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Inspecting Your Instant Pot Before Each Use

Instant Pot DUO Buttons for Beginners

1. Remove the stainless steel inner pot and look inside the instant pot base. You will see the heating element. The heating element should always be free of debris and dry before you use you the Instant Pot. After washing, I always dry my stainless steel inner pot thoroughly before returning it to the base unit.

2. Check that the silicone sealing ring is fitted properly onto the lid and is clean and free of tears.

3. Remove the steam release valve from the Instant Pot lid by gently pulling it straight up. Make sure it is clean and free of debris. Some foods, such as applesauce, pasta and oatmeal may froth and foam when you cook them and can clog the steam release valve. Check the steam release valve each time you use your Instant Pot. If it is dirty clean it under running water and then put it back on the Instant Pot lid.

4. Check the float valve to ensure it is clean and free of debris. Clean it with warm water as needed. You may place the lid under running water as needed to wash it.

Making sure that all parts of your Instant Pot are clean and in good working condition can help you to have the best success with pressure cooking. My post about the Instant Pot burn message tells you both how to prevent getting this warning and what to do if you do get a burn message.

How Long Do I Steam Veggies For

Less cooking time more natural texture.

It takes a bit of trial and error to get the time setting right. The vegetables still would be delicious and healthy, but you may get a mushy carrot if you are cooking it for too long or a hard carrot if you dont cook it enough.

As a general rule, If you like natural texture of vegetables , reduce the cooking time.

Please note that the time you set, is the actual time for steaming so you dont have to compensate for the preheating time.

Instant Pot Chili/bean Setting: What Is It Which Models Have It

Instant Pots have smart programs to help you cook more conveniently. Wondering about the Instant Pot Chili/Bean Setting? Check out what I learned in looking it up.

The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cookers have smart programs that they created based on extensive testing. They are used to control heat intensity, temperature, pressure, and duration at the click of a button. The Instant Pot Chili/Bean Setting is one of these programs.

One thing to note: Not all Instant Pot sizes have the same set of smart programs available within a model series. For example, within a series , the 3 quart models do not have all of the not all smart programs are available compared to the 6 and 8 quart models. This is particularly true about the Instant Pot Chili/Bean Setting, which is only available as part of certain series. Double check the Instant Pot you are thinking of buying prior to purchase if the Chili/Bean smart program is important to you.

And one more note: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission if you buy through my link. You wont pay any more if you use this link.

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How To Use Each Instant Pot Button

The Instant Pot buttons are simply pre-sets for cooking times and pressure. All of the settings default to high pressure except for the rice setting, which defaults to low pressure. You can adjust the time on any of these settings by pressing the Adjust button and then using the +/- buttons.

When you press a button, it will give you 10 seconds and then automatically beep and turn on. But dont panic, you can always press Cancel and choose a new setting.

Oh, and I have the DUO 6-quart 7-in-1 model. The LUX model is slightly different, but the buttons work the same, so most information here should still apply.

How To Cook With The Instant Pot

Duo SV

How you use your Instant Pot depends on what you’re cooking. But, many recipes — especially those involving meat — tend to follow this formula:

  • Set the Insant Pot to Saute mode. Add oil and brown your protein, like beef or chicken. Aromatics, like garlic and onion, are browned in this step, too.
  • Hit the Cancel button. Now tap Manual, followed by Pressure. Tap it again to go into High Pressure mode Use the plus and minus buttons to set the cook time.
  • Place the lid on the Instant Pot and lock it into place. You should hear a lovely little sound letting you know it’s locked.
  • Make sure the valve built into the lid is in the Sealing position.
  • When the Instant Pot builds enough pressure, the red button will pop up. Now the cook time will officially begin.
  • The above steps can vary quite a bit, depending on the recipe, but most of what I cook in my Instant Pot follows that sequence.

    Here, the Instant Pot’s valve is in Sealing position.

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    Using The Instant Pot Buttons May Seem A Little Intimidating At First Because There Are So Many But Really Its Easy

    Before you know it youll be whipping up fabulous meals and desserts that will impress your friends and family. Have fun!

    For step by step instructions, watch my how to use an Instant Pot multicooker video.

    For more information on using your new Instant Pot, come join my Facebook community at .

    ***Many thanks to my friend Sigrid for alerting me to the updated information about the latest versions of the Instant Pot buttons.***

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    Can You Use Frozen Vegetables In An Instant Pot

    This recipe for making Instant Pot steamed vegetables is based on using fresh veggies. You can use frozen vegetables, but they will need a little extra cook time.

    Rather than setting the cook time to zero minutes, you will just set it to one minute. An alternate method is to allow the pressure to release naturally rather than doing an instant pressure release.

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    My Instant Pot Doesnt Have A Manual Button

    If your new Instant Pot is missing the manual button, it probably means that you have bought a new and updated version of an Instant Pot.

