How Long To Cook Turkey Legs In Instant Pot

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Tools For Pressure Cooker Turkey One Pot Meal

Instant Pot Turkey Legs

First dice onion, mince garlic, chop carrot & celery, and halve Yukon gold potatoes.

Then, grate the Parmesan cheese.

First, pat dry the turkey quarters with paper towels.

Then, season them with generous amount of kosher salt and ground black pepper.

Time to heat up your pressure cooker.

Instant Pot users: press Sauté button and click Adjust button to Sauté More function

Wild Turkey Buffalo Cheese Dip

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How Long Do You Cook Drumsticks In A Pot

Everything in the pot:Pour the water and soy sauce into the pot, then add the drumsticks. Pressure cook the drumsticks:Lock the lid and cook at high pressure for 20 minutes stovetop/25 minutes electric PC, then let the pressure come down naturally for 15 minutes, and quick release any remaining pressure.

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How To Make Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks In The Instant Pot

  • Add 1 cup water and the trivet to the Instant Pot
  • Stack fresh or frozen chicken drumsticks/legs on top of trivet
  • Lock the lid, turn the knob to sealing, and cook on manual high pressure for 10-12 minutes
  • Turn the broiler or grill on high
  • Do a quick release, then remove the chicken legs to a broiler pan, cookie sheet with rack, cookie sheet with foil, or grill.
  • Baste the Instant Pot chicken legs with your favorite teriyaki sauce. I usually make my own, but I also love Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Sauce or from Mo Bettahs if youre local to Utah.
  • Broil for 3-5 minutes, then remove from the oven. Flip them over, repeat. Baste with extra sauce after the second broil .

Is It Really Burning

How To Make Baked Turkey Legs  Melanie Cooks

Occasionally, the Instant Pot may give you a burn error message during pressure-cooking. There are a few reasons for this, but the most common causes are the pressure weight isnt in the sealing position, or the pot wasnt deglazed well enough, and there are brown bits stuck to the bottom that are blocking the heat sensor. Occasionally the weight can be lopsided on the steam vent, so make sure that you place the weight straight on and turn to the sealing position.

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Turkey Drumsticks Pressure Cooker Recipe

Pressure cooker turkey legs. · set instant pot to pressure cook · cook for 20 minutes · remove from instant pot and pair with side dish and enjoy! Sprinkle evenly over the turkey drumsticks.

Cover bottom of pot with 1 cup cold water for a 6 quart instant pot and 1.5 cups of cold water for an 8 quart instant pot. Add in trivet and place frozen or fresh ground meat directly on trivet. Put the lid on the Pressure Cooker and turn valve to seal. Set to High Pressure for 20 minutes if frozen, 6 minutes if fresh.

What Setting Do You Cook Chicken On In An Instant Pot


  • Arrange the chicken, salt, and water in the electric pressure cooker.
  • For perfectly juicy chicken breast: Cook the chicken on HIGH pressure for 10 minutes and quick release the pressure.
  • For shredded chicken: Cook the chicken on HIGH pressure for 15 minutes and natural release for 5 minutes.
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    Why Use The Instant Pot For Smoked Turkey Legs

    Juicy smoked turkey legs with lots of soul food flavor are faster and easier to cook in the Instant Pot.

    So how do you cook smoked turkey legs in a pressure cooker?

    Although pressure cooking is often quicker, this recipe still delivers by using the sauté setting for turkey meat thats tender on the inside and air-fried into crispy goodness on the outside.

    Its like having your holiday feast without all the fuss of the whole bird! Your family will never tire of eating this Thanksgiving favorite.

    Can You Cook Wild Turkey In A Pressure Cooker


    Wild turkey is notoriously known for being dry and somewhat tough. Our goal with this recipe was to create a simple way to introduce moisture to the wild turkey meat through the use of apple juice in a pressure cooker. The apple juice also adds a component of sweetness, while the spices supply the savory.

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    Instant Pot Turkey Legs Pressure Cooking Time

    We wanted to find the optimal pressure cooking time that will bring out both the turkeys flavors and tenderness. So, weve tested by cooking them at high pressure for different cooking times with our Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker.

    We first tested the turkey legs by cooking them at high pressure for 15 minutes, then natural release. The turkey legs were fully cooked and full of turkey flavors. However, the meat was tough and chewy. So, we needed to find out how much longer to pressure cook them in order to tenderize the meat without sending all the flavors to the gravy.

    Weve tested the turkey legs again the next day by pressure cooking them at high pressure for 18 minutes, then natural release. The turkey legs started to tenderize at this point. Then, by cooking them at high pressure for 20 minutes and natural release, the turkey legs were flavorful while being quite tender with some chew.

    Now its YOUR turn to take out your pressure cooker and cook some Pressure Cooker Turkey Legs and Turkey Gravy!

    Helpful Hints For The Paprika Turkey Recipe

    The sauté function on the Instant Pot heats up fast and is great for searing or browning meat and vegetables. After browning your turkey meat, remove it from the pot and make sure you deglaze your pot, so any caramelized and browned bits on the bottom dont block the heat sensor and trick the unit into thinking that something is burning. From this point, its easy to follow the recipe to complete the dish.

