cook cooks between 174-199° F which would be equivalent to low on a traditional slow cooker.
    • Keep Warm/Cancel Button Use this button to cancel a function or turn off your pressure cooker. When you pressure cooking time is up, it will automatically switch to Keep Warm.
    • Delay Timer allows you to set the pressure cooker to start cooking later in the day.

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    Using The Instant Pot Buttons May Seem A Little Intimidating At First Because There Are So Many But Really Its Easy

    Before you know it youll be whipping up fabulous meals and desserts that will impress your friends and family. Have fun!

    For step by step instructions, watch my how to use an Instant Pot multicooker video.

    For more information on using your new Instant Pot, come join my Facebook community at .

    ***Many thanks to my friend Sigrid for alerting me to the updated information about the latest versions of the Instant Pot buttons.***

    Pin It

    For Simple Instant Pot Steamed Carrots:

    • Clean carrots and peel if desired. Slice, chunk, or shred carrots if desired.
    • Place the trivet or steamer basket into the inner pot and add one cup of water. Then, add the carrots.
    • For sliced or shredded carrots: Cook on HIGH pressure for 0 minutes before performing a quick release. Even though the timer is set to zero, the cooking still happens during the pressure build-up.
    • For whole or chunked carrots: Cook on high pressure for 1-3 minutes before performing a quick release. As a rule, thinner carrots or baby carrots will cook fine at the 1-minute mark, whereas larger, thicker, whole carrots will cook best around the 3-minute mark.
    • For frozen: Add 1-2 minutes to the appropriate cooking time for the best results.

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    Can You Use Frozen Vegetables

    Yes, you can definitely use frozen vegetables in this recipe! Frozen vegetables are an easier way of adding veggies to any dish because theyre pre-cut, pre-washed and typically pre-cooked as well! With that being said, you will want to reduce the cook time of the frozen vegetables so you dont end up with soggy stir fry veggies.

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