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I like this instant pot cooker. It has made preparing meals much more easier, efficient and less stressful. I make various soups, broths, rice dishes, bean stews and even cake, and it has been very easy to set it and leave it and return to a finished meal. The food is cooked well. Though rice isn’t as nice as it would be if cooked in a dedicated rice cooker. I have even used this appliance for reheating. Some things I would improve is setting the “low saute” option to a temperature that is not so high, a low simmer where the liquid isn’t aggres…


We mainly use this for pressure cooking and slow cooking.I make chicken stock in the slow cooker and it cooks at a low enough temperature that the stock stays clear. My previous slow cooker was a cheap on and it use to slightly boil stock sometimes and it would go cloudy.The pressure cooker function is very handy. I had not used a pressure cooker in the past and I was a bit concerned about the process, but I have found this to be easy to use and it automates the decisions on pressure release etc. one thing to note is that you must have enou…

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Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Nova: Whats The Difference

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is similar in its versatility, but safer to use. It has more advanced features that will provide a better cooking experience.

This version is more suited for everyday use due to the slight changes in design and functionality. The Instant Pot Duo is still a great electric pressure cooker and offers many benefits.

This page contains all you need to understand the functions of these models and other details.

Capacity and size

Duo Nova and Instant Pot Duo are available in three sizes: 3-, 6-, and 8-quart. The newer model comes with an additional option , which allows you to accommodate a wider range of cooking styles.

Your cookers size often affects the speed at which it can reach full pressure. It also determines how much heat is produced per hour. Because they have more space, larger pots take longer to build pressure and release it.

While different Instant Pot sizes can cook differently, most online instructions work best for 6-quart models. If you decide to use a different size, you will need to scale the recipe accordingly.

The size of your Instant Pot will depend on your familys needs and how many meals you plan to cook. The 3-quart Instant Pot is a good choice for small families who dont want to cook a lot. This model is lightweight, portable, and compact. Its also great for people with limited space.

Prices and features


The best pressure cooker is one that suits your lifestyle and finances.


Steam Release Valve Is Manual

One of the biggest upgrades on the Instant Pot Duo Nova over the Duo is the inclusion of an automatic seal and steam release valve. The Instant Pot Duo does not have these features and instead relies on more traditional, manual seals.

An automatic seal makes an Instant Pot even easier to use and is considered to be the safer option when pressure cooking. As a result, its fair to say that the manual seals on the Instant Pot Duo are a bit of a drawback.

That said, the Instant Pot Duo is still completely safe to use you just have to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully, especially when releasing the chamber after pressure cooking.

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Features Of The Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker

Skip the fast-food line and make all of your favorite foods with the Instant Pot pressure cooker. With a simple press of a button, you can instantly steam vegetables, cook meat, stews, and casseroles, or even treat yourself to homemade yogurt! You can also keep meals hot for up 10 hours until the moment you’re ready to serve it. With so many features and capabilities, the hardest part is deciding what to make first. Be sure to download the Instant Pot app to access over 1,000 recipes that help solve the what’s for dinner? dilemma.

Instant Pot Duo Review

Instant Pot Duo Nova, 10

As you probably know by now, the Instant Pot Duo is the most popular Instant Pot model. It is a 7-in-1 pressure cooker , which is lower than what an Instant Pot Duo Plus or a Duo Evo Plus can offer, but it is enough for a regular kitchen or a beginner.

Furthermore, the pot is available in three sizes . This way, users can select the size that best suits their cooking habits .

The Instant Pot Duo is extremely efficient as it speeds up your cooking by up to 70% and it offers a solid range of smart cooking programs – 13 one-touch smart programs. As such, the pot can be used to cook soups , beef stew, bean chili, and more. In addition, it is equipped with several other cooking functions like slow cook, steam, yogurt making, rice making, pressure cook, and Keep Warm module.

Each function is easily accessible via the front panel, fitted with one-touch buttons that let users select the desired smart program and make adjustments for pressure and cooking time.

There is also a Manual module, but I only recommend it for more experienced users. In Manual mode, you get to select your own settings , but if you dont know how the pot works, theres the risk of the food coming out over- or under-cooked.

In terms of accessories, the Instant Pot Duo comes with the standard inner pot and steam rack . Both accessories are dishwasher safe and dont have any chemical coating.


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When Purchasing Nova Plus Instant Pot Here’s What We Recommend

Before investing your hard-earned money in a product, educate yourself. The following factors should be considered before purchasing nova plus instant pot.

