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Versatility: Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Plus

How to Use An Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 – DUO CRISP AIR FRYER

Versatility is perhaps the most important aspect to look at when shopping for a new Instant Pot. Its what makes Instant Pot so lovable, after all! Lets take a look at the features on the Duo and Duo Plus.

Overall, the Instant Pot Duo and Duo Plus are very similar when it comes to versatility and functionality you can make almost anything imaginable in either, especially with so many available Instant Pot accessories, but the Duo Plus does pull slightly ahead.

Winner: Instant Pot Duo Plus, for its additional appliance functionalities and extra smart cook setting.

Using Saute Function After Cooking

The Sauté function is also useful for finishing the dish after pressure cooking is done. Once the pressure has been completely released, open the lid and then press Sauté button again. Press the button again to cycle through Less or More for lower or higher temperature.

Use it for:

  • Simmering the sauce or broth in the dish that needs to evaporate and reduce or thicken.
  • Adding more fragile or no-cooking-required ingredients like baby spinach, fresh tomatoes, fruit, cheese, milk or cream.
  • Thickening sauce with butter, cream or flour.

Instant Pot Saute Setting

The Sauté is one other non-pressure cooking program that can be utilized rather than a frying pan or flat-top grill. For recipes that decision for browned onions or garlic, its necessary to sauté them earlier than including liquid to the pot as youll launch numerous taste this manner. One more reason to sauté first is for browning meat. Lastly, sautéeing earlier than cooking is an effective way to extend warmth and cut back the period of time your pot will take to return to strain.

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The Instant Pot Was Life Changing For Me

When my new Instant Pot Duo arrived we did the water pressure test and then the first food we cooked was rice.

The next day we followed the 5-5-5 method which I love and cooked Instant Pot hard boiled eggs. In fact they were so good we need to cook some more like now! I am craving eggs!

Im so excited to have a new Instant Pot and cant wait to share some tips and tricks with you

I created a Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for you to download for free to get you started!

Instant Pot Smart Wifi

Instant Pot duo mini 3

The Instant Pot Smart Wifi contains many of the features that you might expect with each of the other models. However, it outdoes each of these by adding in smart technology and much more. This should mean that youll be able to do much more with it than many others.

Perhaps the largest draw of this is the Wifi connectivity that it has. This should mean that youll be able to set and control your settings from anywhere. It also means that you should be able to monitor your dish when its cooking.

This can be done from anywhere, so you shouldnt have to be tied to the house if a particular dish takes several hours to cook. The Instant Pot app is also included with this, which offers over 750 recipes to try out. This could be an attractive thing for quite a significant number of people.

Theres also a variety of pre-programmed settings that you can use. These should be accessed with one touch, which should mean that theyre easy to start using.

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Dont Throw Out That Crock Pot

Does this mean my Instant Pot is a failure? No, of course not. I bought it as a pressure cooker, and I love it. Ive owned an Instant Pot of some sort for going on six years, and since I got my Instant Pot, my slow cooker has been gathering dust. My biggest use of the slow cooker was for potlucks using it as a warming dish, essentially. Nowadays, when I take a pot of chili to a potluck, I bring it in the Instant Pot. I reheat with Saute mode, then set it to Keep Warm until it is time to serve. I have to stir more I dont want to scorch the chili on the bottom of the pot but it does the job well.

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Must Have: A Tempered Glass Lid

Youll use this virtually every time you cook with your Instant Pot.

Need to simmer your soup or sweat some veggies before pressure cooking them? This lid is a must. You can use the regular lid for this, but its heavy and cumbersome. The glass lid is much easier to use, especially after dinner is served and you want to keep things warm when you inevitably double back for a second helping.

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Wow That Was No Big Deal Which Recipes To Make Now

Instant Pot Duo SV 6qt Multi-Use Pressure Cooker Instant Pot Duo SV 6qt Multi 112-0095-01 2226685

Great job! Take the tape off the front of the cooker and read the owners manual.

Heres the scope of whats possible in your Instant Pot, and eventually youll hone in on what makes sense for you: You might cook primarily beans and grains, shaving minutes off cooking components of other recipes. You might steam vegetables most often . You might lean toward multicomponent one-pot meals. Youre the boss of this thing, so have fun!

