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Homemade Instant Pot Ghee

How To Make Ghee ( Clarified Butter) In Instant Pot

Learn how to make Homemade Instant Pot Ghee in less than 20 minutes. Ghee or clarified butter, also referred to as Paleo Butter is a great cooking alternative thats great for cooking at high temperatures.

Add a small amount of ghee to any dish, and it attributes a fantastic flavor and a creamy texture to any meal.

In this post, you will find answers to all your query-

  • How To Make Ghee in Instant Pot
  • Instant Pot Ghee using Unsalted Butter
  • How to make homemade Ghee in 20 minute Instant Pot Recipe
  • So, lets get going and learn to make Ghee in Instant Pot.

Smell triggers memories, and we all have fond memories of the foods that we enjoyed as children.

Ghee, for me, is ONE of them. It brings back so many beautiful memories that I had spent with my mother.

She was an excellent cook and would feed us vegetables, bread and lentils smeared and cooked with generous amounts of homemade ghee, and we loved it to the core. Back then, everything in our house was cooked with ghee.

My cooking inspiration comes from my mom, and whenever I make ghee, it makes me nostalgic and reminds me of her cooking.

Is Ghee Same As Clarified Butter

Ghee is sometimes called as Clarified Butter for ease, however it is actually clarified butter that has been simmered down longer where the milk solids brown. This gives ghee it’s nutty roasted flavor.

Clarified butter and ghee both are made almost the same way. For clarified butter, you boil unsalted butter until milk solids separate. However for ghee you boil further to turn the milk solids brown.

How To Make Homemade Instant Pot Ghee

The process of making Instant Pot ghee is pretty simple.

1. Unwrap the butter sticks and add them to the Instant Pot.

2. Set your Instant Pot to the Saute Mode. Adjust to Normal setting . Set an external timer for 15 minutes.

3. Soon butter sticks will start to melt.

4. Butter after 8 minutes should be bubbling actively, and milk solids will begin to separate. At first, the milk solids will form a white foam and float on top of the inner pot.

5. 12 minutes into cooking the butter will start to sizzle and turn light in color.

6. After 15 minutes of cooking, the water will start to evaporate from butter, and the caramelized milk solids will settle at the bottom of the pot.

7. Once the timer goes off, turn off the Instant Pot. As the Instant Pot cools, the ghee will continue to cook in the IP.

PROTIP If the milk solids have turned brown at the bottom of the insert, remove the inner pot to avoid further cooking. We are looking at brown mill solid, not black.

8. Allow the Instant Pot ghee to cool comfortably. Strain the ghee through a coffee filter or cheesecloth into a clean, dry jar.

9. Left behind caramelized milk solids after straining butter.

10. Store Instant Pot ghee in a cool dry place or refrigerator. For extended shelf life, store ghee at room temperature.

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Clarified Butter Vs Ghee

For a long time, I thought that ghee and clarified butter were essentially the same thing. While that is partially true, there are some distinct differences.

  • Casein and Lactose: The extra time and straining measures that are employed with making ghee mean that the end product is free from lactose and casein. This is important for those with dairy sensitivities, since many who are dairy sensitive can consume ghee, but not butter.
  • Straining: In order to make sure all of those milk solids, ghee uses a fine straining method. This does not need to be used with clarified butter, since the main goal with clarified butter is not to remove all milk solids.
  • Storage Time: When you clarify your butter to the stage that it becomes ghee , you also extend the shelf life. Since there are no milk solids, the butter has essentially been converted to an oil, meaning it has a much longer shelf life than typical butter.
  • Shelf Stability: If you simply clarify your butter, it is safest to store it in the fridge for the approximate amount of time you would store your regular butter. When you take the extra step of toasting the milk solids and straining them off, you have produced ghee. Ghee not only has a longer storage life when stored in the fridge, but it can be stored unopened at room temperature. This is great if you have limited fridge space, and its an excellent option for preserving homemade butter.

Everything You Need To Know About Easily Making Ghee In Instant Pot And Stovetop

Instant Pot Homemade ghee

In this post, we will focus on making Ghee in an Instant Pot and stovetop with step-by-step images. Homemade ghee is much more flavorful, aromatic, and cost-friendly than the storebought one. Making ghee at home is very simple. You can make it with Butter, cream, or even Milk. In this post, I have also tried to highlight various other ways of making ghee.

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

First of all, what is Ghee?

Ghee has huge cultural and religious value for us Indians. Especially in Vedic culture, no ritual is complete without it.

Ghee is an Indian dairy product obtained by cooking butter to a point where all the moisture and proteins are lost and only dairy fat is left behind.

In common parlance, we use clarified butter and Ghee interchangeably, but they are not the same! Clarified butter has only moisture removed from it.

In simple terms, Ghee is formed when clarified butter is cooked further to a point where all the milk proteins are lost. It becomes highly aromatic and nutty with deep, golden-yellow color.