Before you purchase an nova plus instant pot, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does nova plus instant pot compare to its competitors in terms of reputation?
  • When they malfunction, can they be repaired or serviced easily?
  • What makes nova plus instant pot different from its competitors?
  • How does nova plus instant pot differ from its competitors? What are the benefits of those features?
  • Does nova plus instant pot have any advantages or disadvantages?
  • Is it possible to maintain or repair nova plus instant pot?

The following questions should be asked before purchasing a product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still have questions or concerns.

It has only been briefly mentioned what we consider to be important factors. If you do some research online or visit the store, you can find detailed answers to many of your questions.

Advantages Of Instant Pot Duo Nova

  • Duo Nova has easy steam release system. This feature is absent in the standard Duo model.
  • Cooking progress indicator at the blue display will always tell you the inside cooking condition.
  • The easy seal lid will automatically stop the Instant pot when necessary.
  • It has more capacity varitants than the standard Duo model. It has 3, 6 , 8 and 10-quart vaiants to choose from.
  • The control panel of DUO Nova is upgraded.
  • The release date of Nova is later than DUO. It means the Nova has latest technology.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Pressure Cooker

What are the benefits of using an electric pressure cooker? What does it do? How does it work? What can I do to make it even better? These are questions that most people would like to know the answers to when they are considering buying one. There are a number of ways to answer them, but we will focus on one very important one.

What are the benefits of using an electric pressure cooker? These are some of the things that you should know right away. The first benefit is that it is something that can be done from the comfort of your own home. You dont have to go out in cold weather and deal with the outdoor grime or outdoor heat. You can simply sit down at home in warm temperatures and get cooking.

Another one of the many benefits is that you can control what you are cooking. This is also true when you use a stove top or a microwave. You really have to learn a lot more about cooking to really master doing it all by yourself. There is just too much involved when you are cooking food at home.

What are the benefits of using an electric pressure cooker though? This is something else that you will want to think about. You can cook just about anything in one of these cookers. You can cook a roast for dinner, a stew to serve at a tailgate party, a lasagna dish, or even a simple meal or breakfast for your family. It really depends on how much time you want to spend cooking as well as what you are trying to cook.

The Pros And Cons Of An Instant Pot Duo

Instant Pot Duo Nova Beginner’s Guide and Manual

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, tea and hot chocolate, then why not try the instant pot duo! There are many advantages associated with them over the other options that are available. And if you are thinking of giving the gift of instant coffee or tea to someone special, it is worth considering the pros of an instant pot duo.

There is no need to use boiling water, as the pod models do it all for you. And you dont have to worry about spilling your drink in a porcelain pot or the sink! Simply transfer the coffee pod to the coffeemaker and get ready to make that perfect cup of coffee or tea. There is also no need to worry about kids messing up the kettle, you can go in the kitchen and get your coffee ready without opening the door to the mess that is sure to follow. The fact that they fit into a cup means you do not need to keep several different pots handy either.

Instant coffee has a number of advantages over regular coffee that is prepared using stove oil or a drip machine. First, it is a lot healthier than brewing your own coffee because it uses natural ingredients. It is also tastier and has more aroma than traditionally brewed coffee. You will also find that it contains less caffeine than regular coffee. The amount of caffeine is typically found in the amount of sugar added to the pot.

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Features That Are Different

Below is the list of features that are different in both the Instant Pot models.

Name of the Feature

Duo Nova has an easy seal lid, cooking pressure indicator, and easy steam release feature. Other than these three features, Nova is exactly the same as the standard Instant Pot duo model. Other than these differences, Duo Nova has more capacity variants than the standard Duo model.

Before You Buy Nova Plus Instant Pot You Should Know These Things

What is the most appropriate nova plus instant pot for your needs? Here you will find everything you need. Making the right choice can be challenging when there are so many options available.

As a result of reading this post, you will be able to make a more informed decision regarding nova plus instant pot. To assist you in choosing the right product, we have taken into account the needs and desires of each customer category. It is easy to purchase!

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Comes With More Accessories

The Duo Nova also comes with extra accessories, some of which arent included with the standard Duo. You can expect the usual measuring cup, paddle spoon, and ladle, but Instant Pot throws in an extra sealing ring with the Duo Nova.

This might not sound like a big thing, but sealing rings are essential to the operation of an Instant Pot, and they need replacing fairly regularly. Theyre not overly expensive but theyre not cheap either, so its definitely a benefit to have an extra one included in the package.