  • Hard-boiled eggs in the Instant Pot are actually steamed. The plus with them? So easy to peel!
  • Do you love cooking dry beans from scratch? In the Instant Pot, they are fast and plump in the pressure cooker. A game-changer.
  • Regular steamed rice in an Instant Pot frees you to focus on cooking the rest of the meal. An IP is essentially a rice cooker on steroids.
  • Chicken soup from scratch, ready in 60 minutes.
  • Classic chili is weeknight-compatible in an Instant Pot.
  • Need cooked butternut squash or other winter squash? Steam it in a pressure cooker!
  • Cheesecake is a breeze in an Instant Pot, because you steam itno messing with tipsy water baths and multiple pans like you would in an oven.
  • Steel-cut oats are an everyday luxury if you program it to cook right when you wake up. Your oatmeal is ready once your coffees brewed and youre dressed!

Want more recipe ideas? Check out our full list of Instant Pot recipes!

Alison Conklin

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Instant Pot Parts And Accessories

  • Base Unit this contains the heating element.
  • Stainless Steel Inner Pot fits into the base unit.
  • Lid the look of the lid varies between Instant Pot models.
  • Steam Release Valve this fits on the top of the lid and may already be attached.
  • Condensation Collector attach this to the back of your Instant Pot.
  • Trivet be sure to keep this, as you will use it often.
  • Power Cord removable in some Instant Pot models.
  • Measuring Cup & Utensils These come with the Instant Pot. I use my own measuring cups and utensils instead of these.
  • The first thing youll want to do is wash the parts of your Instant Pot. The Instant Pot lid, steam release valve and stainless steel inner pot are dishwasher safe however, I wash mine by hand. The base unit is not dishwasher safe never immerse the base unit in water.

    Which Instant Pot Models Offer The Sous Vide Function

    Unfortunately, not all Instant Pot models currently offer the sous vide function.

    For instance, my original Instant Pot DUO60 I bought years ago did not have this function. So I purchased a newer Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus so I could have a sous vide option.

    Currently, readily available models that include a sous vide function are:

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    Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11

    The Instant Pot Pro Crisp comes with an air-fryer attachment. The 8-quart model can accommodate a whole chicken. Its fry temperature goes up to 400 degrees. You can use this Instant Pot to reheat French fries, experiment with a healthier version of fried chicken, and so much more.

    Best Buy’s Black Friday deal on this model is now over, but you can still snag a 30% markdown on the Instant Pot Pro Crisp at Amazon for Cyber Monday.

    The Best Instant Pot For You: A Comprehensive Guide To Every Size And Model

    Instant Pot Duo Plus 9

    All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    Youve heard the hype, read the articles, perused the recipes, and come to the conclusion that you absolutely need an Instant Pot . But finding the best Instant Pot model for your unique cooking needs is a more involved task than it may seem. This buying guide for the beloved kitchen appliance has the answer to every anxious Instant Pot question you may have and will help you determine which of the many varieties is right for you.

    Though every Instant Pot model has the same basic multi-cooking functionality that made it a household favorite, some are more versatile than others. Most of the models are very similar in terms of pot size, wattage, and voltage where they differ is mostly in the softwarehow many smart programs are built in with preset heat, time, and pressure levels.

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    Cost: Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Plus

    The Instant Pot Duo retails for:

    • $79.95 for 3-quart

    And the Instant Pot Duo Plus retails for:

    • $99.95 for 3-quart
    • $129.95 for 6-quart
    • $159.95 for 8-quart

    So essentially, for $20 extra at each size, you get two more cooking functionalities , the Sterilize feature, and the nicer LCD display.

    Winner: Instant Pot Duo Plus, because it offers more features for a relatively small price increase.

    When Should I Use Keep Warm Function

    The Instant Pot can be kept on Keep Warm after cooking most foods. In fact, its very handy if you are finished cooking before youre ready to serve food. Some foods like rice, quinoa, or anything that has soaked up a lot of liquid should be monitored or warmed in a more moist environment to prevent dryness or burning. You can select Keep Warm cycle before you start cooking or after.

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    Other Things To Consider

    Macaroni and Cheese:Its beautiful when made in an Instant Pot but will end up a broken, clumpy mess in a slow cooker. Its best not to convert from Instant Pot to slow cooker.

    A Word on Alcohol: A slow cooker has the advantage of venting over a long period of time so alcohol will ultimately cook off. The same is not true for an Instant Pot and residual alcohol could leave food bitter. Try using lemon juice, vinegar or even broth in place of wine or booze.

    Be sure to document all your changes all the way. Once youve mastered the new recipe, type it up and share with friends and family!

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    How To Use Your Instant Pot: Everything You’ve Wanted To Know

    How to Use an Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 – Beginner? Start HERE!

    It’s not just a supercharged pressure cooker — it’s a way of life.

