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Do Instant Pots Have Teflon

Regardless of which model or version of the Instant Pot you buy, all of the parts that are meant to come into contact with food are made out of stainless steel.

This means that the inner pot does not have any harmful coatings on it and does not use Teflon. While other portions of the Instant Pot may be made out of materials like plastic, there is no non-stick surface present on any of the Instant Pots.

Why Should Teflon Be Avoided?

Non-stick cookware became popular in the 1930s because it provided a frictionless surface that was easy to clean, required little oil or butter, and was non-reactive. The ingredient used in non-stick cookware is polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon and is also used to coat cables, make wire, and waterproof fabrics like raincoats.

When Teflon was created, a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid was used in conjunction with it and has been linked to a number of health conditions.

  • Thyroid Disorders,
  • Infertility,
  • Low Birth Weight.

While PFOA was used to manufacture Teflon, it has since been discontinued. Despite this, a lot of individuals like to avoid using Teflon-based pots and pans as temperatures above 570 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the material to breakdown and release its toxic chemicals.

If you cook at high temperatures using Teflon and it breaks down, you may contract polymer fume fever. The symptoms of this include fever, body aches, headaches, and chills.

What Alternatives Are Being Used Today?

What’s The Best Size Instant Pot

Instant Pots and other multi-cookers come in an array of different capacities ranging from 3 quart / 3 liters right up to 8 quart / 7.5 liters, so knowing which size Instant Pot is best for you can be confusing.

For most people, the 6 quart / 5.7-liter size Instant Pot will prove to be the most useful. Instant say this capacity is enough to feed between three and size people depending upon your appetite, so will be ideal for families or those looking to batch cook meals for a handful of people.

The larger 8 quart / 7.5-liter size will be a better fit for bigger families, or anyone cooking on a large scale, such as creating chilies, stews, or curries for a party. Meanwhile, for one or two-person households the smaller 3-quart / 3 liter, Instant Pot will ensure you’re not using additional energy by cooking a small quantity in an Instant Pot that’s just too large for your needs.

It’s worth remembering that not all models of Instant Pot are available in all sizes, so do check before deciding on the best model for you.

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How Much Pressure Is In A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker essentially looks like a regular pot. However, it is made from heavy-duty material and comes with a modified lid that locks over a rubber gasket creating an airtight seal.

Its mechanism of action is fairly straightforward and works by increasing the temperature of the boiling water inside the pot by trapping all the steam that would ordinarily evaporate within the cauldron. It is therefore essential that any food getting cooked inside has to have some liquid to boil in to provide sufficient steam pressure.

The overall effect is that all this trapped steam increases the atmospheric pressure inside the cooker by 15 pounds above the normal sea-level pressure or 15 pounds per square inch . This then causes the boiling point of water to increase from 212°F to 250°F. This higher temperature is what is ultimately responsible for reducing the time it takes to cook food.

As soon as the cooker reaches full pressure, a release valve on the lid opens to let the excess steam out. This happens in a regulated fashion so that the high temperatures within the pot can be maintained at a constant level.

Do Instant Pots Destroy Nutrients

Instant Pot Max

When food is cooked, theres always a nutrient loss to some extent, it doesnt matter how you cook it. Of course, some methods of preparing food are capable of retaining nutrients more effectively than others.

High heat methods such as grilling and broiling have a greater negative impact on the nutritional value of food than pressure cookers do. Now, you may think that the pressure cooker is a high-heat method because of how quick it is.

Well, the pressure cooker doesnt cook faster because it operates at high temperatures, it actually operates at lower temperatures than most other methods of cooking do. Its the increased pressure that makes it possible for the pressure cooker to be more effective.

The pressure cooker retains nutrients effectively because it

  • Doesnt cook food for a long time, which equals less time for nutrient depletion.
  • Doesnt operate at very high temperatures.
  • Keeps the nutrients that are forced out of the foods in the liquids inside the cooker. Using the liquids to make soup or broth will ensure that some of the nutrients that have been depleted are still absorbed.

As shown in this 20-year-old study, pressure cookers could, even back then, retain as much as 90-95% of the nutrients. Preserving such a large portion of nutrients is rare for most methods of cooking.

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The Best Pressure Canner For Experienced Canners: All American Pressure Canner

Of all the canners I used, the All American Pressure Canner was the one that gave me the most confidence that everything inside the canner was doing what it was supposed to do. The combination of a dial gauge with a weighted gauge made it easy to check the pressure progress. And its built like a tank.