    After pressure-cooking meat, let the pot vent naturally for some time. Many recipes call for the addition of vegetables as a second cooking step, so manually venting, in this case, prevents the vegetables from getting too mushy. As in this turkey recipe, we are cooking the meat first and adding vegetables in the second stage. When the turkey is cooked, we let it depressurize naturally for 20 minutes, however when the vegetables were added, we manually vented the unit at the end of the cooking time to ensure the veggies are cooked to the correct consistency.

    Brad Fenson

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    Finishing The Turkey Drumstick Sandwich

    While the gravy cooks, you can begin to pull the turkey meat off of the bone of the turkey leg. I found it easiest to wait until it cooled enough then I pulled it with my hands and then I shredded the pieces with two forks. Season it with balsamic and brown sugar and pour cooked gravy over it, reserving some gravy for later.

    This sandwich is served open face onto toasted bread. You then put the meat on top of the bread and garnish it with green onions, pepper, and cayenne. Serve it as is, add more or less gravy or even add some hot sauce! The meat is great reheated too so dont worry if you have extra.

    Pressure Cooking The Turkey Drumsticks

    Instant Pot Turkey Breast

    My turkey drumsticks were 1kg each huge! Be sure that when you get your drumsticks that you can fit them into your pressure cooker. I use an 8 qt Instant Pot. Im not sure how to adjust the time for pressure cooking if you use different-sized drumsticks. All I can suggest is to make sure that after you naturally release the pressure for 10 minutes after the initial cooking, you ensure the drumsticks internal temperature is at least 165F. I seasoned the drumsticks with herbs and salt and made sure to flavour the broth I cooked it in with onion and carrot.

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    How Long To Cook Instant Pot Turkey Breast

    The magical ratio is: 6 minutes per pound of boneless turkey breast at high pressure. Six minutes per pound will give you supremely juicy turkey without that weird stringy texture you get when you cook poultry for too long. With turkey breast you want to quick release right away and take the turkey out of the Instant Pot so it doesnt continue to cook and get dry.

    How Long To Cook 2 Turkey Legs In Instant Pot

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    We all wait for Thanksgiving and New Year to enjoy roasted turkey but who said you have to wait an entire year? In particular, when you have an Instant Pot, making turkey legs is extremely convenient and quick. This is the reason why people ask, how long to cook 2 turkey legs in an Instant Pot? With this article, we are sharing the time needed and much more!

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    How Do You Make Turkey Legs In The Instant Pot

    Want to learn how to prepare Black folks smoked turkey legs?

    You can buy this part of the turkey already cut and pre-packaged from your local butcher or grocery store. Then all you need is a simple salt brine and a couple of seasonings to make this super flavorful recipe by sautéing and air frying with Instant Pot!

    Read on to find more! This blog post will go over the preparation process and give some helpful tips on making smoked turkey legs like a pro!

    • 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

    Slow Cooker Turkey Legs + Video

    How To Cook Turkey In The Instant Pot | Best Way Ever!

    Switch things up this holiday & serve slow cooker turkey legs! These rotisserie seasoned turkey legs can also be made in the Instant Pot.


    Im a household of two so turkey legs are a great alternative My local grocery store almost always has turkey legs. Because of them being readily available, I have come to love cooking turkey legs. Turkey legs are a good choice for the slow cooking. Dark meat poultry in general is a good cut for a slow cooker or electric pressure cooker . The method of slow cooking tenderizes the even toughest cut of poultry like turkey legs.


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    Instructions For Instant Pot Smoked Turkey Legs

  • Open the Instant Pot lid and pour the water, salt, and vinegar into the stainless-steel inner pot.
  • Add the turkey legs to the salt brine inside the inner pot.
  • Turn on the Instant Pot sauté setting for 30 minutes. youll need to add 10 minutes immediately when the first 30 minutes finishes for a total of 40 minutes on sauté.
  • With the Instant Pot lid off, allow the turkey legs to come to a boil on the sauté setting.
  • When the cooking time is finished , drain the water by gently sliding the turkey legs from the inner pot into a colander.
  • How To Cook Turkey Thighs In The Instant Pot

    Cooking bone-in turkey thighs in the instant pot pressure cooker is easy once you have the turkey season with the ingredients list above.

    Scroll down to the recipe card for detailed instructions. Here are the necessary steps:

    STEP 1. Moving the thighs to the pressure cooker: Add turkey thighs into the inner pot add the tomato paste and red wine.

    STEP 2. Putting the cover and set the time: Place the lid on the pot and lock it in place. Turn the steam release knob to the Sealing position . Press the manual/pressure cook button and the + or – button to choose 20 minutes of high pressure. The pot will take a few minutes to build up the pressure before the timer starts.

    STEP 3. Release the pressure: When the cooking cycle has finished, let the pot release the pressure naturally for 10 minutes, then do a Quick Release of the pressure by turning the knob towards the Venting position . When the metal pin in the lid drops down, you can open the lid facing away from you.

    STEP 4. Thick the sauce: Set to saute. Bring to a boil. Let the sauce reduce to your liking, Stirring often.