    In this newer version, you will notice that you have a pressure cooker button in place of the manual button.

    This button is actually a newer function, or you can say that its a modified form of the old Manual button.

    It does virtually the same thing as the old Manual button, except this one has a different name. Therefore, you dont have to worry.

    If your Instant Pot is missing the manual button, dont fret. Because with the help of the new pressure-cooking button, you can easily perform the manual functions on your Instant Pot and so much more.

    This obviously includes pressure cooking. This new feature is basically to help people and provide them with more benefits within a single product.

    The Instant Pot is capable of performing more than one action. It is a product that comes equipped with all the necessary features convenient for a regular person.

    If you are in the market for a reliable multicooker that is not only efficient but also suitable enough for use in a variety of situations, the Instant Pot is a worthwhile investment.

    Many people swear by it, and even celebrity chefs love to use it all the time. It is by far one of the best investments you will make, especially if you like cooking.

    This is a pressure cooker, so if someone is selling one with a compromised structure, its best to stay away.

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    Easy Instant Pot Recipes

    Instant Pot Duo Nova Beginner’s Guide and Manual

    If you are ready to cook some food in your Instant Pot, check out these easy recipes

  • Instant Pot Boiled eggs Once you make hard-boiled eggs in an Instant Pot, youll never go back to your old ways. The eggs not only cook in 5 minutes, but they are also super easy to peel and you get perfect eggs every time!
  • Easy Indian potato recipe Learn how to make this classic Indian potato recipe in under 30 minutes using a pressure cooker like Instant Pot. This versatile dish is easy to make and it is perfect for those who are new to Indian cooking.
  • Instant Pot One-pot dal One pot recipes are the best! Thats why youll love this Tadka dal recipe make it in an Instant Pot or a pressure cooker and youll have your meal ready in no time.
  • Instant Pot Vegetable Biryani You have to try this flavorful one-pot vegetarian meal that comes together in under 30 minutes.
  • Instant Pot Ghee Follow this detailed fail-proof recipe with step by step pictures to make ghee in Instant Pot and say goodbye to storebought ghee.
  • and youll find many more in this Instant Pot Recipessection.

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    What Is An Instant Pot

    An Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker. It is a multi-use appliance that can cook foods quickly at high pressure. Steam pressure builds up inside the pot, which creates a higher temperature environment that cooks foods faster. Unlike old fashioned pressure cookers, the Instant Pot has many safety features that make it safe and easy to use.

    An Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, sauté pot, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker and warmer all in one. Ive been amazed at the versatility of my Instant Pot and the flavor and texture of the foods that I am able to cook in it. The high pressure inside the Instant Pot can tenderize even tough cuts of meat. It creates rich, complex flavors seriously, Ive never had better chili than Instant Pot chili!

    If you are not sure which Instant Pot to buy, check out my guide to the Best Instant Pots. Ive also tested out many Instant Pot accessories so that I can share my favorites with you.

    Which Instant Pot Models Have The Instant Pot Chili/bean Setting

    Be aware that not all models within a series have all the feature buttons associated with the series. Specially, the Instant Pot Mini 3 quart model may not have all the features the 6 quart and 8 quart within in the series have.

    And before you make a purchase, make sure you double check the Instant Pot Chili button is available on that particular model. Its also possible that earlier versions of a model doesnt have a button and its added into new models as they adjust the functions of a specific Instant Pot Model.

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    Why Should I Make Idli Dosa Batter In An Instant Pot

    Why should you use an Instant Pot to make this batter? Because it makes the fermentation process so easy! The instant pot makes fermenting this batter foolproof even during colder months. With the IP, you no longer have to rely on an oven light to ferment the batter. With my recipe and proportions, you wont have to worry about the batter overflowing either. Ill also share how I make idlis in the instant pot SO EASY.

    For Simple Instant Pot Steamed Pod Peas:

    • Wash and prepare your peas for cooking.
    • Add the trivet or steamer basket to the inner pot with around a cup of water to steam with.
    • For fresh: Add your peas to the basket and cook on high for 0 minutes.
    • For frozen: Add your peas to the basket and cook on high for 1-2 minutes.
    • Follow up with a quick release and enjoy.

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    How The Instant Pot Timer Works

    Like with most timers on kitchen appliances, the timer on an Instant Pot basically counts down from a certain time.

    When the timer reaches the end of the countdown, it shuts off. Alternatively, if you have the keep warm setting on, it simply lowers the heat and pressure to the right setting to keep your food warm.

    But as youll learn in this article, Instant Pot timers are slightly different than those on other appliances.