    Like a microwave or an electric kettle, the Instant Pot has become a kitchen staple. This versatile pressure cooker replaces so many countertop appliances, from rice makers to slow cookers. It’s introduced a new generation to pressure cooking, and shown us just how quickly it can cook a healthy meal.

    Whether you’re a new Instant Pot owner or it’s long been stored away in a cabinet, this guide is for you. A longtime Instant Pot owner myself, I’ll guide you through the basics, including explaining those strange buttons and some basic recipes.

    To kick things off, let’s walk through Instapot basics. Even if you’ve owned yours for a while, there’s something here for you, too. Let’s get started.

    More tips:15 healthy Instant Pot recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner | Does the Instant Pot destroy nutrients in your food while cooking? | The best paleo Instant Pot recipes | Best Instant Pot accessories you need right now | Best air fryers of 2020

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    Instant Pot Duo Plus Overview

    First released in 2017, the Instant Pot Duo Plus is essentially a slightly upgraded version of the Instant Pot Duo: It offers everything the Instant Pot Duo offers, and more. The new release increased the functionality from 7-in-1 to 9-in-1, as well as added an additional safety net with the Sterilize feature.

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    Aozita Stackable Steamer Insert Pans

    These tiered steamer pans allow you to cook your sides and main dish all in one pot. It comes with two interchangeable lids, one for steaming and one airtight lid for baking, cooking, or food storage.

    I usually use it to simultaneously cook my rice and steam my veggies, or to thaw my meat. 10/10 would buy again, says one reviewer.

    Buy It: Aozita Stackable Steamer Insert Pans, $30

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    Instant Pot Duo Air Fryer How To Use

    The top early Instant Pot air fryer offers for Black Friday 2021, providing the pinnacle 2qt, 4qt, 6qt & 10qt air fryer savings BOSTON, November 10, 2021Compare the quality early Instant Pot.

    Air Fryer Cyber Monday Canada Whether youre installing a heating, air flow and air conditioning unit in a brand new domestic or upgrading your current gadget, it critical to research your alternatives. One option is to install an air handler. Keep analyzing to learn how a. Looking to put money into an air fryer? Good questioning. Not only are

    Everything you want to know approximately the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid: the way to use it, compatible Instant Pot models, and why you’ll like it for your kitchen. The Air Fryer Lid is fantastic for browning up ingredients after strain cooking, and it offers you the ease of an air fryer without having to purchase.

    A: AnswerHi Wanttoknow.

    For even better quick and easy meals, make sure youre cooking with the best air fryer!Continue reading:

    Did you know you can make a cornish hen in the air fryer even if you have a basket air fryer? My Cosori even fits 2!Recipe –>

    Now you have every cooking technique available at your fingertips. The stress cooker lid gives 6 moist cooking functions: use it to quickly stress cook dinner, sauté,

    Buy Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Air Fryer Lid 8 Quart at Amazon $119 The 6-quart Instant.

    Sustained 15psi pressure.

    Every Instant Pot Button Explained

    Instant Pot Duo 6 qt on sale for 35 percent off.

    Soup/Broth. This button cooks at High Pressure for 30 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 40 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 20 minutes.

    Meat/Stew. This button cooks at High Pressure for 35 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 45 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 20 minutes.

    Bean/Chili. This button cooks at High Pressure for 30 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 40 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 25 minutes.

    Poultry. This button cooks at High Pressure for 15 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 30 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 5 minutes.

    Rice. This button cooks at Low Pressure and is the only fully automatic program. It is for cooking white rice and will adjust the cooking time depending on the amount of water and rice in the cooking pot.

    Multigrain. This button cooks at High Pressure for 40 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 45 minutes of warm water soaking time and 60 minutes pressure cooking time. Adjusted to less cooks for 20 minutes.

    Porridge. This button cooks at High Pressure for 20 minutes. Adjusted to more cooks for 30 minutes. Adjusted to less cooks for 15 minutes.

    Less | Normal | More. Adjust between the Less | Normal | More settings by pressing the same cooking function button repeatedly until you get to the desired setting.

    and Buttons. Adjust the cook time up or down .

    Slow Cook. Adjust to slow cook on low , normal , or high . Use and to increase or decrease the cook time.

    Cancel. End a cooking program at any time.

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    When To Use High Or Low Pressure On The Instant Pot

    Electric pressure cookers can be surprisingly difficult to understand, thanks to the abundance of multifunction buttons and not a lot of explanation about what those buttons do.

    Take the pressure settings. On some models, high pressure is the only option. Others offer both a high and low pressure setting. And one in particular even allows you to select a specific psi .

    So whats a cook to do?

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