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Instant Pot Ghee Cook Times

Depending on the temperature of the butter, total time to make ghee could vary by a minute or 2. Here are the cook times that have worked for me for unsalted butter using the Instant Po Sauté Normal mode:

  • 1 LB – 9 minutes – Yields 1.5 cups
  • 2 LB – 15 minutes – Yields 3 cups
  • 3 LB – 23 minutes – Yields 4.5 cups

Note: You can also make ghee with salted butter. Salted butter cooks much faster, so reduce the above cook times by 2 to 3 minutes.

Here in the photos below, I show the process every 2 to 3 minutes and the different stages the butter goes through. Turn the Instant Pot off when you see all that white, milky froth disappear.

The Ghee will continue to cook for the next 2 to 3 minutes as the Instant Pot gradually cools down. Note: If your ghee already looks like step 8 below, take the inner pot out and place it on a hot plate to cool down so it does not cook further.

Allow the ghee to cool down completely before straining it using a mesh strainer or cheesecloth.

Instant Pot Ghee Foodies Terminal Tips

  • For best homemade ghee use Organic Butter made from grass fed or pasture raised cow milk.
  • Cook the butter over low heat. This is a must,
  • For grainy, gritty ghee a consistent low heat setting is a must.
  • Skim the gathering surface foam at regular intervals.
  • Clarified Butter is not ghee. However, ghee is a form of clarified butter thats cooked a little more.
  • Turn off the Instant Pot immediately once the milk solids settled at the bottom of the pot begin to just turn golden.
  • Allow the milk solids to brown completely with the help of the residual heat. Youll have the best ghee ever.
  • Strain the ghee when still warm. Itll glide through the sieve easily. Ghee thickens and begin to solidify while cooling down.
  • Use the browned milk solids to flavor soups, dals or flour.
  • Always store ghee in dry, dark place away from any heat source.

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Homemade Desi Ghee In The Instant Pot / How To Make Ghee In The Instant Pot

Homemade Desi Ghee in the Instant Pot / How to Make Ghee in the Instant PotHello Everyone, I make a batch of nutty, buttery, and wonderfully aromatic ghee from butter every few weeks. I enjoy making ghee in the Instant Pot, and it yields a beautiful, golden, pure fat with high smoking point, and longer shelf life. If you have spent some time cooking Indian food, then you will be familiar with the ghee, the golden beauty. These ghee jars are made by me to gift our friends and what is the best gift than homemade ghee. I am sure all our friends are going to love it. Ghee made in the Instant Pot in less than half an hour, and it is a simple, satisfying process. It made by melting salted or unsalted butter. The butter separated into liquid fats and milk solids. For healthier ghee always use grass-fed butter. YouTube Video: When we make ghee at home, we always use the traditional process taught to us by our parents and grandparents. In this process, curd is made from whole milk and then churned using a bilona to get makkhan. And then this Makkhan is heated to get ghee. Se boil makkhan until it nice and brown, which is the reason behind its heavenly taste and fragrance. It has all the properties, as described in Ayurveda. Traditionally ghee can be used in place of regular butter and oil in cooking. My Favourite Way To Eat Ghee with:What should you cook with ghee? To Prepare Ghee in Instant Pot Using Butter:Things You Need:

Some Frequently Asked Questions

3-Ways Instant Pot Ghee | Desi Ghee In Instant Pot | How to make Ghee From Butter In Instant Pot

What is Ghee butter?

Technically there is nothing like Ghee butter. It is a commercial term developed by industrial houses to Americanize and sell Ghee. It is just marketing Jargon like Chai tea! The thing already has a name! Ghee, used for hundreds of years!But you know what, maybe 20-30 years down the row, even Indian kids will call it Ghee Butter! You never know! That is the power of branding!

Which butter is best for making Ghee?

Homemade or store-bought, any type of unsalted butter should work for making ghee. Choose butter with high-fat content for higher yield.Additionally, with all the pesticides and harmful chemicals entering our bovine milk chain, it is best to stick with organic unsalted butter.

Can I make Ghee with salted butter?

Well, the answer highly depends on how you intend to use it. If you want to use it for the sweet recipe, you should not make it with salted butter. Also, if making it for tempering or serving purposes only, salted butter is not an option.But, if you intend to use it for cooking savory dishes only. You can make Ghee with salted butter. Just reduce the overall salt quantity of the recipe. Remember, the Ghee made from salted butter will be very salty!

Is Ghee lactose-free?

Yes, if cooked properly, Ghee is lactose-free. As previously stated, all the milk proteins of butter are lost during heat clarification. Only this golden yellow elixir, Ghee is left behind.

Is Ghee Vegan?

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How To Cook With Ghee

If youre new to the world of ghee, you may be asking yourself: okay, but how do I use it?

My answer for you would be anywhere and everywhere! While of course I wouldnt recommend it in place of a liquid oil like olive oil or avocado , it is an ideal fat for cooking all manner of things.

One of my favorite uses of ghee is actually to use to top homemade air popped popcorn. Homemade popcorn with melted butter was always soggy and icky for me, so I sought out a new way to do it. Boy, I am NOT turning back. My husband says my homemade popcorn is even better than the movie theatre. Well duh! Not only does it taste better than movie theatre popcorn, but it is so much better for you too! Youre replacing all the fake stuff with a good, whole food fat like ghee. You can opt for grass-fed butter for bonus points. I top mine with some mineral salt, and toss it well. It has been one of our go-to movie night snacks.