    Instant Pot Poultry Setting

    The poultry Instant Pot setting is best for cookingyou guessed itchicken! The mode you choose depends on the size of the chicken pieces and the cut as chicken breast needs less cooking time and is easily overcooked compared to chicken thighs. You can use this setting to cook chicken meat or a dish that contains poultry in it such as chicken and potatoes or chicken and rice . Poultry setting is only available on 6-quart and 8-quart models, not on the mini! Below is how to use the Poultry setting on Instant Pot.

    • Turn the Instant Pot on, it will say OFF to indicate the Stand-By mode. Add chicken, seasoning and liquids to the pot. Secure and lock the lid. Press the Poultry button. The default setting is pre-programmed to set the pot to cook at HIGH pressure for 15 minutes, which is suitable for larger pieces of chicken. If you press the Poultry button again, you can adjust the mode from Normal to Less or More .

    If desired, use the / + buttons to further customize the time. The cooking time may be adjusted at any time during pressure cooking.


    Allow poultry to rest for 5-10 minutes, depending on size. It will reabsorb cooking juices for tender, succulent meat. Essentially, what this means is that you should allow the Instant Pot to release pressure naturally when possible.

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    How To Use The Instant Pot Buttons

    Updated | By Tracey Black | Affiliate disclosure

    Confused by all the buttons on the Instant Pot? Check out this easy tutorial to learn how to use those Instant Pot buttons for the best pressure cooker recipes.

    Are you new to cooking with the Instant Pot? Or maybe youve had your Instant Pot for a while, but dont know how to use all the buttons?

    Dont sweat it. I started from scratch just like you and figured out how to use the buttons on the Instant Pot. I mean, yeah, you do have your manual but its SO much easier just to look it up here or on Google right?

    So there are 7 functions but the unit has 14 buttons . So what does it all mean? Lets get down to the nitty gritty and break it down. Im going to focus on the IP-DUO60 Instant Pot model. This it the 7-in-1 version that seems to be the most popular.

    This particular Instant Pot has 7 programmable features, including:

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Warmer/Cancel
  • Ill explain how to use each button below.

    If youre just getting started with the Instant Pot, check out my quick start guide Top 10 Instant Pot Tips and Tricks You Need to Know and How to Clean Your Instant Pot.

    Safety Time Steam Is Hot

    NO YOGURT BUTTON on Instant Pot Duo Crisp? No problem. Heres how!

    Steam is hotter than boiling water, and it can burn you badly. Keep your hand clear of the steam release valve when you do a quick release. Sometimes I even use the handle of a spoon to push it open instead.

    If you have your Instant Pot near cabinets, be mindful when you do a quick releaseit can get a lot of condensation on your cabinets, which can damage them over time. To keep the steam at bay somewhat, you can tent the valve with a kitchen towel during a quick release. Foods like oatmeal, beans, and porridges can sputter goop through the steam valvethe towel trick is handy for those times, too.

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    Instant Pot Smart Programs All You Need To Know

    Whats great about these smart programs is that once you select a program based on the food you are cooking, the Instant Pot will set the time for you automatically.

    There are 3 preset time options for each program Less, Normal and More. The default is Normal. Pressing the smart program button once moves you to More and press it again to select Less.

    Note The preset times are recommended cooking times but you can easily change them using the + and button to match the cooking time of the recipe you are following. The only exception would be the Rice program where the cooking time cannot be modified.

    Lets go ahead and review all the buttons and functionalities in detail

    Pressure Cook/Manual

    Pressure Cook is likely the feature you use the most because, well, most recipes call for it. Pressure cook allows you to control the cooking time, pressure setting, and temperature, which is why a lot of folks like to use it.

    To use, select Pressure cook and then set a time using the + and button. Set it to high or low pressure using the Pressure Level setting .

    • Low pressure: In this setting, the temperature ranges between 229°F to 233°F and the pressure would be 5.8 psi 7.2 psi.
    • High pressure: Temperature ranges between 239°F to 244°F and the pressure range is 10.2 11.6 psi.

    Do this: Use the Pressure cook setting to run the water test in your Instant Pot.


    Saute comes with 3 settings. Press the Saute button to move from one setting to the other


    Can You Steam Frozen Shrimp In The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Shrimp is one of those recipes in the even better category. Ive long advised my readers on my original blog, The Wicked Noodle, to purchase their seafood frozen and not from the seafood counter . Otherwise you have no idea how long its been sitting there, thawed and desperately needing to be prepared as soon as possible. Buying it frozen means YOU control how long its thawed and, therefore, how quickly it gets cooked.

    Which is why Instant Pot Shrimp is so perfect! If youre buying it frozen anyway, and can skip the process of thawing it completely, its so much easier and faster. Plus no more planning ahead to thaw something!

    Its also not just possible to steam frozen shrimp in the Instant Pot, its advisable to do so. Shrimp can easily overcook, so starting from frozen is preferable as it allows the shrimp to cook to the perfect doneness.

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