What’s The Difference Between A Pressure Canner And A Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are meant to cook food fast. The sealed cooking chamber works by trapping steam, which increases pressure andcriticallytemperature inside the vessel, thereby reducing cooking times. Pressure canners, meanwhile, are designed to regulate pressure and temperature to ensure that dangerous pathogens are destroyed. The high-pressure, high-temperature environment also forces oxygen out of the jars to enable a long shelf life.

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What Are Different Styles Of Pressure Canners

There are three main types of pressure canners Dial Gauge, Weighted Gauge and Dual Gauge Canners

If youve lost your user manual, are new to canning or are just a little bit rusty since the last time you canned, please google or read up on how to use your pressure canner. Heres a botulism survivor telling how she misused her pressure canner.

Are Instant Pots Safe For Your Health

Pressure Canning in an Instant Pot

Yes, the Instant Pot is indeed safe for your health and perfectly fine to cook with. The stainless steel, non-coated inner pot does not leach out any chemicals into your food.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind when cooking with a stainless-steel pressure cooker like the Instant Pot, is that acidic food can cause the stainless-steel material to leach out.

This can cause chromium, nickel, and iron to seep into your food. Now, since the body needs chromium and iron, this isnât of much concern, but some individuals do have allergic reactions to nickel. So, keep this in mind when you go to cook acidic foods in your pressure cooker.

The Instant Pot Comes With Safety Features to Protect Your Physical Well-being

The Instant Pot was created with multiple safety mechanisms in place to help prevent explosions, overflowing, burning, and scorching.

  • The Instant Pot comes with a control panel that monitors the time duration, heat intensity, internal pressure, and temperature.
  • Every pre-set button is designed to use the correct pressure, heat intensity, temperature, and time duration to ensure your food is cooked correctly and safely.
  • If the Instant Pot gets too hot, the electrical and temperature fuse will cut out.
  • Each Instant Pot comes with an automatic regulator that adjusts the pressure on the fly. The pressure release valve will release excess pressure, preventing too much build up.
  • If the lid is not locked on properly, it will alert you.

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Dial Gauge Pressure Canners

With a dial gauge canner you adjust the heat of your stove to ensure the dial reads the pressure indicated in your recipe. It is easy to read and you can change the pressure by changing the heat level on your stove.

These canners should be tested annually to ensure the pressure is accurate for safe canning. After many phone calls and attempts, I know first hand that it is VERY DIFFICULT to find someone who will test your dial gauge here in Manitoba and in other parts of Canada. In the US most Ag extension offices will test your gauges or be able to identify someone who will. Were not so lucky where I am.

If you cant confirm the accuracy of your pressure canner you cant be sure your food is safe. This is a deal breaker for me.

Test : User Experience

No one is going to haul a pressure canner out of storage to can turkey stock after Thanksgiving if their canner is too annoying to use. No one is going to buy extra green beans at the farmers market to can them if they hate using their canner.

User experience encompasses everything from the ease of putting the lid onto the canner to the experience of loading and unloading jars. While these werent quantifiable tests, I used these canners enough to collect a list of annoyances and accolades. Most of those were about the lids, but I made other notes as well.

Right off the bat, I saw that the Granite Ware needed higher heat than the rest of the canners it also cooled off much faster when the heat was turned offlike all the canners in this review, it was made of aluminum, but it had thinner walls and a wider, shorter shape compared to the rest, which may have contributed to how it retained and lost heat. Of all the canners, it was also the most responsive to heat changes, reacting more quickly when I raised or lowered the heat on the stove.

On the other hand, the pin on the Granite Ware canner was silver colored, which made it hard to see, particularly if I wasn’t standing close to the stove. The handles on the canner lid look identical, but only one of them has a pin, which I thought was odd.

The lid on the All American looked intimidating at first, but over time it became my favorite, and the gauge was easy to read.

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Tips For Safe Steam Canning

Use high acid food: High acid foods are fruits, jams, tomatoes, and pickles for canning. You cannot can meat, poultry, etc with steam canning.

Use a tested recipe: Make sure you are using recipes for canning from a tested and trusted source.

Use pure steam: Make sure you test your instant pot for accuracy. When you are steam canning, make sure you start your processing time only after you there is a steady column of steam rising from the vent.

Use heated jars and heated food: If you use cold jars and cold food, the processing time you use will not be accurate. Also by using cold jars in a hot instant pot you run the risk of cracking the jars.