Can You Make Ghee with Salted Butter?

The simple answer is yes. The real question though, is should you make ghee with salted butter? I dont happen to think so.

Since we are essentially concentrating the butter by removing milk solids and extra moisture, starting off with a saltier product may not be the best idea. Hey, salted butter is my THING. I love salted butter as much as anyone possibly could, but there is a time and place for unsalted butter. Making homemade ghee in the Instant Pot is definitely one of those times and places.

How Do You Know That The Ghee Is Ready

  • Once you start the instant pot on the Saute mode, it will start cooking and bubbling. In the beginning, you will see that it looks foamy on the top.
  • After it is cooked for 12-15 mins you will start to see that it doesn’t look cloudier like it was before. The butter will look clearer as the water has started to evaporate.
  • Let it cook for 10 more mins and you will see the foam, which is not there anymore.
  • Keep an eye on the color, you don’t want it to turn brown, you want it to golden instead.

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Ghee Vs Clarified Butter

Ghee and clarified butter are two terms that are used almost interchangeably, but ghee is NOT the same as clarified butter. There is a difference!

Butter consists of butterfat, milk solids, and water. Regular grocery store butter consists of 80% butterfat, 16-18% water, and 2-4% milk solids. Some European brands have butter that has 82% butterfat, and homemade butter usually has an even higher % of butterfat.

This is important because higher the % of butterfat, the more flavorful it gets, and the baked goods that its used in turn out more flakier.

Clarified Butter is 100% butterfat. Because its made by heating butter on medium flame, whereby the water evaporates & the milk solids separate and sink to the bottom.

Ghee is also 100% butterfat, but unlike with clarified butter, where butter is cooked only to the point where milk solids separate, for making ghee butter is cooked to the point where milk solids start to caramelize.

How To Make Ghee On Stove Top

Homemade Instant Pot Ghee (clarified Butter)

1 – Unwrap refrigerated unsalted butter . Add it to a clean dry, deep heavy-bottomed pot. Ghee can overflow in a shallow pan so a deeper pan or the saucepan is preferred.

2- Place the pot on the stove and melt the butter on medium heat. Keep string intermittently.

3 and 4 – The melted butter will slowly start to froth and bubble. Keep stirring and scraping the sides at regular intervals.

5 – After a couple of minutes, the foam clears and the surface is filled with tiny bubbles. Reduce the heat to low and continue simmering. Stir intermittently.

At this stage, the milk solids will separate, settle to the bottom of the pot and begin to caramelize. Keep a close watch.

6 – Ghee is ready when the surface is covered with fizzy bubbles and you smell the nutty aroma from ghee. At this point, turn off the heat, ghee will continue to simmer for few more mins and the milk solids from the bottom will turn light to medium brown.

Add a pinch of salt , and mix. Ghee is ready!!

7 – Cool the ghee in the pot for 5-10 mins and while the ghee is still hot, filter it into a clean glass jar using a mesh sieve or cheesecloth.

8- The browned milk solids collect in the sieve or cheesecloth.

Allow the ghee to cool completely in the jars before closing the lids and storing the ghee.

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How Much Ghee You Can Make In A Single Batch In Instant Pot

I thought this one another important point I should mention here. I observed that the size of your instant pot plays important role here. I have 3qt Instant Pot which I find perfect to make ghee from two butter blocks. If you add more butterblocks in 3qt inner pot, the chances are high that butter may come out from the pot while boiling and simmering and may cause a serious damage to your instant pot.

If you have Instant pot in bigger size, you can add more butter blocks but I highly recommend to start with one or two butter blocks.

How To Make Ghee In The Instant Pot Homemade Clarified Butter

Did you know that you can make ghee at home? And better yet, you can make homemade ghee in the Instant Pot!? Just one ingredient and a little time will yield you a long shelf life, high smoke point, healthy fat that has been used traditionally for thousands of years. Whole30 and Paleo diet approved. Great for those who are sensitive to dairy.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click a link and make a purchase, we receive a commission at no additional cost to you. See our disclaimer for more information. Any nutritional information is for entertainment and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. Always seek the advice of your health provider.

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What Are The Benefits Of Making Ghee From Butter In Instant Pot I Am Making Ghee Since Years Why I Didnt Share The Recipe Of Stovetop Version Of Making Ghee Yet

I used to make ghee on the stove top until last year, But I never shared a recipe with you guys. Why?

Because, although stove-top version works fine, I was never able to tell the temperature at which ghee will perfectly cook and what will be the exact time. Its always hard to predict the temperature of stove top because every stove tops setting is different. Also, its hard to explain how thick the bottom of your pan should be.

But ever since I got an Instant Pot I have started making ghee in it using saute feature and I loved it.

Making ghee in Instant Pot is a hands-free job, makes the process easy and because of Its consistent heat, it comes out perfect every time in the same time which means a lesser chance of burnt ghee.

Depending on the quantity and temperature of the butter, the total time to make ghee could take from 12 minutes to 30 minutes on normal saute mode.

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