    Season with salt and pepper if needed. Sprinkle with fresh cilantro and serve.

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    Are Turkey Drumsticks The Same As Turkey Legs

    When you think of turkey, what word comes to mind? Turkey .

    But when it comes to turkey meat on a bone, are drumsticks and legs the same thing?

    The short answer is yes. Drumsticks and legs both come from a whole turkey that has been cut in half lengthwise.

    Both drumsticks and legs are the lower portions of a turkey that extend from where it is cut or halved. The leg portion consists of two parts: thigh and drumstick .

    How To Cook A Frozen Turkey In Your Instant Pot Aka Instapot

    How Long To Cook 2 Turkey Legs In Instant Pot?

    Frozen Turkey in the Instant Pot! Say it isnt so! Why not Free up your oven to make other dishes like Green bean casserole, stuffing, pies, or any other things that require baking. Turkeys take forever in the oven and most of the time turn out Dry and you have to drown it in gravy to make it edible. Why not cook your turkey in the Instant pot? Better yet, why not cook it from frozen?

    Disclaimer:This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase from one of the links I receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

    You may be asking yourself.. Can you actually cook a frozen turkey?

    Can you even cook frozen meat in an instant pot?

    Can you cook a turkey breast from frozen?

    The answer to all of these are YES!

    WHAT? OMG Felicia did you say cook it frozen?? Why yes, I did! Most of the time we dont have the time to take something out to thaw for dinner or we just Spoof and forget. Can you relate?

    I didnt realize how many recipes and different ways you could do this. You can even cook a small whole turkey in the Instant Pot, frozen even but I havent dared that one yet because it is a bit more complicated than just the breast. But I do know it is possible and I will be trying it very soon.

    Being the holidays Im sure you are frantically running around trying to find gifts for your loved ones and friends. If you have a blogger friend may I suggest the Ultimate Bundle packages.

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    Instant Pot Turkey Thighs With Potatoes And Gravy

    Instant pot turkey thighs with potatoes and gravy is not just a delicious weekend dinner for the whole family, but also a fantastic idea for Thanksgiving! Ready in 20 minutes this dish will be perfect for holidays if you dont like turkey breast or just having a dinner for too.

    I know lots of people who prefer turkey legs over turkey breast. Its much more juicy and has much higher fat content. And what is the most important, its hard to mess up.

    How To Make Instant Pot Turkey Thighs

  • First, pat dry the turkey thighs with a paper towel.
  • In a medium bowl, season your turkey thighs with the dry white wine, salt, ground black pepper and granulated garlic.
  • Chop and dice your onion and mince the garlic cloves. Set them aside.
  • Press the saute function on your instant pot. Add the butter and wait for it to melt.
  • Next, place the turkey thighs skin side down into the instant pot along with any remaining marinade. Sear them for about 5 minutes then remove them and set them aside on a plate.
  • Add the chopped onion and garlic cloves to the instant pot and saute for about 1 minute. Immediately add in the turkey or chicken broth and use a wooden spoon to scrape the bits off of the bottom of the pot.
  • Next, place the turkey thighs back into the instant pot along with the fresh rosemary, sage and thyme.
  • Cancel the saute function and close the lid. Cook on high pressure for 30 minutes.
  • Once the cooking time is up, let the pressure natural release for 20 minutes. Release any remaining pressure by engaging the quick release button. Once the valve drops, youll know the pressure is done releasing.
  • Transfer the turkey thighs to a plate and begin making the gravy.
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    Instant Pot Turkey Legs And Rice

    Instant Pot Turkey Legs And Rice. Delicious juicy turkey leg cooked over a bed of Mediterranean vegetable rice. A healthy quick dinner in the instant pot pressure cooker for two.

    I love the simplicity of this instant pot turkey leg recipe and its perfect for when you find a special price on a turkey leg and cant decide what to cook with it.

    This instant pot Mediterranean turkey and rice recipe was originally published in early 2017, just after purchasing our first instant pot. We are updating it for you with more pictures, more recipe ideas and even more instant pot turkey and rice tips.

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  • How To Make Turkey In An Instant Pot

    How to Make a Turkey Dinner in the Instant Pot Ultra 60 Pressure Cooker
  • Get your turkey. Decide if you want turkey breast or turkey legs. I went with turkey breast because when breast is done right, breast really is best. Theres way more meat with breast compared to legs. If youre a dark meat lover, legs are good too, the Instant Pot will make turkey legs super tender and juicy.
  • Make herbed garlic butter. Mix together soft butter with chopped herbs and garlic. Classic poultry herbs include sage, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, tarragon, and parsley. Pro tip: they sell little fresh packs of poultry blend herbs in the fridge section at the grocery store.
  • Season the turkey. Lightly pat your turkey dry, season generously with salt and pepper, then rub the herbed garlic butter all over.
  • Instant Pot time. Pour a bit of chicken stock into your Instant Pot then put in the steam rack that it came with. Arrange the turkey on top and cook on high pressure .
  • Broil. When the turkeys done and the pressure has been released, you can give your turkey a quick blast of heat for color, then youre ready to eat!
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