What Is An Instant Pot Duo Nova

Duo Nova 8 Qt

Cook your favorite meals using the Instant Pot Duo Nova cooker. The six-quart capacity allows you to cook food for up to twelve people, while the 14 one-touch digital programs eliminate the guessing factor from a variety of cooking processes. The Instant Pot Duo Nova also features ten built-in safety devices, such as a pressure release valve and a timer, along with overheat protection. The stoneware pot can be easily cleaned by using a disinfecting spray.

What is an Instant Pot Duo Nova? The most obvious difference between the Instant Pot Duo Nova and the other models is the size. The other differences are in the power source, electric pressure and steaming cycles, and the sealing rings. Lets look at these four differences and discover which is best for you.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, safety is an important consideration. The Instant Pot Duo Nova is a good option, especially if you have small children or you are a college student who needs a small kitchen appliance for dorm room chores. These kitchen appliances can be quite heavy, but they are also made of high-quality materials, making them suitable for a number of applications. However, one aspect about them that may appeal to you is the fact that they do not use the traditional rubber sealing ring as some other types of pressure cookers do. In this case, they are better suited to people who enjoy making independent decisions, who like to be in control, and who like to do things their own way.

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Which Model Is Better For Me

As promised, I will try and define a category of best users for each of these two Instant Pot models . In my opinion, they both do an amazing job, especially since there is no fancy interface to decipher.

Furthermore, the Instant Pot Duo community is quite large and very supportive, so its easy to find help when something doesnt seem right . And, when youre ready to experiment, youll find lots of cool recipes that you wouldnt even dream about cooking in an Instant Pot Duo or Duo Nova!

Still, its important to mention that none of these two Instant Pot models have a sous vide function nor can they make air fries . If sous vide is important for you, its best to choose an Instant Pot Duo Plus or an Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus. Also, if you are looking for a heavy-duty air fryer , its best to consider a stand-alone product or an Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer .

So, without further ado, here is my opinion on each:

Choose the DUO if…

  • You want a tried and tested pressure cooker thats admired by many satisfied customers
  • You like a user-friendly interface thats easy to understand
  • You want the support of a powerful global community
  • You are used to working with an electric multicooker

Choose the DUO Nova if…

  • You are just starting your journey with a multicooker
  • You dont want an electric pressure cooker with a manual steam release valve
  • You like the upgraded lid and find it extremely useful
  • The new control panel seems easier to understand and use

Final tip

The Pros And Cons Of An Instant Pot Duo Nova

With the release of The Pros of an Instant Pot Duo nova, many people are wondering if this is the ultimate potting set. It comes with a coffee/tea combination pot and coffee grinder. The coffee and tea pot is perfect for making a delicious hot beverage while preparing coffee for your day or cooking for a large group. It is also great for taking along on trips to friends and family for beverages and snacks.

The two cups that make up the coffee and tea pots come in handy for any occasion. No matter what the occasion is, you can prepare a delicious hot beverage. This makes it easy to prepare as well as keep for later use. This is particularly handy for busy people who do not have time to sit down and enjoy a full pot of coffee. The convenience of these two cups is very appealing.

There are many reasons why people enjoy having an instant pot. One reason is to save time by only having to prepare one pot instead of two. Also, the two pots are designed with a unique design that is intended to be easy to clean. The design also prevents splatters.

The Instant Pot Duo offers some protection from oils, water, and coffee spills. The lid locks securely into place, so there is no leakage. It is dishwasher safe and microwave safe too. You will love the fact that you can prepare a hot drink without worrying about spilling it and ruining it.

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What Is An Instant Pot

Before we get into our comparison, its probably best to take a look at what Instant Pot actually is. Although the term instant pot is often used in place of products such as slow cooker or pressure cooker, Instant Pot is also the name of one of the most popular worktop cooker brands.

Instant Pot is a Canadian brand that was formed in 2010. From the offset, the company was focused on creating a multi-use cooking device, and the first Instant Pot product was a 6-in-1 cooker that included a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and other useful features.

Since that first product, Instant Pot has expanded across the cooking industry, but their multi-use cookers remain their most popular products. This success is no doubt down to the ease of use, quality of cooking, and affordability that Instant Pot manages to pack into their devices.

This Instant Pot Duo vs Duo Nova article pits two of the brands latest and greatest cookers against one another. By the end, youll hopefully have a good idea about which cooker is going to be the best for you and your lifestyle.

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