Adjust recipe according to elevation: If you are at 1000 ft or sea level, there is no adjustment necessary. However, as the elevation increases, you will need to increase the processing time.

  • 1001 3000 ft: Increase the time processing time by 5 minutes
  • 3001 6000 ft: Increase the time processing time by 10 minutes
  • 6001 8000 ft: Increase the time processing time by 15 minutes
  • 8001 10000 ft: Increase the time processing time by 20 minutes

Use processing that is 45 mins or less: Since our Instant Pots are small and there is a limited amount of water that we can add to it, the processing time must be limited to 45 minutes. This includes the time increased due to elevation.

What To Consider When Buying An Instant Pot

Instant Pot Ultra pressure cookers discounted up to 39 percent off

With such a wide array of models available when it comes to Instant Pots and multi-cookers, choosing the right one for you can be confusing.

Start by considering the different cooking methods offered by the best Instant Pots and multi-cookers, and the dishes you prepare most. While some offer a handful of cooking modes including pressure cooking and slow cooking, others including the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus have as many as 48 different ways of cooking and can do everything including proving bread and making yogurt.

Next look at the capacity the Instant Pot can hold and whether it’s sufficient for the number of people you have to cook for. Multi-cookers with a 6 quart / 5.7-liter capacity and above are ideal for those with a large family to feed, or those that want to batch-cook, while a smaller Instant Pot can hold around 3.2 quarts / 3 liters should suffice for an individual or couple.

On top of that, look out for Instant Pots and multi-cookers that have inner pots that can be used on the stove, when browning meat before slow cooking and are dishwasher safe to make sure you have as few utensils to wash up as possible.

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Is Canning In An Instant Pot Safe


It is essential to make sure all your canning items and environment are clean and sterile. Any bacteria trapped in your canned food will spread and make you sick if consumed.

You can be subject to health risks without taking the proper safety precautions!

is the most commonly associated food-borne illness with home-canned foods.

Make sure to follow the USDA-approved procedures to make sure everything is safe when youre canning.

Here are some great resources to learn more about home canning safety.

When It comes to equipment that built up the pressure it could be dangerous. In a recent article, I address all the essential safety tips when using an Instant Pot.

How Do Instant Pots & Pressure Cookers Work

Instant Pots contain two main parts, the lid, and the main unit. Then there are other parts, such as the float valve, the sealing ring, the release hole, and the stainless steel insert.

The lid and the main unit are sealed shut once the ingredients have been added to the Instant Pot. Then, when the Instant Pot starts heating up, the liquid starts to heat up. When it comes to a boil it starts to produce steam.

Because the container is sealed shut, the steam has nowhere to escape this increase the pressure inside the vessel. The increased pressure increases the temperature at which water boils, this means that the water boiling inside the pressure cooker is boiling above 212 degrees Fahrenheit. If it wasnt for the increased pressure, the water would evaporate right away.

The increased pressure also forces the heat to penetrate the foods. This, in turn, causes anything inside the Instant Pot to cook much faster than it would otherwise.

Pressure cooking is very useful for those who live at high altitudes. You can read more about the benefits of high-altitude pressure cooking here.

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What Does Pressure Cook Mean On Instant Pot

The manual or pressure cook setting allows you to set the cook time to whatever you would like. This is by far the MOST utilized function on the instant pot. Basically you are just setting a specific cook time on high pressure. This means YOU control the outcome!

Our Top Pick Is The Presto Pressure Canner And Cooker

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When youre faced with a glut of late-season corn or zucchini, or youve made a double-batch of stock and are out of freezer storage, one appliance can preserve them all: the pressure canner. Its the only way to safely can low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood, even soups, stews, and chili. With its large pot, tight seal, and ability to heat water above boiling, a pressure canner traps steam and creates pressure, yielding a temperature thats high enough to kill bacteria, particularly those that cause botulism. Canning can be a fun family-friendly project as well as a way to teach kids about seasonal produce and food preservation.

As with any home appliance, be sure to read your pressure canners user manual before use. Carefully follow the directions for your pressure canner and consult the U.S. Department of Agriculture instructions to ensure that your canned food is safe to eat.

With these guidelines in mind, here are the best pressure canners on the market.

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What If My Jars Dont Seal

If any of your jars dont seal, you can reprocess your food. The first step is to remove the jars lid to check if there are any knicks on the rim of the jar. If yes, transfer the contents to a new jar and reprocess them. If it still doesnt work, store the jar in the refrigerator and consume it within a few weeks.

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